His True Colors Chapter 659-660


Chapter 659

As Han Tiansheng's car drove to Han Qianqiang's residence, Han Tiansheng asked Han Xiao in the car, "If we kill Han Qianqiang, the next oldest won't let us go, right? Lintong borrowed our hands to kill Han 3,000, it's just trying to write off responsibility."

        Han Xiao nodded, how could they, the two human elves, not know such a shallow truth?

        But for Han Tiansheng, even if it would offend the next oldest, he had to do it because Han 3000 would die if he didn't.

        "Lin Tong's wishful thinking is very good, and he knows we have no other choice, we have to do this." Han said somewhat helplessly, on some level, he didn't want to offend someone like the next oldest, the helmsman of the four gates of the apocalypse, that kind of high above even Han couldn't see even if he looked up, once he angered such a person would attract consequences, Han didn't even dare to think about it.

        Han Tiansheng nodded with a sunken face, since this had to be done, there was no need to worry about the consequences, no matter what would happen if he offended the next oldest, he could only wait until the next oldest appeared.

        "No matter what, Han Qianli must die, my dignity must not be destroyed by this trash, I want Han Tian Yang to know that he doesn't have the capital to fight me, killing Han Qianli will only lead to his death, and all those who are related to Han Qianli must die." To eradicate the root of the matter, Han Tiansheng had to uproot all those who were related to Han Three Thousand, only then could this matter be completely resolved without leaving any hidden problems.

        When Han Tiansheng's car stopped in front of Han Three Thousand's house, numerous phone calls were dialed at the same time.

        "Han Tiansheng has arrived."

        "Han Tiansheng has arrived at Han 3,000's house."

        "Han Tiansheng has arrived at his destination."

        All the families in the Chinese district focused all their thoughts at this moment on this ordinary street-facing villa, a residence in this environment that they had never even bothered to glance at before, but now, thanks to Han 3000, this ordinary villa had become the focus of attention.


        As Han Xiaoxiao kicked the door open, Han Giang, who was sitting on the living room couch, said to Chi Yiyun, "Coming."

        Chi Yiyun suddenly grabbed Han 3,000's hand and held it very tightly, saying, "On the Yellow Spring Road, remember to protect me, I'm afraid of ghosts."

        Han Qianqiang pulled back on Chi Yi Yun's wrist and said, "Don't worry, if we do manage to meet on the Yellow Spring Road, I won't let those lonely ghosts get close to you."

        Qi Yiyun smiled, a very solid smile, it was the first time Han Qianqian had smiled from the bottom of her heart since she had been in Mi for so long.

        At this moment, Qi Yiyun got unprecedented satisfaction, even if it was the final care before her death, it was enough for her.

        "It's just a pity I couldn't have the most that thing with you, I'm still a girl." Chi Yi Yun said with some regret.

        Han Giangli was stunned and turned to Qi Yiyun and asked, "What do you mean?"

        Chi Yi Yun was also stunned, but she had pretended to have sex with Han San San while she was drunk, she didn't expect to take off the truth in this situation.

        It didn't matter though, she was going to die anyway, so what was the point of caring so much.

        "You were as drunk as a dead pig, so I could only take off my clothes and pretend that I had slept with you, but nothing actually happened," Chi Yi Yun said.

        The corners of Han Qianli's mouth turned up, and he was just glad that he hadn't betrayed Su Yingxia.

        But Qi Yiyun was very dissatisfied when she saw Han Qianqian's smile, didn't this guy feel any pity at all, she was a beautiful woman.

        "Don't you have the slightest bit of pity that you didn't even get me, I'm so beautiful." Chi Yi Yun said with a frown on her nose.

        Before Han Qianli could reply, Han Born and Han Xiao had already walked into the living room.

        Looking at the two holding hands, Han Tiansheng scoffed disdainfully, "I didn't think they were still a pair of deadly lovebirds, but they're still talking about love when they're dying."

        "Do you really dare to kill me?" Han Qianli asked Han Tongsheng with a calm face, in terms of strength, he wasn't a match for Han Xiao, so he could only use the banner of the next oldest to scare Han Tongsheng.

        "To me, face is more important than life, and since I'm here, do you think I'll return empty-handed?" Han Tiansheng said.

        "Face is more important than life? Han Tiansheng, did you deliberately come to make a joke in front of me, if that's the case, why would you go to Cloud City, it's not a disgrace to be afraid of dying and still not admit it." Han Qianli said with a smile.

        Han Tiansheng paled, he was now very regretful about this matter of going to Cloud City, if Lin Tong had appeared earlier, he would never have been able to do such a humiliating thing, and now he was still the subject of ridicule by Han Qianli!

        "I'll see how long you can talk tough until you're dead." Han Tiansheng said resentfully.

        "The next oldest wants to take me as his disciple, I don't need to say anything about his position in the apocalypse, if his disciple is killed, can you imagine what will happen to the murderer?" Han Three Thousand Thousand threatened.

        "Han Three Thousand, do you think I didn't go over these issues before I came to you, I've long since come here with no regard for this outcome." Han Tiansheng said with a smile.

        Han Three Thousand's heart sank, these words didn't even have the slightest deterrent effect on Han Tiansheng, which made him feel a little desperate, unable to force Han Tiansheng back with threats, he was even more useless.

        "I'll be waiting for you on the Yellow Spring Road, I want to see how you die at the hands of the next oldest." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        "Han Three Thousand, it's best that you have such an awareness, but you'll wait for the people around you on the Yellow Spring Road first, such as Han Tian Yang, Su Ying Xia, and your daughter, and perhaps only at the end will you reach me." Han Tiansheng said.

        "Han Tiansheng, this is my own matter, it has nothing to do with them." Han Qianqiang gritted her teeth when she heard this, Su Yingxia and Han Nian were innocent in this matter, but she didn't expect Han Tiansheng to even let them off the hook.

        "Irrelevant? As long as it's someone close to you, they're all going to die, so how is it irrelevant? Han 3,000, you underestimate me, are you naive enough to think that my deterrent power in the Chinese district has been bought with money?" As he spoke, Han Tiansheng shook his head and continued, "No, but the bones beneath my feet, I kill, never mind the young or old, to me, as long as there is a threat, there is only death, even if your daughter is just a baby now, she will die."

        Han Qianli breathed rapidly, he could have accepted his fate and the end of death himself, but he would never want to see Han Nian die at a young age at the hands of Han Tiansheng.

        "She's just a child who doesn't know anything, Han Tiansheng, you'll be damned if you do that," Qi Yi Yun said to Han Tiansheng.

        "What kind of a thing are you to have the right to talk to me, little Chi, you don't know how to behave like this, don't worry, after you die, I'll send your parents on their way as soon as possible, so that you can meet each other on the Yellow Spring Road." Han Tiansheng said.

        "Han Tiansheng, I can die, but can you spare Su Yingxia and Han Nian?" Han Giangli said in a deep voice.

        "Are you still qualified to negotiate with me? I can tell you that I won't just let them die, I'll let them die horribly, I'll let Su Yingxia see Han Nian strangled to death by me with her own eyes, I'll tell her that it's all your fault, I'll make Su Yingxia hate you until the day she dies, can you imagine Han Nian crying in pain? Can you imagine her struggling in my hands, it must be a very miserable picture."

        After a pause, Han Tiansheng continued, "But don't worry, I won't just snap her neck, I'll let her slowly feel suffocated, her little face, it will definitely be purple and blue, this is something I've learned from experience."

        Han Qianli's heart was bleeding and her breath was heavy, these words from Han Tiansheng undoubtedly caused Han Qianli's anger to climb to an extreme.

        Right at this moment, Chi Yi Yun suddenly shook off Han Three Thousand's hand with a frightened look on her face, as she felt Han Three Thousand's hand was as hot as red-hot iron.

        "Han Three Thousand, what ...... happened to you!" How could a human body suddenly have such a high temperature, such a change that frightened Chi Yi Yun.

        Han Giangli raised her head with red eyes, looked at Han Tiansheng, and said word for word, "In that case, I can only kill you."

Chapter 660

The sudden change in Han 3000 made Qi Yiyun afraid, especially the look in his eyes, making Qi Yiyun feel as if the Han 3000 at the moment was a completely different person, it was no longer the Han 3000 she was familiar with, it was more like a devil.

        But Han Tiansheng didn't have the slightest fear due to Han Qianli's change, still looking at Han Qianli with a mocking face, it wasn't until Han Xiaoxiao looked like he was standing in front of him that Han Tiansheng noticed a hint of unusual meaning.

        "What's going on?" Han Tiansheng whispered to Han Xiao.

        Han Xiao's eyebrows were locked, he didn't know what was going on, but at this moment he felt a powerful threat on Han 3000 that wasn't supposed to exist, after all, in terms of strength, he was completely capable of crushing Han 3000.

        "I don't know, you be careful." Han Xiao warned to Han Tiansheng.

        Han Tiansheng's mouth screamed that he wasn't afraid of death, that face was more important than life, but in reality, this old man had long since lost his fervor, perhaps because he had lived in comfort for too long, and he still felt afraid when his life was truly threatened.

        So after hearing Han Xiao's words, Han Tiansheng even withdrew a few steps.

        "Kill him." Han Tiansheng ordered, since Han 3,000 was able to get Han Xiao to pay so much attention, he wouldn't let Han 3,000 live.

        Han Xiao also wanted to finish Han 3,000 as soon as possible, as the threat Han 3,000 posed was getting stronger and stronger, and he even had an intuition that if he continued like this, Han 3,000 would kill him!

        At this moment, Han Three thousand was like a blazing fire burning in his body, filling his entire body with a power that was about to become uncontrollable.

        Right at this moment, Han Xiaoxiao suddenly attacked, bullying his way in with a swift thunderbolt and giving a heavy blow towards Han Three Thousand's chest.

        Han 3,000 didn't dodge, and his fist struck squarely on the chest.

        With Han Xiaoxiao's knowledge of his own power, this punch could not only force Han Three Thousand to retreat, it could also make Han Three Thousand unable to breathe for a moment, but this was not the case.

        Han 3000 was like a brass wall, standing in place without the slightest movement, and the feedback came out with such force that it shook Han's wrist to the point of breaking.

        "How is it possible!" Han Xiao was horrified, this was absolutely impossible, how could Han Qianyan take such a heavy punch from him without changing his face.

        "Han Xiao, I told you to kill him, why are you still holding back!" Han Tiansheng reminded Han Xiao with anger, but he didn't know that Han Xiao was already gaining momentum with this punch and would never show any mercy.

        "Is that all the strength you have?" When the words spat out of Han Three Thousand's mouth, Han Xiao once again exerted his strength and punched Han Three Thousand's chest again.

        This time, it still wasn't able to harm Han Three Thousand Year old and was still as unshakable as a bronze wall.

        Han Xiao's eyes became incredulous, how could he become so strong in such a broken time, it was absolutely impossible for this to happen.

        "You, what the hell are you." Han Xiaoxiao asked with a frightened expression.

        "Are you powerless?" Han Three Thousand Thousand said.

        A sense of crisis from his life came towards Han Xiao, and Han Xiao subconsciously stepped back, trying to close the distance between him and Han Qianxiang to avoid being injured by Han Qianxiang's counterattack.

        But when Han Xiaoxiao had clearly withdrawn three meters away, Han Qianqian was still standing in front of him.

        Han Xiaoxiao's back broke out in cold sweat.

        He was able to affirm that he had withdrawn a great distance, but Han Qianli was still standing in front of him, which meant that Han Qianli was moving with him and was moving at the same speed as him, if not faster and with more precise control, otherwise, how could Han Qianli be able to follow him and withdraw the same distance.

        "Han Xiao, what the hell are you doing!" Han Tiansheng was completely furious, in his eyes, Han 3,000 was just a mole that could be crushed to death at Han Xiao's whim, but now, Han Xiao hadn't done Han 3,000 the slightest bit of harm, which he couldn't accept.

        The bitterness in Han Xiao's heart was something that only he himself knew.

        Facing the suddenly powerful Han 3000, Han Xiao couldn't explain it, but one thing he was sure of was that the current Han 3000 was by no means the same kind of strength as the last encounter, as to how exactly he had become stronger, Han Xiao had no idea.

        "Looks like you're going to die in my hands." The corners of Han Three Thousand's mouth lifted up in a strange curve, and to Han Xiao, this smile was filled with coldness and went deep into the marrow of his bones.


        A loud bang.

        Han's body flew out like a cannonball and smashed into the wall, and the entire villa trembled as a result.

        When Han Tiansheng saw this scene, he stared with incredulous eyes.

        How was it possible!

        How could this be.

        Han Xiaoxiao was actually punched by Han Qianqian, wasn't his strength just a three-year-old child to Han Xiaoxiao?

        Once again, Han Qianli approached Han Xiaoxiao like a ghost and stood in front of Han Xiaoxiao.

        Even Qi Yiyun, who was on the outside and watching all of this, couldn't see Han Three Thousand's movements, and in a flash, like a ghost, she floated in front of Han Xiao.

        "How do you want to die?" Han Giangli asked Han Xiao with a frosty face.

        Han Xiaoxiao shook his head, clearly filled with reluctance, how could someone who could be at his mercy suddenly become so powerful.

        "Impossible, impossible, why did you suddenly become so strong." Han Xiao said unwillingly.

        "He shouldn't have provoked me, much less used Han Nian to irritate me." Han Giang could still not explain why he suddenly possessed that power, but the current situation was very clear to him, Han Nian had completely angered him, causing the power in his body to explode like a flood.

        Han 3000 kicked Han Xiao in the chest, and since the entire villa was a wooden structure, the force of this kick directly caused the powerful impact of Han Xiao's body to go through the wall, while Han Xiao spat out blood.

        Such a big commotion caused those eyeballs outside the villa to send the news back to their mastermind behind the scenes at once.

        Everyone thought that Han Qianqiang was dead, and facing an expert like Han Xiao, and based on the movement from the villa, how could he still be alive?

        "I didn't expect Han 3000 to die in this manner, it should be a luxury to keep a full body."

        "Once again, the facts prove that Han Tiansheng is not to be provoked, and anyone who dares to go against him won't have a good end."

        "Han 3000, now that I think about it, he's a joke ah, this is a world where success or failure is judged by the success of the heroes, he gave Han Tiansheng a coffin seemingly with great momentum, but in the end, he still has to die at Han Tiansheng's hands."

        When these people made their conclusions and mocked Han Three Thousand, who could have thought that Han was the one who was gradually reaching the end of his life at the moment?

        Han Tiansheng had been dumbfounded, this was completely different from the situation he had thought of before coming here, Han Tiansheng had never dreamed that Han Xiao would be no match for Han Qianli.

        This loser would suddenly become so strong!

        "I now understand why the next old man took you in as a disciple, your talent must be above that of Lin Tong." Han Xiao said with a desperate look on his face, the matter of the next oldest disciple was suspected throughout the apocalypse, and no one understood why the next oldest disciple would take a worldly disciple, but Han Xiao now witnessed it with his own eyes, and only he understood the next oldest's thoughts.

        If his emotions were normal, Han Giang would definitely be curious about what Han Xiao meant by those words, but right now, there was only one thought in his head, kill Han Xiao and Han Tiansheng, only then could he keep Su Yingxia and Han Nian alive.

        "Go to hell." After Han Qianli said those three words, he smashed a fist on Han Xiao's temple.

        A distinct fist depression appeared at the location of Han Xiao's head, enough to see how powerful the punch was, and before Han Xiao could even close his eyes, his entire body collapsed weakly to the ground.


        Just die!

        Han Tiansheng looked at the motionless Han Xiao in a daze, but this warrior general had helped him to reach his peak position today, and Han Tiansheng had never thought that Han Xiao would die in this way.

        In Han Tiansheng's opinion, Han Xiao only had time to kill him, as he was so strong that he had almost no opponent in the world.

        But now ......

        "You, what are you doing!" When Han Tiansheng saw Han Qianxiang coming towards him, he came back to his senses and said in horror.

        "Only if you die will Yingxia and Han Nian be safe." Han Three Thousand said faintly.

        "You, you can't kill me, your grandfather won't allow you to kill me." Han Tiansheng retreated even until he was in a corner, unable to retreat.


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