Secret Identity 2244-2246


Chapter 2244

At the same time, Su old man Su Chengfeng's room. m.jyyxs Elite Fiction Network


      Su Shoude fawned with a tablet computer, presenting the media reports, as well as the friend comments one by one to Su Chengfeng, and said with a smile, "Dad, this way, everyone won't be able to blame your old man for Su Ruo Li's matter."


      Master Su nodded his head in satisfaction, while feeling completely relieved.


      The older a person got, the more they actually cherished their feathers, especially someone like Master Su.


      He was wise for a lifetime and was even the goal and life idol of countless people's hearts.


      Seeing that he was approaching retirement age, if he really turned over a boat in the gutter over this matter of Su Ruorui, then his one-time fame would also be lost in his old age.


      Therefore, he was extremely eager to be able to shake this black pot out deep inside, and the cleaner the better.


      Only before that, he hadn't figured out what method he should use to completely dump the pot.


      After all, what he did was exposed by Japan's National Security Agency, and all they exposed was the truth, he was simply unable to defend himself, and he was unable to refute it.


      But, he really didn't think that his second son, Su Shou De's head, was so smart! Initial addressoqiu


      He himself had originally planned to first send his eldest son, Su Shoudao, to Australia, and then dump all the blame for the extermination of the Matsumoto family.


      As for the matter of joining forces with the Japanese Self-Defense Force to betray Su Li, the old man himself didn't think he could really dump it.


      But, Su Shou Dao had done such a beautiful job of it!


      He had people secretly take pictures of Su Shoudao boarding the plane, and then sent a text to the media anonymously.


      Right after that, he managed to dump all the blame on Su Shoudao!


      This misfortune move of his is just about as pedagogical as it gets!


      Among them, the chain of clues was clear and the logic of the story was complete, and although most of them were fabricated, they appeared to be well-founded and convincing.


      Master Su was happy in his heart, after all, his once-in-a-lifetime reputation had finally been completely preserved, which was more important than anything else.


      The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website.


      So now, he was really in a happy and relaxed mood.


      However, he was not in a position to directly praise Su Shou De, so he said with some emotion, "Hey! This is a matter that will have to be condescended to the Shoudao!"


      When Su Shou De heard this, he hurriedly followed with a sigh, "Yes dad, big brother is really going to suffer a bit from this"


      With that, he changed his words and said seriously, "Dad! But then again, our Su family, we can lose anyone's face, but only your old man's face can't be lost!"


      "You, old man, are the mainstay of the Su family, the backbone of the seven of us siblings, and the Emperor Taizu who is forever enshrined in the hearts of all of our Su family's descendants, you must not leave a stain like Su Ruoli in your life!"


      "So, for the sake of your once-in-a-lifetime fame and your glorious image, it's only right for big brother to share your worries!"


      Su Shoudeh's words spoke directly to Su Chengfeng's heart!


      He couldn't hold back the joy in his heart any longer and smiled as he stroked his beard and said, "Shou De, you're right! You've made a great achievement in this matter today, and I'll remember it in my heart for you!"

Chapter 2245

The news about Su Shou Dao suddenly took up all the media headlines, large and small.


      Su Zhiyu and Su Zhifei were very angry about this, Su Zhifei even wanted to go to Grandpa several times to question the reason, but they were all stopped by Su Zhiyu.


      Su Zhiyu knew very well in his heart that it was now grandpa who deliberately wanted to save himself and sacrifice his father, so going to confront the old man now would only make him annoyed.


      Rather than that, it was better to be honest and say nothing, or even accompany mom to Jinling tomorrow morning as planned.


      As for how to help her father turn the tables, Su Zhiyu already had her own plan in mind.


      Only, now she had to patiently wait for the right time.


      Meanwhile, the He family had withdrawn all of their experts in the Su family overnight.


      He Hong Sheng, the head of the He Family, who was Su Ruo Li's grandfather, directly ordered internally that the children of the He Family were not allowed to work for the Su Family again until the Su Family gave a clear explanation.


      At the same time, he also called Su Chengfeng and demanded that the Su family must give him a clear explanation.


      Su Chengfeng promised with his mouth, but in reality, he didn't care about him at all.


      Right now he only wanted to save his reputation, and as for whether the He family would turn against him or not, he didn't care at all anymore.


      After all, after his cooperation with the Japanese Self-Defense Force was exposed, he knew that regardless of whether he took the blame for this matter or Su Shoudao, the He Family could no longer serve the Su Family.


      As such, why continue to waste energy on the Nether Family.


      This night.


      Su Ruo Li, who was living under surveillance at the Chen Zhai Kai Hotel, was unaware of everything that was happening outside.


      She was lying on the hotel's soft and luxurious bed, tossing and turning, and all that came to her mind was Ye Chen's figure.


      She couldn't figure out why this man was so powerful.


      Even more, she couldn't figure out why this man would save her life.


      "I was running to kill him after all, not only did he not retaliate against me, but he saved my life, is this what people say about repaying a debt with kindness?"


      "So much for that man being extraordinary."


      The next morning.


      A private plane landed in the calm ancient city of Jinling.


      This plane was the Du family's eldest son, Du Haifeng's private jet.


      Du Haiqing didn't want to fly on the Su family's plane anymore, so eldest brother Du Haifeng sent his own plane to bring her over.


      After the plane stopped, Du Haiqing, who was nervous inside, walked down the spiral staircase, accompanied by a pair of children and daughters.


      In her heart, she had been thinking about Jinling, a place that had been on her mind for almost twenty years.


      For twenty years, she would fall asleep every day silently thinking of the name of Ye Changxing, and when she thought of Ye Changxing, she could not help but think of Jinling.


      Coma Ye was the love of her life.


      When the year, coma is in Jinling perished, now she finally has the opportunity to come to the memory, deep inside the natural hard to calm.


      A family of three just arrived at the airport arrival hall, a middle-aged man greeted respectfully and opened his mouth, "Second Miss you have had a long journey."

Chapter 2246

The one who spoke was one of the Du family's old housekeepers in Jinling.


      This old housekeeper, Du Haiqing had seen him when he was still young, and in the last twenty years or so, the old housekeeper had been taking care of the old mansion in Jinling, and Du Haiqing had married into the Su family, so they hadn't seen each other again.


      However, Du Haiqing still recognized him at a glance and said respectfully, "Uncle Wang, don't be surprised if you've come!"


      After saying that, she then quickly ordered the pair of children around her, "Zhi Fei and Zhi Yu, quickly call Grandpa Wang."


      Su Zhifei and Su Zhifu hurriedly said respectfully, "Good day, Grandpa Wang!"


      The old housekeeper panicked and bowed in thanks, then somewhat flattered, he said to Du Haiqing, "I didn't think Second Miss would remember me."


      Du Haiqing smiled, "How could I not remember, you used to be in charge of the mansion next to the Prince Gong's residence in Yanjing, and then after father donated that mansion to the state for a museum, you came to Jinling."


      The old housekeeper nodded repeatedly and lamented, "After I came to Jinling, I returned to Yanjing twice a year to report to the master, but each time I went in a hurry and came back quickly after reporting, so I haven't seen you again."


      Saying that, he couldn't help but sigh, "Oh my, Second Miss, you haven't been to Jinling for more than twenty years, right? I remember that before you got married, you used to come over every year with your master and mistress for a spin, and then you haven't been here much since."


      Du Haiqing nodded and said, "I haven't come back since Changga died in Jinling."


      The old housekeeper was startled at the words, and couldn't help but sigh, "You said that the long coma prince ah hey really the sky is jealous of him."


      Du Haiqing pursued him, "By the way Uncle Wang, you were in Jinling before the coma accident, do you know anything about what happened back then?"


      The old housekeeper said with a stifled look on his face, "Back then, when the Prince of Long-gaze came to Jinling, the old master had informed me, he said that the Prince of Long-gaze had come, probably because he had some conflicts with his family, plus there was a lot of pressure from the Yanjing side, so he came to Jinling to take a break, he asked me to find the Prince of Long-gaze, invited their family of three to the old mansion to stay for a few days, and also asked me to tell the Prince of Long-gaze that if he was willing, their family of three could always stay at the old mansion, treating the old mansion as their home."


      Du Haiqing busily asked, "Then what happened? Are they coming?"


      The old housekeeper shook his head and said, "Prince Changga himself came to visit, but he only paid a visit and asked me to thank the Master, but didn't agree to stay."


      Du Haiqing asked again, "Then did he say anything?"


      The old housekeeper pondered for a moment and said, "At that time, the long-suffering gentleman was saying that he had also encountered something and didn't want to cause trouble for the Du family, so he thanked him and left."


      Du Haiqing nodded her head with a somewhat forlorn look for a moment.


      At this time, the old housekeeper was busy and said, "Right Second Miss, let's stop talking here, the car is waiting outside, let's go home first."


      Du Haiqing nodded, "Okay Uncle Wang, go home first."


      Outside the airport, three red-flagged cars were parked side by side.


      Du Haiqing said to Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu, "Zhifei and Zhiyu, you two take the car in the back, I'll take this one in the middle and chat with your grandfather Wang on the way."


      The two siblings naturally agreed and got into the last one, the Red Flag.


      The old steward then opened the back of the middle Red Flag car for Du Haiqing, and after Du Haiqing got in, he got into the passenger side.


      The fleet drove away from the airport, Du Haiqing opened his mouth and asked the old butler, "Uncle Wang, I want to ask you something."


      The old housekeeper was busy saying, "Second Miss, you may ask!"


      Du Haiqing said, "Uncle Wang, I've heard people say that in the beginning, Changba came to settle in Jinling with his wife and children, since he didn't want to live in our family's old house, where did he end up living?"


      The old housekeeper explained, "Prince Changgao also liked the old mansion, and at that time he also asked me to help him search for it, so I asked a friend to find him an old mansion that was slightly out of the way."


      "That mansion used to be the residence of a military dignitary, then after escaping it was handed over to someone else to take care of, and after a long time, the mansion fell into disuse."


      "But the Coma Prince liked it so much that he rented it and refurbished it himself."


      Du Haiqing was suddenly a little excited and said, "Uncle Wang, can you take me to see it?"


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