Secret Identity 2223-2226


Chapter 2223

Looking at Du Haiqing's resolute and headless back, Su Shoudao's heart ached so much that he almost suffocated.


      He had long known that Du Haiqing didn't actually love him.


      He had also long known that the person Du Haiqing had always loved in his heart was actually Ye Changba.


      Moreover, Du Haiqing had underestimated Su Shoudao's wrist some of the time.


      Although he never interfered with Du Haiqing's privacy on the surface, but behind the scenes, he had actually already felt everything that Du Haiqing did.


      Many years ago, ever since mobile phones began to have wifi networking capabilities, Su Shou Dao had top network hackers closely monitor his own wifi network.


      Du Haiqing's phone, when it was connected to the wifi, what software and websites were accessed after it was connected to the wifi, he was able to monitor all aspects of it through the set of tools provided by the hacker.


      So, he also knew that Du Haiqing, for so many years, would secretly visit that web album's website almost every day when she wasn't around.


      In order to know what secrets she was hiding in the web album, he even had his men use a peripheral shell of a company to directly acquire that web album's operating company.


      After acquiring this company, he naturally grasped all the user data of this company.


      Including what users had uploaded and browsed here, he was able to see everything in the database.


      Therefore, he also already knew that Du Haiqing went to that online photo album every day to look at some of her photos with Ye Changba back then, or Ye Changba's own photos.


      This had always been a huge torture for Su Shou Dao.


      He couldn't accept the wife he loved so much beside him, and his heart was always thinking about other men.


      Even though that man was already dead!


      Is it possible that all the hard work and dedication she has put in is not as important to her as a dead man?


      Because of all this, he had always hated Ye Changya to the bone.


      Even though Ye Changya has been dead for many years, he still hates him to the extreme, and it hasn't diminished in the slightest over the years.


      It's just that Su Shou Dao has always used the five words "vested interests" to hypnotize himself.


      He thinks, even if Du Haiqing deeply love Ye Changba, so what? She's still married to herself, isn't she? And you've given yourself two children?


      So, at the end of the day, he is Du Haiqing's man, and the only man she's ever had, and that's already an absolute victory.


      But now, Du Haiqing resolutely left him, instantly destroyed his mentality of "vested interests", not a single dregs left.




      Su Chengfeng's study was even larger than a normal villa's living room.


      To put it plainly, this was Su Chengfeng's council room.


      Like an ancient emperor's imperial study, Su Chengfeng not only read books and cultivated his body here, but also treated it as the core brain of the entire Su family.


      He often discussed important matters of the Su family with his heirs and core members in the study, and many decisions that affected the Su family, and even the national business community, came from here.


      Right now, Master Su had gathered the entire Su Family's second generation of descendants.


      In addition to Su Shou Dao, there were also Su Shou De, Su Shou Ren, Su Shou Yi, Su Shou Li, Su Shou Zhi, and Su Shou Xin.


      Su Chengfeng had five sons and two daughters, namely Dao, Virtue, Ren, Righteousness, Ritual, Wisdom, and Faith.


      Because of his bitter struggle with Du Haiqing, Su Shou Dao was the last to arrive.

Chapter 2224

When he entered, he found the entire study, his father and six siblings, all in a state of panic.


      This made him thud in his heart.


      As far as he could remember, his father had always been calm and composed over the years, and had always been unchanged by the collapse of Mount Tai, so why would he be in such a state of panic today?


      Moreover, he also noticed that the few siblings around him were now looking at themselves in a very strange way.


      There was tension, fear, sympathy, and even pity in their eyes.


      So, he asked nervously, "Dad, what's going on?"


      Su Chengfeng looked up at him and asked with a bit of a guilty conscience, "You didn't see the news push?"


      Soo Shoudao looked down at his pajamas and said awkwardly, "What push? I was taking a shower just now, and when I finished the housekeeper said you wanted to see me, so I rushed over without even taking my phone."


      Su Chengfeng looked complex and sighed, saying, "Shou Dao ah, there are some things, you have to understand me more, I sit in this position, I really have to look at the big picture, I can't care too much about my children!"


      Su Shou Dao was a bit startled.


      He didn't quite understand why the old master suddenly said such words.


      Moreover, the old master's tone seemed to be a bit like admitting his mistakes and asking for forgiveness.


      One had to know that the old master had always treated his children and grandchildren with the utmost harshness!


      The first time I was in the hospital, I had to go to the hospital for a few days and I was told that I had to go to the hospital for a few days.


      It is also a good idea to use the same information to help you understand what you are talking about.


      But why would he say that today?


      Su Chengfeng, the master of the Su family, had indeed never admitted his mistakes to his children and grandchildren in his life.


      He has always been extremely strong, quite like an ancient emperor.


      In the eyes of ancient emperors, the most important thing was the country and the power in their hands, and their children would never be at the top of the list.


      It was the same in his eyes.


      The foundation of the Su family and his unshakable position as head of the family was the most important thing in his eyes.


      In front of these, what did children and grandchildren count for?


      However, this time, never in his wildest dreams did he think that Japan's National Security Agency, would find out about his collusion with the top brass of the Japanese Self-Defense Force!


      They even found out the true identity of Su Ruo Li, the illegitimate daughter of Su Shou Dao and his own granddaughter!


      Now, the whole country knows that he, Su Chengfeng, is a turtle bastard who would sacrifice his granddaughter's life for the sake of profit!


      These children in front of him didn't know what they would think of themselves yet.


      After all, any father or grandfather who did something like this, his children and grandchildren would definitely be very disappointed and would even respect him.


      Therefore, Master Su knew very well in his heart: "This matter has now definitely caused me to be spurned by the world and caused the Su family to suffer major losses in every aspect, if I don't deal with the effects within the family, I, the head of the family, will most likely lose all my prestige immediately! Even the Su family may have the building falling down!"


      "Right now, it's the most crucial moment for the Su family! Therefore, I must try to calm Su Shou Dao's mind as much as possible first, otherwise, if he finds out that it was me who betrayed his own daughter, and he can't be more understanding and tolerant to me on any level, then he will probably lead the fight against me in anger, and then the internal problems within the family will be too great!"


      "If I can hold him steady, everyone else can!"

Chapter 2225

At this time, Su Shou Dao had yet to figure out what major event had happened.


      So, he looked to Master Su and asked after him, "Dad, what's going on?"


      Master Su sighed softly and stifled a sigh, "Hey is Ruo Li"


      Su Shou Dao hurriedly asked after him, "Found Ruo Li's whereabouts?!"


      Master Su shook his head: "haven't kept the road ah, about Ruo Li this matter, dad has to apologize to you also hope you can forgive dad"


      Su Shou Dao did not expect the old man to apologize to himself, busy saying, "Dad, what are you doing there is anything you can say, Ruo Li this matter even if the end did not succeed in saving, I will not blame you."


      Su Shou Dao also felt that the old man had indeed put in a lot of effort to save Su Ruo Li.


      The company's main business is in the area of the company's business, and the company's main business is in the area of the company's business, and the company's main business is in the area of the company's business.


      Master Su sighed at this time, "Hey this matter, I'm old and confused ah! The matter of rescuing Wakari was already extremely difficult, and Wakari had committed a felony in Japan, which was simply not a problem that money could solve."


      He said, his eyes were a little red and he choked with shame, "Shoudao ah, I knew it would be difficult to save Ruo Li, so I made a secret agreement with the top brass of the Japanese Self-Defense Force"


      Su Shoudao was startled and asked off the cuff, "Agreement?! What agreement? How did you come to an agreement with the SDF? Wakari and more than fifty other masters were captured by the Japanese Self-Defense Force ah!"


      Master Su lamented, "Hey, I'm also on the principle of maximizing profit, so I want to put on a show with the SDF, on the one hand, it will allow the SDF to make another miracle in front of Japanese society and allow us to establish a good relationship with the SDF um, on the other hand, it will also stabilize the He family, in the end, everything is also for the sake of the Su family"


      Su Shou Dao was stunned, "Dad, what the hell do you mean? Did you just put on a show when you said you wanted to save Ruo Li?!"


      Su said in great pain, "I have my reasons too!"


      Su Shou Dao tried to control his emotions and spoke up, "You guys kept talking about news pushing before, what exactly is news pushing?!"


      Master Su gave his second son, Su Shoude, a wink, and Su Shoude immediately handed his cell phone to Su Shoudao and spoke, "Big brother, you should read this article first."


      Su Shou Dao took the phone and read it carefully, word by word.


      When he finished reading the article, Su Shou Dao's entire body almost stormed off!


      "This old man is using my own daughter as a bargaining chip to curry favor with the Japanese Self-Defense Force! Is this man even half human?"


      "No wonder, no wonder Du Haiqing knows about Su Ruoli! No wonder she wants to divorce me all of a sudden! So it was all dug up by the JSA!"


      Thinking of the fact that just now his wife Du Haiqing had resolutely left home and had to divorce herself because of Su Ruorui's matter, combined with the news of this thunderbolt from the clear sky right now, Su Shoudao's entire body had become somewhat unable to stand.


      He glared at Master Su and angrily rebuked, "Ruo Li is your granddaughter! How could you do that? Do you know, because of what you've done, if I don't know where I am now, Haiqing will divorce me too! Why are you doing this? Why?"


      Su said earnestly, "Guarding the Way! Even if I don't, there's no way we can save Ruo Li!"


      Su Shou Dao gritted his teeth and retorted, "It's impossible to save Ruo Li, so do you have to make a show out of it? Do we have to take Wakame out to please the Japanese Self-Defense Force?!"


      When Master Su saw that Su Shou Dao's attitude was harsh, he frowned slightly and said in a somewhat icy tone, "I told you, I'm doing all of this for the sake of the Su Family!"


      Su Shou Dao couldn't control his anger and shouted harshly, "Su Family's interests?! Is it possible to sacrifice my daughter's life for the sake of the Su family?!"

Chapter 2226

Master Su coldly said, "Don't forget, she's just an illegitimate daughter whose status is not to be seen!"


      Su Shou Dao shouted angrily, "So what if it's a bastard daughter? The illegitimate daughter is also my Su Shou Dao's daughter!"


      Master Su was equally angry and questioned him, "What? Are you questioning my decision? Are you trying to settle a score with me after the fall?!"


      Su Shou Dao gritted his teeth and said, "Just because you made such a mess, my own daughter is missing and my wife is going to divorce me!"


      Master Su said coldly, "Don't think that I'm the one who harmed Ruo Li, you're the one who really harmed her!"


      "How could the Japanese government have hated her if you hadn't let her exterminate the entire Matsumoto family?"


      "Your own daughter is the number one felon in Japan because she carried out your orders!"


      "With all the crimes you've allowed her to commit, she's bound to die according to Japanese law!"


      "So remember, it's all your fault! It's your fault! Not me!"


      When Su Shou Dao heard this, his entire expression was like being struck by lightning, and in an instant, he became incomparably ashamed.


      Master Su was right.


      If he hadn't had to exterminate the entire Matsumoto family at that time, Su Ruodao wouldn't have ended up like this!


      Therefore, when he heard this, the anger in his heart instantly subsided quite a bit due to his shame and self-loathing.


      Seeing that a reversal was expected, Master Su immediately took advantage of the victory and said sternly, "So, even if I don't make a move like this, there's no way Su Ruorui will survive at all! How can you say that I hurt her? Even if she doesn't end up surviving, you're the one primarily responsible, not me!"


      "Rather, it's precisely because I've made such a mess that I've instead given Su Ruorui a chance to live!"


      "You know, she's unaccounted for right now! This proves that she's neither in the hands of the Japanese Police Department nor the Japanese Self-Defense Force, so maybe she'll actually find a chance to survive!"


      Su Shou Dao's entire body was decrepit.


      He also knew that with Su Ruorui's crime, in the Japanese judicial system, there was bound to be only one possibility of the death penalty, the old man was right, if Su Ruorui really died, a large part of the blame would be on himself.


      At this time, Master Su's tone was cold as he continued, "As for Du Haiqing, if she wants to divorce you, let her divorce you!"


      "Unlike us, the Du family are all in high positions and are very concerned about face, if something like you having an illegitimate daughter is exposed, even if Du Haiqing doesn't divorce you, the Du family will definitely force her to divorce you for the sake of face."


      "Anyway, the Du family's historical mission to the Su family has been completed, and we won't have any need for them in the future, so divorce isn't a bad thing."


      Su Shou Dao said incomparably dejectedly, "But my feelings for Hai Qing are from the bottom of my heart"


      "I know." Master Su snorted and said, "Do you know what I'm most unhappy with about you?"


      Su Shou Dao shook his head blankly.


      Master Su snapped harshly, "What I'm most dissatisfied with you is that you were so humble when you faced Du Haiqing! How can a man of the Su family be so lowly to a woman!"


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