A Billionaire's Reincarnation Chapter 1-3


Chapter 1

"Ouch, why is my head so dizzy?" Chen Hao Xuan swayed around on his feet at a strange pace, no different from a drunk person.

        "Brother Xuan, are you alright! Don't scare me! Wooooo ......." A girl with delicate features but a pimple on her face saw that Chen Hao Xuan was about to fall over, so she reached out to help Chen Hao Xuan and cried out for him in tears.

        Not far away, a group of men and women in school uniforms were looking over at Chen Hao Xuan and laughing. "Zhu Tian, you're so good, you really got thrown." It turned out that this group of students were betting on whether Zhu Tian could hit Chen Hao Xuan with an apple, and Zhu Tian didn't know what kind of luck he had and was hit by him in one go.

        A few minutes later, Chen Haoxuan's head finally became less dizzy, and he finally saw the person who was helping him, a girl with beautiful features, clear and bright pupils, curved willow eyebrows, long eyelashes that trembled slightly, a small and delicate nose, and thin lips as delicate as rose petals, but she was full of pimples, and the pimples on her face completely concealed her beauty.

        A breeze blew, Chen Haoxuan was stunned, why was there a breeze in his lab? He looked around, a lush green lawn, groups of students playing on the lawn, young teenagers playing basketball on the court, and a tall school building, this was the campus, right? Isn't he in the lab? What brings you to campus all of a sudden?

        Chen Yina saw Chen Hao Xuan frowning and looking around, she thought Chen Hao Xuan wanted to find the person who threw him with an apple, she knew that the person who threw Chen Hao Xuan was Zhu Tian's group, Zhu Tian and the others were school thugs, she didn't want Chen Hao Xuan to reason with Zhu Tian and the others, so Chen Yina saw that Chen Hao Xuan was fine, she pulled Chen Hao Xuan and said in a delicate voice, "Brother Xuan, let's go! "

        Chen Yina pulled Chen Hao Xuan to leave, but she didn't, she looked back and her brother Xuan was looking at her with a strange look. "Brother Xuan, are you alright?" Chen Yina asked with concern, her eyes fogging up again.

        "Who are you? Why am I here?" Chen Hao Xuan asked with a face full of questions, he remembered that he was obviously in the lab studying a bead with energy, then the bead emitted an intense light, after that he came to his senses and arrived here for no reason, he really couldn't understand why.

        "Ah-, Brother Hen, you don't even remember me?" Chen Yina's heart is like being pierced by a sword as painful as incomparable, she and Chen Haoxuan grew up together as childhood sweethearts, elementary school together, junior high school together ......, even the university are together, and they have always been the same class to go to school, every day morning and evening get along, but now Chen Haoxuan actually asked her --Who is she, Chen Yina was really sad, her tears flowed uncontrollably.

        When Chen Haoxuan saw that Chen Yina was crying, he got nervous, he Chen Haoxuan was not afraid of anything, what he was most afraid of was a woman's tears. "Hey ......, don't you cry ah? I'm not bullying you, why are you crying, I just want to ask you something, if you don't want to answer my question, you don't have to answer, I won't force you." Chen Haoxuan saw that the girl in front of him was actually crying from the question he asked, his heart panicked, he was afraid of the woman's tears, so he even waved his hand to explain.

        At this time, in the distance, Zhu Tian and his group walked to the side of Chen Hao Xuan, Zhu Tian bullishly pushed Chen Hao Xuan's shoulder, arrogantly laughed, "Chen Hao Xuan, I didn't think your head was really hard, the apple I threw so hard hit you all right."

        Chen Yina saw Zhu Tian and the others coming over, she no longer cared if Chen Hao Xuan remembered her or not, she dragged Chen Hao Xuan away forcefully. Humiliating people for fun, how could Zhu Tian and the others just let Chen Hao Xuan and the others leave so easily, Zhu Tian waved his big hand, and the few boys behind him immediately surrounded Chen Hao Xuan and Chen Yina.

        "Chen Haoxuan, what did I say to you before - don't you remember? Then I'll repeat it again, I once told you that if I see you once, I'll hit you once, today you're not so lucky to have me meet you, come on! Accept my brutality!" Zhu Tian rubbed his palm after saying that, approaching Chen Hao Xuan with an evil expression.

        Although Chen Haoxuan was still a little confused, but he wasn't so confused that he didn't even know that people wanted to beat him up, he was the chief professor of the future century, the military's technological leader, and had made many great contributions to the country, everyone who saw him needed to treat him with courtesy, even the president was no exception. But now this male student in front of him was trying to teach him a lesson, this was still a big deal, if he didn't fight back then he wouldn't be the one who was called the crazy professor.

        When Zhu Tian came to a stop half a meter away from Chen Hao Xuan, he raised his hand and tried to slap Chen Hao Xuan, in Zhu Tian's eyes Chen Hao Xuan was a coward who was afraid of causing trouble, in Chen Hao Xuan, Zhu Tian couldn't find any reason for Chen Hao Xuan to dare to resist, so Zhu Tian had no defense at all.

        Chen Haoxuan was a professor, but he was also a soldier, and no one in the army could beat him because he relied on his clever mind to study the sources of power and various fighting techniques, making him a lonely and defeated figure. Now someone wanted to flatten him, how could he not resist, Chen Haoxuan right hand fist attacked Zhu Tian's stomach, then two feet, soared up into the air, both hands quickly held Zhu Tian's head, the knee of the right foot forward Zhu Tian's forehead, a muffled bang, Chen Haoxuan's knee rammed into Zhu Tian's forehead, Chen Haoxuan's these actions are as fast as lightning, flowing and unrestrained, all at once, simply cool dumb! up.

        Zhu Tian kept retreating, his eyes were dazzled at the moment, and finally Zhu Tian could no longer hold on to the ground with a bang, this fall directly made him unconscious.

        The entire audience was shocked, Chen Haoxuan was a famous wimp, everyone dared to bully him because he was really useless and too cowardly. But now he had actually beaten Zhu Tian, the bullying big brother of Xinshan City University, to the ground in just a short moment, and Zhu Tian hadn't even had a chance to fight back, no, it should be said that he had been knocked unconscious, this kind of thing made the people present unable to react for a moment.

        Chen Haoxuan looked at his hands, this was a pair of hands with ten fingers that were long and smooth and tender, this was not his hands, although his hands were also ten fingers long, they were definitely not as smooth and delicate as they were now, and he could feel himself gasping for air, his knees were aching, when did his body become so bad. Chen seemed to have thought of something, he looked down at his body, he was wearing a school uniform, jeans that were almost white washed, and a pair of black sneakers, this was definitely not him, because he had never worn such shabby clothes, let alone clothes that bad, he could be sure that this body was definitely not his, so how could he be in this body?

Chapter 2

The first to react, as soon as she sobered up, she pulled Chen Hao Xuan desperately ran outside the school, it is now noon, in a little while will be in class, but Chen Yina can not manage so much, absenteeism is absenteeism, better than being bullied by Zhu Tian and the others.

        The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the road, the vehicles that are only available in the 21st century, which are coming and going on the highway.

        Zhu Tian's little brother didn't dare to go after Chen Haoxuan, just now Chen Haoxuan's greatness they have seen, in an instant they took care of the boss they used to worship, such a deep hidden person, they don't dare to provoke and can't afford to provoke.

        "Boss, boss you wake up ......." Zhu Tian's little brother kept calling out loudly as he shook Zhu Tian.

        Zhu Tian slowly opened his eyes, he was confused, "What just happened? Why did I just see Chen Haohuan do it to me?" Zhu Tian still didn't believe that he was knocked unconscious by Chen Haoxuan, which didn't want him to, he had been bullying Chen Haoxuan for over a year, and in all that time he had only seen Chen Haoxuan hide, but he had never seen Chen Haoxuan dare to fight back.

        "Boss, just now Chen Hao Xuan really attacked you and was very powerful, we just wanted to help and he ran away, otherwise we will definitely fix him badly." Zhu Tian's younger brothers had angry expressions, they were tongue in cheek, Chen Haoxuan didn't leave immediately after knocking their boss unconscious, they had plenty of time to stop Chen Haoxuan, but none of them dared to stop Chen Haoxuan.

        Zhu Tian swayed and stood up, pointing at his younger brother and yelling loudly, "So many of you couldn't keep a single loser, you've followed me for so many years for nothing, what are you still standing here for? Don't give chase yet."

        Zhu Tian's little brother saw their boss angry, forced to only chase in the direction where Chen Hao Xuan and the others had just left, as they chased they grumbled in their hearts, "Saying that we are useless, then you are not even more useless, and all of a sudden you were knocked out by Chen Hao Xuan, the trash."

        Chen Yina pulled Chen Hao Xuan out of the campus and ran left through the right for nearly 20 minutes before stopping, there are no tall buildings Daxia, only tiled houses made of tiles and bricks. "Brother Xuan, let's go home, we won't go to class today." Chen Yina panted to Chen Hao Xuan, it was the first time she had grown up to run that long continuously.

        "Home? Our home? Where is it?" Chen Hao Xuan also asked, panting, he had just run for 20 minutes, which made his body very tired, since he became the chief professor tired this feeling he almost forgot, because after becoming the chief professor he relied on various methods to make his body incomparably strong, plus he did not have to go to the battlefield, so in the past he could not find the word tired on him at all, the feeling of tiredness made him believe even more that he had been Not that crazy professor anymore.

        "That's it! Brother Hen, you haven't even forgotten our home, have you?" Chen Yina pointed to a shabby tiled house in front.

        Chen Haoxuan felt a little dizzy, this was his home, how could it be so shabby, what was the difference between this and a thatched house.

        Chen Yina walked to the front door of the tiled room, took out the key from her pocket, and with a click, the door was opened by Chen Yina, Chen Yina turned around and waved to Chen Hao Xuan, "Brother Xuan, why are you still standing there? Come on in!"

        Chen walked in, and as soon as he was inside Chen said to Yina, "Excuse me, can you lend me a mirror?"

        "Mirror, don't you have one in your room, Brother Hen?" Chen Yina pointed to Chen Hao Xuan's room, strange, she felt that her brother Xuan was very unusual today, after being smashed by Zhu Tian with an apple, it was like her brother Xuan didn't recognize her, then he knocked out the bully Zhu Tian three times like a martial arts expert, now he even forgot their home, his room, did he lose his memory from being smashed by the apple?

        Chen Hao Xuan walked into the room that Chen Yina pointed out, once inside he found a mirror the size of a basketball by the window, Chen Hao Xuan picked up the mirror, when he saw himself in the mirror, it startled him, he stroked his face and said to himself, "My God! Is that me?" The glossy white face with a cold, angular handsomeness, dark, deep eyes with a charming hue, thick eyebrows, a high nose, and stunningly beautiful lips, all of them flaunted nobility and elegance. Coupled with the fact that Chen Hao Xuan was now plainly dressed, which gave Chen Hao Xuan a natural beauty, even Chen Hao Xuan himself was stunned by his own appearance.

        Chen Yina walked into Chen Haoxuan's room, she had many questions in her heart at this time, why did her brother Xuan not know her when she was at school, why did her brother Xuan know martial arts to knock Zhu Tian unconscious, why did her brother Xuan even forget about their home?

        "What's wrong with you today, Brother Hen?" Chen Yina's eyes were red as she asked to Chen Hao Xuan who was looking in the mirror.

        "Ah-." Chen Hao Xuan put down the mirror and turned his head to see Chen Yina's red eyes and that worried look, Chen Hao Xuan didn't know what to say to this strange girl, he could feel that this body of his had an extraordinary relationship with this girl.

        Chen Hao Xuan's head was rapidly spinning, and suddenly his mind flashed, there, since he didn't know why he had become like this, he could simply pretend to have amnesia. "I-I think I've lost my memory, I've forgotten everything, including myself, I can't recall all my previous memories, can you tell me?" Chen Haoxuan pretended to be very serious to Chen Yina.

        "Ah-, you- you said you lost your memory?" Chen Yina's small hand covered her small mouth and exclaimed in shock.

        "Well, it's true, I'm not lying to you, but although I can't remember the past, I can feel that I'm familiar with you." Chen Hao Xuan Dao.

        Chen Yina's heart couldn't help but feel sweet when she heard Chen Hao Xuan's words, and Chen Yina comforted Chen Hao Xuan for a while before slowly telling Chen Hao Xuan about the past of his current body. It was two hours, after two hours of telling, Chen Hao Xuan finally became clear roughly, it turned out that this body's name was called Chen Hao Xuan as well as his name, it seemed that this was a kind of fate. He also learned that he was now a person and a family, because a few years ago this body's brother and him split up, his parents were living with his brother, because his brother was more capable than him, he opened a small shopping mall in the county and bought a small van, his parents were people who loved money, of course they chose to live with his brother.

Chapter 3

"It's good to be alone, there aren't that many worries, you can eat and sleep whenever you want, no one cares." Chen Hao Xuan's heart was happy.

        Looking at the girl in front of him who grew up with him as a childhood friend, Chen Hao Xuan was very touched, Chen Hao Xuan already knew her name, her name was Chen Yina, she was his neighbor's daughter, and he had spent all these years with this girl in the same pain.

        Chen Hao Xuan held Chen Yina's small hand, looked deep into Chen Yina's eyes, and gently said, "Nana, thank you for helping me all these years. Don't worry, I will definitely not let anyone bully you again in the future."

        Chen Yina nodded her head in a moved manner, "Mm, I believe in brother Xuan's words."

        Chen Hao Xuan observed the house he was currently in, the lime painted on the walls had fallen off seventy-eight times, which made the house look very much like the same age, the room could be said to be a house, there wasn't even an electrical appliance, the most valuable thing belonged to the gas stove used to cook the food, the rest of the things, it could be said to be worthless. This tiled house was a house that Chen Hao Xuan and Chen Yina shared, and they only needed to pay a hundred yuan a month as rent, which was very cheap.

        The reason why Chen Hao Xuan and the others rented a house outside the door was all because they had to make money, they would go out and find things to do as soon as they didn't have classes, help wash dishes, go to temporary jobs, find hourly jobs at domestic helpers, go to a nearby small manufacturer to get some parts that needed to be processed back to be processed, or work as tutors, etc., whatever they could make money and not break the law, they did. It's all a matter of life and death! Chen Hao Xuan and the others don't go to make money who will pay for their college education.

        And Chen Yina's father's health is not good, can't do heavy work, her mother does all the heavy work at home, her mother rely on the family's acre of land how can she afford to pay for her college education ah! So she needs to be self-reliant to earn money for her own education and also needs to give her family a few hundred dollars a month to buy medicine for her father. She is a poor child just like Chen Hao Xuan, and both of them need to fight for their future.

        Chen Yina was worried that Chen Hao Xuan's mind would be left behind, so she forced Chen Hao Xuan to go to the hospital for a checkup, took an ultrasound, spent a hundred dollars, nothing happened, as to why Chen Hao Xuan lost his memory, the doctor also said he did not know. To celebrate the fact that Chen Hao Xuan had no after-effects, Chen Yina bought a kilogram of pork on the way back, ready to give Chen Hao Xuan a good tonic.

        Back home, Chen Yina was like a virtuous wife, making a fire and cooking. And Chen Hao Xuan he sat still in the living room, he was thinking about how to live in the future, although he is not afraid of hardship, but he does not want to live a life with the last meal without the next meal, he must think of a way to make money out. He wanted to change his current situation, earn some money to live in a better house, and most importantly he wanted to buy something to make beauty products and cure the scars and pimples on Chen Yina's face.

        At this time, Chen Yina came out from the kitchen with a fragrant delicacy, just in time to hear Chen Hao Xuan's words, Chen Yina asked curiously, "Brother Xuan, what are you thinking about?"

        "It's nothing, just thinking about how we should make money." Chen Hao Xuan Dao.

        Chen Yina put the cooked food on the table and then said to Chen Hao Xuan, "Aren't we making enough money now? What's the matter? Do you need money badly? I've got a thousand dollars here if you want it, or you can have it."

        "No, I'm just thinking randomly - just looking at what to do to make more money." Chen Hao Xuan Dao knew that Chen Yina's situation was even more miserable than his, and he wouldn't take a penny of Chen Yina's money even if she starved, because her money was intended to pay for her brother's schooling.

        "Oh, then eat your fill and think again!" Yina Chen smiled sweetly.

        Chen Hao Xuan shared a room with Chen Yina, and Chen Hao Xuan had a great advantage because Chen Yina helped him with his laundry and cooking, and even his job was helped by Chen Yina to find him. Chen Hao Xuan was touched in his heart, and he vowed in his heart to make this poor girl live a happy life, because just like the Chen Hao Xuan before he already considered this girl as his sister.

        "Nana, your cooking is so delicious, whoever marries you in the future, then he must be the happiest man in the world." Chen Hao Xuan gobbled down the food that Chen Yina had made, it was the first time in his life that he had eaten such delicious food, he recalled the food that was almost like fertilizer in the future century, his heart brightened up a lot, he figured out that there was nothing bad in the 21st century, other than the technology being a bit poor, everything else was good, the food was natural, the air was clear, and there were simple people, it was definitely A good century to enjoy life.

        "I'm so ugly, it's a wonder anyone would marry me." Chen Yina joked with a smile.

        Chen Haoxuan stopped gobbling and seriously said to Chen Yina, "Nana, I actually have a way to make you become a beautiful woman, because your features are very good-looking, just a lot of pimples on your face, don't worry, when I make a medicine to treat your skin, you will become a super beautiful woman."

        "Then I'll wait for you to succeed in making me a beautiful woman, but for now you'd better eat fast, we'll have to go to Mr. Li's house for tutoring later!" Chen Yina smiled at Chen Haohuan.

        "Doing tutoring? Did I used to tutor?" Chen Haoxuan asked curiously.

        "Forget about your lost memory, in fact, the two of us often work as tutors, we can earn tens of dollars an hour, it's a very good job. Some time ago, Mr. Huang hired us to tutor at his house, if we teach well, he will hire us to teach for a month, the price is 50 dollars an hour, I will teach her daughter to play the piano, you will teach his son to read. Because his daughter's grades are very good, so his daughter only learns to play the piano, and you don't know how to play the piano, so I have to teach." Chen Yina reminded.

        "Oh, then let's hurry up and finish eating." Chen couldn't wait, he wanted to earn some money quickly now to buy some decent clothes and make medicine to treat acne.

        After eating, Chen Hao Xuan and Chen Yina both went out, Chen Yina took Chen Hao Xuan to a luxurious apartment according to the address written on a small slip of paper: "Mr. Huang's home lives in room 301 of this building in front, let's go up there!" Chen Yina pointed to a building in front of her.

        "Mm." Chen Hao Xuan responded.

        Arriving at room 301, Chen Yina pressed the doorbell, ringing the bell ...... and soon the door was opened and out came a voluptuous beautiful woman: "It's you guys! Come on in."

        "Miss Li, hello." Chen Yina sweetly said to the beautiful woman, Li Yuzhen.

        Out of courtesy, Chen Haoxuan took a step forward and naturally extended his right hand, Li Yuzhen saw that Chen Haoxuan wanted to shake hands with him, so she immediately extended her white, jade right hand to shake hands with Chen Haoxuan. Chen Hao Xuan's smile: "Miss Li, hello, I am Chen Hao Xuan, here to be a tutor for your children."

        Seeing Chen Haoxuan acting so gentlemanly, Chen Yina was dumbfounded, in the past, Chen Haoxuan was very shy and rarely greeted others, much less be as gentlemanly as now.


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