Secret Identity 2254-2256


Chapter 2254

Su Ruo Li was a bit embarrassed and said, "Sorry Mr. Ye, I shouldn't have interrupted you just now, you continue"


      Ye Chen then said, "But it wasn't long before the media found out that your father, Su Shoudao, had taken an overnight flight to Australia, and right after that, the media shifted the wind, all saying that it wasn't actually your grandfather Su Chengfeng who betrayed you, but your father Su Shoudao, saying that he betrayed you in order to silence and bury the secret that you were her illegitimate daughter forever. "


      Su Ruo Li looked a little pale and said, "This this is not impossible"


      Ye Chen asked her, "Then which one do you believe in more?"


      Su Ruo Li thought carefully for a few minutes before she said, "Mr. Ye, I'm more convinced that it was Su Chengfeng who betrayed me."


      Ye Chen looked at her with great interest and asked, "Oh? Why?"


      Su Ruo Li seriously said: "I have been by my father's side for a few years, although he is very ruthless, but his feelings for his flesh and blood are very deep, he cares about Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu very much, after knowing my true identity, he is also very attentive to me, I think he should not kill me to silence me, if he really wants to silence me, he shouldn't have taken me after knowing that I am his daughter," he said. Stay in the Su family."


      Saying that, she analyzed, "Su Chengfeng's person, in the eyes of the outside world, is a very legendary and successful businessman of the older generation, and looks similar to Hong Kong's Li Jia Cheng, kind-hearted, but in reality, he is a very ruthless person."


      "Moreover, he is ruthless regardless of the target, no matter who touches his interests, he will not let go! Even if it's his own grandson!"


      "So, I think it's more likely that Su Chengfeng will betray me!"


      Ye Chen nodded in agreement and said: "I actually share your view, although I don't understand the father and son's personality, but from the sequence of events and the logic behind the inference, the mastermind is more likely to be Su Chengfeng. The moving target that fights back and can't talk back."


      Su Ruo Li involuntarily sighed, "Su Chengfeng has always held the power of the Su Family, although my father is the eldest son and prospective heir, he has little real power in the Su Family, because the key people in every aspect of the Su Family are directly responsible to and report to Su Chengfeng."


      "My father also doesn't dare to cultivate his own power at all, because Su Chengfeng is extremely sensitive to this matter, and if my father cultivates his own power right under his nose, then he will definitely be furious, and may even directly deprive my father of his power as a prospective heir."


      "So, no matter which way you look at this matter, Su Chengfeng is definitely the mastermind behind it."


      At this point, Su Ruoxi looked a little darker as she said, "However, whether my father was involved and if so how much he was actually involved, I don't know that, he may not have known the whole time, or he may have known but didn't object"


      Ye Chen asked her, "What are your plans next?"


      Su Ruo Li was busy saying, "Ruo Li doesn't dare to have any plans, when Mr. Ye saved me, I already said that I would follow everything Mr. Ye commanded"


      Ye Chen nodded and asked her, "If one day, I want you to help me deal with the Su family, would you be willing?"


      Su Ruo Li said without hesitation, "Dealing with the Su family, I'm willing! From my mother, and then to me, I have been reserved to serve the Su family, even always ready to sacrifice for the Su family, but never in my dreams could I have imagined that the Su family would be so desperate towards us, this revenge, I must avenge!"


      Saying that, she looked towards Ye Chen and said with a bit of pleading, "Mr. Ye, can Ruo Li ask you for one thing?"


      Ye Chen nodded, "You say."


      Su Ruo Li was busy saying, "Mr. Ye, if you want me to deal with the Su family, Su Chengfeng, and the other Su family members, I have no problem with it, and I beg to differ, but I don't want to meet my father, and my two half-brothers and sisters in arms apart from the three of them, any other surnamed Su is an enemy in my eyes!"

Chapter 2255

Su Ruo Li was unwilling to make a move against her biological father, as well as her half-brother and sister, and instead of being unhappy, Ye Chen felt a little bit relieved.


      In fact, if a person could really do it to his siblings and even his biological father, Ye Chen must be very wary of such a person.


      Because in his opinion, no matter how bad a person was, he couldn't be without humanity, and if a person really had no humanity, then even if he was obedient to himself today, he could still stab the knife directly into his heart tomorrow.


      So, in his opinion, although Su Ruorui exterminated the entire Matsumoto family, she was not yet inhumane.


      The reason for making the move to exterminate the family was to carry out orders.


      Just like a soldier, no matter what kind of orders his superior commander, gave him, he, as a qualified soldier, had to obey.


      Otherwise, he would not be a qualified soldier.


      So Ye Chen was fine with this and spoke, "Both of us, we have a deep hatred with the Su family, you hate Su Chengfeng, I hate Su Shoudao, you need Su Chengfeng to give you an explanation and I need Su Shoudao to give me an explanation, so the two of us will have to try our best to cooperate in facing the Su family."


      Su Ruo Li hesitated for a moment and asked, "Mr. Ye, do you hate my father because of the matter of the Anti-Ye Alliance back then?"


      Ye Chen nodded and said coldly, "Back then, Su Shou Dao raised the banner of the Anti-Leaf Alliance and organized a group of people to target my father with all his might, although I still don't know how much my father's death had to do with him and the Anti-Leaf Alliance, but with just the words Anti-Leaf Alliance, he was my enemy!"


      Su Ruo Li asked again, "Mr. Ye, then would you kill my father because of the anti-Yeh alliance back then?"


      Ye Chen pondered for a few seconds and said squarely, "If Su Shoudao's Anti-Leaf Alliance was not the direct killer of my parents, or not directly involved in the murder of my parents, then I would not be as indiscriminate as Su Shoudao was in killing the Matsumoto family, and I would give him a reasonable punishment based on his actual crime."


      At this point, Ye Chen's expression flashed with a hint of coldness as he said sternly, "However, if he has an unshirkable responsibility for the death of my parents, then I will definitely take his dog's life and use his head to pay tribute to my tragically dead parents!"


      Su Ruorui nodded gently.


      Although, in her heart, she was ten thousand times unwilling for Ye Chen to meet his own father in arms one day.


      But it was also clear in her heart that she did not have the ability to control this matter, much less the qualifications to do so.


      Ye Chen was not only much stronger than herself, but even his own life was saved by Ye Chen, and she was not qualified to ask and interfere with any decision he made to avenge his parents' death.


      Therefore, she could only pray in her heart that her father, Su Shou Dao, would never be the culprit that killed Ye Chen's parents.


      Otherwise, with Ye Chen's strength, it would be easy to kill him.


      Thinking of this, Su Ruorui looked at Ye Chen and pondered over it, but still asked, "Mr. Ye, when can I contact my mother?"


      Ye Chen spoke up, "Not yet, wait a little longer, mainly because your current status is too sensitive, the news about you is boiling all over Asia, and the Japanese government is eager to take you back and convict you, if the news that you are still alive leaks out, I won't be able to keep you."


      Saying that, Ye Chen added, "I suggest you wait patiently for a while longer, when the time is right, I will let you contact your mother."


      Su Ruo Li nodded gently and said respectfully, "Okay Mr. Ye, Ruo Li will do everything as you command."


      Ye Chen gave a hmmm and spoke, "These days, you'll rest here."


      Su Ruo Li busily said, "Okay Mr. Ye."


      Ye Chen remembered something and asked curiously, "Oh right, when I came in just now, I saw that you seemed to be training?"


      Su Ruo Li remembered how she was just wearing only a sports bralette as well as gym shorts, and nodded her head, unable to hide her shame, and said, "Back to Mr. Ye, I usually practice basically every day."


      Ye Chen asked curiously, "You martial arts experts, what do you usually practice mainly when you practice your kung fu?"


      Su Ruo Li answered truthfully, "I practice the Nether Family's ancestral Shape-Yi Fist every morning."


      Ye Chen asked curiously, "Form Yi Fist? Is it Nether's unique kung fu?"


      "Not really." Su Ruo Li answered truthfully, "Actually, Shape Fist is the internal martial art, and the internal martial art is not original to the Nether Family."


      Since the Ye family's ancestors had a heritage of martial arts practice, Ye Chen had studied Wing Chun with his father in the Ye family when he was young.

Chapter 2256

However, Wing Chun is just a relatively common set of boxing techniques and punches, and is not internal martial arts.


      In comparison, the internal martial arts segment is a bit more high-end overall than the ordinary martial arts.


      Whether it's Chinese Wing Chun or Japanese Karate or Korean Taekwondo, they are all fighting techniques in the end, but the people who create them all have different ways of looking at things, so the fighting techniques they create are different.


      Internal martial arts, on the other hand, is different.


      Internal martial arts is not about physical skills, but about the cultivation of internal skills.


      The so-called qi sinks into the dantian, which is said to be the internal energy practiced by the internal martial arts.


      In comparison, internal martial arts, is much more advanced than ordinary boxing, and its overall strength is also a cut above.


      It was because of her year-round practice of internal martial arts that Su Ruo Li was able to surpass the majority of her peers and become a leader among them.


      However, the entire set of Formidable Fist that she practiced was a hundred thousand miles inferior to Ye Chen's Jiu Xuan Tian Jing.


      Ye Chen had the intention to mention her a little, so he spoke up, "Miss Su, I would like to take your pulse, I wonder if it's convenient?"


      Su Ruo Li said without thinking, "Of course, Mr. Ye, go ahead!"


      Saying that, she passed her right hand in front of Ye Chen.


      Ye Chen's finger belly gently rested on Su Ruorui's pulse gate, and a trace of aura passed through the gate and into Su Ruorui's body.


      As the aura moved around Su Ruorui's body, Ye Chen immediately discovered that the eight odd meridians in Su Ruorui's body were currently only open to the Ren and Zhu Vessels.


      The Ren and Zhu Vessels were actually a combined term for the Ren and Zhu Vessels.


      And the Ren and Governor veins were both part of the eight odd meridians.


      There are a total of eight Qigong and Eight Vessels, which are the Ren, the Governor, the Chong, the Belt, the Yin Stilts, the Yang Stilts, the Yin Dimensional and the Yang Dimensional Vessels.


      The main reason why they are called the Eight Qigong Veins is because, for most people, these eight meridians are naturally incompatible.


      The traditional internal martial arts of Huaxia, as well as the Taoist cultivation methods, are all about cultivating qi.


      This qi, stored in the body, sinks in the dantian, and when operating, it has to pass through the eight odd meridians.


      Therefore, whether and how many of the eight meridians are opened is directly related to the person's strength.


      To put it bluntly, if a person is an internal combustion engine, the qi in the dantian is the fuel for the operation of the internal combustion engine.


      And the eight channels are the eight pipes that supply fuel to the internal combustion engine, if none of the eight pipes are connected, then the person is a completely ordinary person.


      If one or two of the eight were opened, the person's strength would rise a great deal.


      If one got through eight, then one would almost be at the pinnacle of internal cultivation.


      Su Ruoyi currently only had the Ren and Zhu veins open, leaving six of them open, and if she could open one more, her strength would all be multiplied.


      Unfortunately, it was simply impossible to get through the eight odd meridians with the traditional internal martial arts.


      In the case of the Nether Family's Shape Intentional Fist, only one ancestor had ever gotten through four of the eight odd meridians over the past few hundred years.


      The rest, the best of them would only be able to get through three.


      The current Nether Family, the only one who could get through three, was Su Ruorui's grandfather, He Hong Sheng, and in the forty years since he had gotten through three meridians, the Nether Family had not produced another


      More, in fact, can only get through one in a lifetime.


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