Secret Identity 2267-2268


Chapter 2267

The few strong men beside Chen Xiaofei were already rubbing their fists.

        This company of theirs, which specialized in grey areas, had to rely entirely on performance if they wanted to make money.

        Chen Xiaofei's performance depended on how many little girls she had cheated and then how much value she had extracted from them.

        And the performance of their thugs depends on how many times they've moved their hands.

        To put it in layman's terms, if they don't get a hand job for a month, they only get a base salary.

        But if there was a fight every day this month, then they would at least get a salary of tens of thousands.

        They could see this business today, Chen Xiaofei already had 500,000 in his payment account, and if they made a move to teach the retarded guy in front of them a lesson, the 500,000 would be split at least 20,000 to 30,000.

        Therefore, as soon as they heard Chen Xiaofei's order, they immediately took a step towards Ye Chen and pressed over, and one by one, they were going to do it viciously.

        Ye Chen's face smiled faintly.

        Not to mention a few thugs, even a few martial arts experts like Su Ruo Li were completely inadequate in front of him.

        So, he directly met them with a smile on his face.

        He kicked one with a bang, smashed down another with a punch, then lifted a strong man with two hands, and with a slight throw of his arms, he threw those two people into the green belt planted with dwarf pine trees by the roadside and fell unconscious.

        The remaining two people saw that Ye Chen easily took care of his four companions as if chopping melons and cutting vegetables, and they were so scared that they turned around to flee.

        But before they could turn around, they were directly grabbed by the back of Ye Chen's neck, and then, they also turned into two parabolas and flew into the green belt by the roadside.

        Chen Xiaofei was dumbfounded.

        She had never dreamed that this hangman on an electric bike would be so strong.

        This kind of strength was even more powerful than those famous red sticks on the road!

        Chen Xiaofei only then realized that she had stirred up a tough strife today.

        So, she hurriedly compensated with a smile and said, "Mr. Ye, I'm really sorry, I'm the one who offended you with my eyes, don't mind, I'll transfer that 500,000 back to you!"

        Ye Chen smiled, "Don't, six minutes have passed, 500,000 principal and 3 million interest, you have to give me 3.5 million in total."

        Chen Xiaofei cryptically said, "Mr. Ye you're joking ...... It's only half a million in total, you're going to charge interest of half a million a minute, there's no such ruthless ah ......"

        Ye Chen smiled and asked her, "What, never seen it before is it?"

        Chen Xiaofei shook her head and said, "Mr. Ye, such a high interest rate, I really haven't even heard of it ......"

        Ye Chen nodded his head, "Good, so now you've not only heard of it, but you've also seen it with your own eyes, I advise you to cut the crap, or else it will go up by 500,000 again soon."

        Chen Xiaofei wiped her cold sweat and said awkwardly, "Mr. Ye you just don't tease me, also working for the company, although this money is given to me by you, I still have to give it to our boss later, I am a working person, how can I take so much money to compensate you ......"

        Ye Chen said calmly, "Then you call your boss over, but don't blame me for not reminding you beforehand, if your boss needs 20 minutes to come over, this interest will have to grow by another 10 million."

        Once Chen Xiaofei heard Ye Chen say that she should call her boss, she was delighted.

        The reason why she confessed to Ye Chen and begged for forgiveness was because she couldn't handle him by herself.

Chapter 2268

But since he asked him to call his boss, he could call his boss over and have him settle the matter.

        When she thought of that, she immediately said attentively, "Then wait a moment, I'll call our boss!"

        After saying that, he hurriedly pulled out his phone and dialed a number.

        As soon as the call came through, Chen Xiaofei said impatiently, "Mr. Liu, help, Mr. Liu, I've encountered some trouble on the Pearl River Regency side ......"

        The General Manager Liu on the phone, named Liu Zonghui, used to be a local gangster, and had once made a bit of a name for himself, but then he lost his eyes because he went abroad to gamble and gambled on one of his hands, and then his right hand was crippled.

        With his right hand crippled, he couldn't continue to hang around in the underground world where the law of the jungle prevails, so he gathered a group of people and started an etiquette company.

        The reason why he chose to work in an etiquette company was because all the etiquette girls the company came into contact with were all girls, and all of them were girls with a bit of posture, but not much background.

        After all, if you come to work for a few hundred dollars a day, what kind of powerful background can you have at home? Naturally, no one can stand up for them if they are bullied.

        Because of this, Liu Zonghui hasn't missed out on forcing them into prostitution over the years.

        He was on the phone, and after hearing Chen Xiaofei say what had happened, he was furious and furious.

        "Damn it, even my Liu Zonghui's money, someone dares to miss it! Just wait, I'm bringing someone over here right fucking now!"

        Chen Xiaofei implicitly reminded, "Mr. Liu, then you must be well prepared ah ......"

        Liu Zonghui immediately smiled, "Don't worry, it just so happens that Brother Zhongliang is having tea at my place, I'll bring Brother Zhongliang along!"

        Chen Xiaofei excitedly asked, "Brother Zhongliang is in our company, huh?"

        "Right." Liu Zonghui sneered, "The little di who signed up last week, when he was working in KTV yesterday, he was seen by Zhongliang brother, Zhongliang brother wanted to cover her, so he came over to greet me, I didn't charge Zhongliang brother any money, so he owes me a favor, it just so happens that this matter let him help."

        Chen Xiaofei was so excited that she hurriedly said, "Okay Mr. Liu, then come over quickly!"

        Liu Zonghui smiled, "Okay, tell him I'll be right there, ten minutes at most!"

        Chen Xiaofei hung up the phone and looked at Ye Chen with a full complacency already.

        In her heart, she knew very well that once Brother Zhongliang came to help, Ye Chen would be finished.

        "Ma Zhongliang's great name, who doesn't know in the underground world of Jinling?"

        "He's one of the Four Kings of the Hung Five! With at least a few thousand men under his command, this fellow surnamed Ye was able to fight, but in the end, two fists were no match for four hands! I'm just waiting to see you get chopped into cripples by Ma Zhongliang's men!"

        However, although she was very proud in her heart, but her mouth did not dare to pretend in front of Ye Chen, instead she said very politely: "Mr. Ye, our boss said that he would come over in a moment, you wait a moment, don't be in a hurry ......"

        Ye Chen smiled, "I'm not in a hurry, the one who should be in a hurry is your boss, after all, it's half a million a minute, if he dawdles for a while, he might lose his fortune."

        Chen Xiaofei accosted two laughs and cursed angrily in her heart, "Fuck! You really take yourself seriously, don't you, you idiot? Half a million a minute, you fucking dare to think about it, later when you're cut down to your dying breath, I'll see how you can still pretend!"

        Xiao Weiwei, who was a little worried at the side, whispered to Ye Chen, "Brother-in-law, the owner of their company is a daoist, he might bring a lot of people over later, so we should leave first!"

        Ye Chen waved his hand and said with a righteous seriousness, "How can I leave at this time? What if I leave and his boss can't find me later?"

        "Do you know how much his boss will pay me if this money is delayed for a day? Half a million a minute, $30 million an hour, $720 million in 20 to 40 hours, we have to be principled, we can't trap people like that, you know?"

        When Chen Xiaofei heard this, she lowered her head and stretched out her hand to cover her face while lamenting in her heart, "Emma, which haystack did this guy pop out of? That mouth is a real braggart. ......"


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