Secret Identity 2251-2253


Chapter 2251

"You don't have a cell phone?!"


      Ye Chen felt very unbelievable about Xiao Weiwei's words.


      These days, even the aunts at the street stalls had smartphones, and it was indeed a bit unbelievable that Xiao Weiwei, a young and fashionable girl, didn't even have a mobile phone.


      Xiao Weiwei saw Ye Chen's face full of amazement, the whole person was even more embarrassed, fidgeting, "Brother-in-law I my phone was taken away by Wu Donghai's people, before."


      Xiao Weiwei said, lowering her head in shame.


      She truly felt like she couldn't hang on to her face at all when she said this.


      The entire Xiao family was now truly at the point of exhaustion.


      Can't even afford a mobile phone, what kind of poverty must this be!


      When Ye Chen heard this, he understood in his heart.


      After Wu Donghai returned to himself, he hated the Xiao family with a passion, and he knew that he was not dealing with them, so naturally, he was also screwing their family to death.


      In fact, all he needed to do for this kind of thing was to give Wu Donghai a greeting, and Wu Donghai would definitely restore their previous standard of living, and even continue to invest in the Xiao family to bring them back to life.


      After all, reviving the Xiao family only needed tens of millions, and although Wu Donghai had lost most of his fortune, but after all, a skinny camel was bigger than a horse, and a little bit leaking out of his fingertips was enough to feed and drink the Xiao family.


      However, Ye Chen did not intend to do so.


      The Xiao family has come this far, they are absolutely to blame, especially the old lady and Xiao Changqian, two people have been deliberately against Ye Chen and his family.


      Therefore, the punishment that should be given to them must not be less.


      Thinking of this, Ye Chen made up his mind that at the most, he would give Xiao Weiwei a small favor as a small reward for her returning from a wrong path, sincerely apologizing to himself and calling himself brother-in-law.


      Ye Chen has always been a person who is clear about rewards and punishments.


      As long as the crime committed was not a capital crime, a certain amount of forgiveness could be granted on the basis of serious repentance.


      For example, for Wu Donghai's family, although Wu Qi was a complete scum, but in the end, the crime did not deserve death, and although Wu Donghai and his eldest son, Wu Xin, were domineering, they also did not commit a capital crime.


      Therefore, all three of them, father and son, had survived to the present despite their many tribulations.


      However, Wu Donghai's brother-in-law, Xue Nanshan, had done all sorts of bad things and lost his conscience, and this kind of person couldn't keep him even if he decided to do good deeds for the rest of his life, because he had already committed unforgivable crimes.


      At this time, Ye Chen rummaged through his pockets and found a fifty-dollar denomination note, handed it to Xiao Weiwei and said, "Let's say, you take this fifty-dollar note and take a taxi."


      Xiao Weiwei was a little hesitant, not sure if she should take the fifty dollars.


      Although it was only fifty dollars, it was a big amount of money that could be very useful to her.


      Her current job only had two hundred dollars a day, and this money was not only for food, but also to buy some basic medicine for Xiao Chang Qian and Xiao Hailong.


      In fact, after these two were invalidated, each of them needed at least tens of thousands of dollars of treatment to recover quickly, but just because they couldn't pay the money, they could only rely purely on a little bit of physical recuperation, which was already much slower.


      Coupled with the fact that nutrition was not guaranteed at all, in their current situation, they might not really be able to get out of bed and walk after a year.


      So Xiao Weiwei also wanted to earn as much money as possible, even if it was just a few dozen more, at least she could buy two pounds of ribs for her father and brother, or buy two large bones to cook soup and drink.


      So, she bowed to Ye Chen and said heartily, "Thank you brother-in-law I'm really short of money right now, so I won't be polite to you."


      Saying that, his hands took the fifty dollars over.


      Ye Chen nodded his head and said, "Take a taxi over there, ten yuan will be enough."


      Although Xiao Weiwei was a bit reluctant, but since Ye Chen had said so, she didn't dare to disobey, and said, "Okay brother-in-law, thank you brother-in-law."


      Ye Chen hmmmed and asked her, "What time do you work until?"


      Xiao Weiwei said in a soft voice, "The customers who are looking at the houses usually start at 10:00 am and go until 7:00 am, so we won't finish until 7:30 pm."


      Ye Chen nodded and said, "Okay, then hurry up and go, I'm leaving too."

Chapter 2252

Xiao Weiwei hurriedly bowed again and said, "Brother-in-law, you slow down and be safe on the road."


      "Mm, let's go."


      Ye Chen waved his hand at her, twisted the throttle of the battery car and quickly left.


      Xiao Weiwei looked at Ye Chen's back with a lot of emotions.


      At this moment, what she wished for the most was not to earn much money or to be favored by some rich man.


      What she wished for most was to be able to sit in the backseat of Ye Chen's battery operated car.


      Because she felt that that back seat looked like it must be very happy and at ease!


      Ye Chen rode his electric bicycle and arrived at Chen Zekai's hotel.


      Richard Chen was already personally waiting at the door.


      When he saw Ye Chen riding over, he hurriedly came forward and said: "Oh my young master, your identity is really not suitable to ride this kind of electric car anymore, why don't you drive the car that Qin Gang and Wang Zheng Gang gave you earlier? Is it because you don't like supercars?"


      Ye Chen nodded, "That kind of car is not practical, and it's really too arrogant, as long as you drive it out, you'll be chased and photographed by everyone, I don't like such a high-profile feeling."


      Chen Zekai was busy saying, "Then how about I arrange a more low-key and luxurious car for you? How do you feel about Phaeton?"


      Ye Chen waved his hand, "No need, I'm used to riding electric bikes, Jinling isn't much, so little place in the city, riding an electric bike will be completely run over, but I haven't charged it in the past few days, it seems like the battery is almost dead, you'll arrange for someone to charge it for me later."


      Saying that, he parked the electric car at the door and urged, "Go, take me to meet Su Ruoli."


      Chen Zekai busily said to a valet parking boy beside him, "Hurry up and park this electric car of Mr. Ye's, wipe it clean inside and out, and then charge it up."


      "Okay Mr. Chen!"


      The little brother responded and hurriedly came over to push the electric car away.


      Ye Chen and Richard Chen stepped into the hotel, so Richard Chen took him directly to the top floor of the hotel.


      The top floor of the hotel was the executive floor, which was reserved for big bosses and big personalities.


      The characteristics of the executive floor was that the areas were relatively independent, and when the hotel was designed, several administrative areas were built on the executive floor, each executive floor only had an entrance and exit, an elevator room and a stairwell, and a thickened reinforced concrete wall was also used to separate it from the other executive floors.


      This is not only safer and more private, but also more convenient for security personnel to carry out their work.


      Otherwise, if it was an ordinary floor, there were several elevators, several sets of stairs, and air corridors connected to each other, the route was complicated, and it was not good for security for big people to live in.


      Su Ruorui and the others were arranged in one of the administrative areas, and Richard Chen also arranged many of his beloved generals to guard here, as a way to ensure that nothing went wrong.


      At this time, Su Ruo Li was wearing a corseted sports undergarment sent by the waitress, and was in the living room of the room, running her internal martial arts recipe for internal training.


      A martial arts expert like her, relying on talent alone was far from enough, daily gong practice was also essential.


      Only after ten to twenty years of relentless and painstaking practice could one achieve a martial arts expert.


      However, the current Su Ruorui felt as if she had never been able to sink her heart and focus on her training.


      This was because as soon as she tried to sink her heart, she couldn't help but think of Ye Chen in her mind.


      Just when she couldn't always find the feeling, the doorbell sounded.


      At this moment, she intuited that it could possibly be Ye Chen coming, and her heart was suddenly happy.


      Then, she rushed to the door in three or two steps and directly opened the door.


      When she saw Ye Chen standing outside the door of the room, she couldn't help but be overjoyed and said out of her mouth, "Mr. Ye, you've finally come!"


      After saying that, she suddenly realized that she was only wearing a sports underwear, and her entire neck and chest were full of sweat, and she squealed in shock and blurted out, "Oh my! Mr. Ye, wait a moment!"


      As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I quickly closed the door

Chapter 2253

Ye Chen actually hadn't had time to take a good look at Su Ruorui's perfect body as well as her curves before she closed the door.


      At this time, Su Ruo Li, the whole person shame hard to endure, she quickly found a bathrobe to put on, this red face back to run and open the door.


      Facing Ye Chen, her face had blushed as if floating on two pieces of morning glow, she said shyly, "Sorry Mr. Ye, just now I just opened the door too abruptly."


      Although Su Ruo Li was a ruthless martial arts expert, emotionally, she was still an unhumanized virgin who had never been tempted by the opposite sex.


      Therefore, when facing Ye Chen, the shyness in her heart made her not half as much of a martial arts expert.


      Ye Chen was more or less embarrassed at this time.


      Like the Qin family's little pepper, Qin Aoxue, Su Ruo Li and Qin Ao Xue, both of them had a great body because they had been trained professionally for years, so although it was sudden and rushed just now, it did make him feast his eyes.


      Only, Qin Aoxue didn't have that natural coldness in Su Ruorui.


      To put it bluntly, after getting acquainted with Qin Ao Xue, she was like the little girl next door that all men liked.


      But Su Ruorui definitely didn't have that kind of temperament on her.


      It wasn't because she was somewhat shorthanded in front of Ye Chen, she actually carried a taste that could be viewed from afar but not played with at all times in her image in front of people, and would even bring a cold and dangerous feeling to most men.


      After slightly adjusting his attitude, Ye Chen then asked Su Ruorui, "Is Miss Su still satisfied with her stay here?"


      Su Ruo Li was busy: "Very satisfied I heard that this is the best hotel in Jinling, I didn't expect Mr. Ye to be so courteous to trouble you."


      Ye Chen waved his hand, "It's not that I can't talk about adding trouble, after all, Old Chen is in full charge of this hotel, so having him arrange a few rooms is just a show of hands."


      Only then did Su Ruo Li realize that Ye Chen was still standing at the door, so she hurriedly flashed away and made an inviting gesture, speaking, "Mr. Ye, please come in and sit down."


      Ye Chen nodded his head and stepped into the room.


      Because it was a luxurious executive suite, Su Ruo Li then directly invited Ye Chen to sit on the sofa in the living room.


      As soon as Ye Chen sat down, she hurriedly used the tea leaves sent from the hotel room to make a cup of tea for Ye Chen and handed it to him, respectfully saying, "Mr. Ye, please have some tea."


      Ye Chen smiled slightly and thanked her, then he said, "Miss Su doesn't know if she's watching TV?"


      "No." Su Ruo Li's expression was a bit unnatural as she ran a hand through her hair at her temples and stammered, "I that last night actually never slept well, I fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning, then I woke up and did a training session and then you came"


      Ye Chen nodded and said, "I'll probably tell you about it, yesterday the Japanese National Security Agency released a circular in which it disclosed your grandfather, Su Chengfeng, colluding with the Japanese Self-Defense Force."


      Su Ruo Li said with a bit of resentment in her expression, "He's not my grandfather I don't have such a grandfather"


      Ye Chen said, "I can understand your feelings."


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