His True Colors Chapter 657-658


Chapter 657

Han Three Thousand's home.

        In this situation, Han 3,000 was able to affirm that there was a helper beside Han Tiansheng, and this helper was not only stronger than Ma Yu, but most likely someone from the apocalypse, after all, Ma Yu was here by order of the next oldest, and if the other party didn't have the added status, they definitely wouldn't dare to deal with him rashly.

        Even Han 3,000 suspected that this was most likely the work of the opponent of the next oldest, even at a level like the apocalypse, there would definitely exist enemies who didn't like each other, no matter what kind of interpersonal circle they were in.

        "Brother 3000, what should we do now?" Ma Feihao asked to Han 3,000, not only was he worried about Han 3,000's situation, he would also be worried about himself, after all this time he had been showing Han 3,000's kindness to the entire Chinese district knew, naturally Han Tiansheng would not let him go.

        "Without your uncle, we can only rely on ourselves now." Han Qianli said in a deep voice, this was not a choice, but something Han Qianli had to face, there was no escape.

        That made Ma Feihao a little desperate.

        Rely on ourselves?

        Isn't that the joke?

        Han Giangli's broken leg hadn't healed yet, and it was even more impossible to be a match for Han, so how could he go on his own?

        Seeing Ma Feihao's concern, Han Qianli continued, "If you're afraid, you can leave quickly, or you can declare to the public that you're following me just to wait for an opportunity to seek revenge, even if you go to please Han Tiansheng now, I won't mind."

        Ma Feihao did think about doing that, but with Han Tiansheng's personality, how could he accept his pleasures?

        And there was only a high probability that Han 3,000 was going to die now, not a certainty, and in case he survived, he was still someone who was valued by the next oldest after all.

        Ma Feihao was faced with such a choice and appeared to be in a dilemma, he didn't know what he should do.

        At this time, the doorbell suddenly rang.

        Ever since Chi Yi Yun had left, no one would basically come to the house, and Yan Yu was now living in the company's assigned dormitory, and today wasn't Sunday, making it even more unlikely that she would come to see him.

        Han Qianqiang's face was pale, did Han Tiansheng come to the door so soon?

        Ma Feihao was terrified, if Han Tiansheng was the one to find him, he wouldn't have a chance at all, and would probably be buried for Han 3000.

        In the past at times like this, Ma Feihao had taken the initiative to open the door, but today his legs were like lead and he stayed in place, not daring to move.

        Han 3,000 yuan took the initiative to walk to the door and opened it after making up his mind to deal with Han Born.

        "What are you doing here?" The visitor wasn't Han Tiansheng, but rather Chi Yiyun, which made Han Giangli frown, she hadn't heard from her for some days after being driven away, so how could she suddenly come to the door again at a time like this.

        "Even if I die, I'll die with you." Qi Yiyun gritted her teeth and said.

        After saying that, Qi Yiyun walked into the house and went to the living room to sit down directly on the sofa, looking like she wasn't going to leave.

        "Do you want to die that badly?" Han Giangli said speechlessly, she could say these words, she obviously already understood the circumstances of Ma Yu's disappearance.

        "Yeah, as long as I can die with you, I'm willing, I won't be afraid if you're on the Yellow Spring Road." Qi Yi Yun said indifferently.

        Han Giangli was very helpless, this woman had already shown once that she wasn't afraid of death in front of the Han villa, even when she was facing Han Xiao, she dared to stand in front of him, and this time, she seemed to have made this choice without hesitation.

        "You're crazy." Han Giangli said.

        It wasn't just Han Qianqian who thought that Chi Yi Yun was crazy, Ma Feihao likewise thought so.

        In this situation, Ma Feihao could not wait to use all his strength to get out of it, but Chi Yiyun had taken the initiative to come to his door, which had to make him sigh that the magic of love was really scary, not to mention that it could easily wash out a person's mind, but it could even make him disregard his own life.

        "I believe you won't die." Chi Yi Yun said.

        "What's the point of blindly believing?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "There's no point in chanting, I'm not going to leave anyway, no matter how much you chase me away, or you can just kill me and throw my corpse out." Chi Yi Yun said.

        Han Qianli couldn't laugh or cry, how could he kill Qi Yiyun, he had already caused enough harm to Qi Yiyun, human hearts are flesh and blood, although Han Qianli had rejected Qi Yiyun countless times with an iron heart, there was no way he would do something so ruthless.

        "If you're willing to die, stay, I won't stop you," Han Giangli said.

        Qi Yiyun had a smile on her face, and it was a wonder that she could even laugh when her life was at stake.

        "Have you eaten, I'll cook for you." Qi Yi Yun asked as she stood up.

        Ma Feihao shook his head, he hadn't eaten and was famished, but in this situation, there was really no appetite to speak of.

        "Brother Three Thousand, why don't we just look for my uncle, only by finding him can we get through this crisis." Ma Feihao suggested.

        This wasn't Cloud City, Han Three Thousand could only use a limited amount of manpower and he didn't want to involve Tang Zong in this matter, saying, "Let's try, you find some people to ask around."

        "Okay, I'll go first." After saying that, Ma Feihao couldn't wait to leave.

        A certain suburban area of the Chinese district.

        Ma Yu looked like he was in a very poor state, obviously having just gone through a fierce battle, but the Lin Tong standing in front of him was still graceful.

        He didn't expect the difference in strength between himself and Lin Tong to be so large.

        "The four gates of the apocalypse are truly extraordinary, if you were to kill me, I'd already be dead." Ma Yu was panting like a bull, clearly in a state of physical exhaustion.

        "One move, just one move, and I can take your life." Lin Tong said with a smile.

        This answer was a bit desperate for Ma Yu, he had trained very hard in the apocalypse and had almost risked his life to be able to achieve a status promotion, but in the end he was so weak in front of Lintong!

        "You used the Han family's hands to kill Han 3,000, but have you thought about the fact that no matter what Han 3,000 died for, you can't escape the blame, do you really think that this will absolve you of responsibility?" Ma Yu said reluctantly, he knew that Lintong was deliberately holding him back to give Han Xiao the chance to do it, and with Han 3000's strength facing Han Xiao, he was bound to die.

        "Can I still be blamed for the death of this piece of trash of his, he's not strong enough to die, and he can still let the others take the blame?" Lintong smiled.

        "He didn't die by your hand, but he died because of you, don't you have to take responsibility, will the next oldest let you off the hook?" Ma Yu said.

        "The next oldest will definitely be dissatisfied with me, but so what, it's enough that he doesn't have a valid reason to punish me." Lintong said.

        Ma Yu was very surprised to hear these words, in his opinion, Lin Tong was dealing with Han 3000 in order to get the next old man's apprentice slot, but now from what he heard, it seemed like he didn't care about this anymore.

        "There's no benefit for you to do so, and the next oldest won't take you as a disciple." Ma Yu said.

        "It doesn't matter if I can become the next oldest disciple or not, the important thing is that I can't let anyone steal my limelight, the next oldest will die of old age one day, after he dies, who among the four gates will be qualified to inherit his position?" Lintong laughed loudly.

        Ma Yu was stunned, and only then did he understand what Lintong was trying to do.

        It turned out that he didn't mean the name of his apprentice, but the position of the next oldest.

        Indeed, after Old Man Yi died of old age, the Four Gates needed a new helmsman, and as Lin Tong was the proud son of the apocalypse and the most promising young man in the Four Gates, the possibility of him taking the position was very high.

        But it seemed too early for him to plan ahead and strangle Han 3,000 in the cradle, Han 3,000 wasn't necessarily a threat to him, and even the next oldest disciple wasn't 100% excellent.

        "Han 3000 doesn't necessarily have the qualifications to compete with you, and if you do that, you'll instead cause the next oldest to be dissatisfied, and you'll lose more than you gain." Ma Yu said.

        "Tsk tsk tsk." Lin Tong looked at Ma Yu with a sigh and said, "I have to say, these words of yours do make me a bit shaken, how could a trash like Han 3000 be qualified to compete with me, but to be sure, he must die!"

Chapter 658

Han 3,000 knew that Han Tiansheng would find him soon, but he didn't go anywhere, he just waited at home because there was no need to run away from this matter for him, and it was something he had to face, besides this was Mi, unless he left the country, otherwise with Han Tiansheng's power, he would be found no matter where he hid.

        "Are you really planning to die with me?" Han Giangli asked to Qi Yiyun.

        Every time she appeared in front of Han Giang, Chi Yi Yun would dress up beautifully, only this time she appeared in a hurry and didn't even have time to apply makeup, but her plain face was still touching, as long as she didn't have her eyes on, Chi Yi Yun's beauty wouldn't be hidden, and without makeup, she looked another kind of innocent.

        "En." Chi Yiyun nodded firmly, looking directly at Han Giang without any fear.

        "Not afraid?" Han Giangli continued to ask.

        "What's there to be afraid of if I can die with you, if there are too many lonely souls on the Yellow Spring Road, you remember to protect me." Qi Yiyun said calmly, this calmness of hers was not an act, but she really wasn't afraid at all, as long as Han Qianqian was by her side, everything was fearless for Qi Yiyun.

        "Really love me this much, what's so good about me?" Han Qianqian said speechlessly, he didn't feel that he had the capital to let someone go to his death, and with Chi Yi Yun's posture, what kind of man couldn't be found, so how come he was hanging on to his tree.

        "Everywhere is fine, don't you know that a lover's eyes are full of westerners?" Qi Yiyun smiled and said, full of eyes only Han Qianqian.

        Whether it was Chi Yiyun's words, actions or mannerisms, she did this, it was easy to move the heart, Han 3000 was not hard-hearted, his heart was also flesh-grown, to say that there was no softness at all was impossible, but this love was ultimately too heavy for Han 3000, in the current situation, he had no other choice but to be sorry for Chi Yiyun.

        "It seems you still don't know the meaning of the word despair, no matter what you do, we won't be together." Han Marchian said.

        Chi Yi Yun had been rejected countless times by Han Giang and had long since seen the outcome between her and Han Giang, so she had long since stopped seeking the end and said to Han Giang, "Do you think I still care about the end? I just care about the process, and after being rejected by you so many times, it's time for me to see through it."

        Chi Yi Yun was so spontaneous and smiling, already accepting the end of giving with no return, which was something Han Qianqian hadn't expected.

        "You're probably crazy, go see a doctor as soon as possible, you might even have a chance to be cured." Han 3,000 was helpless.

        "A terminal illness." Chi Yi Yun looked wistful as she raised her eyebrows at Han 3,000 and said, "There's only one good medicine to cure it, but I can't get this good medicine, so I didn't think of curing it, so let's pretend it's a terminal illness."

        A good medicine?

        Han Qianqiang knew that the good medicine that Chi Yi Yun was talking about was himself, and this medicine was indeed something she couldn't get.

        At the same time, Han Tiansheng and Han Xiao, stepped out of the Han family villa.

        At this moment the eyes of the upper class families in the Chinese district were once again jointly focused on Han Tiansheng, and countless eyes began to pay attention to Han Tiansheng's movements and report the facts to their own behind-the-scenes bosses.

        Everyone knew that after Ma Yu disappeared and Han Tiansheng withdrew his coffin, the next time was when he went to deal with Han 3,000, and without Ma Yu's help, Han 3,000 would only be dead.

        "Han 3000 won't be so lucky this time."

        "Han Tiansheng is still Han Tiansheng after all, how can you fight Han 3000 with this stunner's skills."

        "I didn't think Han 3000 still didn't create a miracle, it seems that this Chinese district's sky will still be controlled by Han Tiansheng, what a pity, there aren't many young people who dare to call the shots with Han Tiansheng straight in the face."

        "I don't know if Han 3000 still has a back up, before the big picture is decided, everything is possible, Han 3000 might still be able to create a miracle."

        People from all sides commented on the matter, but in most people's opinion, the ending wouldn't be too unexpected, after all, Han Tiansheng had an expert like Han Xiao around him, and Han 3000 had almost died at Han Xiao's hands, and since he wasn't Han Xiao's opponent, there was only one word of death waiting for him.

        But at the same time, there was a small group of people who still held hope for Han Three Thousand, the era that belonged to Han Tiansheng had been too long, and they wanted to see the new era pout, but also wanted to see what would happen to a generation of strong men after they fell.

        At this time, there was a family that was stirring up trouble and was busy holding a family meeting.

        This family had a very big grudge against Han Tiansheng and for so many years, they had been trying to find a way to take revenge, before Han 3,000 made them see an opportunity, but now, it seemed that this opportunity was about to slip away, so they wanted to give some help to Han 3,000 at this time and take revenge with Han 3,000's hand.

        But the voices in the family were different, some felt that they shouldn't offend Han Tiansheng at this time, while others felt that the opportunity shouldn't be missed, so the meeting room was noisy.

        "If we don't seize this opportunity, we'll never be able to take revenge, can you really forget this blood feud?" In the meeting room, a man named Zhong Ming said with an angry face.

        "Han Three Thousand Year is now clearly only going to end up dead, why do we have to go and give him a funeral."

        "Yes, it's nonsense to want to rely on Han Third Thousand's trash for revenge, if he's capable, why do we need to do it."

        "Zhong Ming, if you want revenge, don't drag us into it, we're not willing to accompany him to his death."

        Zhong Ming's words were opposed by many people, almost all of whom were unwilling to help Han Qianqiang at this time.

        "Zhong Ming, your parents died at the hands of Han Tiansheng, we can understand your desire for revenge, but you must be clear, the Zhong family cannot disregard the lives of others because of your hatred alone, you're not ignorant of how powerful Han Tiansheng is, it's no surprise that the Zhong family will be wiped out if you provoke him."

        Zhong Ming's parents had died at the hands of Han Tiansheng when he was very young, this hatred Zhong Ming had always kept in mind didn't dare to forget, and he had sworn a vow to avenge his parents, waiting for so many years, it was hard to wait for a Han 3000, Zhong Ming was very eager to seize this opportunity, but the others were obviously not willing to risk their lives for this.

        "Yeah, it's been so many years since the people died, why are you still being serious, maybe they've all been reincarnated."

        "That's right, maybe they reincarnated into rich families and are better off than we all are now."

        Hearing these sarcastic words, Zhong Ming became even angrier inside, it wasn't the parents of these people who died, they didn't care about this matter at all.

        Zhong Ming looked to the head of the Zhong family, his grandfather, whether or not the Zhong family was going to show up on this matter, no matter how much they argued, it was useless, in the end, it was up to him to make a decision on the case.

        "Grandpa." Zhong Ming shouted.

        The head of the family had a serious expression on his face, this matter would do more harm than good, and the risk was very high, if anything went wrong, the Zhong family would definitely be uprooted by Han Tiansheng.

        Seeing his grandfather hesitate, Zhong Ming was a bit anxious and said, "Grandpa, you promised me that you would find a way to help my parents take revenge, and now is your last chance, so why are you still hesitating?"

        The family head stood up and said with a sigh, "I had thought that Han 3000 would be able to create a miracle, but this young man clearly lacks backbone, he can't possibly be a match for Han Born, even if we intervene, it won't change the outcome of this matter."

        The others smiled easily when they heard the family head's words, but Zhong Ming's eyes were the only ones that danced with anger.

        "Zhong Ming, give it up, Han Tiansheng will always die of old age, and when he dies, you can do whatever you want at the grave, so why bother with him at this point."

        "Yes, yes, it should be fun to go to Han Tiansheng's grave and bounce around."

        A few of the flatmates laughed and ridiculed Zhong Ming, which made Zhong Ming even more furious.

        After Zhong Ming angrily left the meeting room, he would go to his room.

        There were black and white photos of his parents hanging on the walls of the room, and underneath the photos was the shrine that housed the two old men's tablets, and Zhong Ming kneeled in front of it with a thud.

        "Dad, Mom, my son is unfilial, unable to take revenge for you, it's my incompetence, I'm useless." Zhong Ming said with a pained face.

        After being silent for a long time, Zhong Ming raised his head unwillingly and said, "Han 3000, if you can let Han Tian Sheng die, I, Zhong Ming, am willing to be a cow for you for the rest of my life."


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