His True Colors Chapter 667-668


Chapter 667

Ma Yu was quite saddened, although he hadn't been away for long, the Chinese district had completely changed, no one had thought that Han 3000 would be able to solve the trouble caused by Han Tiansheng with his personal ability, this didn't just make the people in the Chinese district drop their heads, even the next oldest old man seemed to be very shocked about this matter.

        The reason why Ma Yu hadn't returned in the first place was precisely because he had received a call from the next oldest, who forbade him from interfering in any more of Han Three Thousand's affairs, unless he was able to do so when Han Three Thousand's life was at stake.

        "Hey, what I didn't expect, Han 3,000 has done another surprising thing." Ma Yu exclaimed.

        At this time, Ma Feihao felt that it was an extremely wise thing for Ma Yu to have asked him to be Han Three Thousand's dog leg in the first place, otherwise he would have gone like everyone else and waited at the villa's entrance for ten days and a half months without the right to see Han Three Thousand.

        "Uncle, it's still you who had the foresight to ask me to please Brother 3000 early on, otherwise I wouldn't have the chance to follow Brother 3000 now." Ma Feihao smiled.

        Ma Yu patted Ma Feihao's shoulder and said, "From today onwards, you only need to remember one thing, and that is, no matter what the situation is, you must trust him and never have the slightest feeling of betrayal."

        Ma Feihao nodded his head heavily, after going through this incident, how could he possibly have a heart of betrayal towards Han Qianli, Han Tiansheng was dead, and the future Chinese district could be Han Qianli's world.

        "Uncle, don't worry, I'll keep your words in mind."

        "Let's go, go see him."

        Ma Yu paused in his steps as he passed by Zhong Ming, he knew that there were many people outside the villa these days waiting to see Han 3,000, but since those people had already left, it meant that Han 3,000 had already given the word for them to get lost, but this man, how dare he not leave?

        "Uncle, this guy is deliberately looking for death, don't mind him." Ma Feihao said disdainfully, for Zhong Ming, a cowhide, since he couldn't get rid of him, he could only report to Han Qianqian later and see how Han Qianqian would handle it.

        After Ma Yu listened to Ma Feihao's words, he continued to walk towards the villa gate, there was no need for him to interfere in such matters.

        When he arrived at the villa, Ma Yu walked over to Han Three Thousand and said, "I had thought you were dead."

        Han Qianqian looked faintly at Ma Yu and said, "That's what I thought too, but I can't die, or else my wife and children will all suffer at the hands of Han Tiansheng."

        "Do you want to know why I suddenly disappeared?" Ma Yu asked.

        "Something to do with Lintong?" Han Giangli was confused.

        "You know about Lintong?" Ma Yu looked at Han Qianqian puzzled, how did he know about this person, did Lin Tong already appear in front of Han Qianqian?

        "I heard Han Tiansheng mention who this person is." Han 3,000 asked.

        Ma Yu looked at Chi Yi Yun and Ma Fei Hao, who were wisely evasive and went to the kitchen.

        "The pride of the heavens in the apocalypse, he has recognized achievements, he's a very promising person, and he was once the most promising candidate to become the next oldest disciple." Ma Yu said, he didn't go into detail about Lin Tong's purpose, because when it came to this point, Han Qianqiang must have been able to figure it out himself.

        "This is because I stole the apprentice's spot, so that's why you want to get me killed." Han Three Thousand Thousand said with a smile.

        "It's not just the apprentice's spot, in my opinion, he's more worried about you taking away his position in the apocalypse, knowing that a proud son like him is used to being on top and will never allow anyone better than himself to appear." Ma Yu explained.

        "What kind of place is the Apocalypse, and why does it exist?" Han Giangli was curious, this question had plagued him for a very long time, in his opinion, all organizations formed must have some sort of purpose, and a place like the Apocalypse, which was above the world and filled with experts, must have hidden secrets.

        "The only way you can get an answer to this matter is to ask the next oldest old man, perhaps you will be able to get an answer, like you, I am also very curious about the significance of the existence of the apocalypse, but other than the extremely core big figures of the apocalypse, no one knows the reason." Ma Yu said.

        "So mysterious, could it be that it's against some mysterious power?" Han Giangli said casually, "There are so many experts in the apocalypse, and since they were gathered together, it's absolutely impossible that it was simply for social harmony.

        "There's that possibility, but I'm sure you'll be qualified to know what's going on later," Ma Yu said.

        "The premise is that I have to become the next oldest disciple, right?" Han Giangli smiled.

        "Right." Ma Yu nodded his head, he knew that Han Qianli had already rejected the matter, but he hadn't known that Han Qianli had begun to consider it carefully, so from his perspective, he thought he should persuade Han Qianli.

        "Such an opportunity would be an honor for everyone in the apocalypse, something they would even dream of, and you shouldn't turn it down," Ma Yu said.

        "My grandfather and my original master warned me that they would disown me if I dared to refuse, so I've recently been considering this matter." Han Three Thousand said somewhat helplessly, if it wasn't for the strong attitudes of Han Tian Yang and Yan Jun, Han Three Thousand would never have hesitated on this matter, he always believed that having one master in his life was enough.

        But if he really refused, Han Tianyang and Yanjun would really disown him, and Han Three Thousand would be miserable.

        Ma Yu couldn't help but laugh, even though Han Three Thousand was blissfully unaware, his grandfather was a man who knew his priorities.

        "Their choice was definitely the right one, and I'm sure one day in the future, you'll thank them for their threat," Ma Yu said.

        "Perhaps." Han Qianli faintly said, while he wasn't afraid of the unknown world of the apocalypse, he knew that when he truly joined the apocalypse, his life would definitely change drastically, and whether or not such a change was something he could accept, Han Qianli didn't know.

        "Joining the apocalypse is the only way to better protect those around you, and I'm sure you'll make a wiser decision," Ma Yu said.

        At this time, Han 3000 noticed that Ma Yu looked like he was about to stop talking, as if he had some questions he wanted to ask, needless to say Han 3000 knew that he must be curious about how he defeated Han Xiao, after all, there was a huge gap in strength between him and Han Xiao, and accomplishing this kind of backlash was almost impossible from an outsider's point of view.

        "Want to know how I killed Han Xiao?" Han Three Thousand Thousand said.

        Ma Yu nodded repeatedly, his heart desperately wanting to know how Han Third Thousand had done it, because no matter which way it was, Han Third Thousand couldn't have done it, and this so-called miracle could only happen if the heavens had fallen down on God.

        But Ma Yu was an atheist, and he didn't believe that Han Third Thousand was possessed by a god.

        "Would you believe me if I said that Han Tsung accidentally slipped on a banana peel, giving me just the break I needed to make a move?" Han 3000 said.

        "Guess I believe that?" Ma Yu said with a roll of his eyes, how could he believe such nonsense, and even if he did slip on a banana peel by stepping on Han Xiao, there was no way Han 3000 would take Han Xiao's life in one move.

        "Then I can't do anything about it, it's the truth, you can believe it or not." Han 3000 said, about this matter of power inside him, Han 3000 couldn't casually tell outsiders, he didn't want to become some person's guinea pig to be dragged into an experiment.

        Seeing that Han Three Thousand refused to tell the truth, Ma Yu could only settle his curiosity, and Han Three Thousand was in no position to force him to say anything if he didn't.

        "Lin Tong won't give up on killing you, although he's left the Chinese district now, I'm sure he'll show up sooner or later, so you still have to be careful." Ma Yu warned.

        Han 3000 hadn't met Lin Tong and didn't understand what kind of person he was, but since he had started killing himself, a single defeat would never let him stop, so Han 3000 knew to pay attention to this matter without Ma Yu reminding him.

        However, Ma Yu deliberately brought it up, causing Han 3000 to have other associations.

        "It looks like you've received the latest order from the next oldest, he wants you to stay out of my affairs, right?" Han Marchiang said.

        Dealing with smart people was a very painful thing, Ma Yu experienced this right now, he was just a nosy reminder, but Han Qianqian was able to guess things so thoroughly.

Chapter 668

Ma Yu only hesitated for a moment, wording it to want to answer Han 3000's question in a different form, after all, saying it so bluntly would likely make Han 3000 reject the next oldest even more.

        But it was this short period of hesitation that made Han Three Thousand certain that his guess was correct and there was no need for Ma Yu to answer him at all.

        "You don't need to say anything, I already know the answer, it seems that this Next Old Man took me on as his disciple and wanted to test me," Han Giangli said.

        Ma Yu couldn't help but sigh and said, "It's so tiring dealing with smart people like you, you've guessed everything."

        "I can't even guess such things, do you really think I'm that stupid?" Han Qianli faded.

        Dwelling on this matter any longer, Ma Yu was afraid that he would be unable to stir, and if he said the wrong thing, the consequences were something he couldn't afford, so he quickly changed the subject and asked, "What are you going to do now, those families in the Chinese district are secretly plotting how to please you, and now all that's needed is a word from you, and the entire Chinese district is yours."

        "The Han family has no leader, but there are still a bunch of rabble, compared to them they definitely don't want to willingly hand over their position, but these small matters are no longer worth my time, I'll leave them to Tang Zong, that's why I asked him to come to the Chinese District." Han 3,000 said.

        "The money and power in the world doesn't seem to appeal to you anymore." Han Three Thousand's very calm demeanor in this matter showed that he wasn't proud of his control of the Chinese District, or even that he was taking it all in stride.

        "To me, there's only one thing that matters in this world, and that's protecting the people around me." Han Three Thousand said with a long sigh, now that Han Nian was still in Nangong Boling's hands, Han Three Thousand didn't know what he had to do to get Nangong Boling to release Han Nian, so he could only wait and wait for Nangong Boling's next command.

        Exactly one month later, Han Third Thousand finally walked out of the villa, his leg injury had almost recovered and he was able to walk freely even without borrowing a wheelchair, and his appearance had attracted the attention of countless world families, but these world families could only wait in the dark as they didn't dare to act recklessly, after all, Han Third Thousand had clearly given the word that he would deal with anyone who dared to disturb him.

        The weight of this statement was such that no one in the current Chinese district dared to take it lightly.

        Zhong Ming was still kneeling outside the villa, about him, Han 3000 had already heard Ma Feihao mention it.

        "Go away, I don't need your thanks." Han 3,000 walked up to Zhong Ming and said.

        Zhong Ming was trembling with excitement, he had finally waited for Han Three Thousand, this month of kneeling was painful for him, but it was worth it to wait for this moment.

        "I'm going to repay your kindness by being a cow for you." Zhong Ming lowered his head and said.

        "Zhong Ming, you're smart, how many people want to be cattle for Brother 3000 right now, what makes you qualified, trying to become Brother 3000's subordinate under the banner of gratitude?" Ma Feihao said disdainfully, in his eyes, this guy Zhong Ming was just a deadbeat who wanted to become Han 3000's subordinate, what with being a cow and a horse, didn't he just want to take this opportunity to follow Han 3000.

        "Please, give me a chance, I'm willing to do anything for you." Zhong Ming kneeled down and worshiped.

        Han Qianqian looked down at Zhong Ming in a condescending manner and said indifferently, "Killing Han Tiansheng isn't enough for you, right, in your family, you still have people you want to deal with, so give me a bull as a horse, besides being grateful, you also want to lend me your hand to get rid of these people, right?"

        Zhong Ming's body visibly trembled, and Ma Feihao flew up and kicked Zhong Ming directly in the head, causing Zhong Ming to lean back and flip around before stopping.

        "F**k, Zhong Ming, you don't have the f**king guts to even try to borrow Brother 3000's hand for yourself, I think you're looking for death." Ma Feihao cursed and said.

        Ma Yu at the side subconsciously shook his head, Zhong Ming's small-minded tactics dared to play in front of Han Qianqian, wasn't this playing a big knife in front of the Guan Gong?

        "Brother 3000, please, give me a chance, I will definitely become your loyal dog." Zhong Ming adjusted his posture and knelt on the ground again, praying.

        "I don't need a loser who can't even solve his own problems, go away, don't appear in front of me in the future, or I'll kill you." Han Qianli faded.

        Zhong Ming looked desperate, he hadn't expected that his entire month of kneeling would result in such a result.

        There were too many people in the Zhong family who had overpowered him, and he wanted to take revenge and make those people pay through Han Qianli's prestige, but he never expected that Han Qianli would be able to see through that.

        A piece of trash who couldn't even solve his own problems.

        The words lingered in Zhong Ming's mind like a magic spell.

        "Brother 3000, if I can solve it myself, does that make me qualified to be a cow for you." Zhong Ming looked at Han Qianqian's back and roared.

        Han three thousand thousand ignored it, whether Zhong Ming could solve it or not, he didn't care, such a trivial matter was no longer worthy of his attention, and even if Zhong Ming did, it would be meaningless to Han three thousand, things in the world, except for his own family, Han three thousand didn't care about anything else anymore.

        Because he knew very well that he was now, step by step, approaching the apocalypse, and sooner or later, he would throw away all the troubles in the mundane world.

        Not far out, a commercial vehicle suddenly stopped in front of Han Three Thousand.

        Ma Feihao subconsciously hid behind Ma Yu, because this kind of car would most likely suddenly rush down more than ten people holding machetes.

        Ma Yu didn't protect himself in front of Han 3,000 at the first opportunity, because the old man had already explained that he couldn't interfere with anything until Han 3,000's life was threatened.

        But both Ma Feihao and Ma Yu had the same thought in their minds at this point, even Han Xiao was no match for Han 3,000, who would be so stupid as to find an ordinary person to deal with Han 3,000?

        Rintong would never do that because he had left the Chinese District and must have gone in search of worldly experts.

        Could it be that there were still families in the Chinese district that weren't afraid to die who wanted to challenge Han Qianxiang?

        When the door of the commercial vehicle opened, the picture Ma Feihao imagined did not appear, but a middle-aged woman stepped out of the vehicle with a baby in her hands.

        While the crowd was looking at this scene with puzzlement, Han Qianli was like a thunderbolt, standing still on the spot.

        The middle-aged woman was all too familiar to him, wasn't that He Ting!

        He Ting was also very excited to see Han Qianqian, from the moment she stepped onto the plane, He Ting had been afraid that she would never be able to safely hand Han Nian back to Su Yingxia again in her life, but she never expected that these people would bring her to Han Qianqian.

        "What's wrong with you?" Qi Yiyun asked after discovering that something wasn't quite right with Han Qianli, and in her heart, she had already made certain guesses.

        He knew that the baby in He Ting's arms must be Han Nian, but he never expected to meet up with Han Nian at this moment.

        As a father, Han Three Thousand didn't witness Han Nian's arrival and put her in danger by leaving her mother at a young age.

        At this moment, Han Three Thousand's strong protective desire as a father seemed to spread endlessly.

        At this moment, a middle-aged man stepped out of the car and said to Han Three Thousand, "This is a surprise for you from the head of the family, he wants you to meet him when you have time."

        How could Han Qianli listen to these words, now in his world, there was only Han Nian in He Ting's arms.

        Han Qianli stepped forward and walked over to He Ting, looking at Han Nian, whose pink face was shivering in her swaddling clothes, and extended his hand.

        He Ting subconsciously handed Han Nian to Han Qianqian.

        Having never held an infant before, Han 3000 was extra careful, so much so that his hands seemed especially stiff.

        "I ...... how should I hold her." Han Third Thousand was filled with panic as he asked He Ting.

        "The child is still young and can only be full horizontally, vertical will affect the development of her spine." He Ting said, looking at the tears on Han Three Thousand's face and she couldn't help it.

        Han Three Thousand swallowed her saliva and held Han Nian in her arms with difficulty, then her entire body was like petrified, not daring to move.


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