His True Colors Chapter 677-678


Chapter 677

Yellow Hair didn't think he would make such a terrible mess, and he knelt down as he looked at his father's desperate expression.

        "Dad, please, help me, I don't want to die." Huang Mao kneeled down and cried out.

        "Help?" Yellow Hair's father shook his head cryptically and said, "I'd like to help you, but do you think this is a small matter of you getting into trouble before? I used to be able to protect you, but this matter is beyond my ability, Han Three Thousand, he's Han Three Thousand."

        The name Han Three Thousand Thousand was enough to make anyone in Cloud City despair.

        Those who used to laugh at Han Three thousand in the past, who weren't honest now, didn't even dare to breathe a word in Cloud City.

        Su Haichao used to be enough to target Han 3000, right, even many of Han 3000's jokes were passed out by him, but what about now? He was keeping a bankrupt company and hadn't been in the public eye for a long time.

        "Think of something, we can't just wait to die," Yellow Hair's mother demanded of her father.

        "Yes dad, think of something, I really don't want to die, at worst I'll go apologize and kneel down to him." Yellow Mao said.

        "Things have come to this, we can only try, hopefully he will be an adult and not bother with you, otherwise, our family is considered to be completely finished."

        Hillside Villa.

        After everyone returned home, Shi Jing brought Han Nian with her, allowing Han Qianli and Su Yingxia to have some alone time in their room.

        Su Yingxia snuggled into Han Giang's arms and couldn't leave, a long-lost feeling that she didn't want to let go of at all.

        "Miss me." Han Giangli asked with a smile.

        "Think, every cell, every hair, even every sweat." Su Yingxia said.

        "Is it that exaggerated?" Han Giangli laughed dumbly.

        "Of course, it's that exaggerated, I know you're going to do something very dangerous and I'm afraid I'll never see you again." Su Yingxia hugged Han Qianli with a death hug, as if she was afraid that Han Qianli would disappear again.

        "Don't worry, nothing can break me, for you and Han Nian, I'll live well." Han Qianli said as he stroked Su Yingxia's head.

        While the two of them were warm and pure in the room, outside the living room, Han Nian became the focus of everyone's attention, and even Mo Yang, the uncle, couldn't help but make faces to tease Han Nian.

        "Right, Little Girl's Hundred Days Banquet is coming up, do you want me to arrange it?" Mo Yang asked Shi Jing, Han Nian's full moon didn't have a banquet because she had been kidnapped before it was even a month old, and in Mo Yang's opinion, the Hundred Days Banquet had to be a banquet.

        Shi Jing also already had this idea, after all, this was a tradition and their family couldn't lose the tradition, but she couldn't make the decision on this matter.

        "Let's let Three Thousand and Yingxia take care of it." Shi Jing said.

        Mo Yang nodded and smiled, "I don't know how many people will have to give gifts again for this Hundred Days Banquet, it seems that I have to build a storehouse for the little girl, otherwise she won't have a place to put all her gifts."

        Shi Jing smiled without saying a word, from the day she was born, Han Nian was destined to be a proud daughter of the heavens, she was bound to become a princess in the future, favored by all directions.

        When Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia came out of the room, Mo Yang walked up to Han Qianqian with a raised eyebrow and said in a low voice, "My good brother, so impatient, are you wanting a second child?"

     Han Qianli glared at Mo Yang, he and Su Yingxia didn't do much in the room, just confided in each other about their love for each other.

        "Uncle, after such a long time, you're getting dirtier and dirtier as a person." Han Qianli faintly said.

        Mo Yang was an adoring person, but he was very good at talking, his mouth was running away from the train, saying, "Isn't this just human nature, how can you be dirty, don't you have a need for this."

        "I think you do need a woman to release it, how about it, when are you going to find and new sister-in-law for me?" Han Giangli asked.

        Mentioning the question of sisters-in-law, Mo Yang left his mouth open and said, "You don't know how many women have thrown themselves at me, wanting sisters-in-law, it's not even a matter of minutes, but I'm just reluctant."

        "I don't think it's unwillingness, it's because you can't do it anymore, I can understand, it's useless for a man like you to find a woman, instead you'll be laughed at." Han Giangli laughed.

        "You ......" Mo Yang was livid, he was the only one who dared to grind his tongue with Han Qianli, but he was the only one who couldn't talk to Han Qianli.

        "Grandpa, Grandpa Yan." Han Three thousand walked up to Han Tian Yang and Yan Jun and shouted respectfully, he hadn't paid proper respects to the two old men before due to Su Ying Xia sticking to him.

        Yan Jun nodded with a smile in response.

        Han Tian Yang, on the other hand, had a proud look on his face and said, "I didn't expect you to be able to solve the Mickey Mouse matter so quickly, I'm really a bit surprised."

        "I'll give you more details on this matter sometime," Han Qianli said.

        Han Tian Yang shook his head and said, "I trust you, so you don't have to report to me on everything, and there are some things that I won't be able to tell you about in the future."

        Han Three Thousand nodded, there might be a lot of taboos about the apocalypse, and at that time, even if he wanted to tell Han Tian Yang, he probably wouldn't be able to.

        "What about Jiang Lan?" Han Marchiang asked Shi Jing.

        These two words caused the lively atmosphere in the villa to instantly subside.

        Jiang Lan was involved in the kidnapping of Han Nian, something she would have to pay for sooner or later, and it was also true that Shi Jing had been keeping her waiting for Han 3000 to return and dispose of her.

        Although Su Yingxia's face had changed a bit, she wouldn't stop Han 3000.

        Lan Jiang was an adult, and she had an obligation to bear the consequences for what she had done.

        "Upstairs in the master bedroom." Shi Jing said.

        Han Three Thousand nodded and headed to the second floor.

        Jiang Lan was now living in endless regret, it was very hard to be subjected to the cold every day and could be said to be tortured, but she didn't have the courage to die.

        When the door opened, Jiang Lan subconsciously trembled all over because every time this door opened, it meant that she would be thrown to the balcony again.

        The people who used to come to do this were Shi Jing, but Jiang Lan, who was bowing her head, saw a pair of men's feet, which made her look up in great confusion.

        When she saw that the visitor was Han Qianqian, Jiang Lan was completely stunned.

        Han Giangli, he had even come back!

        Didn't that man say at first that Han 3,000 would never come back?

        "You, what are you doing back here!" Jiang Lan was shocked and said.

        "Do you know how many times I've spared you, I really didn't expect that you'd still be so deathless that you wouldn't even spare your own granddaughter." Han Qianli said in a cold voice, in the past Han Qianli only thought that she was a selfish woman, but she never thought that she had now evolved into a snake and scorpion who didn't even care about her own flesh and blood relatives in order to achieve her goals.

        "I already know I was wrong, please, please let me go, I promise I won't even appear in front of you again." Once upon a time, Jiang Lan, called Han 3000 with one mouthful of trash, but she knew that the Han 3000 of today was no longer the trash that he was, and even he was never trash, but she just didn't recognize it herself.

        "Do you really think I'll let you go?" Han Qianqian walked up to Jiang Lan and said in a condescending manner.

        Jiang Lan kowtowed with a thump and said, "Han 3000, for the sake of me being your mother-in-law after all, give me one more chance, I'll leave Cloud City, I'll go far away and never appear again."

        "Do you know where the farthest distance is?" Han Marchiang asked.

        Jiang Lan shook her head, not quite understanding what Han Qianli meant by that.

        "The farthest distance is nothing less than life and death." Han Qianli faintly said.

        Jiang Lan raised her head in fear and looked at Han Qianqian with a snotty nose, "Don't, don't kill me, I know it's wrong, I want to live, I don't want to die ah."

        "It's life or death, from the moment you conspired with outsiders to kidnap Han Nian, it's already been decided, no one can save you, my daughter Han 3000's daughter can't be threatened by anyone." After Han Qianqian finished speaking, he abruptly reached out and grabbed Jiang Lan's neck.

        Jiang Lan kneeled on the ground, but Han Qianqian's amazing strength directly lifted her whole body up.

        "Don't, Han Giangli, don't, I'm your mother, how can you kill me." Jiang Lan shook her head in fear, the approach of death had made her completely panic.

        "Have you forgotten how Nangong Qianqiu hanged herself in front of me?" Han Qianqiang said with a frosty face.

Chapter 678

Jiang Lan's heart fell into an ice valley of despair.

        Han Giang could force even her own grandmother to die, so how could she care about her identity?

        And this mother-in-law of hers had never given Han Qianli a good look, from the moment Han Qianli entered the Su family, when had she ever had a good attitude towards Han Qianli.

        Unfortunately, regrets were of no use at the moment.

        Feeling the increasing strength of Han Qianli's hands, Jiang Lan's face first turned red because she couldn't breathe, but gradually, her face became incomparably livid.

        When Han Giangli arrived in the living room from the second floor, no one dared to ask him what had happened.

        Su Yingxia kept her head buried, although she hated everything about Jiang Lan in her heart, Jiang Lan was her mother after all, and it was a bit difficult for her to face this matter openly.

        Although Su Guoyao was still immobile, her body had already recovered a lot, supporting her wheelchair alone, she came to Han Marchant and said, "Han Marchant, I won't blame you, this is the end she deserves."

        "Do you need to give her a scenic burial?" Han Marchiang asked.

        "No need, she and I are divorced, she's long gone from the Su family, I'll inform the Jiang family and have them take her away." Su Guoyao said.

        Han Three Thousand nodded his head and walked towards Su Yingxia.

        When Han Giangli held Su Yingxia's hand, he found that her hand was very cold.

        "I'm fine." Su Yingxia said with her head buried.

        Han Giang knew that it would take some time for this matter to be slowly accepted by Su Yingxia, and at this point it would be useless no matter how many comforting words he said, after all, his and Su Yingxia's positions would eventually be different.

        For him, Jiang Lan has no blood relationship, but for Su Yingxia, it's completely different.

        At this time, in order to regulate the atmosphere, Mo Yang spoke up, "Three Thousand, we were just talking about holding a hundred day banquet for Han Nian, do you have any ideas?"

        "Do it, it has to be done, and it has to be done in such a way that the entire Cloud City is sensational." Han Qianli said, a new father, he must give Han Nian the best.

        Mo Yang smiled and said, "It looks like you're planning to do it yourself?"

        Han Giangli nodded, naturally he had to do such an important matter himself, how could he fake someone else's hand?

        "I'll help you decide on a few locations first, then you can pick one." Mo Yang said.


        Leaving the Genting Mountain villa area and walking to the gate, Mo Yang found a father and son kneeling here, wasn't that yellow hair, the one who was scolded by him for blocking the way on the plane earlier?

        "What are you doing?" Mo Yang walked up to the two and asked.

        When Yellow Hair's father saw Mo Yang, he directly kowtowed and said, "Boss Mo, we'd like to see Han Giang, and we'd like you to inform us."

        "A crime?" Mo Yang smiled, looking at the panicked expressions of the two, they must have done something stupid to come and beg for forgiveness from Han 3000, but now was not a good time to come see Han 3000.

        Yellow Hair's father sighed helplessly and said, "The dog has eyes but no pearls, he offended Han 3000 on the plane, so I've led him here to make amends."

        Mo Yang took a look at Yellow Hair and asked curiously, "Young man, what did you do, tell me."

        Huang Mao didn't dare to look at Mo Yang, instead he looked at his father with a guilty conscience.

        Huang Mao's father heavily spat out a breath of bad luck and told Mo Yang what had happened on the plane.

        Mo Yang listened with a staggered look on his face, this brat was too ignorant of death, he actually used Han Nian to threaten Han 3000!

        "I advise you guys to go home and prepare your coffins." Mo Yang said with a shake of his head, if Yellow Hair was only targeting Han Qianqian, there might still be room for reversal on this matter, but he should never have taken Han Nian as blackmail.

        "Boss Mo, please, please intercede for us." Yellow Hair's father said in pain.

        "I'm sorry, I don't have the skills, but if you guys want to stay on your knees, you can try." How could Mo Yang dare to intercede, and there was nothing to sympathize with in this death-defying act of Yellow Hair.

        Watching Mo Yang leave, Yellow Hair was already shaking with fear.

        "Dad, what should we do, why don't we run away, he actually asked us to prepare the coffin, it seems that Han 3000 won't let us go." Huang Mao said.

        "Run? Where can you run to, what's left of our family when you leave Cloud City, what's the difference between this and death, if it wasn't for you bastard, how could we have fallen to this." Huang Mao's father said to get angry, and beat Huang Mao up fat again.

        In the hillside villa, Su Yingxia went up to the second floor, Han Sanqian didn't follow, since she was going to be left to face and accept this matter on her own, Han Sanqian wouldn't interfere.

        "Three Thousand, come with me." At this time, Han Tian Yang stood up and said to Han three thousand three thousand.

        Han Three Thousand knew that Han Tian Yang must have something to say to her and followed Han Tian Yang out of the villa.

        In the front garden, the garden was bound to bloom with a hundred flowers next spring after being personally tended by Han Tianyang.

        But the three of them didn't stay in the front yard, instead heading to the back yard.

        "Jiang Ying Ying!" When Han Qianli saw the woman who was training in the backyard, he looked surprised, this kind of systematic training was also once taught to him by Yan Jun.

        Han 3,000 was appalled as he turned to Yan Jun and asked, "Grandpa Yan, have you taken on a disciple again?"

        Yan Jun shook his head, although he gave Jiang Ying Ying systematic training, the two of them were not master and apprentice, doing all of this was just hoping that Jiang Ying Ying would become Han Marchant's helper in the future.

        "She's got a lot of strength." Han Qianqian found that every time Jiang Ying Ying threw a punch, the stake deep in the ground would tremble violently, such strength, not to mention that she was a woman, even a man might not be able to do it.

        "She and Qi Hu have punched each other, do you want to know the result?" Han Tian Yang smiled and asked Han 3000.

        Han Qianqian had an incredulous expression, Jiang Yingying was able to box against Qi Hu!

        And since Han Tian Yang had asked that, the result must be obvious.

        "No way, Qi Hu isn't even as strong as her?" Han Qianli said with a shocked face.

        Han Tian Yang nodded with a smile and said, "Her strength, just like yours, somehow appeared, that's why I had Yan Jun train her, hoping that she can become your helper in the future, and if possible, you can take her with you even if she enters that level."

        Han Giangli took a deep breath, Jiang Ying Ying had somehow possessed a magical power just like him!

        "I'm going to try," Han Marchan said.

        As she walked towards Jiang Ying Ying stopped her training, she had a lot of gratitude in her heart for Han 3,000, and if it wasn't for Han 3,000 in the first place, she would be nowhere near what she had become.

        "Brother Three Thousand." Jiang Yingying shouted with respect.

        "I want to try your strength." Han Three Thousand said directly.

        Jiang Ying Ying nodded her head, looking like she was ready to go.

        "Come on." Han Three Thousand said.

        Jiang Yingying swung her right fist in a single gust of wind, and the incredible power of the punch could be seen with the naked eye alone.

        Han Third Thousand frowned tightly, and only when the fist was about to hit him did he manage to extend his right fist as a way to resist it.

        When the two punches collided, Han Three thousand's body trembled slightly, while Jiang Ying Ying took two steps back with a pained face.

        It was clear which one was stronger or weaker, but this power erupted from Jiang Yingying's body, still making Han Giang feel unbelievable.

        What on earth had happened that would cause him and Jiang Ying Ying to have the same encounter?

        Han Qianqiang was full of doubts, he knew that there must be some kind of connection between the two in this matter, but how exactly this connection came about he didn't know, after all, he and Jiang Ying Ying had only met once and had only been together for a short time.

        If Jiang Yingying was influenced by him, then why didn't this happen to Su Yingxia?

        "How about that, it's pretty awesome," Han Tian Yang said to Han 3000.

        "It's indeed powerful, and purely in terms of strength, Qi Hu is no longer her match," Han 3,000 said.

        Yan Jun knew what Han Qianli was struggling with beneath his distressed expression and said with a smile, "For now, it's a good thing, it will ensure that you enter that level, so you don't need to struggle too much, I'm sure that one day, you'll be able to unlock the secret yourself."

        Han Giangli nodded, perhaps just as Yan Jun said, only after entering the apocalypse would he understand what was going on, it was useless to dwell on it too much now.


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