Secret Identity 2231-2233


Chapter 2231

Hearing the old man's arrangement, Su Shou Dao almost spewed old blood out of his mouth!


      "It's obvious that the old man is blindly fucking and making a whole lot of things happen, but I'm going to Australia to get away from the limelight? What the fuck is this called?"


      With that in mind, he hurriedly spoke up, "Dad, I'm totally okay with you keeping me out of the public eye for a while, but there's no need for me to go to Australia, right? There's still a whole bunch of things going on at the group, and I still have to find a way to mediate and salvage Haiqing's side."


      Master Su said coldly, "If you stay here, the paparazzi will keep an eye on your every move, and don't forget, there are an unknown number of families waiting to take advantage of the opportunity to drink our blood and eat our flesh, and you're their breaking point!"


      "So, in my opinion, you'd better go to Australia and get away, don't we have a beach house in Queensland? You go over there and relax, I'll sort things out for you over here."


      Su Shou Dao was almost on the verge of collapsing.


      In his heart, he surmised angrily, "Letting me go to Australia at this time, isn't this a clear sign for me to be a moving target and attract firepower? It would be fine if I didn't leave, but in the outside world's perception of this matter, it's still the old man betraying his granddaughter, and if I run away, then I don't know how these people will compose themselves on me!"


      "Also, I'm now the group's executive vice chairman, the group's standard second-in-command, so if I leave, who's going to take over my job? Could it be Soo Shou De's pick up? If this bastard Su Shoudeh takes my job, then when I come back, the executive vice chairman will be his, so won't I be overridden?!"


      Just as Su Shou Dao racked his brains to politely refuse this arrangement of the old man, Su Chengfeng directly spoke up and commanded, "Shou Dao, you help your brother arrange the plane, and let him leave quickly tonight, his work in the group, the future is temporarily under your custody."


      When Su Shoude heard this, he was almost cheering with excitement inside.


      However, he still suppressed his excitement and said respectfully, "Don't worry, Dad, I'll go arrange the plane!"


      Su Shou Dao begged, "Dad, even if you let me go, I beg you to slow me down for two days, at least let me talk to Hai Qing properly before you say anything!"


      Su Chengfeng waved his hand, "There's nothing to talk about, with my understanding of Du Haiqing, there's no way she'll remarry you, so you might as well make it quick and divorce her!"


      "I" Su Shoudao's voice was almost on the verge of tears.


      If this really had to go, the delay would be too much.


      Not only the matter of his wife, there was also the matter of the group's heir status, but he also wanted to find Su Ruorui's whereabouts, after all, he was his own flesh and blood, and now that life and death were uncertain, he always had to find a way to find her, what if she was still alive?


      If she was found by herself, she could still find a way to secretly arrange a homecoming for her, so that she could live somewhere in this world and live incognito.


      But if the rest of the Su family found her, or if the Japanese side found her, then she would surely die!


      When Su Chengfeng saw that he wouldn't agree, he snapped harshly, "You what? Do you not even abide by my arrangements anymore?"


      As soon as he heard this, Su Shou Dao immediately realized that he no longer had any room for mediation, in order not to completely offend the old man, he could only gently nod his head and said, "Okay dad, I'll listen to you, we'll leave tonight."


      Only then did Su Chengfeng nodded his head in satisfaction and waved his hand, "Alright, go back and pack up, say hello to Zhi Fei and Zhi Yu, we'll leave in an hour."


      Just when Su Shou Dao was called away by the housekeeper, Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Fish, were still in their own study, looking at the computer screen non-stop.


      After their mother, Du Haiqing, left, she called the siblings on the drive back to her mother's house.


      On the phone, Du Haiqing very calmly told them about Su Ruoli, and Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Fish were both shocked speechless by the news.

Chapter 2232

I'm afraid that any young man in his twenties would have a hard time immediately accepting such a reality when he suddenly heard that his father actually had an illegitimate daughter.


      Especially Su Zhiyu.


      Like her mother, Du Haiqing, she had a serious fetish for emotional cleanliness.


      Although she had never been in love so far, if something like this were to happen to her, she would definitely be like her mother and would never hesitate to divorce her husband.


      Therefore, although it was difficult for her to accept this reality for a while, she unconditionally supported all of her mother's decisions.


      Su Zhi Fei, on the other hand, was more or less chauvinistic on this point.


      He was of the opinion that a man of Dad's status was hardly likely to remain faithful to his marriage for the rest of his life.


      Men who are rich to the extreme are rarely satisfied with only one partner of the opposite sex, so it's actually normal for them to occasionally get involved with women outside.


      After all, he grew up in the upper social circles, where he has seen a lot of men's affairs.


      Having illegitimate children and illegitimate daughters was simply a common occurrence in this circle, and had long been commonplace.


      The best one he'd seen was a billionaire who was involved in the internet, found a bunch of women to give him a bunch of kids, and was fine showing off on social networking sites.


      So, compared to that, if dad was just the one thing that he had a one-night stand with his bodyguard back then and had a daughter, Su Zhi Fei felt that dad was already relatively low-key and family-oriented in this circle.


      And the women in this circle were actually already used to such things.


      Of course, he didn't say this to his mother as well as his sister, because he knew their personalities, and if he washed the floor for dad at this time, he was afraid that he would be scolded by them.


      Su Zhiyu was very angry inside.


      She could empathize with her mother's feelings at this time, and if she were to meet such a husband, she would not hesitate to leave him, so she said to Du Haiqing on the phone, unable to hide her anger, "Mom, I support your divorce from Dad! To make such a mistake and hide it for so long, this is absolutely unforgivable! When I see him later, I'm going to find him and ask him in person!"


      Du Haiqing was not as crowded as she was, but she just said indifferently, "Know Fish, I'm telling you this because you and your brother are adults, you have the right to know these things, but this is between the two of us, so you don't need to confront your father again because of this."


      "Also, after I divorce your father, you two can choose to continue living in the Su family, or you can choose to come live at your grandmother's house, or you can go out and live on your own if you want, Mom is fine with that."


      "In the future, if there are any family gatherings at grandpa's or grandma's house, you should all participate normally as usual, except that your father and I will no longer attend the other family's meetings, and everything else will continue as usual."


      Su Zhiyu said somewhat reluctantly, "Mom! We have to confront the woman named Ho about this, right? Seducing someone else's husband and having the nerve to have a child, this woman is too much!"


      "No need." Du Haiqing said indifferently, "She is also a pitiful person, I have nothing to blame her for, and you should not go to confront her, feelings like this are all personal choices, there is no right or wrong."


      Su Zhiyu asked with a bit of a choke, "Mom, then what are your next plans ah?"


      Du Haiqing smiled: "I don't have any plans ah, wait for your father to figure it out, then quickly divorce the marriage, if he can quickly figure it out, I'll finish the divorce and go out for a walk; if he can't figure it out for a while, then I won't spend time with him, first go out for a walk."


      Su Zhiyu was busy, "Mom, where do you want to go for a walk?"


      Du Haiqing smiled slightly and uttered two words, "Jinling!"

Chapter 2233

Du Haiqing's thoughts of visiting Jinling had been buried in her heart for almost twenty years.


      Ever since Ye and his wife passed away, she had wanted to visit Jinling, after all, it was the place where Ye's life had finally fallen.


      As a woman who had loved him for most of her life, she especially wanted to go to Jinling to walk, see, and live for a while longer to try to find traces of the existence of Ye Changba in Jinling.


      However, as a woman who is married to a woman, her moral compass keeps reminding her that she shouldn't go to Jinling, because that would really be unfair to her husband.


      Quietly going to the Ye family's ancestral tomb to pay homage to Ye Changya was already the thing that Du Haiqing felt most guilty about in her heart towards Su Shoudao, and it would be a bit inappropriate to go to Jinling again.


      But now, she no longer had those moral restraints.


      Su Shou Dao's physical derailment in the first place had already broken the gentleman's agreement between her and Su Shou Dao, since that was the case, she no longer needed to be bound by any reason, it was time to realize her wish to go to see Jinling.


      As soon as Su Zhiyu heard her mother say that she wanted to go to Jinling, she immediately said happily, "Mom! My brother and I are going to Jinling. Why don't we go together?"


      Du Haiqing curiously asked, "What are you guys doing in Jinling? How come I didn't hear you guys talk about it?"


      Su Zhi Fei busy: "Mom, I go to Jinling is the company business needs, just said to take Zhi fish over for a turn, if you also go, then I will arrange a plane and hotel!"


      Du Haiqing smiled, "No need to arrange a hotel, your grandfather has an old mansion in Jinling that has been taken care of over the years, we'll stay over there when we go."


      Su Zhiyu asked in surprise, "Mom, grandfather still has a mansion in Jinling, how come I've never heard of it?"


      Du Haiqing smiled and said, "Your father is a bit shy about this place in Jinling, so he hasn't taken you to Jinling for so many years, so you naturally don't know about the mansion."


      Saying that, Du Haiqing introduced, "Your grandfather's ancient mansion in Jinling is very remarkable, it's right next to the presidential palace, that mansion has been there since the Ming Dynasty, until the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, all the people who lived in it over the years were big shots, it was only in the seventies that your grandfather spent a lot of money to buy it, and he and your grandmother would occasionally go over there to stay for a few days."


      As soon as Su Zhi Fei heard that his father was somewhat avoiding Jinling, he instantly recalled the past events back then.


      He had heard about some things back then, and knew that Mom's favorite Ye Changba back then was the one who died in Jinling.


      Therefore, his heart was suddenly a bit torn.


      At this time, Su Zhiyu on the side said without hesitation, "Mom, why don't you go to grandfather's house tonight and rest well, we'll go to Jinling tomorrow morning!"


      Du Haiqing said, "Okay, you two also don't want to talk to your father about me and him, this is between the two of us, and no matter what, it will only affect my relationship with him, and I won't be affected in any way, me and you, or him and you, understand?"


      Su ZhiFei and Su ZhiFish returned in unison, "Understood Mom."


      Only then did Du Haiqing say with satisfaction, "Okay, I'm at your grandmother's house, I won't talk to you yet."


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