His True Colors Chapter 674-676


Chapter 674

A threat?

        This was probably the most ridiculous thing for Han Three Thousand Thousand.

        Who else dared to threaten Han Three Thousand in the current world?

        Even if it was an existence of hidden wealthy people like the Nangong family of that level, Nangong Boling was still willing to compromise anything for Han 3000, as long as he could make Han 3000 the head of the family, he was willing to let everyone in the Nangong family change their surname to Han, such a weight, unique in the world.

        Huang Mao didn't even know what kind of person he was threatening, but he could feel that his threat was of no use at all, as the person in front of him not only didn't let go, but increased his force more and more, and more importantly, the coldness on his face gave Huang Mao the creeps.

        It seemed ...... as if he would really kill himself!

        At this moment, Huang Mao felt a kind of fear strike his entire body.

        When there was no fresh air to breathe in, Huang Mao felt himself getting closer and closer to death.

        The flight attendant on the side was also frightened by Han Qianqian's actions, he had no intention of letting go, if he continued like this, he could really strangle Yellow Hair alive ah.

        "Sir, let go of him first, or else you could kill someone on the plane, don't do something you regret because of your impulse." The flight attendant reminded Han Qianli on the side.

        Killing someone?

        This matter was in Han 3,000's hand.

        There were many unforgivable sinners in the Earth's core, and their final destiny was to sleep in the Earth's core as well.

        At the age of fourteen, after his first assassination, Han Qianqian had already predetermined that he would slaughter ten thousand people in his life.

        What's the big deal about killing a yellow-haired young man?

        Even the flight attendant's persuasion was useless, and Yellow Hair finally felt desperate at this moment, as if he knew for sure he would die on the plane.

        "Three thousand, the baby is still crying, so you can coax it first." At this moment, He Ting changed Han Nian's diaper and handed Han Nian to Han 3,000.

        When Han Three Thousand heard Han Nian's crying, that's when she let go of the yellow hair and stopped Han Nian in her arms.

        "If you don't want to die, get away from me." Han Third Thousand said faintly to Yellow Mao.

        Huang Mao squatted on the ground, gasping for air, and after hearing Han Qianli's words, his face changed dramatically and he quickly returned to his seat.

        The flight attendant was also relieved, but Han Three Thousand's actions just now had left a very deep impression on her.

        Yellow hair couldn't be messed with, but this seemingly low-key young man couldn't be messed with even more.

        Killing someone at the drop of a hat was not something any ordinary person dared to do.

        After returning to his position, Huang Mao finally felt that he could survive, but the hatred in his heart towards Han Giangli was even deeper.

        "What's wrong with you?" The girl asked to Yellow Hair.

        Huang Mao bit his teeth and said, "When we get to Cloud City, I want that guy to die."

        The girl looked as if she was indifferent, she didn't care at all about what had just happened, and didn't have much emotion about what Huang Mao said, she said indifferently, "You're really useless, you can't even handle this small matter, when you go back to Cloud City, you still have to find helpers."

        "I have a backstage, that's my biggest capital, if I don't use it, wouldn't I be a fool." Huang Mao said.

        The girl nodded her head, sort of acknowledging Huang Mao's words.

        "But Cloud City is now Mo Yang's world, you have to be careful not to mess with Mo Yang's people." The girl warned.

        Huang Mao laughed coldly and said, "Just him, how could he know Mo Yang, just a braking contraption."

        Cloud City Airport.

        There was still close to twenty hours left for the flight from Mi to Yuncheng, but even so, at the moment the airport had already blocked off a runway which was filled with all kinds of luxury cars and countless people standing densely near the runway, from the sky, it looked like a group of ants that had gathered.

        They are not here to see how the planes take off, but to pick up people.

        This matter caused a great shock to the senior leadership of the airport, and also made many passengers very curious as to what kind of big person needed this kind of row to pick up.

        "Grandpa, is it really the return of Brother 3000?" Tian Ling'er took Tian Changsheng's hand and asked with an expectant face.

        The Tian family hadn't received any exact news, but they had only heard that Mo Yang had arranged for someone to arrive at the airport, so they hurried to follow.

        "Can you think of anyone else worthy of Mo Yang's personal presence, other than Han Qianqian?" Tian Changsheng smiled, Han 3000 had been away from Cloud City for a long time, and although Tian Changsheng didn't know what he had gone to do, he was sure that Han 3000's status must have risen again this time, and it was by no means just a change in status in Cloud City.

        As the once number one family in Cloud City, the Tian family had now been surpassed by the Su family, but Tian Changsheng didn't feel any displeasure because the Su family had Han 3000 in existence, and Han 3000 was already almost god-like in Tian Changsheng's mind.

        Tian Ling'er nodded her head, as Han Qianli's former admirer and now Han Qianli's sister, she was very much looking forward to seeing Han Qianli return, after all, the Su Family had also had a lot of things happen recently and needed Han Qianli to come back and deal with them.

        Not much was known about Han Nian's kidnapping in Cloud City, but the Heavenly Family belonged to one of them, the Heavenly Family had also tried to help in this matter, but unfortunately sending everyone had failed to find Han Nian.

        Tian Ling'er had worried a lot about this, after all, it was just a baby, and it was kidnapped with life and death uncertain, how could one not worry about it anymore.

        Now it was finally good that Han Sangsan was back, I believe that with his ability, he would be able to retrieve Han Nian soon.

        "Grandpa, with Brother 3000 back, will there still be any changes in Cloud City?" Tian Ling'er asked curiously.

        Tian Changsheng looked pale and silent for a while before shaking his head and saying, "I don't think so, who would dare to mess with Han 3,000 now, and the Su family is already the number one family in Cloud City, I'm sure he doesn't have much to pursue in Cloud City, but it's hard to say if some unsighted guy is going to mess with him."

        "When the other families heard that Brother 3000 was coming back, they already gave strict orders for the younger members of the family to keep a low profile, they're just afraid of offending Brother 3000, I guess." Tian Ling'er smiled.

        Tian Changsheng also heard about this matter and smiled, "This is the treatment that your Brother 3000 should have, not to mention Cloud City, I reckon that no one in the whole of China is willing to provoke him now, ah."

        Tian Ling'er looked stunned, but did not refute Tian Changsheng's words, as it seemed to her that she also thought so.

        "It's just a pity that I only have brother and sister relations with him." Tian Ling'er said with a regretful face.

        Tianchang Sheng never felt that this matter was something to be regretted, it was normal that the two couldn't turn into lovers, Han Qianli was loyal to his feelings in a way that no man could be.

        But even if they were brother and sister, this was still an honor for Tian Ling'er.

        "You're still sorry, do you know how many people envy you to be a sister to him, is that something anyone can do?" Tian Changsheng snapped.

        "Let them be envious, if Brother 3000 dares to take a sister again, I will not spare him." Tian Ling'er waved her pink fist and said with a threatening face.

        Tian Changsheng laughed without saying anything, it was fortunate that the Heavenly Family still had Tian Ling'er, otherwise, the Heavenly Family would have already been destroyed because of Tian Honghui's previous stupidity.

        On the other hand, Su Yingxia had a strong nervous expression on her face, although she had learned the exact news from her grandfather that Han Qianli would return, without seeing Han Qianli with her own eyes, she was still afraid that the hope she had at the moment would eventually turn into despair.

        Because Su Yingxia knew very well that Han Three Thousand was now wrapped up in everything, it would be reasonable for him to suddenly not come back because of other things.

        "Grandpa, is it true that 3000 is already on the plane, he won't have turned around." Su Yingxia asked nervously to Han Tian Yang.

        "Of course not, he's already taken care of the matter with Mi-kun, so don't worry." Han Tian Yang said.

        "That's good, that's good." Su Yingxia nodded her head repeatedly.

        "Siblings, you guys go home first, I'll just wait here, he still has twenty hours to land." Mo Yang said to Su Ying Xia, all he had so early to have people waiting at the airport, he wanted to give Han 3000 a luxurious welcoming lineup, but it was freezing cold, he and his brothers could wait, but Su Ying Xia didn't need to wait here.

Chapter 675

Su Yingxia shook her head with a firm expression, not to mention twenty hours, as long as she knows that Han 3,000 will come back, even if it's twenty days she's willing to wait here, for Su Yingxia, Han 3,000 is her biggest support, even in her dreams, Su Yingxia has dreamed of Han 3,000's return countless times.

        Now there were still twenty hours left to see Han 3,000, how could Su Yingxia be willing to leave?

        "No, I have to wait for him," Su Yingxia said.

        Mo Yang could understand Su Yingxia's eager heart, but this weather was really uninviting, and with a big family waiting here, what if there was a cold or flu.

        "Old man, why don't you guys go back first." Mo Yang said to Han Tian Yang.

        "Are you afraid I'm too old to stand it, looking down on people like that?" Han Tianyang said indifferently.

        Mo Yang was shocked, how dare he look down on Han Tian Yang ah, quickly explained, "Old Master, I didn't mean it, I ...... how dare I look down on you."

        Han Tian Yang smiled faintly and said, "It's just a joke with you, no need to be so nervous, you're a good brother of 3000, I won't embarrass you."

        Mo Yang was relieved, dealing with these big names could be really taxing ah, if he wasn't careful if he offended, he would end up in a serious situation.

        Fortunately, he had a good relationship with Han Qianqian, and it was equivalent to bringing himself closer to these big shots.

        Mo Yang took a look at Qi Hu beside him, this big guy was like a wall, it was a pity that he didn't need him to block the wind.

        "Qi Hu, why don't you block the wind for your younger siblings, this big guy of yours can show some value right now." Mo Yang said to Qi Hu.

        Qi Hu was convinced about Han Qianqian, who would have died if Han Qianqian hadn't saved him in the first place.

        Although Qi Hu's purpose of going down the mountain wasn't that simple, and there was even his master's request, but now, Qi Hu had completely forgotten about this matter, and there was only one purpose in his heart, and that was to become Han 3000's best helper and do all of Han 3000's orders.

        When Qi Hu walked to Su Yingxia's side, it did ease the pain of Su Yingxia being attacked by the cold wind.

        "Thank you." Su Yingxia said politely to Qi Hu.

        Qi Hu fished his head with a silly smile and said, "Sister Xia, this is what I should have done, Brother 3000 saved my life, even if I have to die for him."

        Han Tian Yang and Yan Jun on the side couldn't help but smile on their faces when they heard this.

        This was probably Han Qianqian's charisma, no matter if it was Mo Yang or Qi Hu, as long as they were following him, they were willing to willingly work for him.

        Being able to have such underlings was in itself an indication of Han Three Thousand's own strength.

        In the grey area, how many bosses were really able to make their men so willing?

        It was a pity that their strength and level would sooner or later be thrown out by Han 3,000, so Han Tian Yang had some regrets, such loyal people would eventually lose their value, this was probably the helplessness of the world.

        Cloud City Airport's large forces greeted each other, followed by more and more people joining in, when the other families heard the news, they all sent a lot of people over, after all, even the Heavenly Family had made an appearance, how could those small families dare to slack off?

        And being able to take this opportunity to get on the line with Han Marchan would definitely ensure their future development in Cloud City.

        What was twenty hours of cold wind, what was it?

        On the plane, Huang Mao was still plotting how to take revenge on Han 3,000 after arriving in Yun City, his imagination was very beautiful, to play Han 3,000 bankruptcy, he also had to make Han 3,000 kneel down to apologize to him, by the way, Han 3,000 beaten up, preferably beaten into the hospital, a year and a half to be able to vent his anger.

        Huang Mao's family had some influence in Yun City, but he had gone abroad to study a long time ago, so he didn't know much about the current situation in Yun City, not to mention that the entire Yun City was now under the control of a person named Han Qianxiang, who was the person he was plotting revenge against.

        It was believed that only after the plane landed at the Cloud City airport would Huang Mao deeply experience what despair was.

        In order to be able to let Han Nian better rest, Han 3,000 did not intend to put her down, and kept holding her in his arms so that she could sleep more soundly, this effect was indeed very good, the next time, Han Nian would only cry a little when she was hungry, and collected very quickly, as long as the pacifier in his mouth will immediately stop, and after eating, also slept soundly in Han 3,000's arms.

        Twenty hours of persistence without a break was a small thing for Han three thousand.

        Finally, when the plane began to lower its altitude, it meant that the destination was finally approaching.

        Overlooking Cloud City through the plane's windows, this familiar place gave Han Three Thousand a lot of emotions.

        Han Three Thousand's feelings towards Cloud City were deeper than Yanjing because at a very young age, he had no sense of home, instead, Cloud City made him put down roots.

        Because there was Su Yingxia here, and now there was Han Nian.

        While Han Qianli was watching the scenery, Yellow Hair suddenly came up to Han Qianli.

        "Dude, we're at Cloud City." Huang Mao said to Han Qianli with a sneer on his face.

        "Yeah, it's finally here." Han Qianqian exclaimed.

        Yellow Hair's expression gradually became grim as he asked Han Qianqian, "Do you know what this means?"

        "What?" Han Qianli looked at Yellow Hair in puzzlement.

        "It means your death is getting closer and closer, but Cloud City is my territory, so I'll play you how I want to play you to death." Huang Mao said.

        "Oh?" Han Giangli raised her eyebrows and said with a smile, "You're actually so powerful that the entire Cloud City is your territory."

        "Now you know how powerful I am, but it's too late, I want you to repent, and this little fart, making so much noise that I can't sleep, I want her to have a taste of that too." Yellow Hair said.

        "I advise you not to think about her, or you'll die a very ugly death." Han Qianli faded, the last person who threatened him with Han Nian had already been sent to the coffin, and even though this yellow hair in front of him wasn't a threat to Han Qianli, if he dared to move his attention on Han Nian, Han Qianli wouldn't let him off lightly.

        "Still talking tough with me, don't even think about escaping, you can't even get out of the airport." Yellow Hair gritted his teeth.

        At that moment, Han Three Thousand Thousand discovered that there were many people gathered near a certain runway at the airport, and there were countless luxury cars, these people were obviously greeting someone.

        This made Han Three Thousand couldn't help but smile, saying to himself, "Looks like they all know I'm back."

        Faced with Han Giangli's carefree laugh, Yellow Hair hated it with a passion, was this guy an idiot who knew he would be in danger and still laughed out loud.

        At this time, the pink-haired girl who was still sitting in her seat shouted to Huang Mao, "Come over and take a look."

        Huang Mao walked over and asked with a puzzled face, "What's wrong."

        "Look outside, why are there so many people." The plane had almost landed on the runway, so it was able to clearly see those people who were greeting Han 3,000.

        After Huang Mao saw it clearly, he looked surprised and said with a jaw-dropping look, "What's going on, how can there be so many people."

        "Am I asking you, or are you asking me?" The girl said with dissatisfaction.

        "I don't know, could it be that there are still big people on this plane of ours?" Yellow Hair said in puzzlement.

        The girl stood up and couldn't help but look around, it would be nice to befriend such a powerful big shot.

        Unfortunately looking around for a week, she didn't find her target, and it didn't look like anyone was that powerful.

        At the same time, the other passengers also noticed this and sighed.

        "I've never seen such a big scene before."

        "It must be a very powerful big man, otherwise, why would it have alarmed so many people."

        "These aren't little people ah, they are all respectable in Cloud City, to have them all together, I can't imagine what kind of status the people they are welcoming must be."

        When the plane came to a steady stop, Yellow Hair couldn't wait to be the first to rush to the hatch, he had to see what this was all about.

        As the plane came to a steady stop, everyone near the runway, at the same time, took a step towards the plane.

        The scene was undoubtedly shocking.

        After the hatch opened, Yellow Hair was so shocked by the scene that he couldn't speak.

        "Dad!" When Yellow Hair saw a familiar figure, he couldn't help but shout in alarm.

Chapter 676

For a moment, Huang Mao even thought that he was the one being greeted by the big crowd, after all, there was his familiar father in the crowd, but he soon discovered another situation, he didn't know any of the people walking in front of him, and his father was just a participant in the crowd.

        If he was really coming to pick him up, his father wasn't supposed to be at the front.

        At this time, Yellow Hair found his father squeezing his eyes at him, and he was also saying something, based on the shape of his mouth, it seemed to be telling him to get lost.

        This made Huang Mao very puzzled, how could his father not even dare to speak, he could only communicate with him through the shape of his mouth.

        Huang Mao's father could not wait to drag him off the plane and beat him up, because he was blocking the hatch, directly in front of Han Giang, so many people could be here to greet Han Giang ah.

        "If you're not going down, please get out of the way." Han 3,000 stood behind Yellow Hair and said.

        Huang Mao turned his head, looked at Han Three Thousand with disdain, and said, "Look at what's going on here, do you dare to go down? People are here to greet the big man."

        "If I'm not mistaken, they're here to pick me up, so I suggest you better get out of the way." Han Qianli said indifferently, he saw Su Yingxia in the crowd so Han Qianli was eager to get off the plane.

        Huang Mao was momentarily stunned at the words.

        So many people were actually here to pick him up?

        What kind of big man would he have to be then.

        At this moment, Huang Mao was desperate inside.

        He wished so much that he hadn't had a conflict with Han Marchant on the plane.

        Likewise he wished that Han 3000 was just bragging, or else what he had said before would have been self-defeating.

        "Who are you ...... you!" Yellow Hair's face changed dramatically as he asked Han Qianli.

        "If you're looking for revenge on me, just ask around in Cloud City and you'll know where I live, I'll wait for you." Han Marchian said.

        Huang Mao trembled in fear and was about to explain when he heard the approaching Mo Yang snapping, "Who are you, get out of my way."

        Huang Mao subconsciously sidestepped to make way for Han Three Thousand.

        After stepping off the plane, Su Yingxia's cheeks were already covered in tears, she never thought that Han Three Thousand would not only come back on her own, but also bring Han Nian, the two most important people in her life, back to him at last.

        "I'm sorry." Han 3000 reached out and wiped away the tears from Su Yingxia's cheeks, full of apologies, it had been too long away and a lot had happened to Su Yingxia, Han 3000 knew that he had caused her to suffer.

        Su Yingxia shook her head, she never blamed Han Qianli in her heart, even if Han Qianli wasn't by her side when she gave birth, Su Yingxia never complained in the slightest, because she knew very well that Han Qianli had important matters to attend to, not that he could come back just because he wanted to.

        "You're not sorry, and I know you don't want to be." Su Yingxia said.

        Han Three Thousand took a deep breath and said, "Go home first and tell me what has happened since I left."

        The greeting line was large, but after Han Qianli left, those people dispersed, and the airport executives were finally relieved after the crowd withdrew, they were especially worried about any accidents in the process, which would have been the focus of national attention if anything had happened.

        "Son, you're so lucky that you were able to sit on the same flight as Han Qianxiang."

        "You don't know, Han 3000 is now the most powerful person in Cloud City, even the Heavenly Family has to bow down to him."

        "By the way, did you speak to Han 3000 on the plane, if you can help the family with this relationship, our family will soar in the future."

        "Son, what's wrong with you, why aren't you talking today?"

        On the way home, Huang Mao's father was talking excitedly, thinking it was an honor for him to be on the same flight as Han 3,000, but the bitterness in Huang Mao's heart right now was something only he knew.

        Not only had he failed to make the connection, but he had also provoked Han Qianxiang and threatened her before getting off the plane.

        Huang Mao didn't know that the person he had offended was so powerful, if he had known, he would never have provoked Han Qianqian.

        "What's wrong, what's going on?" Huang Mao's father had an ominous feeling rising in his heart, this son of his was normally a very talkative person, but today it was like he was autistic, this was definitely not a normal situation.

        Huang Mao still didn't say anything because he didn't dare to speak at all, and if you looked carefully, his hands were still shaking slightly now.

        Huang Mao's father suddenly turned pale, his son's character was very clear to him, could it be that he had offended Han Giang on the plane!

        This thought made Yellow Hair's father instantly go weak in the knees.

        In today's Cloud City, who still had the guts to offend Han Qianqian, and who was qualified?

        He's no longer the joke of the wasted door-to-door son-in-law he was back then.

        "You ...... are not going to offend Han Qianli, are you." Huang Mao's father pointed at Huang Mao with an angry expression.

        Huang Mao nodded his head with a fearful face.

        Seeing this action, Huang Mao's father despaired.

        Having offended Han Qianqian, this was a damn big joke, did their family still want to have a chance to live in Cloud City?

        "Grass Nima, are you f**king blind, you even dare to offend him." Yellow Hair's father a splitting head beating, even if this was his only son, even if it was his spoiled baby, he did not show any mercy at this moment.

        Huang Mao was beaten so hard that he didn't dare to say anything, and could only protect his head with his hands, but his face was inevitably bruised and swollen from the beating.

        Back home, Huang Mao's mother was heartbroken at the sight of this scene.

        "Son, who is it, who beat you, tell mom, mom will help you take revenge." Huang Mao's mother asked with a distressed face.

        Huang Mao looked at his father, after his mother noticed this action, she cursed and walked up to his father and said, "Are you crazy, you even beat your own son, and still put such a cruel hand, do you want him to give you a funeral in the future."

        "Sending you to your end?" Yellow Hair's father laughed coldly and said, "My son is going to die soon because of him, how is he going to give me my end."

        "What do you mean?" When Yellow Hair's mother heard this, she instantly calmed down.

        How could a good person die?

        "This dog thing has even offended Han Qianqian, do you know how much transgression he will bring to our family." Huang Mao's father was so furious at this point that he stood up again and punched and kicked Huang Mao.

        Although Huang Mao's mother was a calf protector, she was frightened after hearing the three words Han Three Thousand.

        The current Han Three Thousand Thousand wasn't the same as before, when anyone could laugh at him, when anyone could treat him as trash and talk about him behind his back.

        But now, the weight of the three words Han Three Thousand Year represents the supreme existence of Cloud City, don't say to offend him to his face, no one would dare to even speak ill of him behind his back ah.

        "Son, what exactly is going on, how did you offend Han Three Thousand?" Yellow Hair's mother asked with a pale face.

        Huang Mao still refused to speak.

        Huang Mao's father punched him in the face and roared angrily, "You still won't say isn't it, if you don't let us know what's going on, there won't even be a chance to make amends, are you still willing to kill us all before you get us all killed."

        Huang Mao's eyelids jumped, getting everyone killed, he didn't want to die.

        "Dad, Mom, it's like this ...... "Huang Mao honestly gave an account of what happened on the plane, and even how he threatened Han 3000 before getting off the plane, also the original words were relayed to the two.

        After hearing this, Huang Mao's father sat down on the ground, his entire body like a walking corpse that had lost its soul.

        "You, you actually threatened him and even threatened him with his daughter." After saying that, the yellow-haired father laughed miserably.

        When Han Nian was born, all the families in the entire Cloud City had given luxurious gifts in order to suck up to him, even if it was even him.

        Those luxurious gifts, Mo Yang had specially constructed a warehouse to hoard them, which was enough to see how high a status she had in the hearts of these people in Yun City.

        And this ungrateful fellow was using Han Nian to threaten Han Qianli!

        "It's over, it's really over this time, our family is going to be killed by your stupidity ah." Yellow Hair's father said in despair.

        "Do something, do something, we can't just wait to die ah." Yellow Hair's mother said with an eager face.


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