Secret Identity 2241-2243

Chapter 2241

As father and son were talking, Su Shou Dao's phone rang.

      The screen showed that it was his second brother, Su Shoude, who had called.

      Thinking of Su Shoude falling down at a critical moment, Su Shoudo was filled with hatred, and his mood naturally wouldn't be good.

      He directly pressed the speaker and asked in a cold voice, "What is it?"

      Su Shou Dao smiled and said, "Brother ah, the car is ready, the plane is also ready, it's time to send you to the airport."

      Su Shou Dao gritted his teeth and said coldly, "Okay, I'll have a few words with Zhi Fei and go down later."

      Su Shou Dao busily said, "Big brother, you must not delay any longer, the old man is still waiting for my return, his old man means that you must leave as soon as possible, the sooner the better."

      Su Shou Dao could only hold back his anger and said, "Okay, I'll be here in five minutes!"

      "Okay big brother." Su Shou De smiled, "I'll be waiting for you at the door, and I'll personally take you to the airport later!"

      Su Shou Dao didn't say anything more and directly hung up the phone.

      Then he looked at Su Zhi Fei and said with great intentions, "Be sure to spend more time with your mother these days, and if she has anything to report to me in time." first address oqiu

      Su Zhi Fei's heart naturally still hoped that his parents would be able to break the mirror, so he nodded very seriously and said, "Dad don't worry, I know."

      Su Shou Dao nodded and stood up, dragging his suitcase, "Okay, I'm leaving."

      Su Zhi Fei was busy asking, "Dad, when will you probably be back?"

      Su Shou Dao shook his head, "It depends on your grandfather's will, when exactly, I don't know."

      Saying that, Su Shou Dao waved his hand, "Don't say it."

      Right after that, he pulled the box and stepped towards the door.

      Su Zhi Fei hurriedly snatched the case from his hand and said, "Dad, I'll take you to the airport!"

      Su Shou Dao said, "No need, just drop me off and you'll be back."

      At this time in the courtyard of the huge villa, a Lexus L commercial car was already waiting in the courtyard.

      The Toyota Elfa itself was already the top business car in China, and this new Lexus l was even a level higher than the Elfa.

      Su Shou Dao stood outside the car door, looking at the step out.

      A few meters away, Su Shoude hastily welcomed forward, full of friendly smile: "Oh brother, please get into the car, we have to leave quickly!"

      Su Shou Dao said coldly, "It's me who's leaving and not you, what's your hurry?"

      Su Shou De wasn't angry and said with a smile, "Oh brother, isn't this still for your own good? The old man is rushing, if you move a little slower, he'll be upset again!"

      Su Shou Dao heart fire, originally a belly fire, want to give Su Shou De shake a stink face, the results did not expect, Su Shou De everything to take the old man out as a shield, he said, if he returned to him to shake his face, then he went back to the old man before definitely say bad words himself.

      Helplessly, Su Shou Dao could only hold back his anger and spoke up, "Since it's what Dad ordered, let's hurry up and go!"

      After saying that, greeting the driver, he took the suitcase from Su Zhi Fei's hand, put it in the back of the commercial vehicle, and said to Su Zhi Fei, "Zhi Fei ah, take care of your mother and your sister."

      Su Zhi Fei was busy saying, "I know dad, don't worry."

      Su Shou Dao also didn't say anything, stepped into the back of the commercial vehicle and waved his hand at Su Zhi Fei, signaling him to go back.

      Su Shoude smilingly sat next to Su Shoudao and said to Su Zhifei, "Okay Zhifei, go back and rest, I'll put your father on the plane."

      After saying that, he instructed the driver, "Okay, hurry up and drive!"

Chapter 2242

The driver immediately started the car and went out of the house. ei


      Su Zhi Fei's heart was lost as he watched the commercial vehicle leave the villa courtyard.


      Tonight was almost more difficult than the night he and Su Zhiyu were kidnapped.


      At that time, he and Su Zhiyu were facing only life-threatening danger.


      But tonight, he had experienced a series of changes such as his father being exposed as having an illegitimate daughter, his parents' love affair, his father's instant loss of power, and being sent to Australia.


      In his mind, he is worried not only about his parents' feelings, but also about his father's future.


      Before tonight, his father was the next generation heir of the entire Su family.


      And himself, naturally, would be the next generation's heir.


      However, tonight's change of heart had changed all of that.


      Father had lost the old man's favor and trust.


      The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on the right person. Remember address m.jyyxs


      If Second Uncle Su Shou De were to be the heir, he would have even less of a chance!


      Su Zhi Fei, who was sad and lost, returned to his sister's room, when Su Zhi Fish, who was still in front of the computer, kept checking the photos of male passengers at the Japanese airport.


      In the past few years, we have seen a lot of people who have been looking for the same thing. Is it making excuses with you to wash your hands of it?"


      "No" Suchi Fei sighed long and hard, "Hey! Dad got kicked out to Australia by Grandpa!"


      "What?!" Surprised, Su Zhiyu asked off the cuff, "Dad was driven to Australia? When did this happen?"


      "Just now." Su Zhi Fei said with a sad face, "Dad has already packed his luggage and left for the airport that Uncle Er sent him to."


      Su ZhiFei was very puzzled and asked, "Why did grandpa drive Dad to Australia! This matter from the beginning to the end, and Pa has a relationship with him, it's nothing more than the relationship between Su Ruo Li and him, in Pa's capacity to be exposed to have an illegitimate daughter is not a big deal ah, grandpa why is this bitter?"


      Su Zhi Fei said, "Dad said that Grandpa is trying to make him take the blame."


      Su Zhiyu's heart thudded, and he said off the cuff, "Oh no, this is bad, this is bad Dad's gone, Grandpa is definitely going to pin all the shit on him."


      Saying that, Su Zhiyu said nervously, "I think grandpa might announce to the public that the decision to betray Su Ruorui was Dad's doing! That way, he'll be able to clear his name of betraying his own granddaughter, and Dad he'll have to take the fall for betraying his own daughter!"


      Su Zhi Fei said with extreme helplessness, "This is something that can't be helped Grandpa told Dad to leave tonight, and Dad can't stay away ah"


      Su Zhiyu looked at Su Zhifei and said seriously, "Brother Su's family may be changing this time"


      Su Zhi Fei asked, "Did you feel it too?"


      Su Zhiyu nodded gravely and said seriously, "Brother, I don't care about money or power, I'm a girl anyway, and I'm not likely to inherit much in my own right, but you're different, if our dad can't get back on his feet this time, then you're finished in the future."


      Su Zhi Fei covered his face and said with great sadness, "But what can be done about it? I can see Grandpa is desperate to shake things off, and the best person to shake things off to is our dad."


      He said, "Moreover, the pot of betraying his own daughter is too ruthless, once this charge is implemented on our father, then our father will be a ruthless image in the eyes of outsiders, the influence must be extremely bad, and for this reason alone, grandpa will never let him inherit the Su family's headship."


      At this point, Su Zhi Fei sighed quietly, "Alas our family, may not be able to get up from here on out."


      Su Zhiyu's pretty eyebrows creased tightly as she clenched her neat little white teeth and said resolutely, "No! Make sure you help our father take back the heirship!"


      Su Zhi Fei asked off the cuff, "How do you take it?!"


      Su Zhiyu said coldly, "Don't ask yet, let's go to Jinling with Mom tomorrow and stay away from this place of wrongdoing for a while, I have my own ideas on how to help Dad take it all back!"

Chapter 2243

Half an hour later.


      A Boeing 747 converted private jet drew up from Yanjing Airport.


      This plane, which was of the same model as the US President's Air Force One, could carry a maximum of 467 passengers if it used the typical three-class cabin arrangement.


      But now, apart from the crew, there was only one passenger on the entire plane, and that passenger was Su Shoudao.


      From Yanjing to Queensland, Australia, the flight distance was around 9,000 kilometers.


      For a route as long as this, it was impossible for ordinary small and medium-sized private planes to fly directly.


      Only a large airliner like the 747 with a range of over 10,000 kilometers could complete a direct flight.


      At this time, Su Shoudao, who was on the plane, was in a very depressed mood.


      Seeing out the window, the brightly lit night scene of Yanjing was getting farther and farther away, and his heart was getting heavier and heavier.


      Just when the plane had just taken off less than twenty minutes ago, someone sent a set of photos to the mailboxes of major media reporters in Yanjing.


      This set of photos was a sneak shot of Su Shoudao's entire journey to the airport, through security, and boarding the plane from a distance. A second to remember oqiu


      Because it was nighttime, the photos were a little blurry and had some noise, but the person who took them was just right, so that people could immediately recognize the person in the photos as Su Shoudao.


      In addition to sending these photos to the reporter, the person who took the photos also gave the reporter a little news, which stated.


      "The truth of the Su Ruorui matter is that Master Su wasn't involved in the whole thing, and the one who conspired with the Japanese Self-Defense Force and betrayed Su Ruorui was actually Su Ruorui's own father, Su Shoudao!"


      They also claimed, "The reason why Su Shoudao wanted Su Ruorui dead was because he didn't want his identity as his illegitimate daughter to be revealed! Trying to keep the secret stonewalled forever!"


      The other side even broke the story, saying, "After the matter was revealed, Su Shoudao's original wife Du Haiqing immediately returned to her mother's home and was determined to divorce Su Shoudao, and the reason why Su Shoudao left Yanjing overnight and went to Australia was that he was afraid that the fact that he himself was the mastermind behind it would be revealed! That's why he fled overnight to avoid the limelight and let his father, Su Chengfeng, stay in Yanjing to take the blame for him."


      The media got this lead and immediately treated it as explosive news, so they aired it at once!


      As soon as the news appeared, there was an immediate public outcry!


      Previously, the JSA's version of events was that it was the Su family's oldest son, Su Chengfeng, who betrayed Su Ruorui.


      However, in comparison, to the domestic public, this version that it was Su Shoudao who betrayed Su Ruorui was more credible.


      There are several reasons for this.


      The first point, Su Ruorui is Su Shoudao's illegitimate daughter, Su Shoudao wants to defend his reputation, his persona, and his marriage, so he must not want to see Su Ruorui's identity revealed, so he has the underlying motive to kill Su Ruorui to silence her.


      Secondly, Su Ruorui's order to exterminate the entire Matsumoto family in Japan was given by Su Shoudao, which shows that Su Shoudao's methods are incomparably cruel and vicious, and can be described as inhumane, so the claim that he wants to kill Su Ruorui to silence him is all the more justified.


      The third point is that Su Shou Dao must have something on his mind, otherwise he wouldn't have left for Australia without hesitation on the night after the incident to run away, and this run proves that there is definitely something very wrong with him!


      As the press releases continued to spread, Su Shoudao immediately became the most beastly person in the hearts of the entire country.


      He was the one who ordered the killing of dozens of Matsumoto family members, who pushed his own daughter into the fire with his own hands, and who fled with his tail between his legs at the first sign of trouble!


      Thus, a wave of crusade against Su Shou Dao was set off on the network!


      Only, at this time, Su Shoudao was still on the plane and had no idea of all that was happening behind him.


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