Secret Identity 2259-2260


Chapter 2259

Just when Su Ruorui was so excited about the creation that Ye Chen sent her while being amazed at Ye Chen's status as a door-to-door son-in-law, Ye Chen spoke with a calm face, "If you have any needs, directly mention them to Zekai Chen, he'll help you implement them, I'll be leaving first."

        Su Ruo Li said in succession, "Mr. Ye, I'll see you off!"

        When Su Ruorui sent Ye Chen to the door of the room, Ye Chen said, "Stay."

        Su Ruo Li nodded respectfully, bowed deeply and said gratefully, "Mr. Ye, thank you!"

        Ye Chen smiled slightly, "No need to bother."

        Saying that, he directly stepped away.

        Su Ruo Li saw Ye Chen's back out of his administrative district, and her insides were listless.

        Closing the door, she mumbled involuntarily under her breath, "Mr. Ye is truly someone with great powers, my mother and grandfather have brought me through so many years of painstaking cultivation and have never given me such a creation, even grandfather himself was not able to open the Ren Vein to a great success, but all of this was so effortless in front of Mr. Ye, if it wasn't for Mr. Ye's help, I wouldn't have been able to in this life! Reaching such a realm ......"

        Thinking of this, Su Ruo Li's eyes had filled with tears.

        The He family were all martial idiots.

        A lifetime of martial arts as their greatest pursuit.

        Su Ruoruo Li's grandfather's greatest wish was to one day be able to open the four meridians and revive the He family's glory.

        Unfortunately, he is now in his eighties and nineties and still can't find a way to make a breakthrough, over the years as he grows older, his strength has more or less declined uncontrollably, and it's hopeless to make a breakthrough.

        Originally, Su Ruorui's mother, He Yingxiu, was the most promising junior of the He family, and at a young age, she was already infinitely close to breaking through the third meridian.

        At that time, her grandfather concluded that He Yingxiu would definitely achieve a breakthrough within five years, becoming the first person in the He family in the past hundred years to break through the three meridians before the age of thirty.

        But unfortunately, she was seriously injured at the most critical stage, and most seriously, she broke an arm for the sake of saving Su Shou Dao.

        In martial arts novels, there were often one-armed warriors, such as some kind of one-armed divine nun Princess Changping, as well as the divine warrior Yang.

        But after all, that was all martial arts works and couldn't be made real.

        The true inner masters do not possess the ability to fly over walls or fight cattle through the air; they rely on external and internal hard work.

        No matter how much an internal expert's inner strength is trained, it is the limbs that are really transformed into lethal power against the enemy.

        If one of the limbs is missing, the strength is directly lost by a quarter.

        This was still regardless of coordination.

        In fact, if a person lost one arm, the ability of his other arm would also be greatly diminished due to the lack of coordination.

        Therefore, although He Yingxiu was a martial genius, her talent was never able to compensate for her physical deficiencies, so there was no room for her strength to improve over the years.

        It could be said that the entire Nether Family's hope of revitalization rested on Su Ruoyi.

        Although her surname was Su, the Nether Family had never treated her as an outsider.

        She is the He family's flesh and blood, grew up in the He family, and practiced the He family's martial arts, so she is the He family's heir.

        When Su Ruoruo Li was conceived by Yingxiu, the first thought that came to He Hong Sheng's mind was that the child would be born with the surname He.

        Since she is the illegitimate daughter of Su Shou Dao, the He family is not prepared to let Su Shou Dao know about this, so it's only logical that her surname should be He.

        However, He Yingxiu insisted that her surname be Su.

        The reason for this was because of the feelings that He Yingxiu had in her heart for Su Shoudao.

        She felt that even if she gave birth to Su Shoudao's child in secret, she was not prepared to tell Su Shoudao, but out of respect for Su Shoudao, she still wanted her child to follow his surname Su.

        He Yingxiu's father, He Hongsheng, couldn't resist her and had to compromise.

        However, He Hong Sheng also made a request, Su Ruo Li can not have the surname He, but if she gives birth to a boy in the future, she must have a surname He.

Chapter 2260

He Yingxiu promised that she felt that in the future, Su Ruorui must be allowed to recruit a son-in-law, after all, the Nether Family was not an idle family, and recruiting a son-in-law into the family was not a difficult task.

        From these things, it could be seen that the Nether Family valued Su Ruoyi, and it wasn't hard to explain why Su Ruoyi was equally eager to be able to make the Nether Family rise again in the martial path.

        In particular, this time, the Su family's fall from grace had made Su Ruo Li lose all confidence and affection for the Su family.

        She had already made plans in her heart, once the storm of this incident was over and she could return to the He family, she would immediately change her surname to He and do her best to help the He family shine!

        At the same time, she also planned to persuade her grandfather at that time to make the entire He family pledge allegiance to Ye Chen, not only to repay this great favor, but also for the He family to have a better creation in the future.


        At this moment.

        When Ye Chen left the hotel administrative area, Richard Chen was waiting at the entrance.

        Seeing Ye Chen coming, he hurried forward and said respectfully, "Young Master, how was your talk with Miss Su?"

        Ye Chen said indifferently, "The talk is not bad, she will stay in the hotel for this period of time, you help me take care of her and the others, but still the point I said before, don't let them contact with the outside world, only allow them to watch TV and receive calls from the service staff."

        Richard Chen nodded hurriedly and said, "Don't worry young master, I will arrange it."

        Saying that, he hurriedly handed a rectangular packaging box to Ye Chen and spoke, "Young Master, this is the new phone you asked me to buy."

        Before Ye Chen entered Su Ruorui's room, he had instructed Richard Chen to arrange for someone to buy a new phone, so Richard Chen had someone buy a newly released top-of-the-line Apple phone.

        The reason why Ye Chen Chen Zekai had asked Chen Zekai to arrange for someone to buy the phone was mainly because he wanted to go to the Pearl River Regency where Xiao Weiwei worked when he returned later and give this phone to her.

        Then, give her WeChat, or Alipay to transfer some money, so that her life in the future for a period of time, can be less embarrassed.

        This is his consistent human principle, people respect me a foot, I respect people a ten foot.

        Xiao Weiwei had looked down on him for so many years, so Ye Chen didn't have any softness or softness towards her before.

        But now that he had sincerely admitted his mistake and sincerely called him brother-in-law, he naturally had to show something.

        If you respect me and obey me, I will let you benefit from it, which is the key quality to become a man.

        And those who you respect me and obey me, I am not willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, basically it is very difficult to obtain the true sense of success.

        Some bosses, even if they are sitting on thousands of assets, can't escape a key word.

        Even if the family and friends as well as subordinate staff to him respectfully, for him to work hard, he is still not willing to give each other deserved benefits.

        There are also some bosses, like to do some birds in the air, the bridge over the river to split things.

        Such a person, sooner or later, will lose everyone's support, lose the help of the heart, and become a lonely man.

        Once he loses his way, he will naturally have even less chance to become a man of the people.

        The famous entrepreneurs who have become really big, without exception, all follow the rule of "he who follows me prospers".

        Only in this way can they win the support of others and grow their business.

        This is the essence of the phrase "whoever follows me will prosper".

        At this time, Ye Chen got the phone and said to Chen Zekai, "Okay old Chen, I'm leaving."

        Chen Zekai blurted out, "Young Master, I'll send you down."

        Ye Chen faintly said, "No, you go busy with your work, don't mind me."

        Chen Zekai was busy smiling, "I just happen to be going down there as well, by the way."

        Ye Chen nodded and didn't say any more ......,


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