His True Colors Chapter 671-673


Chapter 671

The question was asked by Qi Yiyun without answering, and her eyes were burning as she looked at Han Marchant, obviously her concern was not about who Han Marchant would give the Chinese district to, she was more concerned about whether or not Han Marchant was taking her feelings into consideration with this question.

        But Han 3000 didn't answer Chi Yi Yun's question directly, but said, "The tree is too big, sometimes it's not a good thing to have too high a status, of course, I'm not discriminating against your gender, but there are things that men will do better, you don't need to take too many risks."

        Nowadays in the Chinese District, everyone was honestly under Han Qianli's deterrent power, even if he pushed the Ma Family to the height of the first family, no one dared to have an opinion now, but Han Qianli would eventually leave this place, when he left, this deterrent power would slowly decline, the Ma Family would definitely encounter a lot of trouble in the future, and whether or not they could fix their position as the first family in the Chinese District, it would depend on Ma Feihao's own Ability.

        The risk taken in this matter wasn't small, which was why Han Marchand didn't support the Chi family.

        "Every time there's a danger, you're the one who stepped up to support me, the Chinese District should reasonably be left to you, and even everyone might think so, would you feel reluctant?" Han Three Thousand Thousand continued.

        From Han Qianqian's words, Qi Yiyun could feel his concern for her, but this subtle expression didn't satisfy Qi Yiyun, and she wanted Han Qianqian to admit it herself.

        "Is it so hard to admit that you care about me? Are you doing this for my own good?" Chi Yi Yun asked persistently.

        After a long silence, Han Giangli finally said, "Yes."

        What do you mean by smiling like a flower?

        At this moment Qi Yiyun, smiling more beautifully than any flower in the world, the happiness that rippled across her face was even more unreservedly overflowing, she got the answer she wanted, and also knew that Han Qianli had turned her away, not because she didn't have any feelings for her, but because he was controlling himself.

        Although that wouldn't change the relationship between the two, it was already worth it to Chi Yi Yun, at least to let her know that Han 3000 wasn't that desperate for her, and that it was only because of Su Yingxia's existence that Han 3000 had to restrain his feelings.

        "Do you know that this word, even if I were to exchange it for the entirety of the Chi family's fortune, I'd think it's worth it." Qi Yiyun said with a smile.

        "The Chi family doesn't have much money, either." Han Qianli faded.

        The happy Chi Yi Yun's face sank when she heard this.

        The Chi family was at least a good family in the Chinese district and possessed a certain amount of money, but Han Qianli said that it didn't have a few bucks!

        "You now have the backing of the Nangong family, who in this world would dare to compare money with you." Chi Yi Yun said disdainfully.

        The Nangong Family's wealth could almost be called the number one in the world, its amazing financial background was unmatched, if the Nangong Family wasn't too low-key, the world's richest man's financial ceiling would have already been refreshed, and absolutely no one from the latter would be able to surpass it.

        "By the way, Auntie He, that driver who brought you here, has he not left yet?" Speaking of the Nangong family, Han Qianli suddenly thought of this matter.

        These days, he was so completely immersed in the fun of bringing up a child that he even slept with his arms around Han Nian at night, forgetting about this matter at all.

        "The car is still there, and the people shouldn't have left," He Ting said.

        Han three thousand stood up, since he didn't leave, he must have a purpose for staying, but he just kept waiting so quietly, but it was a bit surprising to Han three thousand.

        Walking out of the house, Han Three Thousand walked towards the commercial vehicle.

        The driver of the car was obviously keeping an eye on the villa at all times, and he had gotten off when Han Qianli walked up.

        Walking up to Han Qianli, the driver bent slightly, expressing his respect for Han Qianli.

        "Does Nangong Boling have anything to explain?" Han Giangli asked.

        "The head of the family asked me to tell you that he won't restrict your freedom anymore, you can go anywhere you want, and at the same time, he also wants you to take some time to see him, so if you're really inconvenienced and don't have time to return to the Nangong family, he'll come find you personally." The driver said, not only with an honorific title, but between his words, he also seemed to put Nangong Boling's status very low.

        This was something that Nangong Boling personally explained, he knew exactly what Han Qianli meant to the Nangong family today, so Nangong Boling would never show off his position as Nangong's master in front of Han Qianli.

        Han Three thousand was a little surprised inside, but Nangong Boling not only sent Han Nian back to him, but also showed such a low stance, it was a little unthinkable.

        "He wouldn't want me to change my surname," Han Qianli said indifferently, he was able to guess what Nangong Boling wanted to do, and this matter had already been brought up in the Nangong family, Nangong Boling wanted to be led by Han Qianli to go in at that level, didn't he want the Nangong family's name to be even more prominent by doing so, and Han Qianli, however, was surnamed Han.

        "The head of the family had already guessed that you would think this way, so the head of the family had deliberately instructed me to tell you that as long as you are willing to become the head of the Nangong family, he has no problem with it, even if it means having the entire Nangong family change its surname to Han." The driver said.

        Even though Han Giangli was a very calm minded person, the impact of this statement still made his expression change dramatically.

        Nangong Boling was actually going to have the entire Nangong family change their surname to Han!

        This kind of thing Han Qianqian could never have imagined, nor did he think that Nangong Boling would be willing to pay such a high price for it.

        A man's pursuit in life is no better than a woman's money power status.

        The first three for Nangong Boling has long been something to be disdained, only status can still make Nangong Boling stir up the desire to get, Han 3000 does not understand Nangong Boling's mentality because he is not in Nangong Boling's position only.

        Nangong Boling's desire for the apocalypse level was unimaginable to anyone.

        For nearly twenty years, Nangong Boling had been working towards this, and under the Nangong family, there were countless places like Earth's Core, and he had laid it all out to be able to enter the Apocalypse Level.

        As Nangong Boling grew older, there was less and less time left for him to give up, and naturally, there was more that he could give up.

        The surname was important, but definitely not as important as entering the apocalypse level.

        After being surprised, Han Qianliang said with a faint smile, "Han Bo Ling isn't nice."

        The driver wasn't dissatisfied with this, having worked as a driver for Nangong Boling for ten years, he had developed a certain arrogant temper, but this temper would never be revealed in front of Han Qianliang, as he was very clear about Han Qianliang's position in Nangong Boling's heart.

        "I think it's quite nice." The driver said.

        Han Three Thousand couldn't help but shake his head helplessly, this kind of heartless words were even spoken, it seemed that Nangong Boling hadn't failed to educate him on how to behave in front of him.

        "I'll find a chance to see him, if you don't have anything else to do, you can leave, sleeping in the car should be hard for you." Han Marchand said.

        "As long as I can see you, it's worth it even if I have to sleep on the side of the road." The driver said.

        "Your flattery skills can be compared to that friend of mine." Han Qianli smiled, the friend he was talking about was naturally Tang Zong, but of course, Tang Zong never considered his words to be flattery, he was convinced that every word he said was expressing Han Qianli's true strength.

        "I'll convey your message to the head of the family and look forward to meeting you as soon as possible." The driver said and bent over, backing away from the car before opening the door and getting into the car.

        Han Giangli breathed a sigh of relief, Nangong Boling had taken things to such an extent that he really didn't know how to deal with it.

        Of course, it was impossible for Han Giangli to change his surname, but to have everyone in the Nangong family change their surname to Han was a bit ridiculous to him as well, but it wasn't worth the trouble at the moment, after all, he shouldn't be meeting with Nangong Boling in the near future.

        Without Nangong Boling's restraint, Han Qianqiang regained his freedom, and the thing he wanted to do most now was to hurry back to Cloud City and bring Han Nian back to Su Yingxia.

        But at this moment, a familiar figure walking from afar made Han Qianli frown.

        What was this guy doing in Mi, hadn't the death of Nangong Falcon given him enough warning?

Chapter 672

"Nangong Yan, haven't you received the news of Nangong Falcon's death?" Han Qianli's eyes were cold, if this guy was looking for death, Han Qianli would never show him any mercy.

        "You misunderstood, I'm here, not to fight against you, but to ......" before the words were finished, Nangong Yan knelt down on one knee and continued, "I will become your most loyal subordinate, I hope you can forget the stupid things I did in the past ."

        Han Giangli was stunned, first Nangong Boling was willing to have the entire Nangong family change their surname to Han, and now Nangong Yan was submissive to him, it seemed that this apocalypse had brought quite a bit of temptation to the Nangong family.

        To think that Nangong Yan was trying to kill him, but now, it was really rare that he willingly knelt down on one knee in front of him as a way to show his sincerity.

        "Nangong Yan, but my surname is Han, you're insulting the name of the Nangong family by doing this," Han Qianli faintly said.

        "The Nangong family is just a rich family, with your current position, what is the Nangong family, and what am I, Nangong Yan, worth." Nangong Yan said.

        Han Giang was dumbfounded, and in order to say something to please himself, Nangong Yan had reduced the Nangong family's status so low.

        But Han 3000 was no fool, he must have some sort of purpose for doing so, otherwise he would have stayed on the island, why would he need to make a deliberate trip to the rice country and kneel to himself.

        "Nangong Yan, just tell me what you want, I won't bother to guess your purpose." Han Giangli asked.

        "Entering the apocalypse, you will certainly have no time to worry about matters in the world, and I want to take on mundane trivialities for you." Nangong Yan didn't conceal anything and spoke bluntly.

        Han Giangli suddenly laughed, now it seemed that Nangong Falcon was the one who was stupid to the extreme, he had lost his life in order to fight for the position of Nangong's master, but Nangong Yan was sitting on a fishing boat as a result without any effort, if Nangong Falcon knew about this, he would be so angry that he would pop out of his coffin.

        "In this way, you're equivalent to sitting in the position of the head of the family, it's really smart, it seems that Nangong Boling values you even more, it's not unreasonable ah." Han Giangli smiled.

        In this matter, Nangong Yan didn't appear to be very smart, if it wasn't for Nangong Boling's mention, he wouldn't have thought of such a turn of events, thanks to Nangong Boling.

        "I hope you can give me this opportunity." Nangong Yan said.

        "I've never put the Nangong family's financial power in my eyes, I'm a person who just doesn't love money, so I had no intention of meddling in everything about the Nangong family, and as such, I'll give you this chance." Han Giangli said.

        Nangong Yan gratefully said, "Thank you."

        Han Three Thousand waved his hand and turned around to return to the villa.

        It wasn't until Han 3000 closed the door that Nangong Yan stood up with relief.

        This matter was easier than he thought it would be, which showed that Han Qianli really didn't take the Nangong family's wealth seriously, so he didn't understand why there were people in the world who didn't love money, but Nangong Yan knew that he had come to the end of the family's battle for mastery and gotten what he wanted, which was a thousand times better compared to what happened to Nangong Falcon and Nangong Wind.

        Soon after returning to the villa, Han Nian woke up crying, and Han Qianli was back in nanny mode, devoted to taking care of Han Nian.

        Whenever she saw such a picture, Qi Yiyun would feel a certain amount of jealousy within her and would fantasize that Han Nian was her and Han Qianqian's child, but this kind of thing could only exist in her fantasies, and if she wanted to actually realize it, she would probably have to wait for her next life.

        "Auntie He, pack your bags, we'll go back to Cloud City tomorrow." Han Qianli said to He Ting as she coaxed Han Nian.

        He Ting looked delighted and said, "Okay, I'll pack."

        Qi Yiyun's expression was very ugly, although she had expected Han Third Thousand to leave recently, she hadn't expected things to come so suddenly, without any sign at all.

        For Han Qianxiang, since there was no restraint from Nangong Boling, he naturally wanted to return to Cloud City as soon as possible, and everything in the Mi Kingdom was nothing more than passing clouds to him, worthless.

        "Are you leaving so soon, many things in the Chinese district haven't settled down yet." Chi Yi Yun said to Han Qianqian.

        Han Three Thousand had indeed thought about reorganizing the Chinese District before, allowing Tang Zong to secretly take control of the business community in the Chinese District, but now, these things no longer made sense to Han Three Thousand.

        "Tang Zong will stay here for a while, and with him and Ma Feihao joining forces, these little things aren't worth my trouble." Han Three Thousand said indifferently.

        "But now the Chinese district would be in chaos without you." Chi Yi Yun said, of course, what she cared about was whether or not Han Kuang could stay, and as for the Chinese District, she didn't care even if the sky fell apart.

        "You can come back to Cloud City with me if you want." Han Qianqian knew that Chi Yi Yun's real purpose for retaining him was not to care about the current situation in the Chinese District at all, but to keep him longer.

        When Chi Yi Yun heard this, she subconsciously shook her head, she didn't dare to face Su Ying Xia, so how could she dare to go back to Yun City, after all, she liked her best friend's husband now.

        "I will never go back to Cloud City again in my life." Chi Yi Yun said.

        Han Giangli was stunned at the news and said, "Yingxia will definitely be sorry, but with her and Shen Lingyao's temper, it's very likely that they'll come looking for you."

        "I'll make sure they can't find it," Chi Yi Yun said.

        "If this will make you feel better, you should just hide, maybe ...... it's a good thing you guys don't meet." Han Qianli faded.

        "What about us, can we still meet up?" Chia-Yun asked with tears in her eyes.

        "Better not."

        Chi Yi Yun took a deep breath and said, "Have a good trip."

        After saying that, Qi Yiyun left the villa.

        He Ting, who was packing up Han Nian's things, sighed, she could tell that Qi Yiyun liked Han Qiannian very much, it was even possible that this love would make her never forget and never fall in love with another man again, but at the same time, He Ting felt that Han Qiannian was admirable.

        In today's society, how many men could resist the temptation of beauty.

        There is a saying that if you want to know whether a man is lustful or not, you can tell by probing your nose with your finger.

        This saying means that as long as a man is alive, there is no man who is not lustful.

        But Han Qianqian did something else with this, and he was unmoved by Qi Yiyun's initiative to throw himself at him.

        "I don't know if I should say good or bad," He Ting said with a sigh.

        Han Qianli was unable to laugh or cry and asked He Ting, "Auntie He, did I do something wrong?"

        "Wrong is not wrong, but you broke a woman's heart and it will never get better, but you don't hurt her, even if you hurt Ying Xia, that's why I don't know if you're good or bad." He Ting said.

        "Good or bad doesn't matter, what matters is to live up to your conscience, I'm only worthy of Ying Xia by doing this." Han Giangli smiled.

        He Ting nodded her head in agreement and said, "Ying Xia is truly blessed, finding a man as devoted as you, but a woman's greatest happiness."

        "It's just a pity that I haven't made her happy very often, most of the time I've let her suffer with me these past few years, and there's even danger." Since Han Qianli had joined the Su family, Su Yingxia following him had become a joke, to say that she was happy, even Han Qianli herself didn't recognize it.

        "Not anymore, the whole of Yun City, who would still dare to laugh at her, who would still dare to call you a loser." He Ting said.

        Han Qianli nodded with a smile and said, "That's true, this time back in Cloud City, I have to let all the people of Cloud City know that I'm not a wimp."

        The next day, Han Qianli carried Han Nian in his arms and boarded the flight back to Cloud City with He Ting, sitting in the luxurious first class cabin, the little girl was like seeing a new world, her eyes kept rolling, but when the plane started, she cried out in fear, clearly a little scared, no matter how much Han Qianli tried to comfort her, it was to no avail.

        Until the plane lifted off and flew smoothly, Han Nian still cried non-stop.

        At this time, a young man with dyed red hair and a washed-out style impatiently walked up to Han Qianli and said, "It's so noisy, can you please tell her to shut up."

Chapter 673

Yellow Hair's attitude was very bad, but Han Three Thousand was not an unreasonable person, and although the children's noise was somewhat excusable, Han Nian's crying did have an effect on their rest.

        So Han three thousand did not get angry, but said with an apologetic face, "Sorry, I've tried my best to coax her, maybe she's afraid of flying."

        Huang Mao looked at Han Qianli's attitude and thought he was a bullying master, his arrogance became even more arrogant and said, "This is first class, I'm spending so much money just to get a good rest on the way, if you can't calm her down, don't blame me for being rude."

        "Okay, okay, I'll find a way, I'm so sorry," Han Giangli said, patting Han Nian gently, hoping to ease her crying in this way.

        After Yellow Hair returned to his seat, he said to his girlfriend next to him, "Alright, I've already taught him a lesson, you rest first, if you make a scene again, I'll show him some more."

        The girl next to her, who had dyed her hair pink and thick makeup more exaggerated than a singer, said impatiently, "If it affects my rest again, you'll give them some money to lower the cabin."

        "No problem, money is a small matter, but it must not affect your rest." Yellow Hair said with a smile.

        Han Qianli used almost everything he had to finally calm Han Nian down, the little ninny was probably tired of crying and that's why she had fallen asleep.

        Han 3000 breathed a sigh of relief, understanding more and more that bringing up a child was truly a difficult task, and this short period of crying was even harder than the time he had spent in the Earth's core.

        Halfway through the two-day journey, as changing Han Nian's diaper caused another discomfort, the cries a child usually made at such times were normal.

        Due to Han Qianli's slow movements, she was afraid of causing too much noise to the other passengers for too long, so she left Han Nian to He Ting, who was more skilled and able to finish in a shorter time.

        Taking advantage of this time, Han Three Thousand went to the toilet.

        But Han Nian's crying, and then at this time, caused the young pair to become discontented.

        "Cry cry cry, just know how to cry, why don't you go die!" The girl gnashed her teeth as if she couldn't stand it any longer.

        After hearing this, Yellow Hair, who was the escort, directly stood up and said, "Leave it to me, I'll tell them to get lost right away."

        He Ting put Han Nian in her place and bowed her back to change Han Nian's diaper, but then, she was suddenly kicked, and if not for her quick enough reflexes, her hands would have been directly on Han Nian's body, the damage such a force produced to a small infant was unimaginable.

        "What are you doing?" When He Ting turned around and saw Yellow Hair, she looked angry and said.

        "What am I doing?" Yellow Hair was extraordinarily arrogant, probably because he felt that He Ting was even easier to bully, so he didn't leave any room at all and said, "Do you want me to help you calm her down, I can put this little one to sleep with one punch."

        "She's just a kid, is there a need to be so calculating?" Horton said.

        "She's making my girlfriend rest, so what if she's a kid, what are you until I am?" Yellow Hair said disdainfully.

        He Ting was a person with strong old ideas, and couldn't understand the exaggerated dressing of young people nowadays, and in her eyes, Yellow Hair was like a psychopath with a head full of chicken feathers.

        "I advise you better not cause any trouble, this flight is to Cloud City." He Ting kindly reminded.

        Cloud City, that was Han Qianqian's territory, if you provoked Han Qianqian, this yellow hair would definitely not end well.

        But He Ting's well-intentioned reminder was taken by Yellow Hair as looking down on him.

        "Scare me, do you think I'm easy to bully? I'll give you three seconds, or I'll help you myself." Yellow Hair said.

        It was impossible for three seconds to calm Han Nian down.

        He Ting didn't know what Yellow Hair wanted to do, so she could only protect Han Nian.

        "Don't do anything, if you hurt her, I'm afraid you'll even lose your life." He Ting said.

        Huang Mao was young and energetic, and was even more furious when he heard this, this middle-aged woman who wore a piece of trash, looked like she was from the countryside, and didn't know how she got to sit in first class.

        "Really? I'd like to see how powerful you are, scaring me, you don't know my position in Cloud City, do you." After saying that, Yellow Hair directly reached out and pulled He Ting's hair, trying to pull He Ting away.

        He Ting's scalp hurt from the tugging, but the hands gripping the armrest of the seat showed no sign of letting go, she would rather be hurt than let Huang Mao hurt Han Nian.

        At this time, the crew came over and saw Huang Mao hitting someone and quickly advised, "Sir, please sit back in your seat and don't make such a dangerous move."

        Huang Mao glared at the flight attendant and angrily scolded, "Mind your own f**king business, I don't believe I'll make you lose your job, so get out of here."

        The flight attendant knew that the guests who could sit in the first class cabin were not little people, and Huang Mao was dressed in a name brand at a glance, he was a very rich person in his family, usually very rich and also had a certain status, it wouldn't be a strange thing if he used some shady means to make himself lose his job.

        "What's the matter, let's talk about it when we get off the plane, if we alert the passenger police, this matter will be even more troublesome." The flight attendant was full of goodwill and reminded.

        Huang Mao obviously didn't accept the kindness, domineering and accustomed to it, if he didn't teach He Ting a lesson, how could he get off the stage.

        "My words aren't clear enough are they, I told you to get lost." Yellow Hair said with a gloomy look at the stewardess.

        At this time, He Ting spoke up and said, "Young man, I suggest you better stop right now, or it will be too late for you to take it back."

        When Han 3000 came out of the toilet, Han 3000 would never let him go.

        This was the jewel in Han Three Thousand's palm, wouldn't anyone who dared to hurt her be like hanging his own life on the line?

        "Old woman, where do you get the strength to threaten me, even if I get to Cloud City, I can just play you to death and scare me? You don't even look at what you are." As Huang Mao spoke, he tugged on He Ting's hair very hard again.

        He Ting's head went up but her body didn't move, still dying to protect Han Nian, it didn't matter that she was injured herself, she had to protect Han Nian's well-being.

        "Quite stubborn, I'd like to see how capable you are." Huang Mao almost exerted his full strength.

        He Ting felt like her entire scalp was about to be ripped off.

        The flight attendant saw that things were getting worse and worse, and this was the time to go to the flight attendant to settle the matter, but she didn't dare to provoke this yellow hair for fear of losing her job, so she could only head towards the toilet, hoping that Han Giang would come out and calm the matter down.

        People have three urgent needs, and Han Qianxiang was enjoying the smooth feeling of defecation when there was suddenly a sharp knock on the door.

        "Can't you see anyone?" Han Giangli said helplessly.

        "Sir, something has happened, can you come out as soon as possible?" The flight attendant said from the door.

        Something's wrong!

        The first thing Han Qianqian thought of was Yellow Hair, could it be that this kid was looking for trouble again.

        In less than ten seconds, Han three thousand opened the bathroom door and walked towards his seat in time to hear the flight attendant's explanation.

        When he saw Huang Mao pulling He Ting's hair in a deadly manner, the hostility in Han Qianli's heart instantly rose.

        His previously harmonious attitude towards Yellow Hair was based on the fact that Han Nian had indeed caused an impact on his rest, but if the matter rose to the level of a hands-on situation, Han Three Thousand wouldn't be apologetic.

        Huang Mao didn't notice that the crisis was closing in on him step by step, and the defenseless He Ting was like a mole at his mercy to him.

        "If you don't let go, I won't show any mercy." After saying this, Yellow Hair kicked at He Ting's waist.

        He Ting winced in pain, but her obsession with protecting Han Nian still made her grip the handrail with a death grip.

        Just then, Huang Mao suddenly felt a hand strangle his throat and just for a moment, he felt like he couldn't breathe.

        "Let her go." Han Qianqian's cold-to-the-point voice came from his ears.

        Huang Mao's face reddened as he turned to look at Han Qianqian and said with all the strength he could muster, "Fury, let go of me, you won't end well if you f**king mess with me."


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