Secret Identity 2237-2238


Chapter 2237

A sigh from Du Zhenhua made everyone's look at the scene become more or less regretful.


      Old Mrs. Du hurriedly pinched a hand on his waist and scolded in a low voice, "You, which pot really can't mention which pot, hurry up and open up the children to go in and get ready for dinner!"


      Du Zhenhua sobbed, "Oh my, Haiqing is so old, there are many things she sees more open than us, what I say is also from the heart, there is no need to be too taboo."


      On the side, Du Haiqing nodded and said seriously: "Mom, this time, I'm really not angry at all, nor do I feel bad, so you don't need to be too sensitive."


      Old Mrs. Du looked surprised, "Haiqing, Shou Dao has kept it from you for so many years, and you're not angry at all?"


      Du Haiqing seriously said, "Instead of being angry, I feel relieved."


      Du Zhenhua smiled: "Good thing! It's good to be free! To tell you the truth, for years, Dad has felt that you were unhappy, and now that you've come out of it, Dad is happy for you from the bottom of his heart!"


      Du Haiqing nodded seriously and smiled slightly, "Thank you, Dad!"


      Du Zhenhua laughed and busily waved, "Go go go, eat shabu shabu! Haifeng, all three of you brothers will have a drink with me later!"


      As the eldest son of the Du family, Du Haifeng nodded without hesitation and said, "Okay dad! Tonight, the three of us will have a few drinks with you!"


      On the side of Du Haiqing's sister Du Haiping is also busy laughing: "Dad, is there any wine at home? We three sisters will drink with you too!"


      Old Sixth Du Haimei smiled and said, "That's great, Dad, I'll have a drink with you along with my elder and second sisters!"


      Du Zhenhua was so happy that he smiled cheerfully and said, "OK! You three sisters didn't come back on New Year's Eve, let's treat this day as New Year's Eve!"


      Du Haimei was busy, "Dad, we wanted to come to accompany you on New Year's Eve, but you said you wouldn't let us."


      Du Zhenhua seriously: "You married into the Shen family, is the Shen family's daughter-in-law, the New Year should accompany the in-laws, your two sisters are also the same, this is the rule, your three brothers are coming to accompany me and your mother for the New Year, if you three sisters also come, then people will say that I Du old man is not sensible, everything is only thinking about his own family."


      Du Haimei was busy: "I know dad, I can agree with Shen Silong to come back to spend New Year's Eve with you next year."


      Du Zhenhua smiled, "We'll talk about it then, let's see what Xiao Shen means, if he's not willing, you shouldn't force him."


      Subsequently, the three sons and three daughters of the Du family, clustered around a pair of old men, came to the restaurant in faithful steps.


      At this time in the restaurant, the family's chef had already brought a beautiful brass pot to the table, with a charcoal-blue fire in the middle of the pot, a pot of broth boiling outside, and the table was already filled with freshly cut, various kinds of mutton.


      Old Yanjing people are very particular about the lamb they eat, basically they don't eat the kind of lamb rolls made by machines in hotpot restaurants, they eat pure fresh hand-cut lamb.


      Depending on the part of the lamb, there are various names for it, such as top brains, loin, big three forks, small three forks and cucumber strips.


      There are different cuts of meat, different sizes and thicknesses, and many claims.


      The Du family seldom flaunts their wealth, and rarely lives an extravagant and wasteful life, but they are extremely particular about what they eat, not about the venue or the price, but about the taste and the essence.


      In the case of food, the Du family's mouths are more gripping than one another.


      The family will never get tired of the deep-fried dough cakes at Hutongkou for ten years, but they will find it hard to swallow if they switch to another family with lesser skills, even if the difference is negligible.

Chapter 2238

I'm particularly fond of cigarettes produced by a cigarette factory in southern Yunnan.


      The first time I saw this, I thought it was a good idea.


      The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.


      It's a great way to get the most out of your time.


      The company is also a member of the company's marketing and sales team.


      The company's main business is the company's business unit, which is responsible for the development of the company's products and services.


      However, the old man is also guilty of using the privilege, specially let the second son of the business Du Ocean ran to the cigarette factory, verifying all the costs of reopening the production line, and then all out of his own pocket, which is the peace of mind to accept the privilege.


      In fact, the children of the Du family, all inherited the old man's exquisite.


      The more refined they are, the more refined they live.


      Therefore, not only was the family highly educated and capable, they all adhered to the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation of being gentle and frugal.


      At this time, the Du family was sitting around the table, eating shabu shabu and drinking wine, chatting animatedly with eight mouths, all in a very good mood.


      Originally, everyone was worried that Du Haiqing's mood would be rather low.


      But to our surprise, Du Haiqing's entire state was extremely relaxed and comfortable.


      Everyone was her closest relative and could see that this relaxed and comfortable state was not a performance, so they were all completely relieved.


      The old couple was in an exceptionally good mood, over the years, six children had started families one after another, no matter which one they looked at individually, they were all doing very well, even impeccably well, but they had always been distressed by Du Haiqing.


      This is mainly because they always knew that Du Haiqing had loved Ye Changya for so many years to no avail, and then after Ye Changya's wedding, she decided to marry Su Shoudao, which was also an impulsive gambling move.


      Du Haiqing married the night before, holding the old lady cried all night, sister Du Hai Ping and sister Du Hai Mei accompanied around, one is also heartbroken.


      At that time, the three mothers and fathers advised her to repent of her marriage together because of their heartache, but she was dead set against it.


      After so many years of marriage, although Su Shoudao doted on Du Haiqing, only Du Haiqing's family could tell that she had actually been unhappy.


      Especially after Ye Changga's accidental death, she had become even more silent as a whole, and had even started to occasionally fast and pray to the Buddha, becoming a householder who practiced at home.


      But now, everyone could see that Du Haiqing was truly relieved.


      Old Master Du Zhenhua remembered that Du Haiqing was going to Jinling, so he asked, "Haiqing, how long do you plan to stay in Jinling this time?"


      Du Haiqing thought about it and said, "Dad, I don't know exactly how long I'll be staying right now, let's wait and see."


      Du Zhenhua asked again, "Who will go with you?"


      Du Haiqing said, "Zhi Fei and Zhi Yu are both accompanying me."


      Du Zhenhua nodded: "The old mansion in Jinling has been very well maintained, you haven't been there for many years, you can live there for some days, if your mother and I don't have anything to do, we'll also go to Jinling for a few days in a couple of days, the winter in Yanjing is too dry, your mother has already said that she wants to go to Jiangnan for a few days."


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