Secret Identity 2227-2230


Chapter 2227

Faced with his father's rebuke, Su Shou Dao looked pained and said, "Dad, isn't that how things like feelings work? There's always one side that's more committed than the other, and besides, Haiqing has been living a down-to-earth life with me all these years, and in comparison, I've let her down."


      Su Chengfeng waved his hand with a somewhat impatient expression and said, "Let's not talk about Haiqing's matter, now is not the time to discuss those children of yours, the most crucial thing now is how to deal with our next trouble!"


      "Yes big brother!" The second Su Shoudeh said with a sad face: "We are really poking a hornet's nest now, the whole of Japan is now agitated against the Su family, but also the domestic people think we are ruthless and unrighteous, the network is all crusading our speech, tomorrow the stock market opened, we those listed companies' share prices will certainly plummet, then our losses can be immeasurable! "


      The third oldest, Su Shouren, took off, "Also, now even our own people will probably be chilled by Su Ruorui's matter, the children still don't know if they've heard about it, and if they did, I'm afraid they'll think more about it in their hearts"


      Su Chengfeng said with a black face, "Go back and tell all your children! The reason why I'm taking Su Ruorui to work with the Japanese Self-Defense Force is because Su Ruorui is not an upright legitimate daughter, but an illegitimate daughter who has seen the light of day, on the other hand, because Su Ruorui herself is already certain to die, so let your children not think too much! And don't even discuss the matter within the family, offenders will be sent straight to South America for three years!"


      As soon as everyone heard this, their expressions were all shaken.


      The old master must have felt very humiliated by this matter, and as the manipulator behind it, he must have felt unable to hold his head up once it was exposed.


      So, one by one, everyone remained silent in a heartbeat, no one spoke or even nodded their heads.


      This was what made the Su family scion smart.


      They all knew that the old man was extremely concerned about his own face and authority, so once he felt that this incident was a scandal and didn't want anyone to mention it again, they simply didn't even give a correct answer and completely pretended that it wasn't the case.


      When Master Su saw that everyone was silent, his face softened a bit and he spoke, "I'm going to arrange a few things now, so listen up, all of you!"


      The people were just coming forward and respectfully saying, "Dad, you said it!"


      Master Su coldly commanded, "First, from now on, contact all the media we can get in touch with and pay a lot of money to have them delete the report!"


      "Secondly, contact all social media, platforms, and apps and ask them to remove this incident of the Su family from all hot lists and remove negative content!"


      "Third, have the navy go out and dispel the rumors, claiming that this whole thing is a competitor's fiction and that Su Ruo Li isn't even a descendant of the Su family! Anyone who dares to spread rumors on the Internet as well as other media platforms must be held legally responsible!"


      The crowd nodded their heads.


      Master Su sighed, "With this current situation, our Su Family can only carry out crisis public relations."


      "As long as the crisis PR is done well, it is not impossible to turn the tide against the wind."


      "Of course, turning the tables against the wind is only possible in terms of domestic public opinion, the Japanese people and government now hate the Su family to the bone, no matter how much the Su family is washed, it is impossible to wash it in Japan, in the future, definitely don't want to make money from the Japanese people, and in the future, the Japanese side will definitely report back to the Su family in all directions."

Chapter 2228

Su Shou Dao forced himself to temporarily put Du Haiqing as well as Su Ruo Li out of his mind and asked, "Dad, do you have an estimate of how much damage this matter will cause us?"


      Su Chengfeng sighed, "It's not good to say for now, Japan is the largest market in the whole of Asia besides our Chinese homeland, and this piece alone is an immeasurable loss to our Su family's present, as well as the future!"


      "And Japanese companies have been overseas for many years and have a great influence, they are deeply involved in both the US and European markets, if they really want to snipe the Su family overseas, then all our future overseas expansion will be greatly affected!"


      The second youngest, Su Shoudeh, pursued, "Dad, isn't there any way we can remedy our relationship with the Japanese government?"


      "Remedy?" Su Chengfeng smiled bitterly, "How to remedy it? If we can find Su Ruorui and return her to the Japanese justice department again, that's more or less salvageable, but now that Su Ruorui's whereabouts are unknown, what can we do?"


      Su Shou De was busy saying, "Then find a way to find Su Ruo Li! When the time comes, turn Su Ruorui over to the Japanese judiciary, attach a verbal and sincere public apology letter, and if possible, pay a sum of money in compensation, and the matter should be alleviated somewhat!"


      Su Chengfeng waved his hand: "Even if we want to pay compensation, we have nowhere to compensate, the Matsumoto family was wiped out, even if we want to compensate their relatives a sum of money, we have to be able to fucking find the relatives ah! When the time comes, it will rather touch the nerves of the Japanese people even more!"


      Once everyone heard this, they also agreed.


      This matter was indeed different from an ordinary criminal case.


      In a normal criminal case, as long as one actively compensates the family of the deceased and allows them to voluntarily issue a letter of understanding, one can obtain a certain degree of leniency from the law as well as public opinion.


      However, Su Ruo Li exterminated the entire Matsumoto family, even the son of Yoshito Matsumoto who had already changed his surname after his ex-wife was not spared, the Matsumoto family was dead, how can there be any relatives?


      Therefore, even if the Su family wanted to compensate, there was no one to compensate.


      Su Shou De said with an angry face, "Since that's the case, let's prepare for it with two hands, on the one hand, let's hurry up and do crisis PR, and on the other hand, let's hurry up and find Su Ruo Li's whereabouts!"


      Saying that, he looked at Su Shoudao with a regretful face and said seriously, "O big brother! You also don't blame the younger brother for saying you, you said that this whole thing is all you made up, if you hadn't messed around with He Xiuying back then, there wouldn't have been such a tricky illegitimate daughter as Su Ruo Li."


      When Su Shou Dao saw that Old Two had actually suddenly turned on himself, he frowned tightly and said in a cold voice, "Shou Dao, it was twenty years ago, and you're still bringing it up now, making a big deal out of it in front of Dad as well as the other siblings, what exactly are your intentions?"


      Su Shou Dao didn't expect that the big brother was so sharp that he could see through his own mind at once, and he also took the first step to give himself a moral kidnapping in front of his dad and younger siblings.


      He himself wanted to take advantage of the problem in front of the old man and put all the blame for this incident on Su Shou Dao, so that it was tantamount to helping Dad shift the blame, and also throwing a pot of dirty water on Big Brother in front of Dad.


      However, Su Shou Dao's brain was really quick, and he splashed the pot of dirty water back again in no time.


      So, he immediately said again, "Big brother is right, Su Ruo Li is in her early twenties, there's no point in saying this again, but let's talk about the immediate future! If only you'd stayed calm and didn't let Su Ruorui destroy the whole Matsumoto family, we wouldn't be here today! In the end, it's all the trouble you caused!"

Chapter 2229

Su Shou Dao had already prepared a combination of punches.


      His intention was that the first punch would first attack Su Shou Dao's inability to control his lower body and his promiscuity back then, causing these subsequent problems.


      The second punch followed, and then attacked Su Shou Dao for being too brutal, having to exterminate his entire family, resulting in such a disaster.


      This first punch pounced in vain, but this second punch, however, hit Su Shou Dao's face solidly.


      The other Su sons and daughters, upon hearing this, also appeared to be in agreement.


      After all, these matters in Japan had nothing to do with them, and now they were implicated as well, all because of Su Shou Dao alone.


      Su Shou Dao's expression became very ugly.


      The order to exterminate the entire Matsumoto family was indeed given by himself to Ruo Li.


      However, there was one thing he didn't dare to say.


      At that time, the old master had once given himself the authorization, and what he meant at that time was that he would severely punish the murderer after finding out who he was.


      If the old master hadn't set the tone, he might not have dared to give Su Ruorui the order to exterminate his family.


      But this was something Su Shoudao couldn't say, nor did he dare to say it.


      He also knew that as far as the matter of exterminating the entirety of the Matsumoto family was concerned, on the one hand, he was indeed the one who gave the order, and on the other hand, he was indeed a bit impulsive at the time.


      At the time of the incident, when Su Shoudao learned that the one who kidnapped his son and daughter was actually Yoshito Matsumoto, and that Matsumoto had almost killed Su Zhiyu and Su Zhifei, Su Shoudao felt unbearably angry.


      Yoshito Matsumoto wanted to kill his son and daughter, which in his opinion was a treasonous act.


      If he just killed Yoshito Matsumoto, he wouldn't be able to get out of his heart!


      Also, the way Yoshito Matsumoto acted at that time was indeed very sinister and vicious!


      If he only killed him, the other Matsumoto family members would definitely take revenge for him, and would then definitely use even more sinister and poisonous tactics to deal with him.


      That was why, in order to vent his anger on the one hand, and to prevent any future trouble forever on the other, he had decided to let Su Ruo Li lead the Su Family experts to exterminate the Matsumoto Family!


      However, who could have known that after Su Ruo Li had wiped out the Matsumoto family, he hadn't been able to escape!


      If she had escaped, there would be no proof of this. It doesn't matter if all of Japan thinks the Matsumoto family was killed by themselves. Without proof, who cares what these people say?


      However, the bad dish is that Su Ruo Li, as well as the other Su masters, were directly wrapped in dumplings by the Japanese self-defense forces when they fled Japan


      This, in one fell swoop, pushed the whole thing into an abyss that even Su Shou Dao couldn't control.


      Now, Su Shou Dao was attacking him with this matter, and he simply didn't know how to respond.


      When Su Shou Dao saw that his big brother was at a disadvantage and didn't say anything else, he immediately realized that he had hit his big brother in the seventh inch, so he hurriedly took advantage of the situation and spoke up.


      "Brother! We also expect you to lead us and the entire Su Family to create new glories in the future, but if you can't control your own temperamental personality, I'm afraid the Su Family will suffer a big loss at your hands in the future!"


      "You can't blame me for being a straight talker as a younger brother, I also want our Su family to be better in the future! As the future helmsman of the Su family, you have to be able to listen to different voices so that we, your siblings, can better support you, don't you think so?"


      Su Shou Dao's face turned green at these words!

Chapter 2230

He was a smart man, so he knew exactly how much murderous intent was contained in his brother's seemingly pushy words.


      He gnashed his teeth in his heart and surmised, "Su Shou De, Su Shou De! You're really looking for a fucking opportunity to fall on your sword!"


      "The whole thing, although I'm also to blame, it wasn't me who put the Su family in this passive situation, it was the old man! But, this bastard Su Shou De is dumping all the blame on me in front of everyone, this is forcing me to take the blame!"


      "If I carry it, then I'm the one who's guilty of all this;"


      "But if I don't want to carry it, the old man won't know what to think, and he'll hate me very much in his heart!"


      "Moreover, this son of a bitch, Su Shou De, repeatedly mentioning me as the future helmsman of the Su family in front of the old master, and saying something about better support for me, isn't that fucking murderous?!"


      "The old man's alive! And the old man is still firmly in control of the entire Su family! But Su Shoudeh is repeatedly saying I'm the future helmsman in front of him, he's trying to make the old man hate me!"


      "Since ancient times, the emperor who lived a long life was most guarded against the crown prince! Because, in his opinion, the Crown Prince is always coveting his throne and his power, so the Crown Prince must always be wishing for his death!"


      "Deep down inside, the old man must have the same wariness about me!"


      "Now that Su Shou De has mentioned this, the old man's guard against me will definitely become stronger!"


      "Not only that! By doing this, Su Shou De was secretly helping the old man out!


      "Originally, the old man was the bastard who traded his granddaughter's life for profit, regardless of his bloodline!"


      "But the blame for being bitten so furiously by Sushoudeh has gone to my head! The old man must have been so pleased in his heart with this operation by Su Shou De! It's a fucking abomination!"


      It was just as Su Shou Dao expected.


      As soon as Su Shou Dao finished speaking like that, Master Su's face immediately looked much better.


      He thought to himself, "Someone always has to take the blame for such a big pot, as the saying goes, a dead Daoist doesn't die a poor Daoist, and since Shou De has simply dumped the pot on Shou Dao, I'm happy to take it easy!"


      So he said in a cold voice, "Keep the word! What do you think of what Shou De has just said?"


      Su Shoudao wanted to die.


      "What do I think? What the fuck am I supposed to think? My actual opinion is that Sue Shourd is completely full of shit! But can I say that? Can I fucking tell?"


      "If I'm going to fucking really say that Su Shoudeh is farting, doesn't that mean I'm still going to dump the pot back on your old man? With your old man Jairus's temper, how the fuck am I ever going to get by?"


      Thinking of this, Su Shou Dao sighed long and hard in his heart, "Hey! If you say a thousand words, you'll end up having to break your teeth and swallow!"


      So, he said with a shameful face, "Dad, I admit everything Shou De said, this matter is indeed all my fault, I was wrong, don't worry, I will definitely take this as a warning and actively correct it in the future."


      Su Chengfeng suddenly felt that the breath that was blocked in his chest, instantly dissipated.


      It is true that people do not want to take the blame, and then close people, each other will also dump the blame, as if the child was sick, the husband complained that his wife did not take good care of the wife, the wife complained that her husband usually does not care; out late did not catch the car, the husband complained that his wife make-up change delay, the wife complained that her husband driving too slow dilly dallying.


      Anyway, as long as you can dump the blame to someone else, even if it is dumped to his own son, is also a great blessing to the whole world.


      So, he gently nodded his head and said in a serious tone, "You, as the son of a Su parent, do things too impulsively, you really should polish those edges on you."


      Saying that, he cleared his throat and continued, "Ahem, how about this! From now on, until this matter is completely resolved, you'll stay out of the public eye, quietly go to Australia for a while, and wait for the limelight to pass."


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