Secret Identity 2264-2266


Chapter 2264

"I'm not going!" Xiao Weiwei shouted out, "You are committing a crime in broad daylight! I'm calling the police to arrest you!"

        "The police?" Chen Xiaofei came up and slapped Xiao Weiwei, cursing, "You fucking think calling the police will bluff me? Let me tell you, I've seen a lot of cheap hooves like you! I have ten thousand ways to screw you!"

        Xiao Weiwei took off, "You guys are too much of a bully! It's the law now! How can you allow such nonsense!"

        Chen Xiaofei sneered, "So what if I bully you? I love to do is bullying! Let me tell you, our General Manager Liu is a famous and reputable number one on the Jinling Road, if you dare to be dishonest, not only will you not have a good ending for yourself, your family won't have a good ending either!"

        The company will then come to your home every day to block you and force you to pay back the money. If you don't pay back, they will live in your home every day and throw paint on your walls. No matter where you go to work, they'll go to your workplace and make a scene, and you'll be skinned to death."

        Chen Xiaofei and his company, the etiquette company, was originally transformed by a grey group in Jinling.

        Their mode of operation is to first lure the young girls in with normal cooperation, and then trick them into signing a deed of sale, and then use the deed of sale to firmly control them.

        The average posture, generally became their hard work, with the lowest reward, to help them do everywhere Miss Manners, desperately squeeze, and some even a day to run three or four activities.

        The ones with better posture were basically forced by them to go to KTV to become princesses or misses, and some were even forced to take the dusty road.

        Chen Xiaofei felt that Xiao Weiwei's posture could indeed be considered superior, and if she was controlled and sent to a high-end club, she would be able to create at least fifty to sixty thousand dollars a month, definitely a cash cow.

        She was also worried about the long night, so she hurriedly said to those people, "Quickly, get her into the car[penpal] to go!"

        A few strong men immediately grabbed Xiao Weiwei and dragged her to the car.

        Xiao Weiwei was scared out of her wits and shouted, "Help! Kidnap!"

        Some passersby heard and immediately looked over.

        Chen Xiaofei hurriedly said loudly, "Don't misunderstand, we're from Jinling Shangmei Etiquette Company, a regular enterprise!"

        "This girl is one of our employees, her family had an accident some time ago, her parents met with a car accident, and our boss kindly lent her half a million dollars to see a doctor, but she was lucky and quietly took the money to gamble!"

        "Not only did she lose all her money, but she abandoned her parents at the hospital without a care, and now we're taking her to the hospital to see her dying parents and see if we can reawaken her conscience!"

        As soon as the crowd heard this, they suddenly didn't know who to believe.

        At this time, Chen Xiaofei scolded those people in a low voice, "Hurry up and get in the car!"

        Those people immediately dragged Xiao Weiwei to the outside of the car door, pushing her cart and about to stuff her into the car.

        Xiao Weiwei was terrified at this time and was in deep despair, she knew very well that once she got into this car, it was the same as getting into a thief's boat, and it was very likely that she would not be able to get down in this life ......

        Just when she was desperate and didn't know what to do, she suddenly heard a familiar voice coldly snapping, "Let her go!"

Chapter 2265

With this roar, Xiao Weiwei and the others, including Chen Xiaofei, immediately subconsciously followed the sound.

        At this moment, they saw Ye Chen riding his electric bike and quickly arrived in front of everyone.

        Immediately, Ye Chen stopped the electric bike and didn't get off, his legs braced on the sides of the electric bike and said in a cold voice, "Release her to me."

        As soon as Chen Xiaofei saw that Ye Chen was actually riding an electric bike, his expression immediately became extremely disdainful and ridiculed, "I thought it was some kind of person who came to rescue a hero, but it turned out to be a fucking stinky hangman!"

        After saying that, she snorted coldly between her nostrils and snapped, "I'm telling you, stinky slinger, don't meddle here, or else I'll make you eat your heart out!"

        When Xiao Weiwei saw Ye Chen suddenly appear, she immediately felt a strong sense of security in her heart, and cried out, "Brother-in-law, brother-in-law, save me ah brother-in-law ......"

        When Chen Xiaofei heard this, she couldn't help but sneer, "Aigoo, so you're her brother-in-law, what's up? Trying to help her redeem herself?"

        Ye Chen smiled and asked her back, "What is this lady's name? I don't know where I, my sister-in-law, have offended you."

        Chen Xiaofei left her mouth, "Just a stinking loser like you, you don't deserve to know my name, as for how your sister-in-law offended me, you don't need to know so clearly, you only need to know one thing, your sister-in-law now owes me half a million, if you pay the money, I'll let her go now, if you don't, then I'll have to take her away! "

        Xiao Weiwei hurriedly and grievously said, "Brother-in-law, I don't owe them any money at all, they tricked me into signing a contract that comes with a half million penalty, they are completely contract fraud ......"

        Ye Chen waved his hand, "Okay Weiwei, don't talk yet, I'll talk to this lady."

        Saying that, he looked at Chen Xiaofei with a smile on his face and spoke, "Beauty, isn't it just half a million? This is so easy to solve, how about this, you give me a card number right now, or your Alipay account, and I'll immediately send 500,000 to you."

        Chen Xiaofei frowned at Ye Chen and said coldly, "Che, what the fuck are you bull? Can you get half a million dollars for a hangdog like you who can't be bothered to ride a better electric bike?"

        Ye Chen didn't get angry and directly took out his own phone and smiled, "This way, you can open your Alipay right now, I'll transfer money to you right now, if the money arrives, you can just let him go; if the money doesn't arrive, kill or cut you as you wish."

        Chen Xiaofei began to hesitate a bit at this point.

        She thought to herself, "Look at this idiot, it doesn't seem like he's bragging, if he can really take out 500,000, this is an excellent good deal, even if I bring Xiao Weiwei back and force her to work for me, at most I can squeeze her for tens of thousands of yuan a month, and if I want to squeeze out 500,000, it will take at least half a year or even longer ...... "

        "Now that this idiot is willing to just spend half a million dollars to end this, wouldn't I be making half a million dollars a morning for nothing?"

        Thinking of this, she immediately said to Ye Chen, "Since you really have the heart to settle this matter for her, I'll give you a chance, but don't blame me for not warning you beforehand, if you dare to play tricks on me, not only will I take your sister-in-law away today, even you won't have a good ending!"

        Ye Chen smiled, "Don't worry, you have so many people here, how dare I play you?"

        Chen Xiaofei grinned and immediately pulled out her own phone and opened her Alipay.

        Ye Chen casually scanned her receiving QR code, then immediately filled in an amount of 500,000 on the transfer column.

        Because the amount was relatively large, Alipay required full name verification, so Ye Chen smiled and said to Chen Xiaofei, "Beautiful girl, this time you won't be able to tell me your name, the transfer needs to be verified."

        Chen Xiaofei hugged her shoulders and arrogantly said, "I'm called Chen Xiaofei, ear east Chen, the size of the small, Wang Fei's Fei."

Chapter 2266

Ye Chen nodded and entered her name on it, followed by clicking on the confirmation, and after the Alipay face recognition passed, a prompt immediately popped up that the transfer was successful.

        Chen Xiaofei's hand vibrated, and then a prompt immediately popped up, "Ye Chen transfers 500,000 yuan to you!"

        When she saw the message, her entire surprise was unmistakable, and she surmised with excitement, "Mom! That's a lot of money to make! I've never made so much money in my life! If Mr. Liu knew about it, he would have to reward me personally with at least a hundred thousand!"

        Excited, Chen Xiaofei couldn't help but think highly of Ye Chen and smiled, "I didn't expect Mr. Ye to be quite generous, in order to help your sister-in-law, he can take out 500,000 with the flick of his finger, I guess Mr. Ye's financial strength is also extraordinary, right?"

        Ye Chen laughed, "Extraordinary what ordinary ah, I'm just a small hanging silk, it's not easy to save some family money with hard work, if it wasn't for her being my sister-in-law, I wouldn't have taken it so readily."

        Xiao Weiwei saw that Ye Chen really gave half a million, and immediately cried and said, "Brother-in-law ...... You can't just give them the money like that ...... They are a bunch of bandits ......"

        Chen Xiaofei immediately scolded, "Xiao Weiwei you pay attention to your words ah, we have written this contract in black and white, you yourself also stamped your fingerprints, I am now taking this money also according to the contract, how is it that they are robbers?"

        Xiao Weiwei was shaking with anger, and said angrily, "You know yourself if you're a robber or not! That contract itself is fraudulent in nature!"

        Ye Chen spoke at this time, "Okay Weiwei, stop talking nonsense."

        Xiao Weiwei did not expect Ye Chen to admit the compensation so easily and choked, "Brother-in-law ...... I know it's easy for you to make money, but you can't cheapen them for nothing like this ......"

        Ye Chen laughed, "How can this be called cheap for them?"

        When Chen Xiaofei heard this, she also immediately echoed, "That's right, how can it be a bargain for us? Do as you're told and you'll pay the company for it! Still, Mr. Ye knows the law, you girl knows nothing!"

        Ye Chen turned his face at this time and said to Chen Xiaofei, "Miss Chen, you've misunderstood my meaning."

        Chen Xiaofei frowned, "What do you mean?"

        Ye Chen smiled, "That money I gave you, it's really not for nothing, I lent you this money with 500,000 per minute interest, now it's been two minutes, you should pay me back 1.5 million with interest."

        Saying that, Ye Chen added, "Oh right, I suggest you hurry, it will be three minutes soon, and then it will be two million."

        Chen Xiaofei gritted her teeth and cursed, "You're fucking insane, right? You want to play this game with me? You think I give a shit about you? What a fucking retard!"

        Saying that, she waved her hand at a few strong men around her and coldly said, "Let's go!"

        In Chen Xiaofei's mind is: "half a million has been to my paypal, I naturally have no need to continue to bullshit with this guy, just leave, he is a motorcycle, what can he do to me? If he dares to pretend with me, I'll have to deal with him on the spot!"

        As soon as a few strong men heard this, they immediately pushed Xiao Weiwei aside and prepared to get into the car and leave.

        Ye Chen pointed at Chen Xiaofei at this time and said coldly, "The others can leave, Miss Chen you have to stay and pay back the money whenever you want to leave."

        As soon as Chen Xiaofei heard this, she cursed angrily, "Mother, give me face! Someone, give me a fight!"


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