Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1281-1283


Chapter 1281

It was only now that he realized what kind of teenagers they had offended before.

        Even Kong Ming and Lu Hua were like that, not to mention Lu Yanxi who was in the middle of it.

        In the confrontation just now, Lu Yanxi was the closest, and thus no one could feel the powerful might of the young man in front of them more than Lu Yanxi.

        It's been a long time since the martial arts master was like an idol and faith in her heart.

        Her biggest dream was to be able to see the master's face one day.

        It was precisely because of Lu Yanxi's obsession with the Martial Dao Grandmaster that she had an inexplicable affection for Lu Hua.

        Just because, Lu Hua was after a grandmaster.

        If she could become Lu Hua's woman, it would undoubtedly mean that she, Lu Yanxi, was connected to the Martial Grandmaster.

        However, who would have thought that fate would play tricks on people.

        Ye Fan, whom she previously despised and despised greatly, had the power of a grandmaster.

        The strong grandmaster she had dreamed of was right beside her.

        Also, what made Lu Yanxi even more remorseful was that she had rejected the love of a Sect Master before, and she had missed an opportunity to become a Sect Master's wife.

        Thinking of this, Lu Yanxi's heart only felt pain like needles, and her intestines were blue with remorse.

        She only hated herself for having eyes without pearls, for being snobbish in looking at people, and even more for missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

        However, while the crowd trembled, under the Heavenly River, Ye Fan was still standing with his hands in the negative, his eyes full of cold smiles.

        His ice-cold gaze swept across the four directions and finally landed on the woefully clothed Mike in front of him. Jones.

        At this time, this young master of Truman, where was the previous half of his demeanor and majesty.

        On his handsome face, only trepidation and fear remained.

        Especially when he felt Ye Fan's gaze looking over, Mike. Jones then unconsciously trembled all over.

        The current him no longer had the arrogance he had when facing Ye Fan before, he looked pale and said evenly, "This . This woman, you take her away."

        "The matter of her beating my brother before, and the matter of you blaspheming the majesty of the Chu Gate, I... I'll leave it alone."

        Mike. Jones tried to keep himself calm, but when he saw the blood all over the ground and the eventful ravine in front of him, Mike . Jones's words still trembled unconsciously.

        And Evan only felt amused at the words.


        "Master Jones, do you think you're in a position to talk about pursuing this now?"

        "You... I... I... I ...." Ye Fan in a few words, actually asked Mike . Jones was speechless, "I" for half a day, but also did not say anything out of the reason.

        Yes, although Ye Fan's words are hard to hear, but the fact is exactly like this.

        The Seven Elders were dead, and the clan master was also Ye Fan's defeated enemy.

        Even though Mike . Jones still had quite a few men behind him, but with just these people who were not even as good as the clansmen, I'm afraid that they wouldn't be able to block a single strike from Ye Fan.

        "Then. What do you want then?"

        "Are you trying to kill me?" Mike. Jones was terrified and asked Evan in a colorful manner.

        "Your Excellency, you may want to think carefully."

        "I'm the young master of the Jones family, and I'm also a core person among the Truman. If you kill me, have you thought about the consequences?"

        "Besides, like you said before, you and I have no grudges in the past, no enemies in recent days, we've never met in life, so why don't we each take a step back today?"

        "I'll let you take the man away, and you'll let us leave in peace."

        "Why not?"

        After the initial trepidation, Mike Jones gradually calmed down. Jones gradually calmed down.

        He smiled a series of friendly smiles and spoke politely and politely to Evan.

        Evan shook his head and grinned.

        "Just now, I suggested a step back from each, but your young master was not pleased."

        "What? Now you know that one step back is wide of the sea?"

        "What the fuck were you doing earlier?"

        Ye Fan's words were grim and his tone was extremely unpleasant, not giving this lofty young master the slightest bit of face.

        At that time, Ye Fan's cold voice frightened Michael . Jones' old face trembled, and his palms began to shake again: "You... You're insolent, you dare to curse me, I'm Truman ."

        "Don't fucking pull a Truman on me!"

        "If I was afraid of that, that old man wouldn't have died just now."

        "Do you think I would even mind slaughtering a few more Trunks if I dared to kill a Trunks elder?"

        Ye Fan laughed coldly, and his words resounded, only like gold and stones falling to the ground, shaking the four directions.

        And, with each sentence that Ye Fan said, his killing intent intensified by several points.

        The monstrous chilling intent scared Michael. Jones exploded and retreated until finally, with a bang, he directly squatted on the ground with his buttocks, full of despair.

        However, just as Mike. Jones thought that he was completely planted and on the verge of disaster this time, who would have thought that a faint voice would actually quietly ring out in the middle of the crowd.

        "Ye Fan is it?"

        "He's my brother, give him some face and let him go."

        Calm words, with a bit of youth and naivety, echoed quietly between the valleys.

        At this time, this side of the world was silent.

        Everyone was stunned.

        Could it be that this Michael . Jones, still had a bottom card?

        Is this dispute now being flipped?

        You know, just now, Ye Fan had also appeared in such a manner.

        Now again?

        Could it be that another hidden bigot has appeared?

        The words that suddenly rang out had undoubtedly caught everyone's attention.

        At that moment, countless pairs of eyes turned in unison, and everyone's gaze all fell towards the source of the sound.

        Just as everyone imagined the appearance of this Hidden Big Brother, but in the next moment, everyone was stunned!

        Because, they discovered that the person who spoke was just a pretty, clear-born, cute and charming little girl.

        "This... What's this?"

        "A teenager just came out, and now a teenage girl?"

        "Is it hard to believe that there are so many young geniuses now?"

        Many people were sweating.

        Even Ye Fan himself, after seeing this person, the corners of his eyes drew fiercely and remained silent for a long time.

        "Why doesn't His Excellency speak?"

        "Don't you want to know, what I am?"

        The girl stood with her hands in the air, smiling at the corners of her mouth, looking down on the front of Ye Fan in a condescending manner.

        That pretentious look and tone of voice was exactly the same as the Ye Fan just now.

        "Alright, who are you?"

        Evan rolled his eyes and was also cooperative enough to actually ask the other person who they were.

        "What kind of person am I?" The girl laughed contemptuously while saying, "I'm someone you can't mess with!"


        "Angie, are you crazy?"

        "Why are you here?"

        "What are you talking about?"

        "Get out of here yet!"

        "Were you in the family?"

        "Is this not the place for you to fool around?"

        "Get out of here yet!"

        Hearing this, the side of Mike. The other side, Mike Jones, was undoubtedly scared out of his mind.

        He anxiously shouted, reprimanding Angie while telling her to hurry up and leave the place, fearing that this killing embryo in front of him would endanger his sister in a fit of rage.

Chapter 1282

Others may have been bluffed by this dead girl, thinking she was just like Evan, another young demon, but Mike . Jones was her own brother, and he knew full well that this dead girl was a weak chicken with no hands.

        A few days ago, this sister left the family without saying goodbye, leaving behind a letter saying that she would rely on her own strength to win the first fruits, to prove her worth to the family and her father.

        At that time, he and his father were both extremely bad.

        At that time, he and his father were both extremely bad. In the night, they gathered strong men, led by him, the young master, and left for America.

        So, this time Mike. In addition to completing the task given to him by the clan, another purpose is to find the dead girl in front of him.

        Can Mike. Jones never dreamed that he would not be able to find a sister for many days, but at this time appeared.

        And also the mouth of the spouting nonsense, this is not a clear looking for smoke, right?

        Could it be that this dead girl really thought that Ye Fan was an idiot and could be intimidated by a few words from her?

        More likely, it's still a few slaps from Ye Fan!

        Thinking about it, Mike . Jones was angry and anxious.

        While angrily scolding Angie, he told her to get out of here.

        At the same time, he said to Evan, "Your Excellency, come at me if you have anything to do with this."

        "My sister has nothing to do with this!"

        However, Ye Fan simply ignored this Michael . Jones, but instead turned to look in the girl's direction, and his cold words rang out immediately, "Yes?"

        "Interesting, after all these years, you're still the first one, who dares to talk to me like this."

        Ye Fan shook his head and smiled.


        "From what you're saying, you're not going to give me that face."

        "If that's the case, then let's see it in person."

        "Ye Fan, eat my punch!"

        When she heard Ye Fan's words, this girl had no more patience.

        Her willow eyebrows were raised and her pretty face was icy cold.

        Then she waved her show fist and rushed towards Ye Fan as she roared lowly, completely acting like a desperate man.

        Mike. Jones was undoubtedly completely anxious at the sight of her.

        "An Qi, don't!"

        "Stop it~"

        Mike . Jones was shocked, anxious to leave tears, while shouting even then also rushed to Evan.

        Mike. He knew very well that his sister was so reckless to take the lead on Ye Fan, if he didn't stop her, then the end of the Seventh Elder might be the end of his sister.

        At that moment, Mike . Jones couldn't care about being afraid, he actually went crazy and roared to kill Ye Fan.

        "Bastard, if you dare to hurt my sister, I won't let you go even if I were a ghost~"

        Mike. Jones howled with red eyes.

        But Ye Fan didn't even wait to look at him, and backhandedly slapped Mike . Jones flew out, the huge force wrapped his body and flew several tens of meters away.

        And at this time, the little girl had also rushed in front of Ye Fan.


        Seeing that Evan had raised his hand, after landing on the ground Mike . Jones immediately tears of despair.

        However, just when everyone thought that a fierce war was about to start again, but who would have thought that the next moment Ye Fan's falling palm would have lifted the little girl alive.

        "Roar roar roar~"

        "I'll fight~"

        "I'll fight fight fight!"

        An Qi had both feet off the ground, but this stubborn little girl still waved her show fist and kept pounding Ye Fan's chest.

        However, perhaps it was because Ye Fan's hands were too short, but she didn't even touch Ye Fan in the slightest even after beating him for half a day.

        "This... ,... This..."

        "Is this fucking farcical?"

        Seeing the scene in front of them, the faces of the people at that time directly turned black, and their old eyes couldn't stop twitching.


        All this time, and it's a fucking farce?

        "Ho ho ho ho~"

        "Eat my punch!"

        At this time, An Qi was still there, punching nonstop.

        Evan was lifting her like he was lifting a rabbit, and her body was even spinning around because of the suspension, but Angie's body was still in the air.

        "Just about."

        "I don't have time to play with you."

        Evan also darkened his face and was fierce towards this dead girl.


        "How's it going, Brother Fanny?"

        "I was awesome, wasn't I?"

        "Isn't it super awesome?"

        "Feel the Trawind!"

        An Qi threw out her tongue and smiled hehehe, cute and quite charming.

        However, Ye Fan just didn't give her a good look and just gave her a blank look, letting this drama queen comprehend on her own.

        "An Qi, this .... What's going on here?"

        "You... . you know each other?"

        I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do. The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

        One second also a momentum of life and death to fight to the death, can the next second small brother Van called so friendly.

        For a moment, Mike . Jones could hardly believe his own eyes.

        It wasn't until a long time later that Mike. Jones only saw the relationship.

        After realizing that Ye Fan was acquainted with An Qi, Mac. Jones was suddenly furious.

        "You dead ninny, why didn't you come out earlier?"

        "If you came out early, there's still this?"

        Mike. Jones blackened his face and yelled at Angie.

        "But I saved you hey?"

        "Even if you don't thank your sister, you still blame me?"

        Angie was exasperated, bulging her little face at Mike. Jones angrily.

        Mike . Jones didn't bother to pay attention to this dead girl anymore, and after getting up from the ground, he smiled at Evan with a smile, "Haha~"

        "Brother Ye, so you're a friend of Angie's."

        "It's a great flood of water to the Dragon King's temple, fighting your own family ah."

        "I'm really sorry about that just now."

        "If I had known about this relationship between you and An Qi, I would have given Brother Ye this face before."

        "Who let me have just one sister, Anqi?"

        This Mike . The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest version of the book.

        The first time I saw it, I was in the middle of it. I'm not sure if there is any other choice but to say something nice.

        To Mike . Jones this false enthusiasm, Ye Fan didn't bother to pay attention to it, just coldly replied back, "You should be glad that you have a good sister."

        "Otherwise, I wouldn't let you leave alive today."

        The cold words quietly rang out.

        McJones' face went white when he heard it. He opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but Ye Fan had already left, heading towards the waterfall in front of him.

        "Hmph, brother, how's it going?"

        "You and Dad always said I was useless, except for causing trouble for you."

        "How about now?"

        "Your life can be saved by your sister."

        In front of her, Angie held her small hands and said with a strange pride in her words.

        Mike. Jones was then amused by this sister of his.

        "Well, well, brother thank you."

        "I'm sure I'll be impressed with you later, that's all right, isn't it?"

        Mike. Jones smiled sadly for a while.

        But, seriously, Mike. Jones never thought he would one day be protected by his own sister.

        He had always thought that Angie was the weak one who needed protection.

Chapter 1283

But now, as an older brother, I've gotten a taste of my sister's good fortune.

        After all these years, it was the first time.

        After all, since childhood, for some reasons, An Qi has been carefully taken care of by him and his father.

        It can be said that for so many years, An Qi is like a flower growing in a greenhouse, being taken care of by her father and brother in every possible way.

        When he learned that Angie had gone to America to fight for the Origin Fruit, Mike. When he learns that Angie has gone to the Americas to fight for the Fruit of the Origin, Michael Jones and his father almost despair, believing that Angie's fate is in jeopardy.

        The first thing that happens to him is that he is not the only one who can be found.

        However, Mike. The first thing you need to know is that you can't be sure that you're going to be able to make it to the bottom of the rainforest.

        "Perhaps, myself and my father have really underestimated this silly girl?"

        Looking at Angie's arrogant face in front of him, Mike . Jones had both relief and loss in his heart.

        The first thing you need to know is how to get rid of the problem.

        The loss was also that the little girl who was once often bullied and hid behind herself to cry, had inadvertently grown up.


        "What's that?"

        However, while they were talking, there was a startling sound coming from the crowd.

        The crowd looked after the waterfall and saw a faint flash of blue light, and the dense aura of heaven and earth came along with the vapor.

        "Could it be, is it the Origin Spirit Tree?"

        "Oh my God!"

        "The Origin Tree has appeared~"

        It was as if a boulder had fallen into the sea, and in a split second, it had created monstrous waves in the heavens and earth here.

        They had searched for so long and finally found this Origin Fruit Tree.

        Before this, no one had thought that this fruit tree was growing behind the waterfall.

        The aftermath of the battle between Ye Fan and the Seven Elders just now had affected this mountain forest.

        The crumbling rocks of the mountain changed the previous waterway.

        So much so that there was a slight offset where the waterfall used to flow.

        It was precisely this slight offset that caused the Origin Fruit Tree that lurked behind the waterfall to reveal its true face.


        "Go get it~"

        "The Primordial Fruit is right in front of us, the creation of an accomplished master is close at hand."

        "Never let someone from another country, take the first step~"

        The moment they saw the Origin Fruit Tree, the anger in this place became insane.

        Many people's eyebrows reddened, and greedy light bloomed in their old eyes.

        "Kong Lao, let's go too."

        "If we can seize a few Yuan Spirit Fruits, after ten years, you and I might also step into the Ancestor realm as a result~"

        Lu Hua, who had been hiding in the distance, wasn't taking it easy either, and was busy encouraging Kong Ming to participate in this fight for the Yuan Spirit Fruit as well.

        Kong Ming hesitated for a moment and finally bit his teeth, "Fine, let's go!"


        As the saying goes, treasures move people's hearts, and with the appearance of the Origin Fruit Tree, the powerful nations rushed towards the place where the Origin Fruit Tree was located as if they were crazy.

        They were scrambling to get to it!

        "Young Master, the fruit tree has appeared, we should do it ."

        Seeing that the powerful people from various countries had rushed over, the people from Truman on this side then looked at Mike . Jones, reminding Mike . Jones shouldn't just focus on the siblings getting together, and the clan's mission couldn't be left behind.


        "Everyone, follow me."

        "Do your best to snatch the Origin Spirit Fruit."

        "Never let one, fall into the hands of someone from another country."

        Without the slightest hesitation, Mike . Jones immediately gave an order, and the several Truman powerhouses behind him all followed Mike . Jones and swarmed them.

        Of course, because of the fall of the Seven Elders, they no longer had the power of a clan master level now.

        However, these remaining Chu Gate powerhouses were enough to crush the vast majority of the people present.

        However, just as the strongmen from the four directions were all flocking towards the place where the Origin Fruit Tree was located.


        Suddenly, the earth trembled and the strong wind swept across.

        At some unknown time, Ye Fan's figure had already arrived under that waterfall.

        He was all majestic, his back to the beings, and his monstrous might was released.

        Then, everyone only saw the young man in front of him raise his arm and use his finger as a sword, slicing at the ground.


        Mountains and rocks crumbled and leaves flew in disorder.

        On the earth, a straight line formed by an eventful ravine swirled.

        Then, the sound of Ye Fan's majestic trees resounded through the heavens and earth.

        "Those who cross this line, die!"


        Sound exploded, and there was like thunder rolling past.

        In a split second, the forward crowd was in awe, and the strongmen of the various countries all stopped in front of that long line.

        Under Ye Fan's might, these people looked at each other, no one dared to take a step beyond this line.

        After all, Ye Fan's might just now, the crowd could see it.

        Under this situation, even though the crowd was coveting the Yuan Spirit Fruit in their hearts, still no one dared to challenge Ye Fan's majesty.

        Even the self-respecting Chu Gate crowd didn't dare to step over the thunder pool.

        Isn't this nonsense?

        Even the elders were shot to death by him.

        Mike . Jones was now just as proud as ever, and with no power to rely on, he naturally didn't dare to provoke Ye Fan anymore.

        However, even though everyone didn't dare to step over that blade line on their feet, there were people in the crowd who complained with dissatisfaction, "Your Excellency, isn't it too overbearing?"

        "The martial dao of the various countries have waited for thirty years for this Origin Fruit, but with one word from you, you want to take exclusive possession of it and keep it for yourself."

        "What do you think, is it appropriate?"

        "At the very least, there is general fruit left for us to divide among the martial paths of the nations, right?"


        "It is, it is, it's so overbearing."

        "It's just unkind~"


        "Even if it's a clan master, it can't be exclusive."

        "There's always a way to divide up half for us~"

        As someone took the lead, all of a sudden the crowd of powerful people present complained, all of them dissatisfied with Ye Fan.

        But how could Ye Fan pay attention to them.

        In the martial world, it had always been based on strength.

        Treasures were never given away, but taken by one's own ability.

        These people were now at a disadvantage, and they were just morally kidnapping Ye Fan to give up a run for their money.

        But in fact, if they were in Ye Fan's position, they would surely be even more desperate than what Ye Fan did!

        History had proven countless times that tolerant and benevolent people never died without a funeral.

        Thirty years ago, the Yanxia strongman who led the order to seize the Origin Spiritual Fruit, precisely because of his consideration for his neighbor's friendship, he was momentarily soft and let the Indian strongman go in the initial battle. In the end, the other party retaliated with kindness and turned against him to seize the treasure, resulting in a great tragedy.

        This kind of mistake, how would Ye Fan make a second time.

        Therefore, facing the complaints of the crowd, Ye Fan simply ignored them.

        Instead, he lifted his foot and prepared to walk towards the waterfall.


        "Mr. Lu is truly mighty and domineering."

        "It seems that an alliance with Mr. Lui is incomparably the right choice."

        "I, Reno, have not misjudged anyone."

        "To which the Indian country belongs, why don't you come with me, and we'll go pick fruit with Mr. Lui."

        However, at this time, there was laughter in the crowd.

        Immediately afterwards, Reno, who had previously agreed to cooperate with Ye Fan, led the powerful people of the Indian Country, and with no fear, he directly stepped over the line that Ye Fan had drawn!


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