His True Colors Chapter 669-670


Chapter 669

After staying at home for a whole month, Han Three Thousand had planned to go out for a walk, get some fresh air, and take a trip to the Han family to settle some matters, but due to Han Nian's sudden appearance, it was clear that Han Three Thousand wouldn't waste any more time on other matters.

        Carefully carrying Han Nian back home, Han Three Thousand moved very stiffly and sat on the sofa, afraid that the position in which she was holding Han Nian would cause her any discomfort.

        But the little girl seemed to enjoy the feeling of being hugged by Han Qianli and looked straight at Han Qianli with her big eyes.

        He Ting laughed at the side and said, "She seems to know you, normally a child this young eats and sleeps and eats, I've never seen it when it's as energetic as this."

        Just after saying this, a poof, and then a foul smell hit my nose.

        "It's a poop, leave it to me, I'll change her diaper." Horton said.

        "I'll do it." Han Marchant said.

        "You will?" He Ting said with a smile, Han 3,000 was a new father, and for a new father, changing a diaper was a very difficult project.

        "Learn to learn." Han Three Thousand Year said, glaring at Ma Feihao and saying, "Go to your room and turn the air conditioner on."

        Ma Feihao responded and quickly trotted to Han Three Thousand's room.

        Han Three thousand slowly got up and walked to the room, waiting until it was a certain temperature before putting Han Nian on the bed.

        Although he didn't have any experience in bringing up a child, He Ting was a little surprised at Han Qianli's thoughtfulness. In order to avoid unwrapping the swaddling clothes and letting Han Nian catch a cold, he thought of turning on the air conditioner first, which wasn't easy for many new fathers to think of, as it was hard to make such an association without any experience in this area.

        Han Marchionne took a deep breath, feeling like there was a big battle to be fought, even though he'd never been so dignified when facing Han.

        Unwrapping the swaddling clothes, Han Third Thousand carefully removed Han Nian's pants under He Ting's guidance, revealing his diaper after He Ting told him how he should undo it.

        Right at this moment, Han Nian suddenly cried, which caused Han Qianli to sweat in panic.

        "It's okay, it's normal for children to cry." He Ting saw Han Qiannian's hands shaking and comforted him on the side.

        Han Qianli swallowed his saliva and forced himself to calm down, when he was already sweating profusely.

        It seemed that Han Nian deliberately still had to make it more difficult for Han three thousand, and the moment he had just unwrapped the diaper, the little guy peed again, and in a panic, Han three thousand could only reach out his hand then.

        In her panic, Han 3,000 could only reach out his hand to catch it. This scene made Qi Yiyun on the side laugh.

        In her impression, Han Qianli was very calm in the face of anything, and it was the first time she had seen such a panicky Han Qianli.

        It was obvious that this little princess who could make the entire Chinese district that had shocked the entire Chinese district panic would be a collection of thousands of favorites this year after all.

        "Auntie He, what should I do?" Han Giangli looked at He Ting for help.

        "Just get used to it, it's normal, help her clean up first, it's really no good, I'll do it instead." He Ting said.

        Han 3000 shook his head repeatedly, he wanted to make up for the guilt he felt towards Han Nian, what kind of father was he if he was repulsed by this little thing.

        Changing a diaper was only a matter of two or three minutes for a skilled person, but for Han Three Thousand, it took a full half hour, and it was good that the room was air-conditioned so Han Nian didn't get cold.

        After this was done, Han three thousand heaved a long sigh of relief, feeling like she had completed a big project, but before she could hold Han Nian in her arms, she cried again.

        Han Three Thousand panicked again and begged for help from He Ting.

        "She should be hungry, I'll go make her milk powder." He Ting said.

        Han Three Thousand immediately pulled He Ting and said, "I'd better go, you teach me."

        After saying that, Han Qianli turned to Ma Feihao and said, "Make my daughter laugh, if you can't do this little thing, I'll let you cry with her."

        Ma Feihao looked miserable, but he had no way of dealing with this kind of little baby.

        "This is a little princess, think of something on your own, I can't help you." When Qi Yiyun found Ma Feihao looking at her, she quickly said, she couldn't complete this big project, and Han 3000 was handed over to Ma Feihao, she didn't want to be in this situation herself.

        Ma Feihao has no choice but to make a face in front of Han Nian and dance as an idiot.

        In the living room, He Ting explained a few key points of milk flushing to Han three thousand, Han three thousand remembered very clearly, and didn't dare to leave a single step behind.

        "Remember when brewing, never shake it, once it foams, the child will eat a lot of air into it, and it will cause a rise, putting it in your hand and rubbing it back and forth is the best, then you can look at the bottom of the milk bottle, after no clumps, it's almost okay." He Ting said.

        Han Giangli carefully followed He Ting's method until no clumps of milk powder could be seen at the bottom of the milk bottle.

        Back in the room, after Ma Feihao tried every possible way to tease her, Han Nian had stopped crying, which made Han 3,000 yuan very satisfied.

        "Well done, I'll give you a chance to ask me for whatever you want and satisfy you no matter what." Han Marchian said.

        Ma Feihao was stunned, then overjoyed, how much good this statement could bring him, Ma Feihao couldn't even imagine, he didn't think that he could get such a promise from Han 3000 just by doing such a small thing.

        "Brother Three Thousand, why don't you let me take care of the job of teasing our little princess from now on." Ma Feihao said.

        "Can you guarantee that she won't cry?" Han Giangli asked.

        Ma Feihao quickly shut his mouth, he didn't dare to promise such things lightly.

        Han Qianli carefully picked up Han Nian.

        He Ting instructed, "The entire arm must fit her body, especially the waist and head must be in a stable position, just tilt the milk bottle slightly upwards."

        Breastfeeding was undoubtedly another big job for Han 3,000, but the good news was that Han Nian didn't resist taking the bottle, and didn't struggle at all after nicely containing it.

        As she watched Han Nian gulp down the milk, the corners of Han Three Thousand's mouth unconsciously turned upward.

        At this moment, time seemed to stand still as everyone stared at Han Nian, even a dude like Ma Feihao unconsciously smiled.

        Only Qi Yiyun was in a somewhat complicated mood, if Han Qianli was carrying her daughter, she would definitely be very happy, but unfortunately this matter was just an extravagant hope for her.

        One hundred and twenty milliliters of milk, Han Nian quickly finished it and fell asleep quickly with her eyes closed, if it wasn't for He Ting reminding Han Qianli to put it down in order for Han Nian to sleep better, Han Qianli would have wanted to keep holding it in her arms.

        "You guys go out first, there are too many people in the room and the air isn't good." Han Three Thousand said to the others.

        Qi Yiyun rolled her eyes and said, "Another female protector madman is born."

        Han 3000 didn't bother to pay attention to Chi Yi Yun, to him, he was willing to do anything as long as it was good for Han Nian, as for what the others said, he didn't care at all.

        Meanwhile, Zhong Ming had returned to the Zhong family and was subjected to all sorts of cold-eyed ridicule.

        He kneeled in front of Han Qianqian's villa for a whole month, and this incident was well known in the Chinese district, with many people saying that Zhong Ming didn't even want his dignity in order to be able to please Han Qianqian.

        This matter had caused a great stir in the Zhong family, and many people said that Zhong Ming was disgracing the Zhong family, and some even suggested that Zhong Ming should be expelled from the family.

        As the head of the Zhong family, Zhong Ming's grandfather, had carefully considered this matter, but since it was related to Han Qianqiang, he didn't dare to make a decision lightly; he was worried that if Han Qianqiang gave Zhong Ming some benefits, Zhong Ming's status would immediately become different, and expelling him from the family would be a huge loss for the Zhong family.

        But now that Zhong Ming had returned without any success, the family head would not have any scruples.

        "Zhong Ming, you've really disgraced our Zhong family."

        "The Zhong family really had bad luck in their last life to have someone like you smearing them, so why don't you continue to kneel to him and better die there."

        "You're such a trash, you even want to suck up to Han Qianqian, don't even look at what you are."

        Faced with the reproach, Zhong Ming's face was unusually calm and unmoved.

        At this time, the family head spoke up, "Zhong Ming, from today onwards, you are no longer a member of my Zhong family, so get out."

Chapter 670

Zhong Ming sat still as if he hadn't heard even though the family head himself had spoken.

        The other family members saw the situation and mocked Zhong Ming once again.

        "Zhong Ming, you're not going to be a deadbeat and want to stay, are you."

        "Just because you're not talking, doesn't mean this didn't happen."

        "Get out of here, our Zhong family doesn't need trash like you."

        At this moment, Zhong Ming suddenly stood up, those people couldn't help but have smug expressions on their faces, it looked like this guy still couldn't stand these insults, the Zhong family could finally stop raising such idle people.

        But Zhong Ming who stood up didn't leave, but said to his uncle, "Uncle, the reason why my parents died in Han Tiansheng's hands back then was because you pushed them out to take the blame, am I remembering correctly."

        Uncle Zhong Ming looked indifferent, he was indeed the one who pushed Zhong Ming's parents out of the house back then, at that time, these two had to die in order to preserve the Zhong family, so he didn't even miss this brotherly love.

        "So what if they are, if they don't die, they will implicate the entire Zhong family, so you say they should die or not." Uncle Zhong Ming said disdainfully.

        Zhong Ming smiled faintly, good one deserves to die.

        "You should die too." After saying that, Zhong Ming suddenly pulled out a heyo glowing hot weapon.

        With a bang.

        Zhong Ming pulled the trigger, directly hitting his uncle in the chest.

        Zhong Ming's uncle looked shocked as a large amount of blood instantly dripped from his chest.

        "You ...... you ......" before the words could be heard, Uncle Zhong Ming had fallen to the ground.

        All the relatives of the Zhong family were jaw-dropped at this moment, no one had thought that Zhong Ming, who was normally allowed to beat and curse, would have such a ruthless way of killing people with a single shot!

        "Zhong Ming, what are you doing!" The family head snapped at Zhong Ming.

        "The bill hasn't been settled on your head yet, so don't worry." Zhong Ming looked at the family master with murderous intent, the family master's heart chilled, this guy was like a changed person.

        "Auntie." Zhong Ming shouted to Auntie.

        Auntie couldn't help but tremble all over, the person who had just been ordered to die by him had fallen in a pool of blood, she didn't understand why Zhong Ming would suddenly call out to her, but she was scared that she would end up in the same situation.

        "Zhong Ming, I'm but your aunt, you ...... don't do anything." Auntie panicked and said.

        "Yes, you're my aunt, but back then my parents' funeral, you were the one who rigidly stopped them from being buried." Zhong Ming gritted his teeth and said, back then, his aunt was afraid that the funeral would alarm Han Tongsheng and that Han Tongsheng would be discontented as a result, so she suggested and united with others to stop the funeral from taking place, and the bodies of Zhong Ming's parents were directly dumped in the wilderness, and Zhong Ming, who was still a small child, used his bare hands to dig out the graves of both of his parents.

        At that time, hands drenched in blood, Zhong Ming vowed to hold a grand funeral for his parents, even many years after their death, I want them to be glorious.

        Auntie's face was pale and said, "Zhong Ming, if you want to hold a funeral for them, we can do it right away."

        "Let's do it for you along with it." After saying that, Zhong Ming raised his hot weapon again.

        Auntie didn't have time to beg for mercy and fell to the second gunshot.

        In one breath, Zhong Ming killed two people in a row, and everyone in the Zhong family was shocked by Zhong Ming's decisive desire to kill, and everyone looked at him, no longer with mockery and disdain, but with fear and horror.

        "After my parents died, there are still many people who put them on their lips to humiliate them, you all have said these words before, right?" Zhong Ming asked to the crowd.

        At this time, the family head finally couldn't hold back and said, "Zhong Ming, everyone has cursed them, even me, are you going to kill everyone in the family?"

        Zhong Ming turned his head and looked at the family head with a frosty face, even if this was his grandfather, he didn't have the slightest idea in his heart to spare him at the moment.

        "Do you think you can stay alive?" Zhong Ming coldly said.

        The head of the family gritted his teeth and said, "I'm your grandfather, aren't you afraid of being struck by lightning from heaven?"

        "I'm only afraid that my parents won't die in peace." After saying that, Zhong Ming raised his head and pointed his pitch-black muzzle at the family head.

        The head of the family pretended to be calm and said, "I don't believe you really have the guts."

        Pulling the trigger, a bang sounded, and in the incredulous eyes of the crowd, the family head fell to the ground with an expression of despair.

        No one believed that Zhong Ming really dared to do this, in the eyes of the crowd, he was at most just threatening the family head, after all, the entire Zhong family was now supported by the family head, if he died, wouldn't the Zhong family be finished too!

        But in the face of Zhong Ming's crazy actions, no one dared to yell at him because they didn't want to anger him and cause death.

        The current Zhong Ming was clearly insane, and there was no reasoning with a madman.

        "Many of you still deserve to die, but as long as you do as you're told, I'll spare your lives." Zhong Ming said indifferently.

        The crowd didn't even dare to breathe, and no one dared to argue in front of Zhong Ming's powerful aura.

        "From today onwards, I will be the Zhong family's master, do any of you have any opinions?" Zhong Ming continued.

        The crowd shook their heads in succession.


        Who would dare to have an opinion at this point, unless they wanted to die at Zhong Ming's hands.

        "Since there are no opinions, we'll hold a funeral for them tomorrow, with my parents' spirit position at the top of the hearth." Zhong Ming said.

        The Zhong family had changed drastically, but the matter of the funeral didn't cause much of a stir in the Chinese district, because the Zhong family's status in the Chinese district was already low, and at this particular time, most of the families were trying to figure out how to please Han Qianqian, so who would have the leisure to care about the Zhong family's affairs.

        But this matter, Ma Fei Hao heard, but is particularly concerned, after all, he does not need to please Han 3,000, and for Zhong Ming kneeling in front of Han 3,000 villa purpose, he also heard Han 3,000 debunked.

        This guy could it be that he even killed his own family after being irritated by Han 3,000, this ruthless decisiveness made Ma Feihao a little frightened.

        It was not simple that a seemingly honest fellow could have such ruthless methods.

        Han Qianqiang was now completely immersed in having Han Nian, it wasn't too much of a stretch to call him a full time baby daddy, anything other than bringing up the child every day didn't seem worth his concern.

        While Han Nian was asleep and Han Three Thousand had a break to spare, Ma Fei Hao told Han Three Thousand about the Zhong family.

        Han Three Thousand didn't care about people like Zhong Ming, although he knew that Zhong Ming's move was most likely motivated by him, but even so, Zhong Ming couldn't get into his eyes.

        "If you think this person is valuable, you can make him your helper, but he means nothing to me," Han 3,000 said indifferently.

        "Brother Three Thousand, what do I need him for, I'm already awesome enough to follow you, I don't need my own men." Ma Feihao said with a smile.

        "Tang Zong won't stay in the Chinese district forever, and neither will I." Han Giangli said.

        Ma Feihao was stunned and immediately understood what Han Qianqian meant, which seemed to be saying that the future of the Chinese District would be left to him.

        This caused Ma Feihao's mood to instantly get excited.

        "Brother Three Thousand, are you ...... going to hand over the Chinese District to me?" Ma Feihao suppressed his surging heart to avoid appearing too excited.

        "Don't you want to be the existence that replaces the Han family?" Han 3,000 smiled and asked.

        "Want." Ma Feihao subconsciously got out of his mouth, if it wasn't for the Han family's popularity over the years, Ma Feihao would have wanted to plan a fight with the Han family, who wouldn't want to become the number one family in the Chinese district?

        "I can give it to you, but it's up to you to hold it steady." Han Qianqian faintly said.

        Ma Feihao's expression immediately became serious as he patted his chest and said to Han Qianli, "Brother Qianli, don't worry, I definitely won't let you down."

        At this time, Han Qianqian took a glance at Chi Yi Yun and found that her face didn't look any different, before saying to Ma Feihao, "From your level, Zhong Ming is a valuable person, you can go talk to him."

        "Brother 3000 said that there's value, so there must be, I'll go find him right away." After saying that, Ma Feihao couldn't wait to leave.

        Han 3,000 asked Chi Yi Yun, "Would you be unhappy about giving this opportunity to Ma Fei Hao?"

        "Do you care much about my emotions?" Chiyun asked rhetorically.


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