Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1289-1290


Chapter 1289

"Yan Xi, let's go."

        After saying that, Kong Ming didn't bother to pay attention to Lu Hua anymore, calling out to Lu Yanxi to turn his head and leave.

        Only Lu Hua, who was behind him, was left there in a state of utter confusion.

        "What the fuck did I do me?"

        "Messing with you?"


        Finally, the crowd here, had dispersed.

        Powerful people from various countries, after a moment of restoration, embarked on their return journey.

        The matter here had been settled, and the ownership of the Origin Spirit Fruit had also been settled. Naturally, there was no need for the strongmen of the various countries to stay.

        When the crowd left, only the strongmen of the Indian Country remained here in this world.

        Just now, Reno and the others had resisted Ye Fan's palm, and even though they had managed to survive, they apparently only had half a life left, even though they were walking with a limp.

        However, even so, Renault and the others still endured the severe pain in their bodies and dug a few holes nearby, burying those fellow brothers who had died under Ye Fan's palm.

        Soon, several low graves were erected in the middle of this rainforest.

        Reno and the few others who were still alive, paid their respects three times in front of the graves.


        Suddenly, grief-stricken, Reno punched hard on the hard ground beneath his feet.

        He was full of eventful eyes and gritted his teeth to roar low.

        "Ye Fan!"

        "You killed my brother and harmed my compatriots, my Indian Martial Dao is not finished with you~"

        "In this life, if I don't kill you, I vow not to be human!!!"

        An angry and vicious voice, as if thunder was sweeping, echoed deep into the Amazon rainforest.

        Suddenly, the winds swirled, and three thousand birds were startled as well.

        The sun was like water, spilling spots of color through the dense foliage.

        The sunlight, dispel the darkness here.

        Only, it couldn't disperse the chill here.

        "Brother, what's next?"

        "Just go home?"

        After a long time, the man next to him asked Reno.

        Reno shook his head and said in a cold voice, "Returning home?"

        "Why do you want to return?"

        "Things, they're far from over."

        Reno lifted his head and looked away.

        There was an inexplicable sharpness in his old eyes.



        On the other side, Ye Fan had already left that valley for many hours.

        It seemed that Ye Fan was going to leave the Amazon rainforest directly and return home afterwards.

        However, when he was halfway there, Ye Fan suddenly stopped in his tracks.

        Turning around, looking towards a certain direction behind him, doubts swirled between his brows.

        Because, along the way, Ye Fan found that somewhere in the direction of the rainforest, there had been a pure and dense power of the heavens and earth, looming over him.

        At first, Ye Fan thought that it was because the heaven and earth energy around the Origin Fruit Tree hadn't dissipated, but as time passed, Ye Fan felt more and more that it wasn't right.

        It was because the power of the Heaven and Earth seemed to be even more dense than the power of the Heaven and Earth before the Primordial Fruit Tree.

        And, it was also hidden all the time.

        If it wasn't for the fact that Ye Fan was perceptive, it would have been difficult to detect it at all.

        "It's really strange."

        "Could it be that there's a fourth, Yuan Spirit Fruit Tree?"

        Ye Fan's eyebrows furrowed, secretly guessing.

        Driven by curiosity, Ye Fan finally decided to go over and explore it himself.

        Just like this, Ye Fan followed his own perception and slowly moved forward.

        Along the way, there were thorny grasses and trees, and fierce beasts roared.

        And, as they went deeper and deeper, the surrounding trees became taller and more luxuriant.

        The dense foliage almost obscured the sky.

        Outside, it was bright as day, but under the shade of the trees, it was as dim as night.

        Ye Fan didn't know where he was in the rainforest. If an ordinary person was alone and went deep into the rainforest, with only beasts and dense forest and boundless silence and darkness, he would have been too scared to go forward.

        Ye Fan, on the other hand, didn't have much fear in his heart, thanks to his cultivation.

        However, as he got closer to the place where the Earth's spiritual energy gathered, Ye Fan's heartstrings became more and more tense, and he walked much more cautiously.

        After all, for some reason, Ye Fan always felt that the journey was a bit strange.

        And, invariably, there was a sense of crisis that always enveloped Ye Fan.

        However, curiosity and the desire for power still drove Ye Fan to go deeper.

        Ye Fan had a feeling that there must be some secrets hidden in the depths of this rainforest.

        It was even, most likely, a treasure that was far more precious than the Origin Spirit Fruit.

        If that was the case, Ye Fan would definitely want it by any means possible!

        After all, the original intent of Ye Fan coming here was to find heavenly treasures that would be beneficial to his cultivation.

        The Origin Spirit Fruit might be precious, but it was for a strong person below a Sect Master.

        For Ye Fan, this kind of fruit didn't serve much purpose.

        Therefore, to others, Ye Fan's trip to the rainforest might have been a fruitful one, but to Ye Fan himself, it was almost as little as returning empty-handed.

        That was why, with the large amount of Yuan Spiritual Fruit that he had obtained, Ye Fan still ventured deeper and explored the place where the spiritual energy gathered again.

        Finally, after advancing for a long time, the dense forest seemed to have come to an end.

        The sight lines were wide open!

        In the face, there was even more of a refreshing breeze blowing on one's body.

        "This is?"

        After Ye Fan lifted his feet and stepped out of the rainforest, he saw a huge lake that appeared in front of him.

        The lake was azure blue, as if a huge sapphire was embedded in this ancient continent.

        The lake water was crystal clear, and the blue sky and white clouds were also still visible.

        It was just like a realm of the sky.

        Moreover, even with Ye Fan's eyesight, he couldn't see the end of the lake at a glance.

        It could be imagined that the lake in front of him was so big.

        If the lake wasn't light, Ye Fan would have thought it was an ocean.

        However, there was a small island located within this lake.

        The dense spiritual energy of heaven and earth seemed to be coming from that island.

        At this moment, Ye Fan looked at the surroundings and suddenly smiled.

        "Surrounded by the lake, there are even no boats as far as the eye can see."

        "This lake, instead, has become a natural barrier for this island!"

        "Even if a clan master comes, he would probably only be able to look at the lake before this huge lake."

        "It's a pity that this lake can stop the Sect Master, but not me, Chu Tianfan."

        "Today, I must ascend to the island to find out what's going on."

        "To see what kind of secrets are hidden within this isolated island?"

        Before the lake, Ye Fan stood with a negative hand, smiling proudly.

        Then, beneath the celestial river, only Ye Fan lifted his feet and stepped on the lake with one step.

        The lake water rippled and caused ripples to form.

        Just like this, Ye Fan was like a jiao dragon, treading water.

        Swiftly moving towards the distant island, approaching it.

        The speed was so fast that it was born behind him, pulling out a long white trace.

        Like a long snake swinging its tail, the dragon soared in all directions.

        If such a scene were to be seen by Mike . Jones and the others to see it, they would probably be deeply shocked.

        Because, standing in the air, treading water for a long time.

        Even a clan master could not do this.

        In other words, the young man in front of him was a ..... A title clan master!!!

Chapter 1290

If they knew that Ye Fan's true strength was at the level of a sealed master, it was likely that Kong Ming and the others would just go crazy.

        You know, before this, many people were still saying that only after thirty years, Ye Fan would be expected to achieve the title of title.

        After all, an existence at the level of a title clan master was even more phoenix-like than a clan master.

        Even for an evil genius like Ye Fan, Kong Ming and the others didn't conservatively estimate that it would take thirty years.

        But now, Ye Fan's strength was actually comparable to that of a title.

        No one wouldn't be crazy for a title clan master at this age!

        But fortunately, there was no one around at this time, only the clear breeze and the lake for company.

        Therefore, naturally, no one could discover Ye Fan's true strength.

        Just like this, Ye Fan walked all the way through the water for nearly half an hour before he climbed up to this lonely island in the center of the lake.

        The speed of a title clan master was so fast, but even so, Ye Fan still took such a long time, so one could imagine how far this isolated island was from the shore of the lake.

        "What a dense Heaven and Earth Yuan Power."

        "It's even more dense than the place where that Origin Fruit Tree grows?"

        Ye Fan couldn't help but be deeply shocked as soon as he climbed onto this lake island.

        The dense Heaven and Earth Yuan Power in the surroundings was almost as if it was substantial.

        Also, the trees in this place were exceptionally sturdy.

        Any one of them placed outside would be enough to hold up to the level of a hundred year old tree.

        "It seems that this island, it's very unusual."

        Looking at the business-rich vegetation everywhere, Ye Fan couldn't help but feel happy and whispered under his breath.

        Then, without further delay, he continued to head towards the center of this island.

        However, at this time, Ye Fan's original vigilance and scruples were much lighter.

        All of this was only because of the unique geographical environment of this isolated island.

        Surrounded by a lake on all sides, there were no oars around, and the surface of the lake was extremely wide, with countless carnivorous beasts such as crocodiles in the lake.

        Under such circumstances, unless a title master like Ye Fan, it would be difficult for outsiders to ascend to this island.

        Therefore, Ye Fan had reason to believe that this was an uninhabited island.

        And, most likely, he was the only one on the entire island.

        With such an isolated island, Ye Fan naturally had nothing to worry about.

        "This place, however, is a perfect place to escape from the world and live in seclusion."

        "In the future, when I close the door to break through, I can also choose this place, never to be disturbed by enemies."

        Ye Fan was in a good mood as he walked and smiled slowly.

        And as Ye Fan went deeper and deeper, the Heaven and Earth Yuan Power became more and more intense.

        Until, after Ye Fan arrived under a mountain in the middle of the isolated island, his original relaxed and comfortable mood was immediately gone.

        The scruples and heaviness in his heart surfaced once again.

        Because, he discovered that the environment here had been severely damaged.

        As far as the eye could see, there were ravines all over.

        One of these ravines stretched for a hundred meters.

        Hundreds of trees had collapsed and shattered, and the cross section was so smooth that it looked as if it had been cut off at the waist.

        Even the peak of the mountain in front of it seemed to have been cut in half, with rolling gravel scattered all over the ground.

        "This sectioned surface should be due to swordplay?"

        "And, to cause such devastation, the opponent's sword technique, I'm afraid, is extremely strong!"

        "It looks like the place has been short-circuited."

        Ye Fan's eyebrows furrowed, and he looked a little faintly lost.

        The ruins in front of him were definitely nothing good to Ye Fan.

        It was obvious that a fight had been experienced here.

        Moreover, it seemed that not much time had passed between them.

        In other words, this isolated island already had strong people who had gotten ahead of it and waded into the place.

        Then, even if there really were treasures on this lonely island, they would probably have already been taken away.


        "Strange, why are there paw prints?"

        In the ruins, Ye Fan looked around.

        Suddenly, a huge claw print on top of a broken wood caught Ye Fan's attention.

        Because, this claw print didn't look like a human's, but rather like a giant beast.

        While Ye Fan was confused, he suddenly found a huge corpse lying on the ground not far in front of him.

        Only after walking up did Ye Fan discover that the corpse wasn't human, but the corpse of a humanoid ape.

        The corpse was already cold and the blood beneath it had dried up.

        When Ye Fan looked at it, he found that there were sword wounds of varying sizes all over the body of this humanoid ape, the fatal wound being at the throat, having been closed with a sword!

        Half of the neck had been cut through.

        Of course, the most amazing thing wasn't these horrific wounds, but the huge size of this type of ape, which was actually more than ten meters tall, so it wasn't an exaggeration to say that it was a giant ape.

        Such a gigantic creature, Ye Fan had only seen on television in documentaries about prehistoric ferocious beasts.

        Ye Fan didn't expect that in today's society, such a terrifying ferocious beast still existed?

        "It is recorded in the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book, but where heavenly treasures gather, there must be a ferocious beast guarding it."

        "If nothing else, this giant ape should be the ferocious beast that guards the treasures of this isolated island."

        "To be able to grow so big, it's probably because it's nourished by the power of heaven and earth on this island."

        Ye Fan secretly analyzed.

        However, all these signs indicated that the treasure had already been shortchanged.


        "Another waste of time~"

        "What a day dog."

        Ye Fan was in a very bad mood and was so angry that he cursed his mother.

        Before, he thought that he could pick up a big leak this time.

        Now it seemed that he was the one who thought too much.

        After all the hard work, it was just a bamboo basket in the end, anyone who wasn't angry?

        "That damned intruder!"

        "Better not let me run into you."

        "Robbing me and I can't smack you if I meet you?"

        All along this journey, it was always Ye Fan who robbed others.

        But now, the treasure that came to his mouth, but was taken by someone else, Ye Fan's mood was naturally unhappy.

        Just like this, Ye Fan cursed and then prepared to return.

        But, just at this moment.


        Suddenly, a violent wind swept past.

        Suddenly, the sand flew away and the grass and trees shook wildly.

        "Why is there such a strong wind in a good place?"

        "Is God laughing at me too?"

        Ye Fan said casually, but then, Ye Fan was stunned.

        "No, it's not wind."

        "It's an energy overflow~"

        Ye Fan's body was in awe, and his face immediately became pale.

        And then, he turned his head to look in the direction where this stream of Yuan Power Qi was coming from, and found that it was actually coming from under the foot of the mountain in front of him.

        "Could it be that there's something there?"

        At this time, Ye Fan's vigilance undoubtedly rose to the extreme, just like a bow and arrow with a full string, his spirit was incomparably concentrated, blood and qi were rolling in his veins, and on his palms, there was even power gathering, ready to explode with a fatal blow at any moment.

        Just like this, Ye Fan, who was full of vigilance, approached the foot of the mountain little by little.

        After entering, Ye Fan discovered that there was a deep cave at the foot of the mountain, situated in the shade of trees.

        The stream of air that contained pure Yuan Power just now was sweeping out from this cave.

        Standing outside, Ye Fan fixed his eyes and looked.

        He saw that the cave was long, narrow and deep, like a demon from the abyss, opening its fanged mouth to this world.

        No one knew, what was inside this cave, exactly?


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