His True Colors Chapter 654-656


Chapter 654

Han family villa.

        Han Tiansheng was on tenterhooks all day long after returning from China, and the meeting with Han Tian Yang didn't turn out to be as good as he thought it would be, Han 3000 was still a time bomb to him, and once it detonated, the entire Han family would cease to exist, which made Han Tiansheng very unhappy.

        He couldn't accept that the Han family would be overwhelmed by Han Qianli, a trash, but at this stage, he couldn't do anything about Han Qianli at all.

        The Four Next Door Elder, an existence of unimaginable status, had him as Han Three Thousand's backstage, and Han Tiansheng had only helplessness and despair.

        Planning to go for a walk in the small courtyard, Han Tiansheng suddenly found a fresh-faced young man sitting in his place.

        The first time Han Xiao shielded Han Tiansheng, this person was able to quietly appear in the small courtyard and was able to avoid the sight of the Han family's many bodyguards, it was definitely not a simple person.

        "Who are you?" Han Tiansheng asked from a distance, not daring to approach at all.

        The visitor was Lin Tong, and as Ma Yu thought, he wouldn't personally deal with Han 3,000, because the next oldest had already given the word that he would take Han 3,000 as his disciple, and if he killed Han 3,000 himself, not only would he not be able to become the next oldest's disciple, he would also offend the next oldest, so Han 3,000 would have to die, but only by accident.

        "Don't be afraid, if I were to kill you, you'd already be a corpse." Lin Tong said faintly.

        Han Tiansheng took a glance at Han Xiao, at the moment his muscles were taut and he was already in the best fighting condition, but facing Lin Tong who acted like a cloud, Han Xiao was not confident at all, although at the moment Lin Tong exposed many flaws, but Han Xiao felt that once he made a move, he would be the one to die.

        Seeing Han Xiao's slight nod, Han Tiansheng bit his teeth, how did the world suddenly change, in the past, with Han Xiao by his side, God stopped God, no one could stop Han Tiansheng, but this time when he reappeared, one expert after another popped up, and all of them were still unbeatable to Han Xiao.

        "Since you're not here to kill me, what are you looking for me for?" Hansen asked.

        "Trade, make a deal you want," Lintong said.

        Han Tiansheng frowned, not understanding what Lin Tong's words meant, and with the Han family's current situation, Han Tiansheng didn't have any idea of doing business, no matter how much money he made, it wouldn't help if the Han family's crisis wasn't lifted.

        "You want money?" Han Tiansheng said.

        Lin Tong smiled and stood up, saying, "Am I just a poor man in your eyes? Money is nothing more than a pile of scrap paper to me."

        "If you have something to say, just say it, no need to beat around the bush," Han Tiansheng said.

        "You want Han 3,000 to die, I also want that trash to die early, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, isn't that right." Lintong said.

        An enemy of an enemy can indeed be a friend.

        Not only did Han Tiansheng want Han Three Thousand to die, he also wanted him to be pulverized.

        But that was just imagination, now that he had Ma Yu to protect Han 3,000 and even more so the next oldest as Han 3,000's backstage, what kind of capital did he have to let Han 3,000 die?

        "That's true, but it's not a simple matter to want Han Three Thousand Year dead, perhaps you don't know what kind of person Han Three Thousand Year is now, his backstage is even more unimaginable to you." Han Tiansheng said, it was clear that he only treated Lin Tong as Han 3,000's common enemy anymore.

        "Of course I know, the next oldest wants to take him as a disciple, this trash doesn't know what kind of luck he's had to get such an honor." Lin Tong said with disdain, he had always performed very well in the Four Gates and many people even thought that he would become the next oldest's personal disciple, but the news of Han Three Thousand's death fell through everyone's eyes and also caused Lin Tong to kill Han Three Thousand.

        If Han 3000 was not dead, his position would be taken away from him, something that Lin Tong would never accept.

        Han Tiansheng subconsciously took a glance at Han Xiao, this guy was able to know the next oldest, it seemed that his identity was not ordinary either.

        "You're also a member of the Apocalypse?" Han Xiaoxiao asked.

        Lin Tong looked at Han Xiao with disdain and said, "I joined the apocalypse at the age of eight, earlier than you."

        Eight years old!

        Han Xiao's heart was shaken, everyone who joined the apocalypse either possessed extraordinary strength or was gifted, and this person in front of him was able to join the apocalypse at the age of eight, so it was obvious that he had amazing talent, and Han Xiao was certain that he must have a remarkable position in the apocalypse.

        Had something happened recently in the apocalypse? How did so many apocalypses go off into the world.

        "What's your name, maybe I've heard of you." Han asked.

        "Tell me, I'm afraid I'll scare you." Lin Tong smiled.

        A hint of disdain arose in Han Xiao's heart, a name was just a name, how could it frighten him?

        "Don't believe me? You've heard of the word Rintong," Lintong said.

        Han Xiao was first stunned, then revealed an incredulous expression.

        "You ...... are Lintong!" Han Xiaoxiao said in shock.

        Lin Tong was very satisfied with the change in Han's expression, his name was worth the surprise of the bystanders.

        But Han Tiansheng was a bit strange, how could a name be so intimidating when it was just a name.

        "It seems that he still doesn't understand what the name means and needs you to explain it." Rintong said as he looked at Han Tiansheng.

        Han Xiaoxiao took a deep breath, calmed his mood and said to Han Born, "Lintong is known as the most talented person in the apocalypse, and he also refreshed his age to enter the four gates, he is the first person ever to enter the four gates at less than eighteen years old, it was once said that he is the proud son of the apocalypse, and his achievements are unmatched."

        "Hahahahahaha." Hearing Han's explanation, Lintong laughed painfully and very proudly.

        Han Tiansheng didn't know what it meant to enter the Four Gates at the age of eighteen, but for Han Xiao, or for the entire Apocalypse, it was a miracle, because the Four Gates already belonged to the core level of the Apocalypse, a height that many people couldn't reach in their entire lives, and yet Lintong had done it when she was less than eighteen, unprecedented and possibly even unprecedented.

        How powerful Lin Tong was, Han Tiansheng didn't want to delve into it, he hadn't entered the apocalypse and wouldn't be able to understand the shock, but no matter what, it was a good thing for him, since Lin Tong wanted to kill Han Qianqian, then the Han family could take this opportunity to avert the crisis.

        "What do you want me to do?" Han Tiansheng asked to Lin Tong.

        "I can hold Ma Yu in check, but as long as there's no Ma Yu, it should be easy for you to kill that trash Han 3000." Lintong asked to Han Xiao.

        Han Xiao nodded his head and said, "If it wasn't for Ma Yu, Han Three Thousand would have died in my hands."

        There were many magnificent mountains and rivers in China, some of which had been developed into scenic areas for people to visit, while others were classified as off-limits.

        To the north of China, a deep, unspoiled forest, a deserted place in the eyes of the world, but in reality, a group of people who were above the world lived here, and they were collectively known as the Apocalypse.

        What the significance of the existence of the apocalypse was, most of the apocalypse people did not know, only a few cores were clear about why the apocalypse existed.

        At this moment, on top of a mountain, a white-bearded old man stood facing the wind with his hands behind his back, a simple and ancient costume that looked like an immortal.

        At this time, a middle-aged man walked up behind the white-bearded old man, cupped his hands in respect, curtsied slightly and said, "Next old man, Lin Tong has arrived in Mi."

        When the person called Next Old Man heard this, he merely nodded faintly and said, "I know."

        The middle-aged man frowned slightly, if he knew, why was he not worried at all?

        Although the middle-aged man couldn't figure out why the next oldest would take on a person who had never been masked as an apprentice, but since he was doing this, there must be some kind of reason, and now that Rintong had gone to Mi, he would obviously be a threat to Han 3,000, but he didn't care at all?

        "Next old man, Lin Tong is not simply going down to see his opponent, aren't you afraid that Han 3000 will die in his hands?" The middle-aged man couldn't help but ask.

        "Do you know why I didn't take Lin Tong as my disciple?" The next oldest said.

        "I don't know, but I'm curious, but Lintong is a proud son of the sky, the most outstanding young man in the apocalypse." The middle-aged man couldn't wait to say, it wasn't just him who was very curious, the entire apocalypse couldn't figure out why the next oldest was doing this.

        The next old man just shook his head without saying a word as he smiled.

Chapter 655

Faced with the next oldest selling out, the middle-aged man looked a bit helpless as he took the initiative to bring up the matter, but was unsure of what to say.

        "Actually, I'm more curious as to why you're looking at Han Qianxiang compared to why you didn't take Lin Tong as your disciple." The middle-aged man said, even if this qualification couldn't fall on Lin Tong, there were many other outstanding young people among the apocalypse who were more qualified to fight for this position, and Han Qianxiang, a worldly person who hadn't yet joined the apocalypse, really made him wonder what was worthy of the next oldest's attention.

        The next oldest suddenly let out a laugh, an inexplicable laugh that left the middle-aged man confused.

        "Do you want to know what I think of this young man?" The next oldest said.

        "You wouldn't tell me anyway, so what's the point of me thinking?" The middle-aged man had learned his lesson this time and didn't give the next old man a chance to sell himself short, simply extinguishing himself.

        The next old man's laughter stopped abruptly and said, "I have only three words to say about him."

        After a pause, the next old man continued, "Savior!"

        The middle-aged man suddenly stared at the back of the next old man with jaw-dropping eyes.

        If these three words came out of anyone else's mouth, he would only treat them as a joke, but the meaning coming out of the next old man's mouth was completely different.

        The next oldest had such a high opinion of Han Qianqian, but ...... actually had such a high opinion of him!

        "This ...... this, next old man, you're not kidding me." The middle-aged man collected his startled jaw, but the incredulity in his eyes was still very strong.


        How could such a supreme evaluation be used on Han Qianli?

        "Of course not, this young man, who will make you fall out of your eyes, is the only one who can save the world, many people do not understand what the meaning of the existence of the apocalypse is, but soon, they will know." The next old man suddenly said with a sigh.

        This time the horrified expression on the middle-aged man's face was even greater, and it was clear that the next old man's words were meant to refer to the occurrence of some great event.

        The dry-mouthed middle-aged man swallowed his saliva to moisten his throat, but his voice still seemed a bit dry and hoarse as he said, "Next Old Man, are you saying that something is going to happen?"

        The next old man looked into the distance, which was a mountain top that was almost connected to the sea of clouds, and said in a dignified manner, "Not bad."


        A thunderbolt flashed in the middle-aged man's mind, his expression became very complicated, there was fear, expectation, but more so, uncertainty.

        "Next old man, if Han 3000 is so important, why didn't you stop Lin Tong, with Lin Tong's character, he would definitely be unfavorable to Han 3000." The middle-aged man said anxiously.

        "I can't help it, in order to ensure that Han Three Thousand can be my disciple, Lin Tong must appear, only if he brings danger to Han Three Thousand will I be more sure that Han Three Thousand will be willing." The next oldest said.

        The middle aged man frowned, the next oldest had planned to go out personally but suddenly changed his mind, that's why he sent Ma Yu to Mi, did he change his mind because he was afraid of being rejected by Han 3000?

        How is that possible!

        The middle-aged man thought this was complete nonsense, it was a good thing to be the next old man's disciple, it was a three life's worth of good fortune, how could Han Marchant refuse?

        "Second old man, your worries will be too unnecessary, Han Qianli can hardly refuse to be your disciple, I don't believe this guy will be so stupid." The middle-aged man shook his head and said.

        "Hey." The next old man sighed and said, "This brat has already made it clear that he will no longer worship his master."

        The middle-aged man felt like his emotional ups and downs for the day today could compare to an entire year before... Han 3000 had refused? Wasn't this a joke, how many people wanted to become the next oldest disciple were not allowed to do so, and such an opportunity fell on Han Giangli's head, but he was not looking at it.

        "I'm afraid this isn't a fool, right?" The middle-aged man couldn't help but say.

        "Who says it isn't, that's why I have to do something about it." The next oldest old man said helplessly.

        Feeling the tone of the second old man's voice, the middle-aged man took a deep breath, with the second old man's position in the apocalypse, as long as he let out the word that he wanted to accept a disciple, the threshold of the four gates would be broken, but he was biased to use his mind on Han Three Thousand, and from this point, it was also enough to be able to see the importance he attached to Han Three Thousand.

        Although the middle-aged man couldn't empathize with Han Three Thousand's position in the next old man's heart, he knew that the next old man's evaluation of Han Three Thousand was by no means child's play, and no one could match the weight of the three words savior.

        Perhaps the entire apocalypse would change in the future because of this young man named Han Qianqian.

        "Next old man, it's getting windy, go back and rest." The middle-aged man said.

        The next old man's white beard waved in the wind, more like a mountain immortal, nodded his head and said, "The mountain rain is coming."

        Rice Chinese District.

        Han Three Thousand's right leg had gradually recovered, and after almost a month of healing, he was almost able to get rid of his wheelchair, although he still walked with a limp, but such a speed of recovery was already considered very amazing, and if it were anyone else, without half a year's time, it would be impossible to get off the ground and walk.

        On this day, Ma Feihao suddenly rushed over to Han 3,000's house.

        "Brother Three Thousand, my uncle seems to have disappeared!" Ma Feihao looked frightened and said to Han Qianqian.

        Ma Yu was such a big man and strong, how could he have disappeared, he was probably delayed by something.

        "Your uncle isn't a child, and with his strength, is it worth worrying about?" Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        Ma Feihao didn't come to find Han 3,000 when Ma Yu had just disappeared, but rather, Ma Yu had been missing for three whole days, so this was what made Ma Feihao panic, after all, he was well aware of Ma Yu's purpose for returning to Mi, and it was definitely abnormal for him to be missing for no apparent reason.

        "Brother Three Thousand, although that's true, it's reasonable to say that he would never be able to disappear for no reason at this time." Ma Feihao said.

        "Moreover, and the coffin in front of Han's villa is also missing." Ma Feihao continued.

        Han Qianli frowned.

        Ma Yu had been guarding the coffin at Han's villa for so many days, and it was because of him that Han Tiansheng didn't dare to touch the coffin, but now that Ma Yu had disappeared and even the coffin had disappeared, these two things clearly had something to do with Han Tiansheng.

        Could it be that Han Tiansheng had even found someone who could deal with Ma Yu?

        "What exactly is it?" Han Marchiang asked.

        Ma Feihao combed through the past few days and said to Han Qianqian, "Three days ago, I went to look for my uncle and he disappeared that day, and for the next two days, I went there every day, but I didn't see my uncle until today, when the coffin disappeared as well, and I felt that something was wrong."

        The coffin was missing, this was indeed not right.

        Han Tiansheng was afraid of Ma Yu, which was why he would rather embarrass himself than touch the coffin, and he wasn't qualified to do so.

        Now that the coffin was gone, it was definitely Han Born's doing, and since he dared to do so, it meant that he had possibly stopped taking Ma Yu's threat seriously.

        There was only one possibility that such a thing could happen, and that was that Han Tiansheng had found someone who could deal with Ma Yu, and even more likely, Ma Yu might have already been poisoned!

        Han Three Thousand didn't expect Ma Yu to be able to escort him all the time, and he never wanted to lend anyone else's hand regarding the vengeance of the Mickey Han family.

        Han Three Thousand knew that sooner or later he would have to face this matter himself, but the timing was just a bit of a surprise to him.

        "It seems that Han Tiansheng has already found someone to deal with your uncle," Han Giangli said.

        Ma Feihao's heart sank and said, "Brother 3000, do you ...... mean that my uncle is already dead?"

        Han 3000 said with a serious expression, "I can't be sure, but don't worry, whether he's dead or alive, I'll find him out."

        Ma Feihao suddenly gritted his teeth and said, "How could Han Tiansheng have the guts to do such a thing, you're the next oldest disciple and my uncle was personally sent by the next oldest, how could he dare to do anything against the next oldest."

        This was one thing that Han Qianli couldn't figure out, although his knowledge of the next oldest old man was shallow, he also knew that the next oldest old man possessed an extraordinary status in the apocalypse, a worldly family like Han Tiansheng could never be the next oldest old man's opponent, it seemed that this matter was far from as simple as Han Tiansheng finding a helper.

Chapter 656

The disappearance of the coffin in front of Han's villa is a matter that has alarmed the entire Chinese district.

        Has Han Tiansheng finally made his move?

        They're finally going to strike back at Han 3,000?

        This seemed to indicate that a good show was about to come to an end, and the victory and defeat of the feud between Han Three Thousand and Han Tiansheng seemed to be coming to an end, so countless people were secretly following the development of this matter.

        Chi Family.

        After learning about this matter, Qi Donglin and Ouyang Fei discussed the matter and planned not to tell Qi Yiyun for the time being, as she had locked herself in her room since she had returned home, and the two of them knew that she must have been injured, and if she were to learn at this time that Han Tiansheng had a tendency to deal with Han 3000, she might be righteous enough to help Han 3000 again.

        Who couldn't feel sorry for their own daughter, who would want to watch her ruin herself?

        "Hey, I don't know where in the world Han Qianqian came from to be so charismatic, but she was able to charm my daughter around." As a man, Qi Donglin really couldn't understand how Chi Yi Yun could fall in love with Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian was indeed excellent, but not to the point where he could make moths fly to the flame ah, while Qi Yiyun was willing to do anything for him, even if she knew that she wouldn't get the result, she had no regrets.

        Ouyang Fei being a woman, she was able to feel it more thoroughly than Qi Donglin.

        In some ways, Han 3000 was indeed far too much better than the other sons and daughters of the world, just in terms of their courage in this matter of confronting Han Tiansheng, they couldn't be compared to those sons and daughters of the world.

        If it were anyone else, not to mention delivering a coffin, even standing in front of Han Tiansheng would be able to make them tremble with fear.

        Imagine how secure it was to be able to pillow such a man's arm.

        "Why did Han Tiansheng suddenly change his nature, but he's been so honest all this time, and he even went to China, rumor has it that he went to see Han Tian Yang, hoping that Han Tian Yang would plead on his behalf, is this all a lie?" Ouyang Fei was confused.

        Qi Donglin shook his head and said, "It is indeed quite sudden, Han Tiansheng seems to have suddenly changed his attitude, his change in attitude should have something to do with Ma Yu's disappearance."

        "Could it be that Ma Yu has already been killed by him, that's why he's unscrupulous?" Ouyang Fei guessed.

        Qi Donglin sucked in a breath of cold air, it wasn't impossible, but with Ma Yu's strength, what kind of person could kill him, after all, even Han Tongsun wasn't his match ah.

        And more importantly, Chi Donglin knew that Ma Yu's identity wasn't simple, the reason why Han Tiansheng didn't dare to tear Ma Yu apart was not only because of Ma Yu's strength, but also because he was scrupulous about his identity.

        "Not too clear, there are too many insides we don't know about this matter, it's best not to guess blindly, we'll just be bystanders." Qi Donglin said.

        Ouyang Fei nodded his head in agreement and said, "I don't know if Han Giang will be able to survive this, maybe his death date is gradually approaching."

        "Whose deathbed?" Just at this moment, the voice of Chi Yi Yun suddenly came from behind them.

        As they were too engrossed in their conversation, they were completely unaware of Chi Yi Yun's voice coming down the stairs.

        After panicking, Qi Donglin quickly said, "What death date, Yi Yun, you heard wrongly, we didn't mention these two words ah."

        Chi Yi Yun had obviously heard it herself, and it was still Han Qianqian who was talking about it, how could she have heard it wrong.

        "Mom, what's going on?" Qi Yiyun asked to Ouyang Fei.

        Ouyang Fei stood up and walked over to Chi Yiyun, looking at her thin face, she said sadly, "Look at you, you've lost all your weight lately, mom go make you something delicious."

        "I don't have an appetite, what's wrong with Han Giang?" Chi Yi Yun's expression was firm as she asked, looking like she would not stop.

        Ouyang Fei sighed.

        Chi Donglin looked at each other and also looked very helpless.

        "It doesn't matter if you guys don't tell me, I'll just go out and ask around." After saying that, Chi Yi Yun made a gesture to leave.

        Ouyang Fei quickly pulled Qi Yiyun's arm and said, "Yiyun, sit down first, mom will slowly tell you."

        After Qi Yiyun sat on the sofa, Ouyang Fei said to Qi Donglin, "It's better for you to say it."

        "Yi Yun, Han Qian Yang might be in danger." Qi Donglin said.

        "What's going on?" The first time I saw her, I was so upset that I didn't think she'd be able to do anything about it. It was integrated into the cells generally making her linger.

        "With Ma Yu missing and Han Tiansheng moving the coffin in front of the Han family villa, it seems to me that Han Tiansheng will soon deal with Han 3000, and this is the only way he can save the Han family's face," Qi Donglin said.

        "How can this be!" Chi Yi Yun looked surprised, she knew more about the inside story than Chi Dong Lin and his wife, she also knew that Ma Yu had used even Ma Fei Hao in order to please Han 3000, it was absolutely impossible for him to have disappeared without a reason.

        "It's not too clear, but I guess Han Tiansheng might have found a way to deal with Ma Yu, or maybe, Ma Yu is already dead, and without Ma Yu as a patron, Han 3000 could never be a match for Han Tiansheng." Qi Donglin said.

        Chi Yi Yun mischievously stood up.

        "What are you doing?"

        "What are you doing?"

        Chi Donglin and Ouyang Fei both subconsciously reached out their hands to pull Chi Yiyun, speaking in unison.

        "I'm going to look for Han Giang, he's definitely in danger right now." Chi Yiyun said with a worried face.

        "No." Chi Donglin's expression was serious, last time at the entrance of Han's villa, he didn't have the chance to stop Chi Yiyun, that's why he let Chi Yiyun get in front of Han Giang, this time he would never allow that to happen.

        "Yi Yun, you also know that Han 3000 is in danger, why do you have to put yourself in danger, even if you go, what can you do to help?" Ouyang Fei said.

        "Yeah, if you go, you'll only become a burden to him, and instead of helping him, you'll add more trouble to him." Qi Donglin also said.

        Chi Yi Yun shook her head, whether she could help or not, she didn't care if she would become a burden to Han 3000 or not, she only had one thought, and that was that she must stand by Han 3000's side and face it together with Han 3000 when something dangerous happened.

        "You guys let go of me, this is my own life, I have the right to make my own choices." Chi Yi Yun struggled.

        Chi Dong Lin held Chi Yi Yun's hand in his death grip, not compromising in the slightest, and said in a stern tone, "Yi Yun, if you don't obey me, I'll lock you back in your room and don't want to go anywhere."

        "If you dare to lock me up, I'll dare to jump out of the window." Qi Yiyun looked straight at Qi Donglin with a resolute attitude.

        Qi Donglin was astonished, he didn't expect Qi Yiyun to say such words.

        She really didn't even care about her own safety for the sake of Han Three Thousand.

        "Yi Yun, can you be so capable of being so foolish, don't you understand Han Qianli's attitude, you and him are no longer possible, why do you still need to aggravate yourself?" Ouyang Fei said with a distressed face, this daughter was like a demon, leaving her helpless.

        "Mom, I'm not grieving, really I'm not." Qi Yiyun said with tears streaming down her face.

        Looking at the tears on Qi Yiyun's cheeks, Ouyang Fei softened and unconsciously let go of her hand.

        "Dad, let go of me, I'm begging you." Qi Yi Yun said to Qi Dong Lin with a pleading face.

        Qi Donglin also started to soften, but he knew that once he let Qi Yiyun go, she would be very dangerous, so even though his heart ached, he couldn't let Qi Yiyun go to her death.

        Just as he was about to refuse, Qi Yiyun suddenly knelt on the ground.

        "Dad, even if I die, I'll go." Qi Yiyun said.

        As if struck by lightning, Qi Donglin stayed on the spot!

        Qi Yiyun went so far as to kneel in front of him for Han Qianli.

        Looking at Qi Yi Yun who was begging, as a father, Qi Dong Lin felt his heart dripping with blood, he even had a thought that he couldn't wait for Han Qiang Han to die, only then could Qi Yi Yun live to be like her original form.

        But he also knew that if Han Qianxian really died, Qi Yiyun would also become a soulless walking corpse.

        In the end, Qi Donglin let go of Qi Yiyun's hand.

        Watching Qi Yiyun run out of the house, Qi Donglin lost his mind and collapsed onto the sofa.


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