Secret Identity 2239-2240


Chapter 2239

While the entire Du family was in a state of bliss, Su Shou Dao had simply packed his luggage and was ready to depart for Australia.


      This time, he was very passive, and the old man clearly asked him to take shelter for a while, so he could only honestly do as he was told.


      Before departing, he gave Su Zhi Fei a call and opened his mouth to ask, "Zhi Fei, you and your sister, come over to my study."


      Su Zhi Fei was too busy to respond and said, "Okay dad, we'll be right over."


      After saying that, he hung up the phone and said to Su Zhifei, "Zhifei, Dad told us to go to the study."


      Su Zhifei was a bit pouty and said, "Go by yourself, I don't want to see him!"


      Su Zhifei was still having a hard time accepting the fact that dad had betrayed mom and had an illegitimate daughter who was only a year younger than her, so she was very reluctant to go see Su Shoudao at this time.


      Su Zhi Fei helplessly advised, "Zhi Fish, things between mom and dad, we as children should not get too involved, you can't break the father-daughter relationship with dad because of the small mistake he made more than twenty years ago, right?"


      Su Zhiyi said seriously, "I'm not trying to cut ties with him, but I just don't want to see him right now, so go see him yourself."


      Su Zhi Fei asked awkwardly, "Then I'll see Dad once, what will I say if Dad asks about you?"


      Su Zhifei said off the cuff without hesitation, "Then just tell him that I don't want to see him yet."


      Su Zhifei saw that Su Zhifei was not joking, and could only sigh helplessly and say, "Alright then, I'll go over first."


      Immediately, Su Zhi Fei stood up and stepped out of Su Zhi Fish's study.


      The Su family villa covered a huge area, the whole thing was more like a castle, although a large family lived together, everyone lived separately in different areas of the villa.


      Su Zhi Fei went downstairs to his father Su Shou Dao's study, and after knocking on the door, he saw that Su Shou Dao was holding a cigarette with a sad face, looking as if he had aged ten years all of a sudden.


      Seeing Su Zhi Fei come in, Su Shou Dao was surprised and asked, "Where is your sister?"


      Su Zhi Fei said awkwardly, "Zhi Fish she is a little bit"


      Su Shoudao laughed bitterly and asked, "The fish must be very angry with me, right?"


      Su Zhi Fei accosted, "She's just a bit of a shaft, in fact, this kind of thing should have been seen long ago."


      Su Shou Dao sighed, "Hey, after all, it's me who failed your mother, failed you siblings."


      Su Zhi Fei was busy saying, "Dad, don't say that isn't it true that there is no right or wrong in the matter of feelings, you don't have to blame yourself too much"


      Su Shou Dao waved his hand, "There is no right or wrong who you like or dislike, but after getting married, you do have to be responsible for the marriage as well as the other half, this is something I did wrong, and it is only right and proper that Zhi Fei is angry with me."


      Saying that, he said, "Zhi Fei, I called you here, mainly because I want to tell you something, your grandfather asked me to go to Australia to get away from the storm, I'm leaving tonight, and I may not be able to come back in a short time."


      "Go to Australia?!" Su Zhi Fei was surprised and asked, "Dad, what did Grandpa ask you to do in Australia at this time? And in such a hurry? Even if this is a big deal, there's no need to go to Australia, right?"


      Su Shou Dao smiled bitterly, "This matter is a scandal between the two of us, your grandfather and I. Your grandfather let me go to Australia, naturally, he made me the one to take the blame, and also let me divert the attention of the media, after I leave, they will definitely leak the news of me running away in the night to the media, and then the media will definitely focus all their energy on me. "

Chapter 2240

Su Zhi Fei said angrily, "Dad! Grandpa has gone too far with this, hasn't he? He was the one who betrayed Su Ruo Li, if it's really a matter of making light of this, he's an old fox who can betray even his own granddaughter, at this time, he doesn't quickly think of a way to solve the immediate crisis, but also throws you out as a target, how can this be justified!"


      Su Shou Dao waved his hand and said seriously, "This kind of talk is fine if you say it here, don't mention it to anyone when you leave this house, your grandfather's temperament character is like that"


      "In his eyes, everything must be done with personal interest in mind first, and there's nothing that can't be sacrificed in front of personal interest."


      "If he can sell Wakari to the Japanese Self-Defense Force today, who knows if he'll sell one of us to some interest group tomorrow? So when you are with him, remember five words: accompany the king, like a tiger!"


      Su Zhi Fei nodded gently.


      Su Shou Dao added: "Right Zhi Fei, after I'm gone, during this period of time, you and Zhi Fish accompany your mother more, also help me apologize to her and say a few more good words, by the way, I also need to trouble you to help me keep an eye on your mother, to see what she has done, where she has gone, who she has met, and tell me if there are any movements in time."


      After saying that, he quickly explained again, "Don't think too much about it, and I don't mean for you to help me keep an eye on your mom, mainly because I also want to try to save my marriage with your mom, so I need to ask you to help as an inside man."


      Su Zhi Fei nodded, "Dad, I understand, don't worry."


      After saying that, he quickly said again, "Right Dad, Mom said she's going to Jinling tomorrow, and I and Zhiyu just happen to be going too"


      "To Jinling?!" Su Shoudao asked, "What is your mother going to do in Jinling?"


      Su Zhi Fei fidgeted and said, "That mom probably wants to go for a walk, I'm not sure exactly"


      Su Shou Dao's expression was very ugly.


      He knew very well what Du Haiqing was going to Jinling for.


      In his heart, he gritted his teeth and secretly thought, "Jinling, is the place where Ye Changba perished back then!"


      "She's had residual feelings for Ye Changxing all these years, and the thought of going to Jinling must not have existed for a day or two!"


      "This side just said they want to divorce me, and then they immediately want to go to Jinling, Du Haiqing, you're too much! Have you ever had any respect for me in your eyes?!"


      "The scandal of me having an illegitimate daughter outside of marriage just broke out today, tomorrow Du Haiqing will go to Jinling to miss Ye Changya, if people find out about this, where will I put my old face!"


      Thinking of this, Su Shou Dao's heart hated it.


      Su Zhi Fei saw Su Shou Dao's expression was very ugly and knew that he had said the wrong thing, so he hurriedly changed the subject: "Dad when are you leaving? I'm going to send you."


      Su Shou Dao forcibly calmed his mind, withdrew his thoughts and said to Su Zhi Fei, "I have to leave in ten minutes, this time I was arranged by your grandfather to go to Australia, your second uncle didn't miss a beat in the back, you and Zhi Fei must be careful of him during the time I'm away."


      "Second Uncle?" Su Zhi Fei frowned and asked, "He has always obeyed you, so why is he falling down on you at this time?"


      Su Shou Dao sneered, "Since ancient times, no matter how many princes the emperor had, he would only choose one to be the crown prince who would inherit the unification, in order for the crown prince to succeed the throne, he would greatly weaken his other sons to ensure that they are powerless to rebel, your second uncle wants to be the crown prince, so naturally he would come all out to deal with me."


      Su Zhi Fei gritted his teeth, "Second Uncle has always been courteous and smiling to you and us, he never expected that he would suddenly turn his back on us at this time!"


      Su Shou Dao said with a bitter smile, "Your second uncle is a typical smiling tiger, laughing and hiding a sword in his mouth, this time I was negligent and he seized the opportunity to trap me, when I come back, I will make him pay the price!"


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