Secret Identity 2234-2238


Chapter 2234

Su Zhiyu busily said, "Mom, then you rest well tonight, I'll call you tomorrow morning!"




      When Su Zhiyu hung up the phone, Su Zhifei on the side was a little worried and said, "Zhiyu, Dad has always been a little shy about Jinling, if we go to Jinling with Mom at this time, will he be very angry?"


      Su Zhiyu snorted, "So what if you're angry? He's got an illegitimate daughter out there, and he's bringing her home in a dignified manner and putting her under our family's noses, why doesn't he think about how angry our family would be too?"


      After a pause, Su Zhiyu was exasperated, "Seriously, I'd like to confront him face to face! The three of us went to Jinling to send a signal to him that it's all his fault!"


      Su Zhi Fei said awkwardly: "Harm, this kind of thing, how can we as sons and daughters say anything."


      Said Su Zhi Fei, "There are so many top rich people in this world, how many of these people don't play a little extra-marital or something, Dad was just confused that time back then, among these people, it's considered a very good one."


      Su Zhiyu's expression was very serious as she questioned, "How can you say that? Can a rich man be unfaithful to his marriage?"


      Su Zhi Fei busy said: "Oh my, I do not mean that, I just said, I think our father's circumstances are not very bad, if the admission of fault and repentance sincere attitude can be forgiven, but Mom's determination to divorce him, is not a little lack of consideration? After all, after 20 years of being married, and with two of our kids, couldn't we give our dad a chance?"


      Su Zhiyu seriously said, "You're just thinking like a typical scum! To put it bluntly, it's a misconception! Let me ask you, if you get married in the future and your wife cheats on you behind your back, will you be able to forgive her?"


      "I" Su Zhi Fei said awkwardly, "things aren't like that, after all, a man cheating on his wife, it's not the same thing".


      "Why isn't it the same thing?" Su Zhiyu said with some annoyance: "Is there a distinction between men and women for such things as marital infidelity? Is it forgivable for a man to cheat on his wife, but not for a woman to do so? Sochi Fei! In all the years I've known you, it's the first time I've realized how politically incorrect you are!"


      "I told you! If you make this mistake in the future, even if your wife forgives you, I won't forgive you! When the time comes, just disown your scum brother!"


      Su Zhi Fei was scolded by Su Zhi fish, his expression was embarrassed to the extreme, "Aigoo my aunt, your mouth is too damaging, I didn't do anything, how did I become a scum?"


      Su Zhiyu said coldly, "This kind of thinking is typical scum thinking! Think you're so great just because you have two stinking dollars that you can fuck around?"


      "If you really want to do this, then you shouldn't go after someone Gu Qiu Yi, after all, she's at least a lady's daughter, and you're not even good enough for her with this kind of scum thinking!"


      "I suggest that you should just go from the entertainment industry and marry an actress who is all about money and wanting to marry into a rich family."


      "When the time comes, you make an agreement with someone in advance: you give her enough money and provide her with a good enough life, and she may not interfere with you getting with any woman outside, so won't everyone be happy?"


      When Su Zhi Fei heard this, he looked depressed and said, "I'm wrong, okay? I'm wrong."


      After saying that, he quickly changed the subject and spoke, "Right, I'll quickly arrange a plane, we'll fly to Jinling together tomorrow morning!"


      Su Zhiyu saw that he wanted to change the subject and immediately said aggressively, "Su Zhifei! Respecting women and respecting your partner is a must and essential for every man, and if you turn out to be a scumbag too, I won't have you as a brother!"

Chapter 2235

This night, the entire Yanjing was greatly shaken.


      The Su family had made a big mess in Japan and was targeted by the Japanese National Security Agency by name, which dealt a huge blow to the Su family's reputation as well as its influence.


      At the same time, the other families in Yanjing, led by the Ye family, also began to rub their fists.


      Now the Su family has lost a large number of experts, not to mention, offended overseas warlords, in the future, the Su family is bound to fully tighten up and pin its tail between its legs, so that the other families will have the opportunity to encroach on the Su family's power.


      Ye Zhongquan was especially excited about this.


      He felt that this was the blessing of the heavens.


      The Ye family's second spring was finally coming!


      Thus, he gathered all of his children except for Ye Changmin and immediately made a three-year plan.


      From now on, for the next three years, the Ye family was going to launch an all-out attack on the Su [PEN] family just like the Su family had organized an anti-Ye alliance back then!


      Not only to pull the Su family off the altar, but also to take their own strength to the next level, leaving the Su family far behind and asking for the number one family in the country again!


      However, Old Master Ye did not immediately begin to make a move, but chose the day of the declaration of war to be this year's Qingming Ancestor Sacrifice Ceremony.


      He couldn't hide his excitement and said to a group of his children, "This Ancestor Ceremony will bring all the Ye family branches in the country together at Ye Ling Mountain!"


      "At that time, I will use the grandest ancestral ritual to make all surnamed Ye realize that the Ye family is a large family with an orderly inheritance, a once incomparably glorious super family! Let all Ye family members take the surname Ye as their highest honor!"


      "By then, it will surely be a moment of unprecedented unity for the Ye Clan!"


      "At that time, at the Ancestor Ceremony, on the grounds of taking revenge for Changga, I will call on all Ye family members to work together, crusade against the Su family, and demand that the Su family severely punish Su Shou Dao, the mastermind of the anti-Ye Alliance back then!"


      "The moment when the entire Ye family is on the same page is the perfect time for us to go all out and wage war on the Su family!"


      When the eldest son, Ye Changkong, heard this, his entire body had been in a state of excitement, and he said, "Dad! By then, we'll have an anti-Soviet coalition too! We must knock down half of the Soviet family's assets! Let them fall right out of the Yanjing Three Families sequence!"


      Master Ye sneered, "In Yanjing, there are quite a few families that have a grudge against the Su family, and the one with the deepest hatred is us, followed by the Gu family, if we raise a banner against the Su family, the Gu family will definitely follow!"


      "The most important thing right now is to make sure that Chen'er and that Gu Qiu Yi of the Gu family get married soon!"


      "Once the two of them finish their marriage, the Gu family will definitely not hesitate to do their best to help the Ye family! By then, the Su family will be powerless to fight and allow us to slaughter them at will!"


      Ye Changkong pursued, "Dad, didn't you also say before that you wanted Chen'er to try to see if he could get that Su Zhi fish from the Su family?"


      Master Ye waved his hand and laughed coldly, "I was thinking before that the Su family is, after all, head over heels over us in every way, and we can't rigidly fight them, so why don't we change our minds and let Chen'er pursue that Su Zhiyu"


      "But who would have thought that the Soviet family would suffer a series of Waterlooes in Japan? They're so wounded now, we can just go to all-out war with them, where would we need Tatsuo to marry their girl?"


      At this point, Master Ye laughed a few times and said in a loud voice, "Hahaha, what an eye opener for the old heavens! The old gods have opened their eyes!"


      Ye Changyun, the third oldest on the side, asked, "Dad, what if Chen'er doesn't want to marry Gu's girl?"


      Master Ye smiled inscrutably, "At that time, Chen'er will also come to attend the Ancestor Ceremony, at that time, in front of all the Ye family heirs, I will announce the plan to take revenge on the Su family, and then let Chen'er marry the Gu family, so as to strengthen our overall strength, and trample the Su family to death, the revenge of parents is not common, I believe he will not refuse! "

Chapter 2236

Yanjing, Du Family.


      Before Du Haiqing had even arrived home, her parents, as well as her siblings, knew about the scandal of the Su family and the fact that Su Shou Dao had already had an illegitimate daughter outside.


      So, when she hadn't returned, all the other brothers and sisters in the Du family rushed back at Master Du's call.


      Master Du and Mrs. Du knew very well Du Haiqing's temperament and personality, they knew that as soon as Du Haiqing knew about this, she would definitely return to her mother's house, so they didn't call Du Haiqing, nor did they ask anyone else to call Du Haiqing, the family had already gathered and were waiting for Du Haiqing to return.


      When Du Haiqing's car drove into the Du family mansion, her parents, as well as several of her siblings, all came out of the mansion to welcome her.


      When Du Haiqing saw the entire family in front of her, she was instantly moved to the point of no return.


      Unlike other business families, the Du family's elders had been in high positions for several generations, so money was never something worth mentioning to the Du family.


      Just because they didn't care about money, there wasn't much hooking up between the Du Family's siblings.


      Among the Du family's children, some inherited Du's mantle within the system and had excellent career prospects; some concentrated on studying their professions in the top universities, or research institutes; some became Confucian merchants that the world rarely heard of, and although they had hundreds of billions of dollars, they never showed their faces.


      As for Du Haiqing and several of her sisters, they also each had their own emotional home.


      The women in the Du family, under Mrs. Du's childhood education, do not have a strong work ethic, on the contrary, one by one, they are all capable of running the family, each of them, is very strong traditional Chinese women's good virtues.


      As soon as Du Haiqing's side got off the bus, Old Mrs. Du stepped forward and held her hand in a heartfelt manner, softly saying, "Haiqing, you've been wronged."


      Du Haiqing smiled slightly and said, "Mom, don't say that, I actually don't feel aggrieved at all."


      Master Du, who was on the side, spoke up, "Haiqing, it's been a few days since our whole family got together, I've had the charcoal fire burned, let's have a copper pot shabu shabu together as a family later!"


      One of the favorite dishes of the older generation of Yanjing people is copper pot shabu shabu, which is different from other hotpot dishes using induction or gas stove.


      Unlike other hotpot dishes which use induction or gas stove, the old Yanjing people must use a hollow pot with charcoal inside to eat shabu shabu, which is also the way they used to eat in the palace.


      In the cold winter of Yanjing, eating shabu shabu in a copper pot is a wonderful pleasure.


      The five generations of the Du family are all native Yanjing people, so they love shabu-shabu even more to their bones.


      It's just that over the years, the children have started their own families, and each family is different, so although everyone comes back often to visit the old man, it's really not easy to gather them all together.


      The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.


      The children were so excited when they heard about the shabu shabu, that they couldn't bear to think that it was almost midnight.


      The youngest sixth child, Du Haimei, who was Du Haiqing's little sister, immediately went forward excitedly and took Du Haiqing's arm, saying with a smile, "Second sister, I happen to be free these days and want to come and rub up against my parents' house for a few days, and we'll sleep together these days?"


      Du Haiqing smiled wanly and said, "Tonight is fine, but not tomorrow, tomorrow I want to go to Jinling."


      "What?!" The crowd all looked at Du Haiqing in amazement.


      Old Master Du Zhenhua spoke up and asked, "Haiqing, did you go to Jinling for the long coma?"


      Du Haiqing nodded his head and said frankly: "Yes dad, I always wanted to go before, but I'm not in a position to do so, but now it's not so taboo, so I just want to hurry up and go there, as well as to fulfill a wish."


      Du Zhenhua looked a bit lonely, heartfelt emotion: "Long coma long coma na failed to recruit long coma as son-in-law, really the biggest regret in my life."

Chapter 2237-2238


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