His True Colors Chapter 664-666


Chapter 664

Ma Yu's tone was filled with helplessness, it was his decision to let Ma Feihao choose to please Han 3,000 in the first place under his own obstinacy, because to be able to become the next oldest disciple, Han 3,000 was definitely someone worth flattering, but Ma Yu never thought that things would come to this point.

        He was able to protect the Ma family from Han Tiansheng's target during his stay in Mi Guo, but he was still an apocalypse and would leave the Chinese district sooner or later, so how could Han Tiansheng's character let them go?

        So leaving the Chinese district was the only way to ensure their father and son's safety.

        But when he heard Ma Yu's words, Ma Feihao laughed.

        "What are you laughing at, I told you to leave quickly, this is not a joke to you." Ma Yu said.

        "Uncle, no go no go, why should I go." Ma Feihao said.

        "Are you going to stay here and wait for death, how will Han Tiansheng let you go, with the way he is." Ma Yu's heart sank, Ma Feihao shouldn't be crazy, otherwise, why would he choose to stay in the Chinese district?

        "Uncle, Han Tiansheng is dead, can he hardly crawl out of his coffin and kill me?" Ma Feihao smiled, it was normal that Ma Yu couldn't imagine this matter, because no one had imagined that Han Giang was the one who came out of the villa alive, and now the entire Chinese district's family was shocked beyond words by this matter.

        "What did you say?" Ma Yu asked uncertainly, he suspected that he was hallucinating, how could Han Tiansheng be dead?

        "Uncle, Han 3000 killed Han Tiansheng and Han Xiao." Ma Feihao said.

        After being stunned for a full ten seconds or so, Ma Yu said incredulously, "What! You're not kidding me."

        As Ma Yu's shocked voice was so loud that Lin Tong, who hadn't gone far yet, heard it very clearly, causing him to unconsciously stop.

        "Uncle, how could I joke with you about something like this, now that the entire Chinese district knows about this, there are very many people who can't believe it just like you, but this is the truth, a lot of people saw Han 3000 drag Han Tiansheng and Han Xiao's corpses out of their homes with their own eyes, can this still be a lie?" Mafeiho said.

        Ma Feihao took two deep breaths, as a way to calm his incredulous emotions.

        He knew that Han 3000 could never be a match for Han Xiaoxiao in terms of strength, but he had really succeeded in doing it against all odds, and although Ma Yu couldn't guess what had happened, Han 3000 had survived, and that was very good news for him.

        "What an unexpected, unexpected ah, he really brought a big surprise." Ma Yu exclaimed.

        "Uncle, where on earth have you been, why would you suddenly disappear at a time like this." Ma Feihao asked, puzzled.

        "I'll tell you about this later, I still have some things to deal with right now." Ma Yu said, as he saw that Lintong had folded back, so he didn't have time to explain that much to Ma Feihao.

        After hanging up the phone, Ma Yu had a smile on his face that he couldn't hide.

        Rintong was confident but got such a consequence in return, I'm afraid it was something he had never dreamed of.

        "What's going on?" Lintong frowned and asked, his intuition told him that there was an accident in killing Han 3000, but he couldn't imagine how this accident would happen, after all, it was an ironclad fact that Han 3000 couldn't beat Han Xiao.

        Ma Yu laughed proudly and said, "Lintong, it seems that your plan isn't as perfect as you thought."

        "Han Xiao's strength can easily crush Han 3000, so how could my plan not be perfect." Lintong retorted.

        "If it was so perfect, Han Tiansheng and Han Xiao, how could they have died at the hands of Han 3000?" At this time, Ma Yu couldn't control his laughter.

        "Bullsh*t." Lintong spat fen and angrily scolded, "Do you think that just saying something will change the outcome of this matter, how can a trash like Han Qianqian be a match for Han Xiao."

        Ma Yu knew that Lin Tong wouldn't believe it, because even he felt that this matter was too bizarre, but on second thought, why would the next oldest specify that he would accept Han Saniang as his disciple, there must be some reason for this, and this time Han Saniang's performance proved the next oldest's vision.

        "If you don't believe me, you can go and see and find out." Ma Yu said.

        Rintong sneered and took out the phone.

        Ma Yu saw the situation and reminded, "Han Tiansheng and Han Xiao are both dead, who else are you going to call?"

        Rintong didn't believe it and dialed Han Tiansheng's number.

        A ring ......

        Two rings ......

        There was no answer to the call, and a sense of foreboding rose in Lintang's heart.

        "Hey." Ma Yu sighed and said, "Calling a dead person, it would be strange if he could answer, you don't want to believe in reality, don't you know if you go see reality for yourself."

        Lintong clenched his teeth, this was a foolproof plan, there was absolutely no chance of Han 3000 surviving, if he really did it, I'm sure it would alert the next oldest, Han 3000's status in the next oldest's mind would definitely go up a notch.

        Most importantly, without Han Tiansheng as a puppet, what else could Lin Tong do to kill Han Three Thousand, would he have to do it himself?

        Lintong had said before that he wasn't afraid of the next oldest pursuing the matter because he hadn't done it himself, he had plenty of reasons and excuses to shrug it off, and with his position in the apocalypse, it was impossible for the next oldest to incriminate him without any evidence.

        But if he killed Han Qianqian himself, this matter would have a completely different meaning.

        This matter had indeed alerted the next old man, who had closely followed the events in the Chinese Quarter, and had received the news at the first opportunity, and the immortal old man, with a smug expression on his face, had proved that Han 3000, as the first person he had thought of taking as a disciple, had not been wrong in his eyes.

        "Next Old Man, is there any hidden helpers around Han 3000?" That middle-aged man filled with puzzlement asked the next old man, he didn't believe that killing Han Born and Han Xiao was done by Han 3000 himself, because Han Xiao's strength was far above Han 3000's, and there was absolutely no chance that such a level difference would allow Han 3000 to counterattack, unless Han Xiao stretched out his own neck for Han 3000 to cut off.

        "What kind of helper do you think would be a match for Han Xiao, Yanjun?" The next oldest laughed and said.

        "Yan Jun isn't in the Chinese district, and he's no match for Han Tsung." The middle-aged man said.

        "Isn't that right, with what we know about Han 3000, what other helpers could he have." The next oldest said.

        "Could it be that ...... could be wrong information?" The middle-aged man guessed that after all, it was such a long distance that it was understandable for there to be errors in the delivery of the message, or perhaps Han Three Thousand died, but there was just an error in the delivery of the message so that they received the wrong message.

        "Is it so hard to admit that Han Three Thousand is excellent?" The next old man raised his eyebrows at the middle-aged man and said.

        The middle-aged man shook his head, not that he was admitting that Han 3000 was excellent difficult, but he also wanted Han 3000 to be a powerful person, because the apocalypse needed talents, and the four gates needed a successor of the next oldest.

        But just because Han 3,000 was excellent didn't mean he could kill Han Xiao at this stage.

        It must be known that Han Xiao was once an Apocalypse, he possessed strength that mundane experts didn't possess, and among the Apocalypse, Han Xiao wasn't the worst level, if Han 3000 really killed Han Xiao, then he was worldly invincible, even if many people in the Apocalypse weren't a match for him, how could that be possible.

        "Next old man, think of it from another angle, although Han Xiao left from the apocalypse, he is still considered an apocalypse after all, if Han 3000 could kill him, wouldn't many people from the apocalypse be no match for him." The middle-aged man said.

        "Is it strange, who says that mundane can't have true experts, and the surprise on this kid is by no means just that." The next old man said with a look of anticipation, he was looking forward to meeting Han Three Thousand and even more so to the changes Han Three Thousand would make after coming to the Apocalypse.

        The next oldest believed that Han 3000 would be able to overturn how powerful the apocalypse was today, as well as the impossibilities that Lin Tong had created, perhaps all of which would be changed by him.

        "Forget it." The middle-aged man sighed and said, "You like him so much now, it's useless for me to say anything, as he's already growing in your heart anyway."

        "If you know, why are you still talking so much nonsense." The next old man said proudly.

Chapter 665

Han Tiansheng's phone had been unable to be dialed, and Lintong couldn't hold back, so she had to return to the city.

        There was no need to inquire deliberately about what had happened at Han's three thousand year old villa, because among the upper class families, it had become a matter of public knowledge and everyone was discussing it.

        When Lin Tong learned the truth, he was furious.

        To him, Han 3000 should have been a dead man, but now he had done something that was simply impossible.

        The deaths of Han Tiansheng and Han Xiao left Lin Tong without a puppet that could deal with Han 3,000, which was an even bigger problem for him.

        Thoughts of killing Han 3000 himself flashed through Lin Tong's mind, but anger and reason, the latter eventually took over, he knew he couldn't do it, the whole of the apocalypse knew that the next oldest was going to take Han 3000 as a disciple, if he killed Han 3000, it would surely bring many people down on the matter.

        The more outstanding the person was, the more likely they would be subject to jealousy.

        As the proud son of the Heavenly Apocalypse, Lintong also had many enemies within the Heavenly Apocalypse, and he mustn't let these people find an opportunity to fall victim to this.

        But to have Lintong watch Han Qianqian join the Apocalypse and take away his position was something that Lintong couldn't accept.

        "Consider it a chance for you, this trash, to catch your breath, I don't believe that no one in the world will be your match!" After leaving this behind, Lin Tong temporarily left the Chinese district.

        At the gate of Han 3,000's villa, countless sons and daughters of worldly families, holding valuable gifts in their hands, wanted to meet Han 3,000.

        They came with their families' orders to please Han Qianqian, hoping to get closer to him, but the villa door was closed, so no one was qualified to enter.

        When Ma Feihao went through the crowd to ring the doorbell, he was envious of how many people there were, because they didn't dare to do it, and no one was qualified to bother Han Qianxiang.

        But Ma Feihao had this qualification, because only he had sucked up to Han 3,000 in advance, and became Han 3,000's dog lap.

        When Ma Yu first told Ma Feihao about this, Ma Feihao was very repulsed. After all, he was also a rich second generation with high status in the Chinese district, and he had countless lackeys under his command.

        But only at this moment did Ma Feihao understand that being a dog's leg can also be envied and can be so cool.

        Looking at the envious eyes of the other family members, Ma Feihao's heart was not to mention how refreshing it was, straightening his back and acting as if Han Qianqian was the best in the world and he was the second best in the world.

        "You guys are too late." Ma Feihao couldn't help but ridicule the crowd.

        At this time, Chi Yi Yun opened the villa door and everyone stretched their necks at the same time to see what was going on inside the villa.

        "Older sister, I'm here." Ma Feihao said to Chi Yi Yun with a serene face.

        Chi Yiyun looked at the sea of outsiders and the piles of expensive gifts, and naturally her heart was proud with it.

        "Come in." Qi Yiyun said.

        "Thank you, old sister." Ma Feihao entered the villa, once again stirring up countless envious eyes, these people hated to be able to transform into Ma Feihao, after all, to be able to go to Han Qianqian's house at a time like this, that was something to be proud of.

        After entering the villa, Ma Feihao saw the shattered wall and couldn't help but exclaim incessantly.

        "Brother 3000 is too fierce, he's almost demolishing the home." Ma Feihao said.

        As someone who witnessed this incident, only Qi Yiyun knew how fierce Han 3,000 was, Han was beaten so hard that he didn't even have a chance to fight back, who would dare to believe this if it was told?

        "You find some people to help refurbish the house." Chi Yi Yun instructed Ma Fei Hao.

        "Sister, don't worry, I'll contact the best workers right away." Ma Feihao assured with a pat on his chest.

        "By the way, where's Brother 3000?" Mafiho asked carefully.

        "Rest in his room, he explained that he is not allowed to be disturbed if there is nothing special." Chi Yi Yun reminded.

        When Ma Feihao heard this, he controlled even his breathing very carefully for fear of disturbing Han Qianqian.

        At this time, Han Qianqian in the room, staring at his arm in a daze, the bulging meridian veins in his right hand were like mighty dragons, and it seemed that they wouldn't dissipate for a while, the power in his body that was like the sky descending had been exerted to the fullest today, but Han Qianqian had a feeling that this wasn't its limit yet, and couldn't imagine what it would be like if Han Qianqian was able to exert its true limit.

        "It seems that only by joining the apocalypse will I be able to learn the secrets of it." Han Three Thousand said to himself, and since he already had Yan Jun as his master, he was internally repulsed by the idea of becoming the next oldest disciple.

        But after the simultaneous threats from both Han Tianyang and Yanjun, Han Three Thousand considered the matter very carefully.

        He knew that if he stubbornly refused, he would not only cause Han Tianyang and Yanjun's discontent, but also offend the next old man, and the wisest choice would be to become the next old man's disciple, and this way, he would be able to know what changes were happening to his body.

        "Let's see what that old man is like first, if he isn't a good person, I won't make him my disciple."

        After Han Giangli said this, the next old man on top of a certain mountain suddenly sneezed.

        The middle-aged man standing behind the second old man quickly warned, "Second old man, it's windy on the mountain, it's better to hurry back to the four gates and rest."

        The next old man screwed up his nose, feeling a little strange, and said, "With my health, how could I possibly catch a cold, it wouldn't be some dead kid saying bad things about me behind my back, would it?"

        For the next half a month, Han 3,000 didn't even show up, but there were quite a few people who came to please him in front of the villa, and the gifts were piling up more and more, the entire Chinese district was watching the movements of this villa, all wanting to wait for Han 3,000 to show up and go and gather him at the first opportunity.

        Among them, there was one person who was particularly conspicuous, he didn't bring any gifts, but he had been kneeling for half a month, and for half a month he hadn't eaten, just used water to renew his life, even if everyone else had left at night, he would still kneel at the door.

        For Ma Feihao, who came every day, this man made the deepest impression on him.

        "Zhong Ming, you're not going out of your way, everyone else is giving gifts, who are you kneeling down for?" On this day, Mafei Ho couldn't help but tease as he passed by Zhong Ming.

        "I'm thanking him that he deserves to stay on his knees and wait for him," Zhong Ming said.

        "Thanking him?" Ma Feihao was stunned, suddenly remembering what had happened to the Zhong family in the past... Wasn't this guy's parents the ones who died at the hands of Han Tiansheng? If it wasn't for Han Qianqian, he would never have had a chance for revenge in his life, and after thinking about that, Ma Feihao understood why he had been kneeling here.

        "Do you want me to lead you in?" Ma Feihao said.

        Zhong Ming raised his head abruptly, looked at Ma Feihao with a grateful face, and said, "Are you really able to take me in?"

        After hearing these words, the people next to them all fidgeted at the same time, who didn't want to enter Han Marchand's villa?

        "Brother Hao, take me in as well, our family will thank you with a heavy gift."

        "Brother Hao, and me as well, don't worry, our family can definitely take out more benefits than them."

        "Bullshit, we dare to take out half of our family fortune, can you?"

        "I can take out most of it."

        Hearing the croaking voices in his ears, Ma Feihao looked impatient, these idiots, did they really think they could meet Han 3,000 with money?

        How high was the current status of Han 3,000, what did money mean to him, as long as he was willing to do so, the daily entry was just a sprinkling of water.

        "You bunch of faggots, can you stop making a fuss and make noise to make Brother 3000 rest, I'll see what you'll do." Ma Feihao said.

        The noisy crowd instantly quieted down, and only the sound of breathing could be heard.

        "Want to go in?" Ma Feihao asked the crowd with a smile on his face.

        The crowd nodded as if pounding garlic, and one wasn't afraid to flash their necks.

        "Think pretty, don't even see if you have the qualifications, I advise you to get out of here and go home, Brother 3000 won't see you." Ma Feihao said proudly, although he used to have a higher status than these people as well, the sense of superiority he possessed right now made Ma Feihao feel even more superior to them.

Chapter 666

Small Island Nangong Family.

        As Nangong Boling, who was closely following the happenings in the Chinese District, he was even more excited at this point than he was when he had caught his first bucket of gold, Han 3,000 had proven himself in the Chinese District, and Nangong Boling knew that it would make him have a higher status in the apocalypse.

        And being recognized as an apprentice by the next oldest, his future achievements were even more limitless.

        This was the first time that Nangong Boling truly felt that the Nangong family could become affiliated to the apocalypse.

        The word affiliation might be a bit unpleasant to hear, but it was based on the circle under which it was affiliated, and in a place like the Apocalypse that was above the ordinary world, even affiliation was worth it.

        Nangong Boling had long known that Nangong Falcon had died at the hands of Han Qianqian, but he didn't blame Han Qianqian at all, instead he felt that Nangong Falcon had died a good death, going to find trouble with Han Qianqian, wasn't it only right to die?

        Now that Nangong Boling was already drawing up a plan to make Han Qianqiang the Nangong Family Master, no matter what he had to do to make this matter a reality, no matter what the cost, no matter what demands Han Qianqiang would make, Nangong Boling would satisfy them all.

        While thinking freely about the future glory of the Nangong Family Lord in his study, a knock on the door suddenly sounded.

        "Come in." Nangong Boling said indifferently.

        Nangong Yan walked into the study, he wasn't as quick to learn the information about the Chinese district as Nangong Boling, he had just learned of Nangong Falcon's death, which made him tremble, so he wanted to test out Nangong Boling's attitude.

        If Nangong Boling really didn't care about this matter, Nangong Yan would completely give up on the idea of antagonizing Han Marchant and he would find a way to get closer to Han Marchant.

        Even if he couldn't be the head of the family, he didn't want to be driven out of the Nangong family.

        "Grandpa, I heard that Nangong Falcon is dead." Nangong Yan said.

        "I already knew about this matter, and I gave him a heads up that he had it coming, so there's no one else to blame." Nangong Boling said indifferently.

        Nangong Yan's heart sank, although he had already guessed that Nangong Boling would have such an attitude, when Nangong Boling said it, he was still a little unable to accept it.

        After all, Han Giangli was not surnamed Nangong, and to make him the head of the Nangong family was something that many people could not accept.

        "Grandpa, does it matter even if his surname isn't Nangong?" Nangong Yan asked tentatively.

        "Relationship? What can it matter, he's powerful enough not to care about the surname at all, and the benefits he can bring to the Nangong family that even I can't do, as long as he's happy, what does it matter if the Nangong family changes their surname to Han." Nangong Bo Ling said with a carefree face.

        Nangong Yan drew a breath of cold air, he never thought that Nangong Boling would say such words.

        To have the Nangong family's surname be Han, this was too ridiculous!

        "Grandpa, I know what to do, I'll go to Mi, if he needs my help with anything, I'll do my best to help him." Nangong Yan resigned himself to his fate, now that it was over, he knew very well that he wasn't qualified to compete with Han Kuang for the position of head of the family, so he had to find a way to keep his current position.

        Nangong Boling looked surprised, he didn't expect Nangong Yan to come to him with such an attitude.

        It seemed that he had thought it through more thoroughly than Nangong Falcon.

        "There is no shame in your choice, and I can tell you that after Han Qianqian enters that level, he will still need an advocate in the mundane world, and although he is not the Nangong Master, he will be able to control things in the mundane world for him, and if you become his advocate, your status will not be low." Nangong Bo Ling said.

        Nangong Yan lowered his head and said, "Thank you grandpa for reminding me, I won't let you down."

        "If there's nothing else, go out."

        After leaving Nangong Boling's study, Nangong Yan's mood was renewed, Nangong Boling's words had opened the door to a new world for him, he knew that it was in no way Nangong Boling's consolation, Han 3000 had entered that level and was indeed flawless in caring for matters in the world, and if he could become Han 3000's spokesman among the world, he would still be able to enjoy his rights as the head of the family.

        "Nangong Falcon, you never thought that there would be such a twist in things, but if you don't die, I'll have one more contender, and now I'll be the only one sitting on the fishing boat." Nangong Yan said proudly.

        After Nangong Yan left, Nangong Bo Ling dialed a number.

        "It's time for the two of them to meet, send the man to Mickey as a surprise from me." Nangong Boling said to the other end of the phone.

        The Chinese district of Mi Guo.

        There was a huge crowd of people outside Han Qianli's villa, it was already the twentieth day after the incident, and he still hadn't shown up, but those people outside the door were not impatient at all, no matter how long it took, as long as they were able to befriend Han Qianli, it was worth waiting forever, after all, the Chinese district had changed dramatically, and no one wanted their family's decades-long foundation to be destroyed.

        "You go out and let those people go, anyone who doesn't, I'll be the first to deal with him." In the villa district, Han Qianqian instructed Ma Feihao.

        That made Ma Feihao happy, those people had waited for so long, but now Han Qianqian had given the order to evict them, I wonder how they would feel.

        "Brother 3000, won't you pick a few to meet?" Mafiho asked.

        "Why don't you roll with them as well," Han Three Thousand Years said.

        Ma Feihao also wanted to play a little trick on his heart, but after hearing Han Qianli's words, he was immediately shaken with energy and quickly said, "Brother Qianli, I'll go inform them right away."

        Seeing Ma Feihao speed up his steps and trot out, Chi Yi Yun smiled and said, "This guy reckons he still wants to go pick a few people to boost his face."

        "How could I not know about his little mind," Han Qianli faintly said.

        Outside the villa, Ma Feihao pretended to cough a few times, cleared his throat, and said to the crowd, "Brother 3000 has orders for you to get out of here, and whoever doesn't, Brother 3000 will be the first to deal with him, so weigh yourselves."

        This made the crowd turn pale, they were doing this to please Han Qianqian, not to make Han Qianqian bear a grudge, if they continued to stay here they would be targeted by Han Qianqian, who would dare to stay.

        For a while, many of them were planning to leave.

        "That's right, there's also the stuff you guys brought, pack it all up and leave, how could these trashy things get into Brother 3000's eyes." Ma Feihao continued.

        The entire scene was evacuated in less than ten minutes, but Zhong Ming was still on his knees and unmoving.

        Ma Feihao walked forward and said to Zhong Ming, "You're not going to have a numb leg, do you want me to find someone to carry you away?"

        "I'm not leaving until I see him." Zhong Ming said with a resolute attitude.

        "Didn't you hear me clearly, you faggot, if anyone doesn't leave, Brother 3000 will deal with them, are you deliberately seeking death?" Ma Feihao gritted his teeth and said, "Han Qianqian told him to do this, if he can't handle such a small matter, wouldn't it be a sign of incompetence.

        "What does the life and death of the Zhong family have to do with me." Zhong Ming said.

        "What? Are you trying to drag the entire Zhong family into giving you a funeral?" Ma Feihao kicked Zhong Ming.

        Zhong Ming had already kneeled down to his knees, and by this kick, he fell straight to the ground.

        "The Zhong family refuses to avenge my parents, and I don't care if they live or die." Zhong Ming said.

        "You don't think that Brother 3000 is the only one who will spare you." Ma Feihao laughed contemptuously, he didn't care about other people's lives and deaths, didn't he care about his own?

        "I swore an oath that if he could kill Han Tiansheng, I would be a cow for him for the rest of my life, and if he wanted me dead, I wouldn't blink an eye," Zhong Ming said.

        Hearing this, Ma Feihao sneered more than a little and said, "Poisonous oath? Then why didn't you fight alongside 3000 when you swore?"

        When he said this, Ma Feihao also felt guilty, because he was also hiding at home shivering that day, so how could he dare to actually come out and stand up to Han 3,000.

        Zhong Ming didn't know how to retort, and shakily moved his body to continue his kneeling posture, saying, "Even if he wants to kill me, I won't leave."

        "F**k, you're really a deadbeat," Ma Feihao said helplessly, and was trying to think of a way to get rid of Zhong Ming, when a figure from afar made Ma Feihao quickly trot over.

        "Uncle, you've finally shown up." Ma Feihao said as he ran to Ma Yu's side.


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