Secret Identity 2261-2263


Chapter 2261

Ye Chen left the hotel, rode his little electric donkey, and headed to Pearl River Lijing first.

        This community had just opened recently, and was recently advertising and promoting everywhere in Jinling, so Ye Chen had heard about it.

        If it had been a few years ago, any newly-opened community would have been snapped up by crazy citizens as well as speculators in a very short period of time.

        However, real estate agents weren't very prosperous recently, and many new communities were stagnant, so these developers started trying to do everything they could to promote their properties.

        Xiao Weiwei originally also wanted to apply for a real estate sales job, but since the salary for this kind of job can only be settled the following month, she had to settle for a temporary job as an etiquette lady in an etiquette company.

        Etiquette companies are, to put it bluntly, a manpower agency.

        The same with the domestic agency, they signed up a large number of girls want to do Miss Manners, and then according to the different external conditions of each girl to develop different prices, and then take the girl's information, to docking with the party.

        For example, the opening of a club to engage in celebrations, the scene needs twenty slim and beautiful temperament Miss Manners, will talk directly with the etiquette company.

        Etiquette company with Miss Etiquette's information photo, so that Party A selected, selected, the price agreed, and then arrange with Miss Etiquette schedule and time.

        Generally speaking, the average cost to the etiquette company is one etiquette lady, ranging from four hundred to eight hundred per day.

        However, these etiquette companies would take half or even more from the middle and give the Miss Manners two hundred to four hundred as a reward.

        Although Xiao Weiwei was not as pretty as Xiao Choran, but she was definitely a beautiful woman with a good body and a passable temperament, and she was able to get an eight hundred slot at the A-side.

        Correspondingly, the etiquette company should also pay her four hundred a day.

        However, the person in charge of the etiquette company saw that Xiao Weiwei was very short of money, so he deliberately lowered her price and was only willing to give her two hundred a day.

        Xiao Weiwei felt that with three family members waiting for food and medication at home, she couldn't cut off her cash income every day, so even if she was exploited a bit more harshly, she could only swallow her pride and accept it.

        At this time, she was wearing a blue cheongsam style Miss Etiquette uniform, standing at the entrance of the Pearl River Regency sales office as a welcoming guest.

        It was still the first month of the season, the temperature was very low, and the uniform she was wearing was very thin, with her calves that were only wearing stockings exposed underneath, and after standing at the entrance for less than half an hour, she was already freezing her body a bit.

        However, in order to earn money, she didn't dare to have any complaints and could only bite her teeth.

        At this time, she had been standing at the door for over an hour, her entire body shivering with cold, her face pale and lips blue, but still forced herself to maintain the signature smile of a Miss Manners, nodding, bowing and greeting every customer who entered the sales office.

        At this time, a woman in a mink coat came out from the sales office and said to Xiao Weiwei, "Weiwei ah, today General Manager Liu ordered that all of our Miss Manners must sign an exclusive guarantee agreement with the company, while there are not many customers to come to see the house, you and I will sign the agreement."

        This woman's name was Chen Xiaofei, she was the on-site supervisor of the etiquette company where Xiao Weiwei was working, and was the company's second in command.

        With a respectful face, Xiao Weiwei asked, "Sister Chen, what does the exclusive guaranteed agreement mean?"

        Chen Xiaofei said with a face full of arrogance, "The exclusive guarantee agreement is that from now on, you can only work exclusively with this one etiquette service company of ours, and you cannot have any kind of business dealings with other etiquette companies, otherwise, the company has the right to demand compensation from you."

Chapter 2262

Vivian Siu asked again, "Isn't it an exclusive guaranteed agreement? What does it mean to keep a guarantee, other than working exclusively with our company?"

        Chen Xiaofei explained, "The bottom line means that you have to guarantee to produce a minimum of twenty-eight events for the company in a month, and if the number of events you produce in that month is not up to the requirements due to your personal reasons, the company will also ask for compensation or deduct a portion of your labor costs."

        Xiao Weiwei pursued, "Then by signing this agreement, will the company give any benefits?"

        "Benefits?" Chen Xiaofei trailed off, "The advantage is that if you follow the company's requirements and put out at least twenty-eight events per month, the company will give you a base salary of five thousand yuan."

        Xiao Weiwei was delighted to hear this and said, "Sister Chen, do you mean that in addition to the two hundred yuan present settlement fee for each event, the company also gives you a five thousand yuan base salary?"

        "Right." Chen Xiaofei nodded and said, "This is a contract prepared by the company specifically for good employees, ordinary people don't have this opportunity."

        Saying that, she handed the agreement to Xiao Weiwei and urged, "Come, quickly sign and stamp your fingerprints, I'll take it back to the company to report to General Manager Liu when I'm done."

        Xiao Weiwei's heart was overjoyed, if there were twenty-eight events a month, the event fee alone would be five thousand six, plus five thousand yuan base salary, that's properly over ten thousand!

        A monthly salary of over ten thousand was something she didn't even look down on before, but now, it meant a lot to her.

        With this income, their family will never have to starve again, and as long as they don't buy anything, the money will be used for living expenses, and the family will definitely be able to eat well, and dad and brother's health recovery speed will definitely be a lot faster.

        She was overjoyed and didn't think much about it, she probably looked at the contract and saw that it did indeed state a base salary of five thousand dollars per month, so she put her mind at ease and immediately signed her name, then used the imprinting clay that Chen Xiaofei handed over and stamped her own handprint.

        After Chen Xiaofei got the contract, she smiled proudly and said, "Oh my Xiao Weiwei, welcome to be the exclusive contracted artist of our Shangmei Etiquette Company, you must work hard in the future!"

        Xiao Weiwei said excitedly, "Sister Chen, don't worry, I'll definitely redouble my efforts!"

        Chen Xiaofei gave a hmmm and said, "Alright, I'm going back to the company first, after your side reaches the end of the day, sign with your team leader and then you can go back."

        Xiao Weiwei was busy asking, "Sister Chen, are you still coming this afternoon?"

        Chen Xiaofei waved her hand, "I won't come over, the company has also taken over ceremonial work at a few other properties today, I have to go over to inspect the site in the afternoon."

        Xiao Weiwei had been working with this company for a few days, and knew that Chen Xiaofei was the one in charge of distributing salaries on site, and she was the one who took the cash to settle everyone at the end of each day's work, so as soon as she heard her say that she wouldn't be coming in the afternoon, she hurriedly asked, "Sister Chen, is today's expenses to be settled with the team leader after work?"

        Chen Xiaofei looked surprised, "Fees? What costs?"

        Xiao Weiwei was busy, "It's the ceremonial fee for this today ah ...... Two hundred dollars ......"

        Chen Xiaofei looked at Xiao Weiwei and said with a scowl on her face, "I say Xiao Weiwei, are you awake? What are you dreaming about here?"

        Xiao Weiwei was a little nervous and said, "Sister Chen, I ...... What's wrong with me?"

        Chen Xiaofei shook the contract in her hand and said coldly: "Xiao Weiwei, it is written clearly in the contract, the company gives you a base salary of 5,000 yuan and packages you for 28 events per month, all your rewards are included in this 5,000 yuan monthly salary, and you still want to ask me for the etiquette fee for today's event? How can you think so beautifully when you work one job and ask for two dollars?"

Chapter 2263

Xiao Weiwei was surprised when she heard Chen Xiaofei's words and asked, "Sister Chen, didn't you just say that? The money for the activity is the money for the activity, and the base salary is extra!"

        Chen Xiaofei trailed off, "What a beautiful thought you had! Let me tell you, General Manager Liu said that all Miss Manners must be settled on a monthly basis from now on, so from today onwards, you'll be working for the company in a practical manner, and as long as you do all twenty-eight events, you'll be paid your five thousand base salary on the fifteenth of next month!"

        Xiao Weiwei's expression became embarrassed and opened her mouth, "Sister Chen, two hundred for one event, twenty-eight events should be five thousand six ah, the company is packed with five thousand dollars, that's equal to me having to work three times a month for nothing ah ......"

        Saying that, she said with great difficulty, "I've been tight on cash lately, I can't accept this kind of cooperation with monthly settlement, or I won't sign ......"

        "What? No signing?" Chen Xiaofei sneered, "Xiao Weiwei, do you think you've hardened your wings after working as a Miss Manners for a few days?"

        Xiao Weiwei shook her head and said piously, "Sister Chen, I didn't mean it like that, I just think that this way of cooperation really doesn't suit me ......"

        Chen Xiaofei snorted and said seriously, "Xiao Weiwei, let me tell you, you have signed the contract, if you want to break it at this time, you will have to bear the responsibility of breaking the contract!"

        Realizing that she had been duped, Xiao Weiwei hurriedly asked, "What is the liability for breach of contract?"

        Chen Xiaofei raised the contract in her hand and sneered, "It's clearly written in black and white on this, you have voluntarily signed a contract with the company, if you break the contract on your own initiative, you have to pay the company half a million yuan in penalty, otherwise, the company has the right to sue you in court!"

        Xiao Weiwei's heart thudded as she hurriedly begged, "Sister Chen, I'm relying on this two hundred yuan reward every day to feed my family, please, for the sake of the two paralyzed bedridden patients at my home, lift up your hand and void that contract ......"

        "Void it?" Chen Xiaofei scoffed, "What are you dreaming about? It's fine if you want this contract voided, but first bring me half a million dollars for breach of contract!"

        Xiao Weiwei said, "Sister Chen, if I could come up with half a million dollars, I wouldn't have come to do this job ah ......"

        "Yo!" Chen Xiaofei scoffed, "From your Xiao Weiwei's tone, it seems like you think this job is a shame?"

        Xiao Weiwei hurriedly shook her head, "That's not what I meant, I just wanted to say that I really can't come up with that much money ......"

        Chen Xiaofei shrewdly roared, "You can't fucking come up with the breach of contract and you're still here whining with my mother? If you don't get the money, you'll work for me! This contract is for a total of three years, three years and thirty-six months, and you must work a full twenty-eight games every month, otherwise, one less game and a thousand will be deducted until it is all deducted!"

        "What?!" Xiao Weiwei was on the verge of tears, and took off, "Aren't you screwing people? It's less than two hundred dollars pay for one show, and a thousand dollars is deducted for one less show, so if I work twenty-three shows a month and am missing five, won't you deduct all five thousand dollars from me?"

        Chen Xiaofei glared at Xiao Weiwei and laughed, "You should be lucky, the contract says only deduct light, and doesn't let you compensate, if you were to compensate, you wouldn't be able to do enough, you'd have to pay the company back!"

        Vivienne Shaw took off, "That's too dark for you guys! I'm out! I won't honor the contract either!"

        "Non-performance?" Chen Xiaofei sneered, "If you don't perform you'll come back to the company with me and give the company an IOU for half a million dollars!"

        Xiao Weiwei became anxious and questioned, "By what?!"

        "By what?" Chen Xiaofei scowled, turned around and waved at the entrance of a gold cup car, and four big men appeared out of the car and surrounded Xiao Weiwei directly.

        Chen Xiaofei snapped at those strong men, "Take her to the car and take her back to the company! I still don't fucking believe it, I can't stop her one Xiao Weiwei!"

        "Okay Faye!" One of the strong men immediately responded, whirled around and rushed forward with his men, grabbed Xiao Weiwei's arm in a death grip, and snapped, "Behave yourself and follow us to the car, or else you'll suffer!"


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