Secret Identity 2249-2250


Chapter 2249

Hearing Ye Chen's words, Xiao Weiwei hurriedly nodded her head incessantly, even her voice choked up a bit and said seriously, "Brother-in-law you're right I'm now I'm really awakened I'm no longer the old straw-bag lady with eyes above my head, unlearned and dog's eyes looking down on people"


      Saying that, she unzipped the down jacket a little, revealing the blue Miss Manners uniform inside, and spoke, "Brother-in-law, you see, I've started looking for a job on my own now, and I'm working as a welcoming guest in the newly opened Pearl River Regency."


      Ye Chen curiously asked, "How did you become a welcoming guest? If I remember correctly, you're at least a college student, so isn't any job better than being a welcoming guest?"


      Xiao Weiwei is very ashamed of the low voice: "This brother-in-law does not hide it from you, my father and my brother years ago because of the plot against my second aunt, let people to beat into a cripple, now can only lie in bed, nothing can be done, my grandmother is also old, and lost weight some time ago second aunt's stimulation, has not slowed down, so also can not go out to find a job, only I can come out to make money to support the family"


      At that, Xiao Weiwei sobbed a few times and choked, "But but but I can't find those serious jobs, because that kind of job, they all have to be paid next month, but my father, my brother and my grandmother, the three of them are still waiting at home, I earn money to go back to fill their stomachs"


      "So that's why I'm only looking for a job like welcoming lady with a day job."


      Ye Chen nodded lightly.


      Years ago when he and his father-in-law went to the supermarket to make purchases, he had seen Mrs. Xiao, who specialized in pulling plastic bags for customers in the supermarket.


      At that time, he knew that the Xiao family had run out of money.


      In the past, they used to rely on Wu Donghai and were able to eat and drink spicy food.


      But then Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong made a big trouble and kidnapped Ye Changmin along with Ma Lan, causing Wu Donghai to completely offend Ye Changmin.


      In the end, Wu Donghai learns of his identity as the young master of the Ye family, and can only bend the knee to himself, seeking a way out.


      Now, Wu Donghai had become Hong Wu's licking dog, so naturally, he couldn't give the Xiao family any more chances.


      If it wasn't for the fact that he still wanted to give the Xiao family one last bit of retreat, the Xiao family would have already been swept away by Wu Donghai.


      However, it wasn't that Ye Chen pitied them by leaving them this back way.


      He was feeling that since the ancient sages had summed up that the wicked had their own way of grinding.


      Therefore, it was better to let them feel the depth of water and fire in Thomson than to let them get out of Thomson.


      That was why Wu Donghai looked for connections to release Zhang Guifen and three others in advance.


      Ye Chen had already tried to figure out Old Lady Xiao clearly, and he knew that if Old Lady Xiao saw that Zhang Guifen and the three of them were going to share a villa with him, she would definitely try everything to get rid of Zhang Guifen, and then, she would offend Zhang Guifen to her death.


      That was not the case.


      Originally, the three of them were still grateful to Mrs. Xiao, and if Mrs. Xiao treated them well, they would definitely do their best to repay her.


      In that case, with the help of three village women, Old Mrs. Xiao would at least be able to have a full meal for the family.


      However, Ye Chen just calculated that Old Mrs. Xiao would not choose this path.


      That's why, he deliberately let Old Lady Xiao experience the feeling of lifting a stone to smash her own feet.


      The original helper turned into an enemy, which would definitely cause Old Mrs. Xiao a lot of pain.


      And Old Mrs. Xiao, as expected, did not disappoint him.


      Now, it was obvious that it was already very hard for Old Mrs. Xiao to support a family of four by herself, so it could only be Xiao Weiwei who carried the burden of raising the family.

Chapter 2250

Ye Chen looked at Xiao Weiwei in front of him, and although his impression of her had slightly changed, he did not sympathize with her.


      Immediately, he spoke lightly, "Pearl River Lijing is not far from here, you can take a taxi and the starting price will be almost there."


      Xiao Weiwei hurriedly said, "Brother-in-law I can't wait to break a penny into two halves and spend it now, I can't even take a bus, let alone a taxi"


      Saying that, she pointed to the high heels under her feet and said, "I was going to walk straight over there so I could save some money, but I just happened to see you pass by here, so I got up the courage to want to apologize to you and ask if you could give me a ride."


      In fact, the current Xiao Weiwei had a good feeling towards Ye Chen in her heart.


      Ever since the day before the New Year's Eve, when many great figures from Jinling came together to pay their respects to Ye Chen, she realized that she had made a huge mistake in looking down on Ye Chen.


      She also realized that the current Ye Chen was by no means comparable to the Ye Chen of the sunset.


      Moreover, Ye Chen had always been very good to Xiao Choran, and Xiao Weiwei also saw it in her eyes.


      Therefore, her view of Ye Chen now had changed drastically from before.


      When she went out today, she just happened to see Ye Chen riding by on a bicycle, so she plucked up the courage to call out to him.


      In her heart, she was also looking forward to taking this opportunity to turn the tide with Ye Chen.


      But Ye Chen really couldn't bring up any good feelings towards Xiao Weiwei, so he said, "I still have something to do, and I'm not on the right track with Pearl River Lijing, so I can't bring you over."


      Although Xiao Weiwei was lost in her heart, she didn't continue to pester, and nodded her head very cheerfully and said, "It's fine brother-in-law, if you have something to do, you can be busy first, I'll just walk over."


      Ye Chen saw that she was still wearing high heels, it was impossible to walk forty minutes this way, so he felt more or less sympathetic, so he said, "Let's do this, let's add a WeChat, I'll transfer some money over to you."


      Xiao Weiwei subconsciously said, "No brother-in-law I can't take your money."


      Ye Chen said calmly, "Just because you can sincerely call me brother-in-law, it's only right for me to help you, don't say that it's me you're running into, if you run into your sister, she'll definitely help you as well."


      Xiao Churan was always kind-hearted and didn't like to hold grudges, if she were to see Xiao Weiwei in this state, she would definitely give a helping hand as well.


      Xiao Weiwei was touched and ashamed when she heard this, and choked, "Brother-in-law, I was so kind to you before, and you are still willing to help me I really I really"


      Speaking of which, Xiao Weiwei could not help but cry out.


      Today, she truly understood what it meant to repay a grudge with virtue.


      If it were an aside, she had offended others before, and they would definitely hate to step on her at this time to see the joke.


      However, not only had Ye Chen not mocked and ridiculed himself, he was willing to help, which was really unexpected for her.


      Ye Chen spoke at this time, "Okay, don't cry, and don't put it off, quickly add a WeChat, I have something else to do later, I have to go first."


      Xiao Weiwei was so busy that she nodded her head, but when she reached into her pocket, she realized that she didn't have a cell phone at all


      Her cell phone had already been taken away by Wu Donghai's people.


      So, she said in a restless manner, "Brother-in-law that I I don't have a phone."


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