Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1284-1286


Chapter 1284

However, what the crowd didn't expect was the moment the strong Indians crossed the line.


        An aura palm seal immediately fell.

        Amidst the roar, Reno and the other five people were all slapped away by Ye Fan's palm.

        Among them, the two who were the weakest were actually killed by Ye Fan's palm strike.

        Their heads were like balloons, exploding.

        Red blood spilled in all directions.

        In the end, the two headless corpses were lying on the ground like that, no longer alive.

        As for the remaining three people, including Reno, even though they didn't die, they suffered severe injuries under this palm.

        Among them, Reno only felt his adult ribs break several heels, blood and qi in his body surged, and a mouthful of blood vomited all over the ground for free.

        Even the strongest Renault was like this, let alone the others.

        It could be said that if it wasn't for the two people who died and helped them block most of the sharpness of Ye Fan's palm, it was estimated that the three of them, would never have survived.

        After all, Ye Fan's strength was too strong.

        The power of a Sect Master was naturally not something they could bear.

        "Mr. Lu... Mr. Lu, you... What do you mean?"

        "Just... Just now, didn't we agree on an alliance and cooperation?"

        "But why do you, like... . treat us like this?"

        "Is it possible that Mr. Lui is going to go back on his word? To treachery?"

        "You... . aren't you afraid that by behaving in this way, you will spread the word, ruin your reputation and be laughed at by the world?"

        "But you Yan Xia have a saying that you can't be trusted without trust!"

        The intense stinging pain in his body was like a flame burning, almost causing Reno to faint.

        However, he still clenched his teeth and stubbornly stood up.

        At this time, his gaze towards Ye Fan had grown a little more resentful and vicious.

        Only, due to Ye Fan's strength, he was still trying to suppress his emotions, trying to make his tone of voice and act a bit more polite.

        In response to Reno's words, however, Ye Fan shook his head and laughed.

        "Talking to me about trustworthiness here?"

        "Do you think, your Indian martial arts, are you worthy?"

        "In terms of treachery and conspiracy tactics, your Indian Martial Dao is but an ancestral master."

        "Even if my Yan Xia is famous for five thousand years, I'm ashamed of myself ah."

        Ye Fan smiled faintly, his words filled with contempt, as if he didn't even put Reno and these people in his eyes.

        "What's more, the one who just allied with you is Mr. Lu Hua Lu."

        "I'm not Lu Hua Lu, so how can I talk about treachery?"


        "You... What did you say?"

        "You're not Lu Hua?" Ye Fan's words caused Reno and the others to all be stunned, their old eyes widening.


        "That day at the restaurant, didn't you say that you were Yanxia Lu Hua?"

        "There's no need for Mr. Lu to change his ancestor's surname in order to deceive us."

        "This kind of act is not the work of a hero!"

        The Indian powerhouse didn't believe it at all and only thought that Ye Fan was making excuses for his treachery.

        "There's nothing impossible about it."

        "I was just borrowing someone else's name at the time just to tease you guys."

        "Listen up, my real name is Ye Fan."

        "As for Lu Hua, he's just a moronic mole."

        "If you guys want to get to know each other, I can introduce you."

        In between the words, Ye Fan pointed forward.

        Reno and the others whirled around to look, and immediately saw the old-faced Lv Hua, standing quietly in the crowd.

        "Is that him?"

        Seeing Lu Hua, Reno's eyebrows furrowed and his old face drew slightly.

        Of course Reno had an impression of this person.

        Earlier, it was this idiot who kept saying that he was Lu Hua and ended up being kicked in the crotch by Reynolds.

        Previously, Reno had thought that this idiot was trying to impersonate him, but now it seemed to be true.

        They had all been played by Ye Fan.

        "You... You're really Lu Hua?"

        Reno finally asked, confirming it to him.

        "Or what?"

        Lu Hua's words were almost a roar.

        At this time, his entire body was simply going to explode with anger.

        He understood, he understood everything now.

        No wonder, before, he had inexplicably suffered a flying disaster and was captured and hung up to be beaten.

        And no wonder, his reputation was so strong in this rainforest.

        No wonder, before, Reno and the others were dead set against believing that he was Lu Hua and were violent towards him.

        It turned out that it was all Ye Fan, and it was all because of this bastard Ye Fan.

        He was the one who was going around using his reputation for evil.

        He was the one who was setting himself up, he was the one who was ruining his reputation.

        "Ye Fan, you son of a bitch, son of a bitch~"

        "You have a vicious heart!"

        "You son of a bitch~"

        "What the fuck did I do?"

        Lu Hua's lungs almost exploded when he learned the truth.

        At that moment, he only felt almost flames burning in his chest, and in his heart, he even greeted Ye Fan's eighteen generations of ancestors.

        If eyes could kill, Lu Hua would have probably already cut Ye Fan to death by a thousand cuts.

        "Xiao Hua, don't be impulsive~"

        "Look what happened to those people."

        "If you don't want to end up here, you better not mess with him~"

        Seeing that Lu Hua was already on the verge of going berserk, Kong Ming beside him hurriedly held him back, afraid that this guy would do something stupid and provoke Ye Fan again.

        "But~ But he..."

        Lu Hua gritted his teeth in anger and clenched his fists.

        Because of the force, his fingertips were nearly sunk deep into the flesh.

        His heart was almost dripping blood ah!

        Growing up, Lu Hua had never been screwed like this before.

        He felt that all the suffocation he had suffered in his life was not as much as this moment.

        However, in front of Ye Fan's powerful strength, Lu Hua finally held back and didn't say half a word.

        After heavily injuring the strong man of the Indian Country with a single palm, Ye Fan's profound cold eyes swept the four directions.

        This time, the previous so noisy and complaining had all disappeared.

        Everyone, after feeling Ye Fan's gaze looking over, all of them were in awe and their bodies unconsciously retreated backwards.

        So far, no one dared to cross the thunder pond by half a step.

        That short line, which was now between the crowd and Ye Fan, was like a heavenly rift.

        After all, it was too ruthless!

        This teenager in front of them was simply too ruthless.

        Previously, the crowd thought that Ye Fan's earlier words were just words to scare them.

        But unexpectedly, he did what he said.

        With one slap, he really directly smacked several powerful people of the Indian Country to death.

        Ye Fan's fierceness and majesty deeply shocked everyone once again.

        "Young... Young Master, what should we do, should we go over there?" The crowd of Chu Men, who were not afraid of the sky or the earth in normal days, actually beat a retreat.

        "What else can we do?"

        "If you're not afraid to die, you go!"

        Mike. Jones cursed with a black face, thinking to himself that the men were morons.

        Knowingly, they have to say something to make them embarrassed once again, right.

        In this way, the original noisy valley, but surprisingly quiet.

        The teams from the countries seizing the treasure all stood in front of that long line, honestly watching Ye Fan walk into the waterfall and take the tree full of Origin Fruit, into his bosom!

Chapter 1285

However, what was also extremely surprising to Ye Fan was that this time, the number of fruits that this Origin Fruit Tree bore was extremely considerable, ten in number.

        Together with the five that Ye Fan had snatched from before, there were already fifteen Spiritual Fruits in Ye Fan's hands at this time.

        It could be said that Ye Fan was the only winner of this Rain Forest Treasure Hunting trip.

        The three fruit trees, all the Yuan Spiritual Fruits, all fell into Ye Fan's hands!

        So much so that the small bag that Ye Fan brought could not fit so many fruits.

        Ye Fan, who was helpless, had to just eat one so as to make room.

        "Mmm, it tastes pretty good, sweet and sour."

        "Anqi, you have one too."

        As he ate, Ye Fan plucked one from the tree and threw it in Anqi's direction.

        Unfortunately, Anqi didn't use the aid, and the fruit fell to the ground and shattered.

        "Brother Fan, it's all broken, can't eat it~"

        An Qi was lost for a moment.

        Ye Fan smiled calmly, "It's fine, it's bad, we have plenty anyway."

        Between jokes, Ye Fan threw another fruit over, and this time it was just what An Qi wanted.

        Soon, An Qi was also satisfied and ate it in public.

        The people beside him, looking at the scene in front of them, but their hearts were dripping blood ah.

        "Bastards, a bunch of beasts~"

        "It's just a violent waste!"

        Many people were cursing wildly in their hearts.

        One had to know that something like the Primordial Fruit was undoubtedly a supreme treasure for these martial artists below the clan.

        Once in thirty years, it could not be found.

        If this Yuan Ling Fruit was in their hands, they would definitely cherish it like protecting their eyes.

        Moreover, even if they consumed it, they would use special knives to cut off only a little bit of the flesh at a time, then place it in the spring water to melt, and then take a sip every hour.

        This way, only then could they ensure that the Yuan Spirit Fruit's energy was minimally lost, and the human body could absorb the maximum amount of power from it.

        But what about Ye Fan and the others?

        Directly gnawing on the Origin Fruit like an apple.

        And throwing it around?

        And a fucking broken one?

        What's worse, they're so calm and say it's bad, they've got it.

        What the fuck is this if it's not a beast?

        Many people's teeth itched at this scene.

        Something that was treasured in their hearts was treated so rudely by Ye Fan and the others.

        Many people were so anxious that they wanted to teach Ye Fan personally how to eat such a great treasure.

        However, Ye Fan couldn't really be blamed for this.

        The main reason was that this Yuan Spirit Fruit was really not precious to him.

        After all, he had already achieved Ancestor. The Origin Spirit Fruit was of little use to him, so naturally, he wouldn't be so precious like Kong Ming and the others.

        Just like this, Ye Fan continued to pick the Origin Spiritual Fruit as he nibbled on it.

        After the last Yuan Spirit Fruit was plucked from the tree, the vibrant Yuan Spirit Fruit tree in front of him withered away at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

        Until in the end, it completely turned into withered wood and no longer had any life left.

        When Ye Fan saw such a scene, he was astonished.

        "The Great Thousand Worlds, it's really nothing short of amazing."

        "I don't know where, thirty years ago, that Origin Fruit Tree would have appeared again."

        Yes, the place where the Origin Fruit Tree appeared every time wasn't fixed.

        The only thing that was fixed was just this Amazon rainforest.

        After the Origin Fruit Tree had aged, Ye Fan also came out of the waterfall.

        "Little Brother Fan, how many did you pick?"

        When she saw Evan come out, Angie couldn't wait to run over.

        At that time, Mike . Jones then became all pale and frightened, shouting anxiously, "Angie, don't~."

        However, it was already too late.

        Angie, at that moment, had already stepped over the long line that Evan had drawn.

        At that moment Mike . Jones heart then thumped, but fortunately, the last thing he wanted to see, did not happen.

        Ye Fan seemed to acquiesce to An Qi's intrusion, did not show any hostility at all, and instead threw the backpack containing the Spiritual Fruit to An Qi without any hesitation.

        Seeing the scene before him, Mike . Jones was secretly shocked, "It seems that Anqi's relationship with this Ye Fan is not ordinary~"

        Mike. Jones was both happy and worried at the same time.

        Happy because his sister seemed to have made acquaintance with a powerful person.

        But what worried him was that Ye Fan had killed the Chu Gate Elder, and with the Gate Master's temper, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to let this guy go.

        Now that his own sister was so close to him, Mike . Jones was naturally worried that An Qi would be implicated by Ye Fan.

        It was under this conflicting emotion that Mike. Jones didn't know at the moment whether it was a good thing or a bad thing that An Qi knew Ye Fan.

        However, the only thing that was certain was that, at least with this situation in front of him, it was good for An Qi to get to know Ye Fan.

        "Wow, brother Fan, we're rich~"

        "Lots of Yuengling fruits."

        At this time, An Qi's surprised voice came from the front.

        The girl in front of her was like a little wealthy fan, counting her and Ye Fan's loot one by one, with endless joy and satisfaction in her heart.

        You know, An Qi had thought that this time he and Ye Fan would be satisfied if he could snatch a Yuan Spirit Fruit.

        But unexpectedly, the results of the battle were far beyond An Qi's expectations.

        For the first time in his life, the plan was a complete success.

        It could be imagined that at this time, An Qi's heart was still so full of accomplishment.

        "Look at your wealthy little face."

        Looking at An Qi's cheerful appearance, Ye Fan only felt both cute and ridiculous, then broad-mindedly said, "Don't just look at it, take a few of them if you want."

        "Thanks to you leading the way this time, the credit is not small, feel free to take any, go back and show your family too."

        Ye Fan smiled faintly.

        Other people treated this Yuan Spirit Fruit like a treasure, but Ye Fan really didn't care much for it.

        Even if they kept it, I guess Ye Fan would all give it away when he returned home.

        On the contrary, An Qi, a girl with a weak martial dao background, the Yuan Ling Fruit would be of great use to her future cultivation.


        "Then I'm not going to be polite, oh."

        An Qi smiled hehehe, then carefully took a Yuan Spirit Fruit from it and put it in her bag, and the rest, she gave it all to Ye Fan.


        "You want one?" Evan was slightly surprised, he thought the little wealthy fan would have to take at least half of it.

        "Hmm." Anqi nodded.

        "How about taking a few more? It's no use for me to keep it, I'll have to give it away when I go back." Ye Fan advised.

        "No, I'll just have one. Actually, I don't think this fruit is delicious, it's not as good as an apple? If I didn't go back and show off like my dad, I wouldn't want one." An Qi said in a very serious manner.

        When Ye Fan heard this, he couldn't stop laughing and crying.

        How many people begged for this Yuan Spirit Fruit, but this silly girl was still dismissive and found it unpalatable.

        "What a silly ninny~"

        Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, then tugged raw and square, before slipping two Yuan Spirit Fruit to An Qi.

        The people watching this scene were jealous and anxious.


        Don't give it to me!

        I don't mind the taste.

Chapter 1286

Even outsiders, let alone Angie's brother.

        At that time, Mike . Jones was simply about to go crazy, and could not wait to rush up and help An Qi collect these Yuan Ling Fruits.

        However, this thought was just in his mind.

        Mike. He knew that his friendship with Ye Fan was no match for his sister, and he had no doubt that once he stepped over that line, he would end up not much better than those strong Indians.

        However, just as the crowd was envious and jealous of An Qi, a timid voice, but quietly came out.

        It saw that Lu Yanxi, who had been silent earlier, suddenly looked at Ye Fan.

        "Ye Fan, I'm sorry about what happened before."

        "It's all my fault, I'm the one who hurt you."

        "But even so, you still went out of your way to save me."

        "Ye Fan, I'm really touched by your tolerance for my efforts."

        "Thank you~"

        Lu Yanxi said these words very abruptly.

        She didn't say it when Ye Fan had defeated the Seven Elders of the Trunks before.

        When Ye Fan made Mike . She didn't say it either when Ye Fan made Mike .

        On the contrary, after seeing Ye Fan send Yuan Spirit Fruit to An Qi, she came to Ye Fan to say these words of apology as well as thanks.

        Sometimes, human nature really couldn't help but speculate.

        Like right now, one had to wonder if this Lu Yanxi really thanked Ye Fan and really just wanted to apologize to Ye Fan?

        Or is she up to something else?

        Ye Fan ignored her as if he hadn't heard her apology, still talking and laughing with An Qi in the same place.

        However, Lu Yanxi didn't give up and continued to speak.

        "Ye Fan, I know that you're still angry with me because a few days ago, I rejected your confession."

        "But I swear, I, Lu Yanxi, really didn't mean to underestimate you in the slightest at that time."

        "The reason I said that was just a deliberate attempt to discourage you, to get you to give up and stop chasing me deeper into the rainforest."

        "You also know that this rainforest is full of crises and dangers."

        "I'm just afraid you'll have an accident."

        "My only mistake, perhaps, was underestimating your strength."

        "But now, you've proven yourself with the truth."

        "So, I apologize, and I take back what I said before."

        "If it's still possible, I'm willing to accept your heart."

        Lu Yanxi's words were sincere and heartfelt, and the poignant voice couldn't help but echo, hearing the hearts of the surrounding crowd.

        However, after hearing those words, not only was Ye Fan not touched in the slightest, but he also smiled.

        It was as if he had heard the best joke in the world.

        "What did you say?"

        "You will accept my heart?"

        Evan shook his head and continued, "I think, you're overthinking it."

        "Or rather, taking yourself too seriously."

        "Between you and me, we don't know each other well at all, and it's not an exaggeration to say we're strangers."

        "I only helped you because of your father."

        "Before the trip, your father called and requested me to take care of you a little."

        "If it wasn't for promising your father, I'm sorry, but what do I have to do with your life or death?"

        "So you don't have to apologize to me or give me thanks."

        "If you really want to thank me, you should thank your father."

        "Still, he knows you."

        "If he hadn't asked me to take care of you before he left, I guess you would have ended up in an extremely miserable situation right now."

        Ye Fan smiled faintly, speaking in a tone that was always as calm as it was.

        But Lu Yanxi couldn't stop shaking her head, "No, Ye Fan, I know that this is an excuse, you're deliberately saying this to fool me, you're still angry with me right."

        "I feel it, your heart for me."

        "Otherwise, when I was going to go with Lu Hua, you wouldn't have stopped me and told me to stay away from him. You must have been jealous at the time, right?"

        "Also, you went out of your way to make an enemy of Truman for me."

        "I'm really touched~"

        "Evan, thank you for doing this for me."

        "Don't be mad at me, I'm willing to go out with you~"

        Lu Yanxi was still chattering there.

        But Ye Fan was full of black lines and speechless.

        This woman, why is she so stubborn as well as narcissistic?

        And pay for her?

        And to her heart?

        Still want to go out with me?

        I'll be damned!

        I'm a married man. I don't have any feelings for you.

        I said it's for your son's face, for your son's face...

        You don't listen to me, do you?

        Since that was the case, Ye Fan didn't bother to pay attention to her, just let her say whatever she wanted, whatever she wanted, it's not like she's really pestering him.

        However, just when Ye Fan was planning to keep silent and deal with this matter coldly, the little girl who had been holding her anger beside her, but she finally couldn't hold back and directly exploded.

        Only to see this little girl take two steps in three steps and walk directly in front of Ye Fan, then with her hands crossed at her waist, she roared at that Lu Yanxi with a lot of anger, "I say this sister, do you not understand human language?"

        "My little brother Fan has told me that he doesn't like you, he's not interested in you, he doesn't care to talk to you, and he's helping you purely for the sake of your old man."

        "So, please don't make a fool of yourself, okay?"

        "Stop pestering my little brother Fanny, okay?"

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

        The straight dislike of Lu Yanxi's pretty face blushed red, and she was speechless.

        "You... You..." Lu Yanxi's red lips trembled, and she opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something.

        "You... You you what you?"

        "And I'm really surprised, where did you get the confidence to think that my brother Fanny likes you?"

        "Your skin isn't as white as mine, your breasts aren't as big as mine, you're no good looking, your legs aren't as straight as mine, and your ass isn't as curvy."

        "You're cute, coquettish, simple and kind, and you don't take up any of it."

        "You're useless compared to me."

        "Even if brother Fanny likes you, she likes me."

        "As for you, you don't deserve it."

        "You and my brother Fanny, those are two worlds, how can you covet them?"

        "I advise you, you'd better die and stop pestering me Little Brother Fan."

        "Otherwise, I will order an army of fierce beasts to trample down your entire family!"

        An Qi stood on the boulder and roared incessantly at Lu Yanxi with fangs and claws. The words and sentences were like a storm, and they instantly drowned out Lu Yanxi.

        At that time, Ye Fan was already dumbfounded.

        Mike. Jones was also dumbstruck!

        To be precise, all the people present were dumbfounded.

        All of them were flabbergasted, looking at the little girl in front of them with unimaginable battle prowess.

        Before this, who would have thought that a seemingly small and weak little girl would have such a terrifying "battle power".

        The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years.

        "Women are terrifying, and, no matter how big or small."

        Ye Fan was flabbergasted, looking at the "scary" little girl in front of him, the corners of his eyes twitching, secretly frightened.


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