His True Colors Chapter 661-663


Chapter 661

Whether a person was afraid of death or not, it wasn't by talking, but would be directly expressed from among his actions.

        Han Tiansheng, who said he was not afraid of death with his mouth, showed his fear of death at this moment.

        Standing in the corner, trembling and pale, he no longer had the arrogance he had before.

        Han Xiao's death made Han Tiansheng feel despair, leaving him with nothing but fear in the face of Han Giang's anger.

        What face, where is life important.

        It was a pity that his words caused Han Three Thousand to laugh uproariously.

        "You even have the nerve to mention my grandfather, back then when you forced him to kneel and forced him to leave Mi, did you ever think that he was your brother?" Han Giang said with a cold face, although he couldn't empathize with how much humiliation Han Tian Yang had suffered back then, but from all the attitudes Han Tiansheng displayed, he knew how much resentment his grandfather was filled with inside.

        "But no matter what, I'm also your elder, so how can you kill me without fear of being struck by lightning from heaven?" Han Tiansheng said these words, there was already no way no, and he didn't want to use Han Tian Yang to beg for mercy for himself, but if he didn't do so, he could only wait for death.

        Han Qianli shook his head and looked at Han Tiansheng with a regretful face and said, "Even if the heavens strike and lightning strikes, I will kill you today, the revenge of grandfather back then, I will take revenge for him."

        After saying that, Han Qianqian approached Han Tiansheng step by step.

        Han Tiansheng's eyelids jumped, every step Han Qianqian took closer made him feel even closer to death.

        "You, don't come over, don't come over." Han Tiansheng said in fear.

        Han Three Thousand's footsteps didn't stop, and from the moment Han Tiansheng said the words about how he was going to kill Han Nian, his end was already predetermined.

        After the incident with Jiang Lan's treatment of Han Nian, anyone who would be a threat to Han Nian would be killed mercilessly by Han Three Thousand, and he wouldn't be soft and leave any threat to Han Nian's existence.

        "Han Tiansheng, your white bones will become the steps under my feet, and from now on, it's me, Han Three Thousand, who will be in charge of the Mi Chinese District." Han Third Thousand said in a cold voice.

        Han Tiansheng finally understood the feelings of those opponents of his back then, so this was how it felt to give someone a step, besides the fear of death, there was also reluctance, but this reluctance was limited by his ability, nothing could be done, he could only wait for death to come.

        "No, no, you can't kill me, I'm your elder, I'm your elder ah." Han Tiansheng's eyes were hollow, and he had clearly lost his mind from fright.

        An upperclassman who never feared death was actually vulnerable when it came to actually facing death.

        In this world, there were too many people who screamed that they weren't afraid of death, but how many of them could still be honest when they were truly facing death?

        Han Tiansheng was a good example of this.

        "Grandpa, your revenge is avenged by Sun Tzu." After saying this, Han Qianqian stretched out his right hand and grabbed Han Tiansheng's throat, lifting him up into the air.

        Han Tiansheng stirred and struggled, his hands constantly gripping Han Qianli's arms in an attempt to relieve himself in this way.

        But his struggles were undoubtedly useless to Han 3000 at the moment.

        Chi Yi Yun was watching Han Tiansheng's situation, not daring to look at the scene, after all, she was just a woman, unable to accept such violent means.

        But she would never sympathize with Han Tiansheng, this man deserved to die, he didn't even spare an infant, why should Han Qianqian spare him?

        After Han Tiansheng gradually stopped struggling, Han 3,000 still held him aloft for close to ten minutes.

        "Han Three Thousand, he's dead." Chi Yi Yun went to Han Three Thousand's side and reminded her.

        It was only after hearing this that Han Qiannian released Han Tiansheng and threw him into the corner.

        "How are you doing, are you alright." Qi Yiyun asked worriedly, Han Three Thousand looked like he was possessed just now, making her feel a strong sense of unfamiliarity, so she was afraid that Han Three Thousand wouldn't be able to return to normal.

        "It's fine." Han Giangli said indifferently, he knew that the change he had just experienced was due to the anger that caused the power in his body to act, if it wasn't for that, he would have died in Han's hands by now.

        In the past, Han Giang had been worried that the power would cause harm to his body, but now, Han Giang was completely unconcerned about that, after all, he had relied on it to accomplish many impossible things since acquiring it, and at least so far, it had brought Han Giang all the benefits, and without it, Han Giang would have died many times already.

        "Is it really alright?" Looking at Han Giangli's still slightly red eyes, Chi Yi Yun said uneasily.

        "It's really fine, I'll rest for a while." Han Three Thousand returned to the living room and sat on the sofa with her eyes closed.

        Chi Yi Yun sat on the side and didn't disturb Han 3000, just watching quietly.

        After the villa quieted down, those eyeballs outside wondered.

        Since Han Tiansheng had already killed Han Qianxiang, why did he not show up late, with his status, he didn't need to dispose of the corpse himself ah, besides, even if he really was discovered, Han Tiansheng wouldn't be affected in the slightest by this matter.

        The major families were speculating about what Han Tiansheng was doing staying at the villa.

        As for the Qi family, the two couples, Qi Donglin and Ouyang Fei, were already in tears at the moment.

        Although they didn't have eyes and ears near Han Third Thousand's villa, but now that this matter had become so big that Qi Donglin could casually make a phone call and find out the situation.

        Everyone was convinced that Han Qianxiang was dead, could he still be alive?

        And with Han Tiansheng's tactics, Chi Yi Yun would never let go of her since he was by Han Qianqian's side.

        "Don't cry, we'll soon go to accompany her, and we'll still be able to reunite the three of us as a family." Qi Donglin comforted Ouyang Fei in a special way because he knew very well that if Han Tiansheng killed Qi Yiyun, he would never let them go, this was Han Tiansheng's usual way of doing things.

        Ouyang Fei was so heartbroken that it was hard to breathe, and although she knew that Chi Yi Yun was stupid for choosing to go to Han Giang's house at this moment, she hadn't even stopped her, and at this moment, Ouyang Fei's self-recrimination was greater than her heartache.

        "Why? Why didn't I stop her, she's still so young, how could she die." Ouyang Fei cried out.

        Chi Donglin sighed, with Chi Yi Yun acting like that temper before, how could they have stopped her? And there was no use in blaming themselves now that it was a done deal.

        "It's not your fault." Qi Donglin said as he hugged Ouyang Fei.

        At the same time, there was another person who was desperate, Zhong Ming who wanted to avenge his parents' death by relying on Han 3,000.

        On the day Han 3000 delivered the coffin, Zhong Ming's blood boiled, as if he saw the hope of avenging his parents, from that day, Zhong Ming had been looking forward to the fight to the death between Han 3000 and Han Tiansheng, when Han Tiansheng ran away from the Chinese district and everyone speculated that Han Tiansheng had gone to hide, Zhong Ming's heart was even more free, he thought he had finally seen Han Tiansheng fall from grace, even he had already thought of the time when the Han family had fallen, he wanted to How to hunt down and kill Han Tiansheng.

        But the change came so quickly that it was like comparing the Chinese Quarter to a lake, where Han Giang had smashed a boulder in the lake, causing a shocking wave that made him think it could destroy Han Tiansheng, but the end was that Han Giang himself was killed by the wave.

        "Is it true that in this life, I have no hope of revenge?" Zhong Ming lost his mind and knelt in front of his parents' tablets, looking pained.

        The Nangong family's company.

        It was impossible for Tang Zong to be unaware of such a big thing happening in the Chinese district, but he was in his office, still doing what he should be doing, with no worry on his face.

        When Yuan Ling came to the office and found Tang Zong with a calm face, she felt strange, even she had heard some news about Han Tiansheng's visit to Han Giang's house, Tang Zong couldn't have known nothing ah.

        "Mr. Tang, don't you know anything about Han?" Yuan Ling was puzzled and asked Tang Zong.

        "You mean this thing about Han Tiansheng going to Brother 3000's house?" Tang Zong said indifferently.

        Yuan Ling nodded her head, Han Giang was dead, she couldn't understand why Tang Zong was still able to be so calm.

        "You're not worried about him, I heard that Han Tiansheng has already killed him." Yuan Ling said.

Chapter 662

Although Yuan Ling didn't have much affection for Han Marchant, but after all, she had been in contact with him for a while, and Han Marchant was considered her superior, and now that Han Marchant had suffered like this, it made her feel quite sad.

        After all, he was still so young, but he was dead.

        But on second thought, he had to go and offend Han Tiansheng, and it seemed that he deserved to die.

        In the entire Chinese district, who would dare to go and offend Han Tiansheng?

        Han Tiansheng's status in the Chinese district is like that of an earthly emperor, so who can he blame if he has to get himself killed?

        "Do you really think he's dead?" Tang Zong asked.

        Yuan Ling laughed, Han Tiansheng had gone to his house and had heard that there had been a very big uproar, and those who were concerned about the matter said that he was not only dead, but that he had died a horrible death, could that still be true?

        "You may not know who Han Tiansheng is, but he won't show mercy to anyone," Yuan Ling said.

        "In my opinion, you don't understand Brother 3000." Tang Zong smiled faintly.

        "What do you mean?" Yuan Ling frowned in puzzlement at Tang Zong.

        "Do you believe me when I say that the one who died was Han Tiansheng?" Tang Zong said.

        Looking at Tang Zong's serious and earnest appearance, Yuan Ling couldn't help but smile even more.

        The one who died was Han Tiansheng, how could this be possible, the incident of Han Qianxiang's leg being broken by Han Xiao was well known throughout the Chinese district, he was no match for Han Xiao, so how could he kill Han Tiansheng?

        "To such a time you still don't forget to flatter, you're a really dedicated flatterer." Yuan Ling said disdainfully, when she first met Tang Zong, she had a strong crush on him, to her, Tang Zong was the prince charming in her heart, but ever since she knew that he was just a flatterer, Yuan Ling had a strong disdain for Tang Zong, because a person who relied on flowery words to please to get to the top was, in Yuan Ling's opinion, a trash with no real skills.

        "If you don't believe me, just come with me and take a look." Tang Zong said.

        Seeing Tang Zong stand up, he seemed to be going to Han Qianqian's house.

        Yuan Ling felt that he must have gone crazy.

        Now that Han Tiansheng hadn't left yet, wouldn't Tang Zong be sending himself to his death by going this way?

        "Mr. Tang, are you crazy, if you go now, Han Tiansheng will probably kill even you." Yuan Ling said.

        "I told you, it's Han Tiansheng who will die." Tang Zong said indifferently.

        Watching Tang Zong walk out of the office, Yuan Ling stood there at a loss for words.


        Or not?

        If she went there, the truth wasn't what Tang Zong said, she would be implicated as well.

        But the fact that Tang Zong was acting so confidently made Yuan Ling a little curious inside.

        Although she didn't think that Han Qianqiang could kill Han Tiansheng, in her opinion, Tang Zong didn't need to use his life to flatter a dead man.

        "Where on earth did your confidence in him come from!" Yuan Ling bit her back groove teeth and said.

        Tang Zong went downstairs to the office, and as soon as he got into the car, Yuan Ling gasped and sat next to him, obviously running all the way over here.

        "You're not afraid?" Tang Zong smiled faintly.

        "I'd like to see where on earth you, ass-kisser, get your confidence." Yuan Ling said.

        Tang Zong looked like he was relaxed and comfortable, he wasn't confident, he just absolutely trusted Han Qianqian.

        "Whether it's flattery or not, you'll know soon enough," Tang Zong said.

        Driving all the way to outside Han Three Thousand's villa, the nearby eye-catchers were all anxious, the delay in Han Tiansheng's appearance made it impossible for them to report the situation like their own boss behind the scenes, and they themselves wanted to know what had happened at the villa and how Han Three Thousand had died.

        When Tang Zong's car stopped in front of the villa, those eye-catchers were all stunned one by one.

        At a time like this, there were still people who dared to come to Han Three Thousand's house, wasn't this asking for death.

        It was actually reasonable for them to think this way, Ma Feihao, as Han Third Thousand's lackey, was now hiding at home shivering, not daring to go anywhere, because he knew very well that whoever approached Han Third Thousand's house at this time was a dead end.

        The various eyeballs immediately reported Tang Zong's appearance to the boss behind the scenes, and those families also began to speculate what Tang Zong intended to do.

        Tang Zong, on the other hand, stood at the entrance with his hands and legs together, slightly bent over in a respectful gesture.

        Looking at Tang Zong's move, Yuan Ling's face revealed a strong disdain again, in her opinion, Tang Zong didn't even want his dignity for the sake of flattery, she really couldn't understand what ability Han Qianqian had to make Tang Zong so respectful.

        A man who could grovel for status was disgusting.

        "I've really learned a lot." Yuan Ling said in a yin and yang tone.

        Tang Zong was unmoved, with a puzzling smile on his lips.

        "Brother 3000, many people are waiting for you." At this time, Tang Zong suddenly spoke up.

        When those eye-catchers nearby heard this, they all looked confused.

        Was this guy crazy?

        Doesn't he know that Han Qianxiang is dead and is calling for Han's soul here?

        "What's this psycho doing, could it be that he still thinks Han 3000 is alive?"

        "This frakker doesn't know about the movement just now, if he did he wouldn't think so, how could Han 3000 still be alive."

        "This person looks like he's brain teased, he actually dared to show up at this time, it looks like he'll die soon as well."

        In the eyes of the crowd, Tang Zong was also about to step into death, and some people sneered at his idiotic behavior, others were disdainful, and there was even someone who told the boss behind the curtain that there was a psychopath coming to call for Han 3000's soul.

        Just at this moment, the villa door suddenly opened.

        Those eye-catchers couldn't help but hold their breath as they had waited too long, was Han Tiansheng finally going to show up?

        The first person to come out of the villa was Chi Yi Yun.

        "What ...... happened, how could it be her, did Han Tiansheng have a soft heart and let her go?"

        "No way, with Han Tiansheng's tactics, how could she have survived."

        "Is Han Tiansheng not as ruthless as he used to be now that he's older?"

        In everyone's opinion, Chi Yi Yun was bound to die, so it was very strange that she appeared alive.

        "Prepare two coffins." Qi Yiyun said to Tang Zong.

        The corner of Tang Zong's mouth curved into a smile as he nodded his head and said, "I'll arrange it right away."

        Chi Yiyun's words once again became a mystery.

        Since she wasn't dead, why would Han Tiansheng prepare two coffins?

        In the perception of those eyeballs, the one who died was definitely Han Qianqian, so they wouldn't even think towards the aspect that the coffin was prepared for Han Tiansheng and Han Xiao.

        A big question appeared in the mind of every eye-catcher, and this question soon spread throughout the entire Chinese district, as the families that were secretly following this matter through their eye-catchers were informed of it at once.

        Ma Family.

        Ma Fei Hao was as pale as paper, and after receiving this news, he said to his father in puzzlement, "Dad, is it possible that Han 3000 was dumped into a large chunk, and one coffin couldn't fit, so that's why he had to prepare two?"

        Ma Feihao's father looked sad, how could he have the heart to care about why Han Tiansheng wanted two coffins right now, he only wanted to know where Ma Yu was, if he didn't come back, the Ma family would most likely be implicated by Han 3000.

        "Do you continue to call your uncle and care about what coffins have to do with you?" Ma Feihao's father said.

        Ma Feihao nodded repeatedly, the phone had been broadcasted hundreds of times, but Ma Yu was in a state of shutdown, making Ma Feihao very helpless.

        "Uncle can't be in some kind of accident, how come his phone is always off." Ma Feihao said.

        "Shut up, you crow's nest, if he has an accident, we'll both die, can't you think of something better." Ma Feihao's father raged.

        Ma Feihao cringed, he also knew that if Ma Yu had an accident, neither he nor his father would have a good end, after all, he had been too close to Han Qianqian this whole time, it was impossible for Han Tiansheng not to know about this.

        While the entire Chinese district was speculating about the intentions of the two coffins, Tang Zong used the fastest time to find the coffins and poured them in front of Han Three Thousand's villa home in two pickup trucks.

        At that moment, the villa door opened again, and many eyeballs stretched their necks to see what was going on in the villa.

        One minute ......

        Two minutes ......

        Time was passing like a degree, so slowly that it felt like a century had passed.


        The villa is out!

        Han Three Thousand's right hand dragged Han Tongsheng's corpse left and right, appearing in the public's view.

Chapter 663

The visual shock that this scene brought was unimaginable.

        Many people's already jaw-dropping dumbfounded expressions even felt numb.

        How was it possible?

        How could Han 3000 kill both Han Tiansheng and Han Xiao.

        To know that Han Xiao's strength was above Han 3000, this was an event that everyone had witnessed.

        In the beginning at the Han villa, if not for Ma Yu appearing, Han Three Thousand would have died.

        It was precisely based on this that they thought that Han 3,000 was bound to die this time.

        No one would have thought that the one who could walk out of the villa alive would be Han Three Thousand, dragging the bodies of Han Tiansheng and Han Xiao!

        For a full three minutes of events, not a single person could recover from the shocking images brought about by Han Third Thousand.

        "He ...... he actually killed Han Tiansheng!"

        "How is this possible, how is this possible, how can he be Han's opponent."

        "From ...... from today, Han 3000 will be the first person in the Chinese district, the era belonging to Han Tongsheng has come to an end, and Han 3000's era has risen!"

        The voices of those who spoke were all trembling, as the shock and fear within them was so intense that they couldn't calm themselves down at all.

        Each eye-catcher informed the boss behind the scenes of this matter at the same time.

        The entire Chinese district boiled over because of Han Qianli.

        Numerous families were shocked beyond words at this moment.

        The imaginable results were in the end overturned what everyone thought, and no one had expected Han Three Thousand to be able to create such a miracle.

        "This Han 3000, what a surprise, he's so powerful."

        "From today onwards, the younger generation of the family must try every possible way to please Han Three Thousand."

        "You juniors remember, no matter what method you use, I want you to immediately establish a good relationship with Han Three Thousand."

        "Immediately, immediately find a way to figure out all of Han Three Thousand's preferences, the only thing our family has to do next is to please Han Three Thousand."

        All the families, almost all of them had the same idea and gave the same order to the young people in their own clans, which was to please Han Qianli and get closer to Han Qianli.

        Because in the future, the Chinese district was bound to be Han 3,000's world, and if they wanted to solidify their position in the Chinese district, they had to establish a good relationship with Han 3,000, and as for those who had clashed with Han 3,000, this was the time to start praying.

        Ma Feihao, who received the news, was stunned for a long time, feeling like he had lost his soul, and said to his father, "Dad, Han Tiansheng and Han Xiao are dead."

        Ma Feihao's father miserably stood up, his jaw on the floor, "How is that possible, what kind of joke are you making."

        Chi Family.

        Chi Donglin and Ouyang Fei's expressions were stunned, the tears on their faces had yet to be wiped away, they really didn't know how to face such shocking news.

        "Yi Yun isn't dead, and neither is Han Giangli." Qi Donglin said unbelievably, even he suspected that he was dreaming, how could something so shocking happen.

        Ouyang Fei nodded his head, not knowing what to say.

        "I'm not dreaming." Qi Donglin doubted.

        Ouyang Fei, in order to let him know if this was a dream or not, pinched Chi Donglin's thigh so hard that he winced in pain.

        "It's not a dream, it's not a dream." Qi Donglin quickly said.

        Ouyang Fei's face raised a smile and said, "Han Qianli didn't disappoint me, my daughter's eyes really weren't wrong."

        "Hey." Qi Donglin sighed and said, "It's just a pity that he's already married and has children ah."

        On the matter of Qi Yiyun liking Han Qianqian, Qi Donglin had always held a disagreement because he felt that there was no real definition of whether Han Qianqian was excellent or not, and it was clearly not worth it for Qi Yiyun to invest so much emotion that couldn't be reciprocated.

        But now, for the first time, Qi Donglin felt regret, Han Three Thousand was indeed a very good person, this was evident to the entire Chinese district, he pulled Han Tiansheng down from the altar, this was something that no one could do, who wouldn't want him to be a member of his own family when he was such an excellent person? It was a pity that such things could only be thought about.

        "Yi Yun doesn't deserve him." Ouyang Fei said, being able to degrade his daughter's status was enough to show how powerful Han Giang was in Ouyang Fei's mind.

        Zhong Family.

        Zhong Ming, who was kneeling in front of his parents' tablets, was horrified for a long time, his clenched fists had turned white, he had been desperate in this matter, he didn't expect that when he was in a desperate situation, Han Three Thousand was able to turn the tide.

        "From today onwards, I, Zhong Ming, am a dog to you." Zhong Ming stood up and walked out of the room.

        Outside of Han Three Thousand's villa.

        Yuan Ling was like she had lost her soul, she had always felt that Tang Zong was overly boastful about Han Third Thousand's flattery, but the truth made her witness who was the ridiculous one.

        Tang Zong's attitude towards Han 3000 was not blind flattery, but trust in his strength, for so long, Yuan Ling had always felt that Tang Zong was a flatterer, but the facts told him that Tang Zong was merely speaking truthfully about the Han 3000 that he perceived.

        "Do you believe it now, now that you know I'm not a flatterer?" Tang Zong looked at the distraught Yuan Ling and said with a smile.

        Yuan Ling subconsciously nodded her head, how could she not believe it, the facts were already in front of her, could she still go and defame Han 3000?

        "Take these two, and send them back to the Han family." Han 3,000 walked up to Tang Zong and commanded.

        "Brother Three Thousand, you're awesome." Tang Zong said with a smile.

        "Cut the crap and get to it." Han Three Thousand cursed.

        Yuan Ling walked over to Han three thousand and looked like she wanted to say something.

        Han Three Thousand knew what she wanted to say, but she couldn't say it.

        "I don't need other people's approval, other people's comments mean nothing to me." Han Qianqian faintly said.

        Yuan Ling had mixed emotions inside, from the beginning when she didn't think highly of Han Qianli and thought he was just a wandering gentleman, to now when Han Qianli was actually showing his abilities, Yuan Ling knew how ridiculous she was and wanted to say sorry to Han Qianli, but Han Qianli clearly didn't care about her opinion at all.

        "I'm the one who thinks of myself as too important." Yuan Ling smiled miserably.

        Han Qianqian didn't even look at Yuan Ling and went straight back to the villa.

        At this moment in the suburbs, Lin Tong was still blocking Ma Yu, but seeing that it was almost time, Han Qianli was definitely dead by now, so he made way for Ma Yu.

        "You can leave now, go collect Han 3,000's body." Lintong said proudly.

        Ma Yu gritted his back groove teeth, he was ordered to protect Han Three Thousand, yet he still let Han Three Thousand die, how should this matter be explained to the next oldest?

        He knew that even if the next oldest had a hatred for Lin Tong in his heart, he couldn't take it out on her, after all, Lin Tong had the status of a proud son of heaven in the apocalypse, and even the next oldest couldn't punish him easily.

        If the next oldest really had anger to vent, it would definitely come at him.

        "You're just a coward." Ma Yu said.

        "What do you mean?" Lintong frowned and asked.

        "Aren't you just afraid of Han Qianqian stealing your position, not daring to face this matter, what is it if it's not cowardice, I didn't think that the pride of the apocalypse would be afraid of a worldly man, it's ridiculous." Ma Yu said.

        Lintong paled and said, "Don't think that I don't dare to kill you, with your status, even if I kill you, no one can do anything to me."

        "I'm all dead anyway, what's the difference between dying at your hands and dying at the hands of the next old man?" Ma Yu faded away, not protecting Han Qianqian, Ma Yu knew what would happen to him when he faced the wrath of the next oldest, since he was already dead, what did it matter at whose hands he died.

        "How would it not matter, the relationship is huge, if I kill you, I'll be gossiped about somewhat, so don't worry, I won't kill you." After Lin Tong said that, she was going to turn around and leave.

        Ma Yu pulled out his phone, it was off, and after it was turned on, numerous missed call alerts sounded.

        Looking at Ma Feihao's caller ID, Ma Yu sighed, he knew why Ma Feihao was calling him, but with Rintong holding him back, there was nothing he could do.

        Calling the phone back, Ma Yu said, "Feihao, this matter is uncle's fault, you and your father should leave the Chinese district quickly, otherwise Han Tiansheng won't let you go, and I can't protect you all the time."


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