Secret Identity 2287-2288


Chapter 2287

Meanwhile, Ye Chen had already fled hundreds of meters on his bike.


      In order not to be found by Du Haiqing, he didn't even buy any food and headed straight for Tomson's.


      On the way, he made a phone call to Richard Chen, and as soon as he came up, he ordered, "Old Chen, someone went to the old house where my parents lived today, help me find out who it is!"


      Richard Chen asked in surprise, "Young Master, did you go to the old mansion today?"


      "Right!" Ye Chen said, "I saw a woman there, she looked at me and called my father's name, I want you to help me find out who she is and also find out if this person is a friend or foe and what kind of interaction she had with my father."


      "Good!" Without hesitation, Richard Chen said, "I'm going to start investigating!"


      Ye Chen added, "Right, there's one more thing I need you to do for me."


      Chen Zekai was busy saying, "Young Master, you say it!"


      Ye Chen said, "Find out what the owner of the old mansion is doing now, when his case will be pronounced, when the mansion will be judicially auctioned, and then I will buy this old mansion!"


      "Okay young master, I'll check it out!"


      Afterwards, Ye Chen found a random supermarket near Thomson One, bought some food and prepared to go home, and as soon as he left the supermarket, a call came from Richard Chen.


      "Young Master, both matters have been resolved!"


      Ye Chen gave a hmmm and said, "Tell me separately!"


      Chen Zekai busily said, "The one going to your parents' former residence today is the second miss of the Du family in Yanjing, Du Haiqing."


      Ye Chen frowned and asked, "The Du family? Du Haiqing? What's the origin?"


      Chen Zekai said, "This Du Haiqing, is Su Shoudao's wife."


      "What?" Ye Chen was surprised and asked, "Su Shou Dao's wife? Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Fish's own mother?"


      "That's right." Richard Chen said, "It's Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu's mother, she came to Jinling this morning."


      Ye Chen asked after her, "Then why did she come to my parents' former residence? She knew my father?"


      Chen Zekai explained, "You may not know about this, but actually this Du Haiqing, has always liked your father, but your father didn't choose her back then."


      Ye Chen was surprised, but also more or less embarrassed.


      Su Shou Dao's wife liked her own father, which was indeed a bit unexpected.


      Ye Chen thought that the matter of Su Ruorui being Su Shou Dao's illegitimate daughter had just been exposed by the Japanese media last night, and Du Haiqing had come to Jinling today and visited his parents' former residence, which was indeed a bit too eager, right? If Su Shou Dao knew, he would be so angry that he would vomit blood.


      Zekai Chen added, "Young Master, there is still the matter of the mansion, there has been news."


      Ye Chen was busy saying, "Speak quickly!"


      The case of the mansion's owner will be finalized in the next two days. The amount of money involved in his illegal fundraising is very large, and the capital chain has been broken, so he is unable to repay the debt. Shooting could start in a week!"


      When Ye Chen heard this, he was delighted, and he was busy saying, "You help me report to the auction, I'll go to the auction then, and no matter what, I'll buy this mansion back!"


      Richard Chen said, "Okay young master, I'll take care of this!"


      Ye Chen hmmmed and said, "Let's start with this, you recently helped me keep an eye on that Du Haiqing, since she knows my father, it's very likely that she will deduce my identity, my identity can't be exposed yet, try not to let her find me."

Chapter 2288

"Good young master!"


      After hanging up the phone, Ye Chen inevitably had a headache.


      He found that there seemed to be a strong and strange magnetic field between himself and the Su family.


      Although he had been waiting for a chance to find the Su family to question the anti-Yeap alliance back then and make the Su family pay for the anti-Yeap alliance, but all this time, before he had even gone to settle the score with the Su family, he had had various interactions with the Su family one after another.


      First, he accidentally saved the Su family's two descendants, Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu, in Japan, but when Ye Chen saved them, he didn't know that they were Su Shou Dao's sons and daughters .


      Then in the hospital in Tokyo, he passed by Su Shoudao again, but at that time, Ye Chen didn't know that the man close to him was Su Shoudao either.


      Otherwise, with Ye Chen's temper, even if he didn't screw Su Shou Dao on the spot, he would at least make him impotent first, then remember his face and slowly settle the score with him .


      The next thing that Ye Chen didn't expect was that this time when he came back from Japan, he accidentally dropped the Su family's assassin, Su Ruorui, but what was even more fucking outrageous was that after saving her, Ye Chen found out that the girl was Su Shoudao's illegitimate daughter!


      The whole thing up to this point, Ye Chen had saved one son, two daughters and three children from Su Shou Dao!


      The point is that all three of these people are the children of a fucking vendetta!


      One after another, because of coincidence and saving the children of his enemies, for Ye Chen, this kind of trick of fate made him simply powerless.


      As a result, who would have thought that today, when he stopped by to take a look at the old mansion, he'd run into Su Shoudao's wife, Su Zhifei, and Su Zhiyu's mother, Du Haiqing!


      What's more, To Haiqing seems to have loved her father for years.


      Thinking of all this, Ye Chen already had a big head and couldn't help but exhale a cloudy breath, cursing, "What the fuck is all this shit!"


      Thus, he vowed in his heart that when he confronted Su Shou Dao face to face in the future, he would not only have to make him pay for the Anti-Leaf Alliance, but he would also have to make him pay for having saved his three children!


      At the same time, Du Haiqing was also trying to find Ye Chen.


      However, she knew very little about Ye Chen's situation, so she didn't know how to proceed for a while.


      Although the old housekeeper had been in Jinling for many years, because the Du Family was after all considered to be in a high position and acted in a low-key and cautious style, he was relatively restrained as the Du Family's representative in Jinling.


      Although he also knew many local executives, he rarely paid attention to matters in the city, so he could only temporarily trust people, starting with Ye Chang-tao's car accident back then to find out more, first looking at the lists of orphans received by various orphanages and welfare institutions after the accident, as well as the local adoption records registered at the time, trying to find clues related to Ye Chen.


      In terms of his connections in Jinling alone, although he was already quite well established, he was still far less than Chen Zekai.


      As the spokesperson of the Ye family in Jinling, the most important task for Richard Chen was to establish a solid foundation in Jinling, so the laying of connections in Jinling had been very high-profile and direct, and had been developed in all directions, far ahead of that old housekeeper of the Du family.


      Therefore, when the old housekeeper started investigating the clues related to Ye Chen, he had already gotten the news and then reported it to Ye Chen.


      As soon as Ye Chen heard that they were going to start with the orphanage and the adoption records, he was mostly relieved.


      Normally, there was nothing wrong with this direction.


      But the key was that this line had already been cut off by Tang Sihai when his parents had just died.


      Tang Sihai had cut off all his clues, even the welfare institution where he was living at that time was secretly operated by his people, so no matter how much the outside world investigated, they couldn't find out any results.


      Now, Du Haiqing's attempt to start looking for himself from here could only be a fool's errand.


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