Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1287-1288


Chapter 1287

"This... This..."

        "This is still my sister?"

        Mike. Jones was also so startled that he looked at his sister as if she were a stranger.

        At this time, Mike. The first thing you need to know is that you can't even recognize your own sister.

        Being so refuted by a little girl, Lu Yanxi's face was undoubtedly extremely ugly, red and white for a while, only to feel extraordinarily ashamed.

        "Where's the dead girl from?"

        "I'm talking to Ye Fan, is it your place to interrupt?"

        In annoyance, Lu Yanxi actually attacked An Qi directly.

        With a fierce palm, he smashed towards An Qi.

        "Not good!"

        "Sister, back off!"

        Mike. Jones was shocked and shouted anxiously.


        A low muffled sound followed.

        Immediately after that, Lu Yanxi muffled a snort, and her petite body fell towards the distance like a kite with a broken string.

        A few threads of blood immediately appeared at the corner of her mouth.

        And at the same time, the arm that Ye Fan had lifted earlier also dropped.

        "Ye Fan, you hit me?"

        "You hit me for her?"

        Lu Yanxi lifted her pretty face, her eyes with aggravation, and looked straight at Ye Fan like that.

        There was a grudge, and incredulity in her eyes.

        Ye Fan looked cold and expressionless, looking down at Lu Yanxi condescendingly, and his cold voice, then sounded, "I told you, don't take yourself too seriously."

        "In my eyes, you are no different from the dust beneath my feet ."

        "If you continue to act wilfully and recklessly, don't blame me for not remembering my old relationship with your father!"

        Ye Fan seemed to have no more patience, and his tone was full of displeasure.

        Ye Fan already did not have a good impression of this Lu Yanxi, and this kind of snobbish woman was always something Ye Fan respected and stayed away from.

        Rather, An Qi, with her simple and lively nature, made Ye Fan appreciate her.

        Now Lu Yanshi was so angry that she bullys a little girl, so Ye Fan won't sit idly by.

        If he didn't kill her, it was already Ye Fan's great mercy.

        "Yan Xi, are you alright?"

        "Where does it hurt?"

        At this time, not far away, Kong Ming and Lu Hua both ran over.

        Lu Hua helped Lu Yanxi up from the ground, then stared up at Ye Fan.

        "Ye Fan, you're really cruel."

        "Yan Xi is a girl, and you have the nerve to do something to her?"

        "No matter what, she's also your comrade in arms, your fellow Yan Xia."

        "Don't you forget that we're on the same team, we were all ordered by the Martial Temple to come on a treasure hunt."

        "But what about you?"

        "Now disregarding the fellowship of your compatriots, hurting your companions for a foreigner!"

        "Aren't you afraid of returning to the country in the future and suffering the sanction of the Martial God Temple?"

        Lu Hua's eyebrows were gloomy and he roared at Ye Fan.

        "Ye Fan, what are you waiting for?"

        "Why don't you bring three or five Yuan Spirit Fruits and apologize to Yan Xi."

        "In that case, we can help you hide the fact that you hurt your companions."

        Lu Hua said with a glare.

        "Three or five Yuan Spiritual Fruits?" Ye Fan was stunned and asked rhetorically.

        "What, are we asking too much?"

        "A foreigner, you've given all three. We're on the same team, we're all your comrades, your companions, shouldn't we split two Yuan Spirit Fruits each?"

        "Could it be that you yourself still want to swallow these Yuan Spirit Fruits all by yourself?"

        Lu Hua said righteously, as if he was justified.

        "Yes, Little Fan."

        "Lu Hua is right, we're all comrades in arms, there's no merit or hardship."

        "You can't take all of this multifaceted spirit fruit by yourself, can you?" Kong Ming also echoed from the side.

        Lu Yanxi also lifted his face and looked at Ye Fan, his eyebrows flickering with desire and greed.

        And Ye Fan burst out laughing, as if he had heard a joke.

        "Finally, or did you tell us your true intentions?"

        "Lu Yanxi, you suddenly took the initiative to show me kindness just now, probably because of the Yuan Spirit Fruit in my hand."

        "However, you're right."

        "We're comrades, we're on the same team, and we're both serving our country."

        "By all means, I should share some with you."

        "Haha~ Little Fan, it's best if you can figure it out. I knew that you're by no means a brutally unreasonable person." Kong Ming laughed, thinking that Ye Fan had been convinced by them and had promised to give them the Yuan Spirit Fruit.

        In excitement, Lu Hua and the others hurried over and reached out to receive the Yuan Spiritual Fruit.

        However, what Lu Hua didn't expect was that as soon as he walked up, he was kicked out by Ye Fan and rolled several times on the ground before he stabilized himself.

        "Ye Fan, son of a bitch, don't bully others too much!"

        Lu Hua became furious and climbed up to yell at Ye Fan.

        Ye Fan was still sneering, "I'm not finished yet?"

        "I mean, by all rights, I should share some of it with you."

        "But have you forgotten that I have been expelled from your ranks."

        "It was also you who said that my life and death have no more to do with you."

        "Now that you see that I have the Yuan Spiritual Fruit in my hand, you're calling me your brother again."

        "What the hell did you do long ago?"

        "Returning comrades? Returning a compatriot? And a team?"

        "Thanks for having the nerve to say that?"

        "It's shameless!"

        Ye Fan drank harshly, his words low and deep, immediately creating a gust of wind in this mountain forest.

        Then, Ye Fan looked at Kong Ming and continued.

        "It's just as well that the two of them don't have any shame, but Kong Lao, you're a man of a certain age, don't you have any shame in your heart as well?"

        "And you still have the nerve to ask me for the Origin Fruit?"

        "At your age, have you gone all live dog?"

        Ye Fan's scolding was too harsh.

        At that time, Kong Ming's old face turned blue into a porcine liver, and there was remorse and trepidation in his heart. He opened his mouth to say something, but he was too stunned to hold back a single word.

        As for Lu Yanxi and Lu Hua, they were also red in their old faces from Ye Fan's disgrace, and they lowered their heads, not daring to speak at all.

        Of course, they didn't have the face to speak either.

        Although Ye Fan's words were unpleasant to hear, they were reasonable, and that was exactly what happened.

        Originally, if these people treated Ye Fan with respect, Ye Fan didn't mind sharing a few of the Origin Spirit Fruit with them.

        It wasn't of much use to Ye Fan anyway.

        But unfortunately, these people didn't know how to treat him and repeatedly gave him a hard time.

        Ye Fan didn't bother to meet them, otherwise, it was not sure if they could survive until now.

        But what Ye Fan didn't expect was that they still had the face to give him the Yuan Spirit Fruit.

        Still, people were shameless and invincible!

        "Why don't you get out of here?"

        Ye Fan didn't bother to talk nonsense with them and gave an angry shout, scaring these three people away.

        After all, they had seen Ye Fan's skills before.

        Lu Hua and the others were indeed worried that this Ye Fan would go crazy and slaughter them as well.

        After Lu Hua and the others left, the matter here would undoubtedly come to an end.

        It was also time for Ye Fan to leave.

        Before he left, Ye Fan smiled at An Qi, "Little girl, I'm leaving."

        "Right, don't forget your promise."

        "One day, I will definitely go and ask for it."

        Lang's laughter echoed, while Ye Fan had already turned around and left, leaving everyone with only that skinny back.

        "Little Brother Fan~"

        This sudden separation naturally made Angie a little upset.

        She called out, trying to catch up, but was stopped by Mike . Jones stopped her.

        "Angie, don't be headstrong."

        "Honestly come home with me!"

        "As for this man, you'd better not associate with him in the future."

        "Forget about him~"

Chapter 1288

"Brother, what are you talking about?"

        "Why did I forget about Brother Van?"

        Hearing his brother's words, An Qi was puzzled, and anger even surfaced on his delicate pretty face.

        He thought that his brother would praise her for being nice and making the acquaintance of brother Fanny. But Michael . Jones' words at this point were like a pot of cold water pouring down on Angie's mood.

        "I am not discussing with you, but I am telling you very solemnly not to have any more dealings with this man in the future."

        "Between him and us, we are not on the same page."

        "What's more, he killed the Chu Gate Elder and took away the Yuan Spirit Fruit that belonged to our sect."

        "When I go back and report to the sect, the sect master will definitely not let him go."

        "When that time comes, the name Ye Fan will become the enemy of all of us at the Chu Sect!"

        "So, whether it's for your own sake, or for the sake of our Jones family, you must leave him alone."

        "This is non-negotiable!"

        Mike. Jones' expression was serious, and his words had an unquestionable authority.

        And to hear these Angie, a pair of eyes is a sudden red.

        She didn't expect that after all these years, she had a person she could easily call a friend, but now her brother was making her cut off from him and also treat him as an enemy.

        How could this be easily accepted by a young girl who was new to society?


        "Brother Fanny is my only friend, I will not write off Brother Fanny, and I will not allow you to hurt him."


        Angie's beautiful eyes were red, and she couldn't stop shaking her head and saying.

        I don't know if it was because of anger or sadness, but her voice was choked with sobs.

        The streak of tears, however, was heartbreaking.

        "Angie, calm down."

        "I'm doing this for your own good."

        "The majesty of the Truman is not to be desecrated!"

        "What's more, that Ye Fan killed the Ancestor Elder."

        "If you ignore your position and remain stubborn, you'll be harmed sooner or later."

        Seeing his sister looking so sad, Michael . Jones' heart softened as he helped his sister wipe her tears and advised.

        "I don't care about the clan's position."

        "Brother Fanny is good to me, then he's a good man, he's my friend."

        "And you guys are the bad guys if you want to harm Brother Fanny."

        "You guys are my enemies~"

        Angie pushed her brother's palm away and tearfully yelled at Mike . Jones yelling at the top of his lungs.

        Sometimes, children's world, even so simple and pure.

        In their hearts, there is no position, there is no right and wrong, the standard to distinguish between good and bad people is whether they are good or bad for themselves.

        Just like the current Ye Fan, even if he killed the Chu Sect Elder, so what if he harmed the sect's interests, in An Qi's eyes, Ye Fan is still a friend she trusts and relies on.

        An Qi roared in anger, then turned her head and ran towards the direction that Ye Fan left.

        She was going to tell her little brother Fan that Truman was going to kill him and take revenge on him, so he should hide.

        But Mike . Jones would never let his sister make a mistake again and again?

        "Someone, stop her for me."

        "Send her back to the family immediately and keep her under strict guard!"

        Mike . Jones gave an order, and immediately the strong Truman behind him was like an arrow off the string, rushed out and took control of An Qi, taking the Yuan Spirit Fruit that Ye Fan had given her.

        And then, it was according to Mike . Jones' intention, he was ready to send this little girl, who had run away from home, back to the family.

        Soon, the Truman crowd also dispersed.

        The remaining strongmen of the nations, however, were unwilling and still rushed into the waterfall in search of it, hoping to find one or two Yuan Spiritual Fruits that Ye Fan had missed.

        But unfortunately, [Pencils 520] this was destined to be a delusion.

        How could Ye Fan make such a low-level mistake?


        "It looks like this year, it's going to be futile again."

        "However, I never thought that a member of the Chu Sect would participate in such a battle."

        "And, they even sent out an offering elder to participate in the battle?"

        After a long and fruitless search, many people had given up and accepted the harsh reality before them.

        However, on top of the loss, the crowd only felt strange.

        It must be known that according to the previous several contests for the Yuan Spiritual Fruit, Chu Gate never participated.

        Only this year, the strong Chu Gate intervened forcefully, which was invariably a strange and inexplicable weirdness.

        "However, what is even more unexpected is that Yan Xia boy?"

        "This young man has even suppressed the Chu Men's limelight!"

        "The offering elders were beheaded by him, and he was not fearful of the Chu Gate's senior management."

        "All the Yuan Spiritual Fruits were pocketed by him alone."

        "The Yanxia Martial Dao, which had almost all of its members killed last time, has become the only winner this year?"


        "What an unpredictable and unpredictable world."

        When they remembered the young man who had used his invincible strength to exterminate the Chu Gate Elders, many people tsked and sighed with envy in their hearts.

        At this time, Kong Ming and Lu Hua, the three of them, just happened to walk by.

        A few people who knew Kong Ming called out to them and congratulated them, saying, "Elder Kong, congratulations."

        "This year, you Yanxia Martial Dao, but you have shined and returned home with a full load."

        "Having received such multiple spirit fruits, I'm afraid that soon, the Yan Xia Martial Dao will give birth to a few masters again."

        "However, compared to these Yuan Spiritual Fruits, what's more precious is that your Yan Xia Martial Dao has produced another demonic genius."

        "At a young age, he has the power of a clan master."

        "And now, even more so, he has turned the tide and trampled all the Chu Gate Elders underfoot!"

        "This battle alone, I believe that in the future, the name Ye Fan will resound through the world martial arts arena."

        "Congratulations to you Yan Xia, you've produced an amazing talent~"

        "I believe that in less than thirty years, Yan Xia will have another title master!"

        The crowd congratulated Kong Ming and the others with one word from you and one from me.

        However, when they heard these words of congratulations from them, Kong Ming and the others were unable to smile, but instead, they felt very uncomfortable.

        It was reasonable to say that having a side-by-side experience with such an evil genius was definitely a chance for the three of them, a chance to befriend a future great figure.

        But now, not to mention befriending, they could almost become enemies.

        Do you think that Kong Ming and the others could feel better?

        "What amazing talent?"

        "I think it's too early to say this."

        "It's unknown how long he'll live after killing the Truman Elder and causing such havoc."

        "Maybe the next time you guys are hearing about his deeds, it will be when he dies."

        Lu Hua said coldly, his words filled with a sourness.

        "Alright, shut up you!"

        "With this much magnanimity, your achievements in this life will end here."

        Kong Ming gave a low cry, directly shutting Lu Hua up.

        The current Kong Ming's attitude towards Lu Hua had undoubtedly changed, even to the point where he had the heart to kick this Lu Hua to death.

        After all, the reason why their relationship with Ye Fan was so deadlocked was largely because of this Lv Hua.

        If it wasn't for Lv Hua repeatedly embarrassing Ye Fan and encouraging him from the sidelines, Kong Ming wouldn't have kicked him out of the team in the first place.


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