His True Colors Chapter 764-766


His True Colors Chapter 764

After making breakfast, Su Yingxia looked nervous and watched Han Qianqian eat, Han Qianqian showed a very delicious appearance, gulping down food, but also constantly praised Su Yingxia, which made Su Yingxia's heart a little bit of tension relief.

        After breakfast, Han 3,000 left the hillside villa under the eyes of his family.

        With this farewell, no one knew when the next meeting would be.

        When Su Yingxia returned home with tears in her eyes, she attempted to make her own breakfast and cried profusely.

        For Su Yingxia, who doesn't cook often, it's obviously impossible to make a delicious breakfast, so salty that you can't swallow the food, Han Qianli still ate so much, which made Su Yingxia's heart ache so much that she couldn't stop crying.

        Genting Mountain villa area gate, Han Qianli and Jiang Yingying both got into the car prepared by the next old man.

        "Since we're going to the apocalypse, I'll give you an introduction to the apocalypse first." After getting into the car, the next oldest said to Han 3,000.

        Han Qianli nodded, something he had been curious about for a long time.

        "The existence of the apocalypse is for a special mission, a mission you'll learn about later, but for now, I'll tell you that there are ranks within the apocalypse, and the higher the rank, the more status you have in the apocalypse."

        "There are four ranks of Heaven, Earth, Sky and Yellow, the Heavenly Character rank belongs to the highest, the core members of the Apocalypse, while the Yellow Character rank belongs to the most marginal tasks of the Apocalypse, and is the connection point between the Apocalypse and the world."

        "Since there's a hierarchy, there must be a way to advance, right?" Han Giangli said.

        "That's right, there are grading competitions every year, and if you participate in them, you'll be able to advance yourself, and the grading competitions will begin just next month, so I've already signed up for all the grading competitions for you." The next oldest said, he had already made arrangements for Han 3,000 in advance for this matter, and he didn't have to think about how the current apocalypse would view this matter, it would have already gone up in arms.

        After all, since the establishment of the Apocalypse, no one had ever participated in all the grading tournaments at once.

        "I've only just joined Apocalypse, you wouldn't want me to advance to the Heavenly Character level," Han Giangli said.

        "It's not that I want to, but you have to do it." The next old man said with a serious look.

        "Such a high requirement, has anyone ever done it before?" Han Giangli was curious.

        "No, that's why this is your chance to make a splash," The next old man said.

        Han Three Thousand looked at the next old man with fierce eyes and said, "Old man, you're not going to get me killed, no one has ever done it, what makes you think I can do it."

        "Are you afraid?" The next oldest deliberately irritated Han Qianqian, and with Han Qianqian's mentality, he would definitely not be convinced by his words.

        "Afraid, of course I'm afraid, I don't want to die." Han Three Thousand's reply was the complete opposite of what the next oldest guessed, which not only left the next oldest unsure of how to respond, but even Fang Zhan, who was driving the car, was stunned.

        Han Qianli continued, "I'm a man with a wife and kids now, I can't just die casually, you'd better cancel it for me, after all, fists and feet have no eyes."

        The next oldest couldn't help but touch his nose in embarrassment, how this brat didn't play by the rules, completely disrupting his plans.

        "Don't you want to make a splash?" The next oldest tried to persuade Han Three Thousand.

        But Han 3000 was very firm in his stance, because nothing was more important to him now than his life, Su Yingxia and Han Nian were both still waiting for him at home, and he had to get back safely.

        "What's the use of a single shot, a person is only one life, and if you die, you'll lose everything," Han Giangli said.

        This reasoning made it impossible for the second old man to refute, and he was thinking about how he should continue to persuade Han Three Thousand, when Fang Zhan, who was driving the car, suddenly said, "Now everyone in the apocalypse knows that you're going to participate in the grading competition, if you quit now, you can be a joke in the apocalypse."

        The next old man was delighted, this should be able to hit Han Three Thousand's frightened heart.

        But Han Three Thousand's next words almost made the next old man despair.

        "I've spent three years in Cloud City, being mocked as a waste son-in-law, isn't that just a joke, when have I ever cared."

        Desperate, the next old man was completely desperate, he completely ignored Han Three Thousand's growth in Cloud City, if he cared about fame, how could he have endured three years of humiliation in Cloud City? To him, this was already commonplace, and even he didn't bother to explain or resist.

        The next oldest took a deep breath and said, "Actually, I want you to do this, there's another purpose."

        "Guess it, hurry up and say it, if you can convince me, I'll perform it for those people to see." Han Giangli faded, with his attitude, it seemed as if he would be able to meet the expectations of the next oldest as long as he was willing.

        "I'll leave the apocalypse, and the four gates, I want to hand them over to you, so I need you to have enough deterrence to control the four gates," The next oldest said.

        What kind of existence the Four Gates had in the Apocalypse was beyond Han 3,000's comprehension for the time being, but he could imagine what supreme power the position of the next oldest represented.

        The Next Old Man, however, was going to give him this power, something Han Three Thousand had never expected.

        "Where are you going?" Han Qianli frowned and asked.

        "A very dangerous place, the apocalypse has visited hundreds of people so far, but none of them have returned alive, so I have to make arrangements for the future of the four gates, if you want to know where that place is, I'll naturally tell you after you've been promoted to the Heavenly Character rank, because only the core of the Heavenly Character rank is qualified to know this secret." The next old man explained.

        Only the cores of the Heavenly Character rank were qualified to know!

        Obviously, this wasn't an ordinary place and this matter was most likely the biggest secret of the apocalypse.

        "Doesn't even Lin Tong know about it? He's the proud son of the apocalypse." Han Qianli was confused.

        The next oldest shook his head and said, "Although he's the pride of the heavens, his strength hasn't reached the Heavenly Character level, he's only at the Earthly Character level now."

        It was true that Lin Tong was very successful in the Celestial Apocalypse and was the fastest younger generation to advance in strength, but the Heavenly Character test was not something that Lin Tong had the strength to deal with right now, and even Lin Tong had not participated in a Heavenly Character test at all so far.

        Status advancement, the Heavenly Character level was the most special one, and the one most likely to lose one's life, and no one was willing to attempt it easily until they were fully prepared to deal with it.

        "Looks like it's not simple to reach the Heavenly Character rank, aren't you going to tell me about this promotion method?" Han Giangli said to the next oldest with a dissatisfied face.

        "Other than the Heavenly Character class, other status promotions are taken from the top three of the competition, and only the top three are eligible for promotion, while the Heavenly Character class requires passing a special test called the Demon King's Grotto, which I can't tell you what's going on inside." The next oldest said.

        "Demon King's Grotto, it's a place that kills people when you hear it, I think you're just trying to get me killed." Han Giangli trailed off, very dissatisfied with this, but inside his heart, he was eager to try it out.

        "After you learn the secret of the apocalypse, you'll understand why I'm doing this, it's something that I have no choice but to face," The next oldest said.

        Sensing the heaviness in the next old man's tone, Han 3,000 was even more curious as to what the so-called secret of the apocalypse was, but he knew that even if he asked now, it would be useless, the next old man would not be able to tell him, and the only way he could know was to become a core member of the Heavenly Character class.

        "In that case, I can give it a try, it shouldn't be difficult for me." Han Giang patted his own chest as he spoke, but this action wasn't a sign of confidence, but rather Han Giang was giving himself courage.

        The two skulls he then hung on his chest, based on the same encounter with his Jiang Ying Ying, Han 3000 was already certain that their power came from these two skulls, although he didn't know if they would continue to make him stronger, but with this special power present, Han 3000 was confident that he could handle anything.

        "It's not fair to you, but it has to be, I hope you can understand me." The next oldest said with a sigh.

        "By the way, externally I'm your disciple, right?" Han Third Thousand suddenly asked.

        The next oldest didn't take Han Three Thousand as a disciple in a serious way, and their current relationship wasn't exactly a master and disciple, but he did say that outwardly.


        "Fine, I'll try to remember to give you some face in front of outsiders, but don't blame me if I accidentally forget."

        That made the next old man's face darken, there were countless people who wanted to be his apprentice, and Han Qianxiang, showing such an indifferent attitude!

His True Colors Chapter 765

"Did you hear, that guy called Han Qianqian is going to participate in all the grading tournaments, he's really looking for death."

        "Not just looking for death, in my opinion, he's just here to make a joke."

        "The next oldest's own apprentice might have real skills, after all, the next oldest has never accepted a disciple before."

        "Real skills? What is a mundane expert to Apocalypse, no matter how powerful he is, can he hardly be compared to Lin Tong?"

        Within the Celestial Apocalypse, the matter of Han Three Thousand Thousand's going to participate in all the grading tournaments had become well known, and the attitude of most people towards this matter was almost as if it was a joke.

        Each of the four levels of Heaven, Earth, and Xuanhuang was a huge threshold, especially the Heavenly Grading which had held the record of no one challenging it for nearly ten years, even Lin Tong, who was known as the pride of Heaven, had never dared to attempt the Heavenly Grading so far, and Han Qianli, a newcomer to the Apocalypse, dared to participate, and in the opinion of the people of the Apocalypse, he was either a newborn calf or had a brain problem.

        Everyone was discussing this matter, and it could be said that before Han 3000 had even arrived in the apocalypse, his name had already become famous in the apocalypse as fast as he could, only this kind of fame was ridiculous, more like a clown clamoring for attention.

        "What are you guys discussing?" Those people were in the middle of a heated discussion when Lin Tong's voice suddenly came from behind them.

        Although Lin Tong didn't have any substantial power in the apocalypse, his position as the pride of the heavens forced many people to scruple, because with his strength, entering the level of power in the apocalypse was only a matter of time.

        "Lintong, we're discussing that ridiculous fellow Han Qianli."

        "Yeah, we think it's really ridiculous that he's going to participate in all the graded tournaments."

        "I don't know if the next oldest is confused, but he would take such a person as a disciple."

        A certain person walked up to Lin Tong with a respectful face, it was obvious that this guy was trying to please Lin Tong and said, "Lin Tong, in my opinion, the next old man might be really confused, a heavenly pride like you is close at hand and he can't even see it, he has to take a clown as his apprentice, I really feel bad for you."

        Lintong laughed coldly, why exactly the next oldest wanted to take Han Qianqian as his disciple, he didn't know, but in his opinion, it was indeed a foolish act.

        With his achievements in the apocalypse, how could someone like Han Qianxiang be able to compare to him?

        "Yeah, that's what we think as well, although I don't know Han Qianqian's strength, but how could he, a mundane person, possibly compare to you."

        "You're the fastest growing strength in the apocalypse, even if you look at the entire apocalypse, you won't be able to find anyone better than you, what's Han 3000."

        "Hey, I don't know what's going on in the next old man's head."

        Several people began to flatter Lin Tong, they were all earth class people, if they could get on good terms with someone like Lin Tong, they could have a backing in the future in the apocalypse.

        Lin Tong was very happy to hear these words, he really liked people's flattery of him, but on the surface, he did not show any color and said indifferently, "The next old man is the helmsman of the four gates, he must have his own reasons for doing this, how can you guys belly up to a big figure like him?"

        "We're just feeling unworthy for you, but it's a pity that a talent like you was buried."

        Lintong smiled coldly.


        How could it be a pity, after Han Qianqian reached the apocalypse, he would naturally have a way to prove that he was better than Han Qianqian, and Han Qianqian, an ungrateful fellow, would even take part in all the grading competitions, sooner or later, he would make a joke, and Lin Tong didn't even have to do anything at this stage, he would just have to watch Han Qianqian lose face.

        What's more, Lin Tong was now very close to the Three Temples, and the helmsman of the Three Temples had promised him that if he was willing to become a member of the Three Temples, the Three Temples would definitely focus on cultivating him.

        Lintong was even already fantasizing about one day trampling the entire Four Gates underfoot, making the next oldest pay a painful price for his decision, and letting all the Four Gates know what a pity it was to be missing him, Lintong.

        "In moderation, you can just say these words in secret, but don't let them reach the ears of the next oldest." Lintong said.

        A few people nodded repeatedly in the face of this kind reminder, but the entire apocalypse's discussion of Han 3,000 won't go away just because they shut up these days.

        Almost everyone was discussing about Han Three Thousand after dinner, a situation like the one four years ago when Han Three Thousand had just joined the Su family and was similarly criticized and joked about by Yun Cheng.

        Two days later, the periphery of the apocalypse finally ushered in Han Three Thousand Years.

        After a long journey, Han Qianqian finally arrived at the edge of the apocalypse, he had envisioned where exactly the apocalypse existed and why many people were unable to learn the secrets and location of the apocalypse, only after coming here himself did he learn that the apocalypse was hidden in a deep forest, it was completely out of this world where people were rare, it was impossible for anyone to find it.

        "The apocalypse has blocked all satellite signals, it's impossible to discover the apocalypse's existence even with space reconnaissance." Fang Zhan stood to the side and explained to Han Qianli.

        Han 3000 smiled, with his brain, how could he not have thought of this, but Han 3000 showed a face of gratitude for Fang Zhan's unnecessary explanation.

        "Is this the edge of the apocalypse?" Han Qianli asked.

        Fang Zhan nodded and said, "This place is the first step into the apocalypse, and everyone here is of the yellow character class."

        From afar, Han Three Thousand saw two familiar figures, Zhuang Tang and Gong Tian, remembering that once in the Nangong family, Han Three Thousand had beaten these two apprentices so much that they didn't dare to say anything.

        "You need to stay here now, you can only go to a higher level after you pass the yellow-letter competition." The next old man said to Han Three Thousand.

        On the way here, Han 3,000 was already very clear about the rules of the apocalypse, and only after passing the graded competition from the bottom to the top would he be able to go to other places. ,.

        "Next old man, if I lose here, do I have to make people laugh." Han Giangli said with a smile.

        "Not only would you make people laugh, but even I would be sneered at," The next oldest said.

        Han Three Thousand waved her hand and said, "You should leave quickly, a place like this isn't a place for a high-ranking status like yours to be in."

        After a glance at Fang Zhan, the next training against Han Three Thousand had been left to Fang Zhan, and he only needed to wait for Han Three Thousand at the Four Gates.

        At this time, many Yellow Character personnel who had heard that Han Three Thousand Years had arrived showed up and looked at Han Three Thousand Years like they were watching a monkey.

        "Is this guy Han Three Thousand? I didn't see anything special about him."

        "It's ridiculous, someone like him is going to participate in all the graded tournaments."

        "The next oldest is really blind, actually accepting this kind of person as a disciple, Lintong is a million times better than him."

        In the eyes of others, Han Qianqian was nothing but a bit more handsome, but the apocalypse wasn't a place where one could feed on looks, and without true strength, one simply couldn't stand firm in the apocalypse.

        "This guy even brought a woman with him, can't he even take care of himself and still need someone to take care of him?"

        "I heard that this guy is the young master of some rich family, it seems that he was spoiled as a child and couldn't grow up without the care of a nanny."

        "Hahahahahaha, that's ridiculous, I can't wait to see his joke."

        At this time, Zhuang Tang and Gong Tian walked up to Han 3,000, the two of them treated Han 3,000 differently from the others, without any contempt, as they knew Han 3,000's strength better than anyone else.

        As Han Three Thousand's former underdogs, they weren't qualified to mock Han Three Thousand.

        "Han Three Thousand Year, I didn't expect to see you so soon." Zhuang Tang said to Han Three Thousand Years.

        "It's been a few months, not exactly fast, but I didn't expect that you were only at the yellow level." Han Three Thousand said.

        Zhuang Tang smiled faintly, not feeling that Han Three Thousand's words were sarcastic, and said, "The grading tournament is by no means as simple as you think, even if this is a yellow-letter level, there are many deep-rooted experts."

His True Colors Chapter 766

"And this year's Yellow Letter Class challenge is the most brutal, with many participants, it's by no means simple to kill your way out of it." Gong Tian wasn't as calm as Zhuang Tang, seeing that Han Qianli seemed to look down on the Yellow Character class, he said unconvinced.

        Han Three Thousand wasn't uninterested in the two reminders, but nodded and said, "Thank you for the kind reminder, but since I'm here, I definitely won't stay here."

        Next, Fang Zhan brought Han Qianli to a resting place, and since the proportion of men within the apocalypse was much higher, women were a bit more noticeable here, and those people could not wait to drop their eyes on Jiang Yingying.

        In the mundane world, Jiang Ying Ying's looks weren't exceptional, but they were good among ordinary girls, and with looks like hers, she was definitely an extremely beautiful woman for the apocalypse.In order to prevent those who had coloring characters written on their foreheads from taking advantage of the situation, Han Qian Qian had Fang Zhan arrange a two-bed room.

        "Master, this guy looks like he despises the yellow character class, and also wants to see him eat his way through the competition." Gong Tian said through gritted teeth after Han 3,000 was gone.

        Zhuang Tang shook his head faintly and said, "I'm afraid there's no such chance."

        "Master, what do you mean, do you think he'll definitely succeed?" Gong Tian said with a frown.

        "Do you think the next oldest will really make a joke? If he's unsure, how could he do this thing, in my opinion, Han 3,000 won't be able to successfully face the challenge of the Heavenly Character, but the Yellow Character should be a breeze for him." Zhuang Tang said.

        Gong Tian was even more disgruntled inside, he had joined the Apocalypse for many years and had participated in two grading tournaments, but had never succeeded, so why should Han 3000 be able to advance once he came?

        "I don't believe it, in my opinion, he has to stay at least two years at the yellow level," Gong Tian said.

        Zhuang Tang patted Gong Tian's shoulder and said, "You don't have to be disgruntled, his master and your master aren't on the same level, so how do you compare to him?"

        There were still five days until the grading tournament started, the next step was Fang Zhan's training for Han Qianqian and Jiang Ying Ying, although Jiang Ying Ying came to the apocalypse with Han Qianqian as a special identity, but the rules of the apocalypse would not change because of her, in order to enter a higher grade, Jiang Ying Ying herself also needed to participate in the grading tournament.

        It didn't matter if she would lose face to the next old man or not, the most important thing was that she couldn't lose face.

        Late at night on the third day of training, Jiang Ying Ying had gone back to her room to rest, while Han Three Thousand was still sitting under the moonlight, from an outsider's point of view, he was resting in between training, but Han Three Thousand could feel the power of the two skulls surging in front of his chest right now, and the power in his body echoed with the power in his body, the two were like consciously attracting each other.

        This kind of feeling was something Han Giang's noticed on the first day of training, so he had a bold idea to completely integrate the power within the skull into his body, which would undoubtedly make him stronger.

        But after several attempts, Han Giang couldn't get anywhere at all.

        In the past, a headache when sleeping was a sign of skull power surging into his body, but now, this feeling was gone, as if Han Giang's body had reached power saturation, so the skull power no longer actively overflowed out and into his body.

        At that moment, Han 3000 opened his eyes abruptly, and at some point, there was a beautifully built woman standing in front of him, looking especially attractive under the bright moonlight.

        "You've already died a thousand times if I want to kill you for being so vigilant." The woman spoke up, her voice cold as ice.

        "I have no quarrel with you, you won't kill me." Han 3,000 said.

        The woman's back was turned to the moonlight, making it difficult for Han Qianli to see her face, but by the general outline, it seemed like it should be a very cold beauty, and she was wearing a tight dress that outlined the lines of her body to the fullest, which would have made an ordinary man want to see her.

        The woman noticed Han Qianqian sizing her up, and usually when a man was confronted with her hot body, his eyes would invariably reveal an undisguised lust, but to her surprise, Han Qianqian's eyes were so clear that they didn't seem to have any evil intentions.

        "What are you looking at." The woman questioned.

        Han Qianli stood up and said indifferently, "I was thinking that your status in the apocalypse should not be low."

        "With a beautiful woman standing in front of you, shouldn't you be thinking about how to sleep in the same bed as me?" The woman said that she thought that Han Marchand was deliberately trying to hide his lustful greed, so she wanted to try to get Han Marchand to expose his lustful side.

        Men under heaven are generally dark, and as long as they are breathing, there is no one who is not lustful, which is her definition of a man.

        But when she met Han Marchant, she was destined to be disappointed, because Han Marchant had faced Chi Yiyun's lustful seduction and still managed to remain unmoving, his loyalty to Su Yingxia was not something that could be shaken by a pretty looking woman.

        "If you're looking for me to throw yourself at you, there's no need, I'm not interested in you." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        Throwing myself at you!

        A hint of anger flashed across the woman's brow, with her position, how could she possibly throw herself at men when all the men in the apocalypse would flock to her with a single word from her!

        "Do you know that's enough to make me kill you." The woman gritted her teeth and said.

        Han Giangli was not afraid in the slightest, looking directly at the woman and saying, "Is the apocalypse a place where you can do whatever you want?"

        After saying that, Han Qianqian walked straight away, he didn't know who this woman was or why she appeared, but he wasn't interested because in his heart, there was no woman who could compare to Su Yingxia.

        The woman clenched her fists, wishing she could kill Han Qianqian, but she didn't lose her mind in anger.

        It was true that the apocalypse could not kill each other, and this was a rule that no one had the right to break.

        Even if she was the daughter of the Master of the Three Temples, He Qingfeng, she couldn't do so.

        "Rubbish, I'll see you fall in the middle of the grading competition." He Xiaoxiao's coldness-filled voice carried strong disdain, and the reason she appeared here was because she was curious as to what kind of person was able to cause the entire Apocalypse to discuss.

        After the meeting, He Xiaoxiang was even more certain of those people's claims that this Han Third Thousand was a useless piece of trash who would only act like a high and cold person.

        The next day, while training, Han 3000 mentioned last night's incident and gave Fang Zhan a detailed description of that woman's appearance, wanting to know who the other party really was.

        "It's been many years since I left the apocalypse, how would I recognize a young girl like this, she might have appeared just because she's more curious about you, after all, you're the hottest person in the apocalypse right now, who wouldn't want to see it, don't think too much, train well." Fang Zhan said.

        "Big hot character?" Those four words made Han Giang himself want to laugh, he was a big hit because there were a lot of people who wanted to see his jokes, where does that count as a character?

        "I'm a character that people are just waiting to laugh at."

        "That's why you have to train harder to make them fall for it, and that woman from last night is most likely a Xuan character, or even an Earth character, and if you want to know her identity, you can only win the grading competition to have a chance." Fang Zhan said.

        Han Giangli shook her head, looking completely uninterested, and said, "I'm just casually asking, what her identity is and who she is, it doesn't matter to me at all."

        If He Xiaoxiao heard this, he would definitely be so angry that he would vomit blood, as the daughter of the Master of the Three Temples, He Qingfeng, she was likewise known as the pride of the heavens and the object of many people's pursuit and courting, who would dare to despise her like this in the entire Heavenly Apocalypse, whereas in Han Qianli's eyes, she was just an insignificant person.

        "Kid, I do admire you for that." Fang Zhan said with a sigh on his face, in terms of women, Han Qianli had achieved the one thing that almost all men couldn't do, the face of a woman was unshakable, his sincere feelings for Su Yingxia, when the sun and moon could really be seen.


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