His True Colors Chapter 767-768

His True Colors Chapter 767

"There's nothing to admire." Han Giangli shook his head indifferently.

        In his opinion, feelings were supposed to be loyal to one person, and if a love that could be swayed by beauty didn't deserve to be called love at all, and as a man, if he couldn't even take on this most basic of family responsibilities and guard his woman, what kind of man was he?

        "Right, it's time to explain the four gates and three halls, isn't it?" Han 3000 had no idea what the pattern of the apocalypse was like, as asked by the other side of the battle, and since he was now in the apocalypse, he felt it was about time he knew these things.

        "The so-called four gates, named after the four elephants in the eight trigrams, are the Green Dragon Gate, the White Tiger Gate, the Vermillion Bird Gate, and the Xuanwu Gate, each of the four gates has a master, and the Second Elder is the master of the four gates, possessing the highest voice among them, and as for the three halls, they are the Qiankun Hall, the Hall of Two Rites, and the Hall of Yin and Yang, and the master of the three halls is a man named He Qingfeng." Fang Zhan explained.

        "In other words, among the entire Apocalypse, the Second Elder and this person named He Qingfeng have the most power?" Han Qianli wondered, if the lord of the four gates and three halls represented the highest power of the apocalypse, this was like two armies against each other, in Han Qianli's opinion, such a pattern could easily erupt into conflict, and once the conflict erupted, the two would definitely be incompatible, and the apocalypse would probably fall apart in an instant, this was not a good pattern.

        In the olden days, the three powers were able to keep each other in check, this was the best form of existence, why didn't the apocalypse do this?

        "Rumor has it that there is a higher figure alive in the apocalypse, but of course, this is just a legend, as this person has been dead for two hundred years." Fang Zhan said.

        "Two hundred years!" Han Giangli was surprised and asked, "How long has the apocalypse existed in history?"

        "Nearly three hundred years."

        Han Giangli was tongue-tied, three hundred years!

        Wouldn't the apocalypse have existed during the Qing Dynasty?

        It seems like the secrets that the apocalypse is guarding must be very alarming ah.

        Han Giangli took a deep breath and said, "I don't know when I'll be able to know the secrets of the apocalypse, it's so intriguing."

        "Right now is the opportunity, isn't it? As long as you can reach the Heavenly Character level, you can rightfully know the secrets of the apocalypse." Fang Zhan smiled.

        Han Qianqian suddenly raised his eyebrows at Fang Zhan, wasn't he just a Heavenly Character, he should be very clear about the secrets of the apocalypse.

        Seeing Han Qianqian's expression, Fang Zhan guessed that this guy had no good intentions and quickly said, "Don't you dare hit on me, I won't tell you about this matter, this is the rule of the apocalypse, no one can break the rule."

        "You don't have to tell me everything, can't you just reveal a little bit?" Han Giangli said.

        Fang Zhan shook his head decisively and said, "In less than a month at most, you might know, so hurry up and train hard, or else you won't only be unable to know the secrets of the apocalypse, but you might also make a big joke."

        Han Three Thousand couldn't help but roll her eyes, it seemed impossible to get some information out of Fang Zhan's mouth.

        In order to not give Han Three Thousand any chance, Fang Zhan slipped away, but as soon as he left on his front foot, a few yellow characters approached Han Three Thousand and the others.

        A few of them were sizing up Kang Ying Ying and commenting on her, and they had all the ill-will in their eyes, even looking towards certain special parts of Kang Ying Ying's body.

        "This woman is really good, how long has it been since I've tasted a woman, it's so tempting."

        "Let's not let her play with us, we'll be covering her in the future, she won't be bullied here ah."

        "Pretty girl, how hard the training is, how about taking a break and playing with us?"

        A few people were nakedly expressing their desire for Jiang Ying Ying, which made her hate it, she didn't like being stared at like that by men, and a bunch of uninformed trash at that.

        "Don't pick a fight, or you won't be able to bear the consequences." Han Qianli said coldly to a few people.

        "Yo, kid, you're really rampant, do you really think you can ignore us just because you're a disciple of the next oldest, but in the apocalypse, strength speaks for itself."

        "A young master like you, if you don't stay at home and enjoy your blessings, why come to the apocalypse to embarrass yourself."

        "In my opinion, your family must have paid a lot of money, or else how could someone like you become the next oldest disciple."

        A few people were extremely sarcastic and sarcastic towards Han Three Thousand, and now the apocalypse was circulating that Han Three Thousand's family was too rich and gave a great deal of monetary support to the apocalypse, which was why they were qualified to give Next Old Man a disciple.

        To put it bluntly, Han Three Thousand's status as an apprentice was paid for, which made many people sneer at this even more.

        "I advise you to get out of here, or you won't have the chance to leave if you want to." Han Three Thousand said indifferently, these words weren't enough to anger him, in Yanjing Cloud City, Han Three Thousand had suffered more than just that mockery, he was just worried that Jiang Ying Ying wouldn't be able to resist the urge to teach these guys a lesson.

        Although they were apocalypse people, they were just the lowest level of yellow characters, and it wouldn't be difficult for Jiang Ying Ying's power to teach them a lesson.

        "Bragging skills are quite impressive, but do you dare to talk to us with your fists and feet?"

        "How about this: if you lose, you'll let us have this woman?"

        "In the future, when you see your brothers, call them master, we can cover you."

        After saying that, a few people laughed up to the sky.

        At this time, Jiang Ying Ying had already tightened her fists.

        Seeing this situation, Han Qianli shook his head helplessly and sighed, "I but kindly warned you guys, I'm not to blame."

        "Do you guys want to fight?" Gingerly biting her back groove teeth at a few people, she asked.

        "Pretty girl, you're so fine skinned, we don't want to hurt you."

        "Yeah, we'd like to take pity on you, how could we want to hurt you."

        "A contest isn't out of the question, but for a change, how about in my room?"

        These people were full of run-away words, but they didn't know that the danger was getting closer and closer.

        Jiang Ying Ying's anger was so extreme that her pupils flashed blood and she walked towards the few men.

        Han Qianli turned his head, unable to bear to see the brutal images that followed, and the painful cries of the men soon followed in his ears, making him feel even more pathetic for a few people.

        "It's not good to mess with anyone but women, you know that women are very careful," Han Giangli said with a sigh.

        When Han Giangli said this, he didn't seem to realize that he had also messed with a woman, and this woman's status in the apocalypse was not low.

        "Do you still want to fight?" After the painful screams, it was Jiang Yingying's stern question.

        Han Qianli couldn't help but curiously turn around, those men had all fallen to the ground and were looking at Jiang Yingying with frightened faces, it looked like this lesson was very harsh for them to experience.

        A few people completely didn't expect that a delicate woman like Jiang Ying Ying had such a ferocious strength, although they were yellow-letter people, they had come to the apocalypse for several years, their strength wasn't strong, but it was still a few points stronger than the mundane experts, but they didn't expect to be defenseless in front of Jiang Ying Ying!

        "No more fighting no more."

        "Wrong, we were wrong, we won't dare to do it again."

        "Mistress, we won't dare to do it again, let us go."

        Several people looked like they were begging for forgiveness and said to Jiang Ying Ying.

        Jiang Yingying took a deep breath and said in a stern voice, "Scram."

        A few people crawled at the words and didn't dare to linger.

        Han Qianli couldn't help but smile and ridicule Jiang Ying Ying, "Ying Ying, you're a girl, you have to be gentle."

        In front of Han Three Thousand, Jiang Ying Ying would not show her fierce face and immediately changed her face, saying, "Next time I'll be gentle and let them roll."

        Han Qianli cried and said, "Keep training, after this lesson, no one should mess with us."

        In the distance, there was another person who saw this scene and had an obviously very ugly expression, this person was Gong Tian.

        Although Gong Tian had lost at the hands of Han Qianqian, but because of Han Qianqian's attitude of not putting the Yellow Letter class in his eyes, he was eager for Han Qianqian to make a big joke this time, but the skills that Jiang Ying Ying had just displayed had taken him by surprise.

        Even Jiang Ying Ying was so powerful, what was the strength of Han Three Thousand now?

        Was the Yellow Letter class so bad for him, a newcomer to the apocalypse?

His True Colors Chapter 768

"You looking for me?"

        In the area of the Third Palace of the Heavenly Apocalypse, Lin Tong looked at the pretty back in front of her, her eyes were filled with infatuation, for many people in the Heavenly Apocalypse, this woman in front of them was a dream, He Xiaoxiao not only had a high status, but also had a posture that made people fall in love at first sight, Lin Tong was also one of the many admirers of He Xiaoxiao, but unfortunately, He Xiaoxiao had a high and cold nature, even if Lin Tong, the pride of heaven, she was never the slightest bit tempted.

        Because He Xiaoxiang's father was the master of the Three Temples, her eyes would be higher than normal people, even if Lin Tong was called the pride of heaven, in He Xiaoxiang's eyes, it was nothing, the person she could see must have gone through the Demon King's Grotto test and promoted to the core of the Heavenly Character, but unfortunately, the apocalypse had been a whole decade and no one could do it, and the current Heavenly Character was much older than He Xiaoxiang in terms of age.

        When He Xiaoxiao turned around, Lintong's eyes became even more obsessed.

        This wasn't the first time Lin Tong had seen her, but every time she saw her, she gave Lin Tong a great visual impact, and her beauty was in Lin Tong's opinion, unmatched by anyone else.

        Of course, Lintong did not deny that this feeling also had the added bonus of He Xiaoxiao's identity.

        After all, He Xiaoxiao was the daughter of the Lord of the Three Temples, He Qingfeng, and once she was able to become He Qingfeng's son-in-law, she would definitely be able to be carefully cultivated by He Qingfeng, and in the future, she might even have the chance to become the next generation's Lord of the Three Temples, and the temptation of such power was tremendous.

        "Help me find a way to kill Han Qianxiang." He Xiaofeng said with a cold face.

        Hearing this, Lintong couldn't help but frown, how could He Xiaoxiang suddenly have such strong killing intent towards Han Qianqian? Did something happen between these two?

        "What did he do to you?" Rintori clenched her fists in anger.

        "You just need to tell me if you can do it." He Xiaoxiao said with a high and mighty look, she didn't care to explain to Lin Tong why she wanted to kill Han Three Thousand, in her opinion, Lin Tong only needed to do what she told him to do.

        Lin Tong had dreamt of wanting Han 3,000 to die, even before Han 3,000 had arrived at the apocalypse, he had repeatedly caused trouble for Han 3,000, but unfortunately this matter was not going well, even though he had asked Fang Zhan to fight, there was still an accident in the end.

        Lintong knew in his heart that it was by no means easy to ask Han Three Thousand to die.

        On that day in Cloud City's Bifeng Manor, although it was Yi Lao who had saved Han 3,000 at the most crucial moment, he and Fang Zhan had fought back and forth in the early stages, which was enough to show Han 3,000's strength, and in Lin Tong's opinion, the best way to get Han 3,000 to die now was to wait.

        Waiting for Han 3,000 to accept the challenge of the Heavenly Promotion, waiting for Han 3,000 to enter the Demon King's Grotto, he would have only one way to die, and there was no need for Lin Tong to do much at all.

        "He'll die, it's just a matter of time, don't you know that he'll take part in the Heavenly Character promotion challenge?" Rintori said.

        "Do we have to wait any longer for this loser to die? Are you, as the pride of the apocalypse, unable to even do this thing?" He Xiaoxiang's eyebrows flashed with a trace of displeasure, of course she knew that Han Sangsang would participate in the promotion challenge of the Heavenly Character, and she also knew that Han Sangsang's entry into the Demon King's Grotto was a dead end, but she couldn't wait any longer, Han Sangsang's disregard had offended her, this was the first time in He Xiaoxiang's life that she felt neglected, this feeling kept her up at night, only Han Sangsang's death could alleviate her feelings.

        Lin Tong took a deep breath, killing each other was forbidden within the apocalypse, this was a rule that no one could go against, if it was up to him to kill Han Qianxiang, even if he was the noble son of heaven, this matter would be punished accordingly if it was known to outsiders.

        It was very likely that Lintong would have his future ruined because of this matter.

        More importantly, Han Three Thousand would also die if he didn't do anything, and in his opinion, it was simply unnecessary to do anything more.

        "He Xiaoxiang, I'm sure you know the consequences of killing each other in the apocalypse better than I do, I don't know what happened between you and him, but you don't have to harm yourself or even the entire Three Temples because of such a piece of trash." Lintong said.

        "This is my business, what does it have to do with the Three Temples." He Xiaoxiao sneered disdainfully, in her opinion, Lintong was just too cowardly to do this, that's why she was making excuses out of nowhere, this was obviously her personal matter, how could it have anything to do with the Third Temple?

        "You're the daughter of the Lord of the Three Halls, He Qingfeng, and once it's known that Han 3000 died because of you, do you think you won't make things difficult for your father after letting the Four Gates catch on to this? The Four Gates and Three Temples have not been incompatible for many years, but conflicts between them have existed for many years." Lintong explained.

        He Xiaoxiao furrowed her brows, so that made some sense.

        The Four Gates and Three Temples had some minor conflicts with each other, and although they hadn't erupted onto the stage, these conflicts were real, and if Han Qianxiang died because of her, this matter wouldn't just affect her, but the entire Three Temples and her father.

        "Lin Tong, how sure do you think he is that he will be promoted to the Earth Level?" He Xiaoxiao asked.

        Many people were now treating the Han Three Thousand Year Challenge as a joke, but Lintong was very clear about Han Three Thousand Year's strength, and it was by no means a difficult task for him to advance to the Earth Tier.

        Although Fang Zhan was once one of the top ten masters, his position could not be replaced by anyone even now, which was a testament to the strength of Fang Zhan at his peak, even though he had retired for many years, his strength was still not to be underestimated, and the fact that Han 3000 was able to force Fang Zhan to use the palm sword was proof of Han 3000's strength.

        "You know Fang Zhan, right." Lintong asked.

        He Xiaoxiang's expression was filled with dissatisfaction as she said, "I asked you how confident Han Three Thousand was in being able to advance to the Earth Level, what does it have to do with Fang Zhan, you just need to answer my question."

        Lintong smiled helplessly, He Xiaoxiang's character was very strong and could be felt from these details, but she did have such qualifications, after all, she was He Qingfeng's daughter, and her position in the Three Temples could be considered one person below.

        "Han Qianqian once fought Fang Zhan and even forced Fang Zhan to use his destructive palm sword, how confident do you think such strength is to be promoted to the Earth Level?" Lin Tong said.

        He Xiaoxiao's eyes flashed with astonishment, although she was not yet an adult when Fang Zhan left the apocalypse, Fang Zhan's fame was not small in the apocalypse, she had heard of many of Fang Zhan's deeds, and was even more aware of the power of Fang Zhan's palm sword.

        Today's ten masters, there were still many who feared Fang Zhan's palm sword, this killing move was heard to be irresistible to many.

        And Han Qianqian, who fought Fang Zhan, was able to force Fang Zhan to use his desperate move!

        "Even Fang Zhan's palm sword can't deal with Han Qianli?" He Xiaoxiao didn't quite believe it and said.

        "Of course not, if it wasn't for the Second Elder who stepped in to save Han Qianxiang, he would be dead by now, but to be able to do that, he's strong enough to be promoted to the Earth Grade." Lin Tong explained.

        He Xiaoxiao nodded, although she greatly disdained Han Qianxiang, being able to do this was indeed not something that anyone was qualified to do.

        A suspicion rose in He Xiaoxiang's heart, how could Lin Tong know so much?

        Han 3000 and Fang Zhan fought with each other, it should be in the mundane.

        "I heard that you left the apocalypse for a while, so you want Han Three Thousand Thousand to die in the mundane." He Xiaoxiao sneered, because of this matter of the Second Elder personally taking Han Three Thousand as his disciple, many people erupted with discontent on behalf of Lin Tong, Lin Tong, as the pride of the heavens, definitely didn't want his limelight to be stolen by Han Three Thousand, so it was only reasonable that he wanted to kill Han Three Thousand in his discontent.

        It was a pity that Han 3,000 had arrived at the apocalypse alive, which meant that Lintong's plan hadn't succeeded.

        "This is my own matter, it has nothing to do with you." Lintong said indifferently.

        He Xiaoxiao laughed, his beautiful smile unmistakable, once again dumbfounding Lintong.

        "I didn't expect that the pride of the heavens would be afraid of being stolen away by this kind of trash, it's ridiculous." He Xiaoxiao scoffed.

        If it had been someone else who dared to say such a thing, Lin Tong would have already been unable to resist the urge to teach her a lesson, but the person in front of her was the Master of the Three Temples, and Lin Tong didn't have the guts or the qualifications to do so.

        "I'm curious, the reason why you want to kill Han Qianli, do you dare to tell me?"


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