Secret Identity 2247-2248


Chapter 2247

Ye Chen, at this time, had just pushed his electric car and came out of the gate of the villa of Thompson's.


      Xiao Churan's company had finished the Spring Festival holiday and officially went to work, and her father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, also started to get back into the affairs of the Painting and Calligraphy Association.


      In the morning, Ma Lan, who was on crutches, cooked breakfast, Xiao Changkun and Xiao Churan finished their meals, then each drove a BMW to go about their business, and Ye Chen cleaned up the house, then prepared to go out to buy some meat and eggs.


      The small vegetable garden at home could provide most of the vegetables and fruits needed by the family, but meat and eggs still had to be bought at the market.


      Ye Chen rode out, not in a hurry to set out, but parked his car at the side of the road in the villa area of Townsend, his feet propped up on the ground, and took out his cell phone to call Chen Zhaichai.


      The various scandals that broke out in the Su family last night, Ye Chen had read all of them without missing a single line.


      The wind of public opinion had started off by condemning Su Chengfeng, then immediately switched its spearhead to point directly at Su Shoudao, and Ye Chen could see at a glance that this was Su Chengfeng's self-preservation ploy.


      It seemed that the Su family now had internal conflicts, which was very encouraging news for Ye Chen.


      Although he still wasn't sure if the murderer who had killed his parents was the Su family or not, but just because the Su family had once formed an anti-Yeh alliance, he had to make the Su family pay a huge price.


      Now, the Su Family was beginning to disintegrate internally, so it was naturally the perfect situation for him.


      Next, how to make the Su Family disintegrate even more completely and make the Su Family go further and further down the road to doom was what Ye Chen was most concerned about right now.


      In his opinion, Su Ruo Li was definitely a nuclear weapon to further disintegrate the Su Family.


      As soon as the call to Richard Chen was connected, he asked, "Old Chen, how are Su Ruorui and the others doing now?"


      Chen Zekai was busy saying, "Back to Young Master, I just had breakfast sent over, and according to the report from the person who sent it, they are all in pretty good shape."


      Ye Chen asked again, "Having severed their contact with the outside world, they're not having any trouble, right?"


      "No." Richard Chen smiled, "Those crew members are still afraid that people will know they're back, and even if they were given a cell phone, they wouldn't dare to call outside."


      Ye Chen asked, "What about Su Ruoli? What's the status?"


      Richard Chen said, "According to her people, she's not dissatisfied with anything, but she did ask about you."


      Ye Chen asked curiously, "Oh? What was asked of me?"


      Chen Zhai Kai smiled, "I asked you when you were coming over and said that I wanted to discuss something with you."


      "Mm." Ye Chen looked at the time, it was only 9:30 am, as long as he could buy meat back at eleven o'clock, he wouldn't delay Ma Lan from cooking lunch, so he spoke up, "How about this, I'll go over there later."


      "Okay young master." Chen Zekai said respectfully, "Do you want me to drive over to pick you up?"


      "No need, I'll ride a battery-operated bike over there, it's quite hassle-free."


      Ye Chen didn't really have any good feelings towards Su Ruorui.


      Although this woman was very pretty and had a very hot body, she was also very malicious.


      If he hadn't guessed that he was Su Shou Dao's illegitimate daughter, he would never have kept her alive.


      Keeping her alive was to disgust the Su Family.


      After all, it was very easy to kill a Su Family general, but it wasn't so easy to create a sworn enemy for the Su Family.


      If he could make Su Ruo Li, like himself, see the Su family as a great enemy, the Su family would definitely have a lot of trouble in the future.

Chapter 2248

This was Ye Chen's purpose for keeping Su Ruorui.


      He planned to send Su Ruorui back to Yanjing when the time was right.


      Immediately, he put away the phone, twisted the throttle of the electric car, and the little electric donkey made a buzzing sound and quickly scurried out.


      After leaving the Townshend Yijin neighborhood, Ye Chen had just turned right on his bike and was about to go to Chen Zekai's hotel when he heard a familiar voice behind him shout with some nervousness, "Brother-in-law!"


      When Ye Chen subconsciously turned back, he saw a familiar woman waving at him from the sidewalk behind him.


      "Xiao Weiwei?" Ye Chen was confused as he saw the woman clearly.


      The family of one's own and the family of Old Mrs. Xiao have not been turning against each other for a day or two, and for so long, the two families have been like water and fire.


      Not to mention that they wouldn't greet each other when they met, if mother-in-law Ma Lan saw their family on the terrace of the villa, she would hate to scold them for an hour to relieve her hatred.


      So, he didn't quite understand what this Xiao Weiwei was calling herself for.


      Besides, why did she have to call herself brother-in-law? Didn't they used to call themselves losers?


      With that in mind, he frowned and asked, "Are you in trouble?"


      Xiao Weiwei hurriedly took two quick steps to arrive in front of Ye Chen and said with a bit of shame, "Brother-in-law, what are you doing?"


      Ye Chen said coldly, "I'm going to buy food, what do you want?"


      Xiao Weiwei gently bit her lips and asked with some inner apprehension, "Brother-in-law, can you give me a ride to Pearl Riverview? It's not that far from here, the electric car will be there in twenty minutes."


      Ye Chen looked her up and down, saw that she was dressed formally and wore light makeup, and said with a sneer, "You are a lady of the Xiao family, riding in my electric car is too cheap, right? What? Still want the same as before, then I'm kidding?"


      When Xiao Weiwei heard this, she lowered her head in shame.


      At this moment, what came to her mind was the situation when she was riding in Wang Yunfei's Bentley sedan and saw Ye Chen downstairs at the Emperor Group.


      "At that time, Ye Chen was riding this electric car."


      "At that time, I didn't put Ye Chen in my eyes at all, I always felt that he was a complete soft rice king and stinky hangman, so I really couldn't even look down on him with half a pull of my eyes at that time."


      "But, who would have thought that today, half a year later, Ye Chen has become the top man in Jinling, and I'm reduced to supporting my family and having to go work for someone as a Miss Manners for two hundred dollars a day?"


      "And I couldn't even take a bus or a taxi to save money to feed my grandmother, my father, and my brother."


      Thinking of this, she summoned up her courage and spoke with a very humble attitude, "Brother-in-law don't make fun of me, our family has fallen into such a state now, where am I still a Miss Xiao".


      After saying that, she raised her head, looked at Ye Chen with red eyes, and said with incomparable guilt, "Brother-in-law, what happened in the past, it's all my bad, it's all my fault, I shouldn't look down on you, I shouldn't go against you and Choran sister in every way, life has given me too many lessons, I also deeply realized my mistakes, I hope you can be an adult and not care about the little people, don't be with me in general anymore"


      When Xiao Weiwei said these words, Ye Chen was somewhat surprised.


      He really did not expect that Xiao Weiwei could say such words.


      What he didn't expect was that Xiao Weiwei's tone of voice and attitude were very sincere when she said these words.


      He could tell that Xiao Weiwei said these words from the bottom of her heart and was definitely not speaking from her heart.


      Seeing that Xiao Weiwei was genuinely apologizing and truly knowing her mistake, Ye Chen's attitude softened a bit and said indifferently, "Knowing your mistake can be corrected and there is nothing wrong with it, if you really realize that you did wrong in the first place, it's not too late to wake up now."


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