Secret Identity 2257-2258


Chapter 2257

Su Ruoyi was only in her early twenties this year, and had already opened the Ren and Zhu veins.


      This was already a top existence among the young people of the Ren family, as well as the other major martial arts families.


      Moreover, right now, Su Ruorui didn't dare to dream that she would be able to open the third meridian.


      Her greatest desire right now was to strive to make her Ren and Zhu Vessels, become more fluid.


      This was because, the measurement of an internal expert had multiple dimensions.


      How many of the eight odd meridians were clear was only one of them.


      The second of which was to see whose meridians were smoother.


      Just like Su Ruoyi, she opened the Ren and Governor veins at the age of 15 and 20, which was considered to be not long after she had just opened the Ren and Governor veins.


      According to the judging standards of martial arts practitioners, the smoothness of the eight odd meridians is divided into ten percent from one to ten.


      Su Ruo Li opened the Ren Vessel first, so the smoothness of her Ren Vessel has reached 40%.


      However, it hadn't been long since she had just opened her Governor's Vessel, and the current smoothness of her Governor's Vessel had yet to break through 20%.


      Finding out more about Su Ruorui's cultivation, Ye Chen couldn't help but feel a bit sad.


      If she hadn't obtained the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, she wouldn't be able to get through even the Ren and Viceroy Veins just by relying on the Wing Chun Fist she had learned when she was young.


      In that case, he would simply be as weak as a vegetable chicken in front of Su Ruorui.


      But just because he had obtained the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, mastered the use of aura, and supplemented it with a large number of rejuvenation pills to enhance his strength, his current strength not only crushed the martial artists who had opened the Ren and Zhu veins, even a martial arts expert who had opened all eight of the odd meridians would not be qualified to fight against him.


      After all, aura was simply a crushing, dimensional reduction blow compared to inner strength.


      It was like the absolute superiority of a hot weapon over a cold weapon.


      Ye Chen had the intention to mention Su Ruorui a little bit, so he used that strand of aura to raise Su Ruorui's Ren Vessel from 40% smoothness to 10% directly.


      At this time, Su Ruorui had clearly felt the difference.


      This feeling was very obvious to her.


      Before, it was as if she had originally been in a state of heavy flu, with a mostly non-ventilated nose, and was having great difficulty breathing.


      But now, her breathing had instantly become very fluid, and it felt like a day compared to before!


      She looked at Ye Chen in shock and asked out of her mouth, "Mr. Ye Ye, what have you done to me? How come my Ren Vessel is instantly all clear?"


      Ye Chen smiled indifferently and said, "I saw that you don't have enough fluidity in your Ren Vessel, so I just helped you out in passing."




      Su Ruorui's entire body was horrified as if struck by lightning!


      As someone who had practiced martial arts hard for over a decade, she knew very well the importance of the smoothness of the meridians.


      People in the martial dao pay the most attention to the number of meridians opened, already smoothness, the two one horizontal and one vertical, one is indispensable.


      The reason is that the Ren Vessel is the first of the eight veins and the foundation of the Martial Dao, and whether the next seven can be opened and opened to what [Haitang Book House] degree depends almost entirely on how strong the foundation laid by the Ren Vessel is.


      So she had always hoped to raise the smoothness of the Ren Vein to another level.


      Even if it only increased from 40% to 50%, it would be a remarkable improvement!


      But she never would have imagined that Ye Chen had only given himself such a short time to check his pulse, and silently, he had increased the smoothness of his Ren Vessel from forty percent, to ten percent!


      To a martial artist, a meridian that could reach ten percent smoothness was equivalent to that meridian being greatly accomplished.


      A great accomplishment of a meridian, in the realm of martial arts, is a realm that exists only in legends!


      According to the genealogical records, even that ancestor of the Nether Family who had opened four meridians, his Ren Vein had failed to achieve great success and instead had only reached 80% of the realm.


      Now, by helping Su Ruorui bring her Ren Vein up to ten percent, Ye Chen was literally helping her strengthen her martial foundation more than double!

Chapter 2258

Not only did this allow her to take a big step forward in her current strength, but it also made her future path in the martial arts much smoother!

        With the Great Success Ren Vein as her foundation, her future martial arts journey will be twice as effective with half the effort!

        Su Ruo Li was extremely excited and shocked at the same time!

        "Mr. Ye just lightly numbered my veins, and he was able to give me such a huge boost in my cultivation, so how strong must he be?!"

        "The Great Success of the Ren Vein is equivalent to laying the foundation of martial dao to the utmost, which was originally something I never dared to think of in my life ...... It is also an achievement that is extremely difficult for all martial daoists to achieve in their lifetime ......"

        "However, in the hands of Mr. Ye, it's just as simple as moving one's fingers ......"

        "This ...... This is simply like turning a point stone into gold_......"

        "But, in the mouth of Mr. Ye, this great supernatural power is just as simple as a passing finger ......"

        "How powerful is Mr. Ye to reach such an unimaginable level?!"

        "It seems that my previous knowledge of Mr. Ye was far from enough ......"

        "Before, I thought that he should just be stronger, but today I realized that he's far more powerful than that! It's even far beyond what I can imagine ......"

        Thinking of this, she was increasingly glad about this acquaintance between herself and Ye Chen.

        Although the first half of this acquaintance was not pleasant, but ever since Ye Chen had saved himself until now, this man had been subverting his worldview with practical actions.

        If he hadn't known Ye Chen, he wouldn't have been able to achieve this kind of fortune!

        Whirling, she poofed to her knees and choked with emotion, "Mr. Ye, your great kindness, Ruo Li will never forget it, please accept Ruo Li's worship ......"

        After saying that, he directly leaned down and kowtowed heavily.

        Ye Chen indifferently said, "It's just a show of hands, you don't need to perform this great ceremony."

        Su Ruo Li said solemnly and incomparably, "Mr. Ye, the creation you have given to Ruo Li is far beyond the reach of many martial daoists who have cultivated hard all their lives, this kindness, Ruo Li has no teeth to forget!"

        Ye Chen smiled slightly, "Grasp the time to improve the smoothness of the Governor Vessel, and then work hard to try to open the Chong Vessel, this is the most important thing for you right now, it just so happens that you can't go out during this period of time, so you can practice well in the hotel."

        Su Ruo Li was busy saying, "Okay Mr. Ye, Ruo Li will do his best and try not to disappoint you!"

        Ye Chen nodded, stood up and said, "Alright, you continue practicing, I'll go back first."

        Su Ruo Li subconsciously asked, "You're leaving now, Mr. Ye?"

        Ye Chen hmmmed and said casually, "Still have to go buy some food to cook at home, if I dawdle for a while longer, I'll delay my wife's lunch."

        Su Ruo Li's heart was shocked to the core, but also surged full of loss, and asked out of the blue, "You're married, Mr. Ye?!"

        Ye Chen nodded, "Married for four years."

        Su Ruo Li said in shock, "The Ye family is also the second largest family in the country, how come I've never heard of the Ye family grandson's big wedding ......"

        Ye Chen laughed to himself, "I, the son of the Ye family, have been living outside by myself for nineteen years, the Ye family only found me a year ago, before that, I had already married, joined a local family in Jinling, and become a son-in-law at home."


        Su Ruo Li felt that her three views were once again completely overturned by Ye Chen.

        "The matter of the disappearance of Ye Changsha's son, I had heard people talking about it in Yanjing."

        "However, I would never dare to imagine that a man like Duke Ye would be a son-in-law in Jinling!"

        "Let's not mention that he is a scion of the Ye family and the only son of the famous Ye Changsha, but just saying that his outstanding attainments in the martial arts are enough to make all the martial arts people flock to him!"

        "Don't look at those martial arts experts, who are usually held in high esteem by all the great families, if a top expert with great prowess like Mr. Ye is willing to open a sect, countless martial arts experts will definitely crowd to worship under him and work for him wholeheartedly ......"

        "So, if he wants to, he can become the object of the admiration of all people at any time ......"

        "Why would such a man who is capable of so much, be willing to be in Jinling and be a door-to-door son-in-law?!"


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