His True Colors Chapter 489-490


Chapter 489

Cheng Peng didn't understand Chi Yi Yun's meaning, but when Dong Hao walked up to Chi Yi Yun's side, he reacted.

        "Beauty, you have a boyfriend?" Cheng Peng didn't want to believe it and said.

        Dong Hao stood beside Chi Yi Yun, bent over and said, "Miss, what to do with this trash."

        "Just teach a lesson casually." Qi Yiyun said indifferently.


        And a casual lecture?

        Cheng Peng subconsciously looked at Mi Fei'er, she had offended someone, looking at this, it didn't look like an ordinary person ah, otherwise, it wouldn't be possible to have a bodyguard.

        Mi Fei'er was also a bit confused, in her opinion, Chi Yi Yun was just an ignorant girl who was tricked by Han Qianqian, how could she be a lady of a rich family, and she even had a bodyguard with her.

        "Pretty girl, you're underestimating us, one person, how dare you fight us?" Cheng Peng realized that Chi Yi Yun's identity wasn't simple, but he didn't put Dong Hao in his eyes, in his opinion, fighting was about the strength of many people, he didn't believe that so many people couldn't beat one Dong Hao.

        Dong Hao smiled coldly, these trash weren't even worth his time, but since Chi Yi Yun had already spoken, he had to give Cheng Peng a little bit of a fight.

        "You trash, one hand is enough for me." Dong Hao said indifferently, walking towards Cheng Peng's gang.

        A man's face was very important in front of a beautiful woman, and in Cheng Peng's opinion, this was his time to show his true colors as a man, maybe with a show of power, this rich lady would fall in love with him.

        "Brothers give me a go, let him see how powerful we are." Dong Hao greeted his own men, and he himself was not willing to show weakness and take the lead.

        To Dong Hao, this kind of hooligans were like a bunch of kindergarten kids.

        In less than a minute, Cheng Peng, along with all of his little brothers, were all lying on the ground, wailing incessantly.

        Seeing this scene, Miffy's tears flowed out.

        She wanted to take revenge, but reality slapped her hard, but she very much didn't understand how someone like Han Qianqian could trick a lady into it.

        Is she blind?

        Chi Yi Yun walked up to Mi Fei'er and said indifferently, "Do you have the ability to do this if you want revenge?"

        Mi Fei'er didn't dare to look directly at Chi Yi Yun's eyes, and the inferiority in her heart rose again at this moment.

        "If you're a lady from a noble family, why are you still with a loser like Old Han?" Miffy asked, puzzled.

        "Rubbish?" Chi Yi Yun couldn't help but laugh and said, "I really don't know where you can tell that he's trash."

        "You're a lady, and he's a renter, isn't he a waste?" Mi Fei'er gritted her teeth, she never changed her definition of Han Qianqian, even if Han Qianqian had once performed in a way that surprised her.

        Chi Yi Yun shook her head helplessly and said, "Treating your boss as trash, it's the first time I've ever seen such an arrogant subordinate like you, he doesn't bother with you, but he thinks you're just unworthy, while you think you're pretty so you can tower over him, right?"


        Mi Fei'er raised her head in puzzlement, not understanding what Chi Yi Yun's words meant, but she was high in front of Han Giang, indeed because of her looks, and she even thought at one point that Han Giang liked her and was just purposely acting more concerned about Yang Meng's curve.

        "What boss subordinate, I don't understand what you're talking about." Mi Fei'er was puzzled.

        "If you really don't understand, you can ask your best friend, you'll know how ridiculous you are, and also, you don't even have the qualifications to be in his eyes, so don't imagine that he'll like you, after all, even I, I've never made him move." Chi Yi Yun scoffed.

        "Give these trash a piece of advice, tell them not to appear in front of me in the future, I'm going to buy food." After instructing Dong Hao, Qi Yiyun walked towards the market.

        Dong Hao sighed, the lady had even become a regular at the vegetable market now, and it was all because of Han Qianqian.

        Mi Fei'er didn't even look at Cheng Peng, not caring what would happen to him, after all, she was just using Cheng Peng as a tool, even if Cheng Peng died, she wouldn't feel the slightest bit of guilt.

        After rushing all the way to the company, Miffy pulled Yang Meng up from her work station without saying a word.

        The fire escape between the stairs, where no one usually appeared, was a good place to talk about private topics.

        Yang Meng looked at Mi Fei'er sweating and very panicked, and asked, "Sister Fei'er, what's wrong with you, won't Brother Zhong let you go?"

        Mi Fei'er gasped for breath and couldn't say anything.

        Yang Meng saw the situation and continued, "Sister Fei'er, how about ...... or I help you think of something."

        Yang Meng was unwilling to intervene in this matter unless she had to, because she knew how strong Mi Fei'er was in front of her and was definitely unwilling to let her help, but she didn't want Mi Fei'er to be fired as a result, and now the only one who could save Mi Fei'er was Han Qianqian.

        "Yang Meng, what are you hiding from me, tell me right now." After Mi Fei'er took a break, she asked Yang Meng.

        Yang Meng was in a panic, the only thing she was hiding from Mi Fei'er was the fact about Han Three Thousand's identity, and it was something Han Three Thousand had explained, never tell anyone else.

        Seeing Yang Meng's reaction, Mi Fei'er, who was familiar with her, could almost conclude that Yang Meng had something to conceal.

        "If you don't tell me, our sisterly love will end from today." Mi Fei'er threatened.

        Yang Meng panicked even more, having been sisters with Mi Fei'er for so many years, she didn't want their relationship to break down.

        "Sister Fei'er, actually ...... actually, Old Han is Han 3000." Yang Meng said.

        "So what if his name is Han 3000?" Mi Fei'er didn't reflect for a moment and acted as if she was confused.

        "Han 3000 is the owner of Weak Water Real Estate and the Su Family's incoming son-in-law ah." Yang Meng explained.


        A thunderbolt from the clear sky exploded in Miffy's mind.

        Entering a son-in-law was nothing to her, but the words of the weak-water property owner directly crushed her mind.

        The one person she despised was the one she had been looking forward to meeting and had even fantasized about hooking up with!

        Han, Han Qianqian, owner of Weak Water Real Estate, young master of the Han family in Yanjing!

        The unsteady Mi Fei'er sat on the ground with her butt.

        Yang Meng quickly squatted down to assist and asked, "Sister Fei'er, are you alright."

        Mi Feier's eyes were dull, she was very eager to meet with the owner of the Weak Water Real Estate, and for this reason she had prepared a sexy dress at home, just waiting to be worn when the boss showed up.

        But now the fact in front of her was that the boss was always around, and she actually treated the boss with a despised attitude, even calling him a loser straight away.

        At this moment, Miffy finally understood why Chi Yi Yun said that when she knew the truth, she would know how ridiculous she was.

        It wasn't just mere ridiculousness anymore, it was maddeningly humiliating.

        Her exaltation in front of Han Giangli had now turned into a humiliation that Mi Fei'er didn't dare to recall.

        She had mocked, despised, and scolded in anger, and Han Giang hadn't retorted that she thought it was a sign of a wimp and a loser.

        But now Mi Fei'er knew that it was nothing more than Han Three Thousand's disdain for people like her.

        Would the young master of the Han family put her in the eyes of a woman of ordinary status?

        What's she worth in front of the young master of the Han family?

        "I'm so ridiculous, so ridiculous, to treat the boss as a loser." Mi Fei'er's eyes were dull, she hoped that she could make it big in Weak Water Real Estate and even imagined the day she would become the boss's wife, at this moment, the bubble of her beautiful dream shattered, revealing her ridiculous and ugly side.

        "Sister Feier, this has nothing to do with you, you don't know who he is, how can you be blamed." Yang Meng said.

        Mi Fei'er's eyes glazed over, suddenly revealing a hateful expression, she slapped Yang Meng's face and said through gritted teeth, "It's all your fault, if you hadn't told me, how could I have had such a big misunderstanding with him."

        "Yang Meng, I have today, it's all because of you, in vain I treat you as a sister, but you, you actually hid such an important matter from me."

        "From today onwards, I'll be done with you once and for all."

        Mi Fei'er's ugly face was all exposed at this moment, shifting her own fault onto Yang Meng.

Chapter 490

Yang Meng was dumbstruck on the spot, from the first day they met Han Marchant, Mi Fei'er's attitude towards Han Marchant was very bad, not putting him in her eyes at all, it had nothing to do with whether she knew Han Marchant's identity or not.

        But now, Mi Fei'er blamed her own fault for hiding this matter from him.

        Even if she hadn't concealed it, could the established fact that she had offended Han Third Thousand have been changed?

        "Sister Fei'er, I didn't know Old Han's identity on the first day we met, but you, however, offended him on the first day we met." Yang Meng said indifferently.

        "I have the opportunity to atone for my sins, if you had told me earlier, how would things have developed to this point." Mi Fei'er looked at Yang Meng grimly, not feeling that she was at fault, but that Yang Meng was at fault for not telling her Han Qianqian's true identity, allowing her to be kept in the dark.

        Yang Meng smiled faintly, she had always treated Mi Fei'er as her sister, so sometimes when faced with Mi Fei'er's strength, she would choose to endure, but in this matter, Yang Meng couldn't endure, she wasn't at fault, so why should she take responsibility for what Mi Fei'er had done?

        "Miffy, I know that you're good to me, but I also know that you treat me like a best friend just because you can find superiority in me and make you feel good about yourself all the time, I never cared about such things before, but now, I won't put up with it anymore."

        "You're ridiculously arrogant, you're actually worthless, you have nothing, yet you still think of yourself as a princess and that all the men in the world have to spoil you, but do you have that kind of capital?"

        "If you didn't have your eyes above your head, how could you have offended Han, that woman next to him is so beautiful, why are you still obsessed with the idea that he likes you?"

        "You are ridiculous, ridiculous to the extreme."

        Yang Meng cannonballed, venting out all the dissatisfaction in her heart.

        Mi Fei'er's hideous expression became even angrier as Yang Meng's words pierced her heart, but the more she told the truth, the more she couldn't bear it, because she was living in a world she had constructed, and once it was dismantled, the illusion would be a huge blow to Mi Fei'er.

        "Yang Meng, it's a fact that I'm better than you, what makes you say that I'm worthless?" Miffy said through gritted teeth.

        "With nothing you have now, you'll even lose your job, and you still think it's not your fault?" Yang Meng laughed, she had repeatedly offended Han 3000, constantly trying on the edge of death, Han 3000 had been generous enough to put up with a lot, but she was still getting her way, as an outsider, Yang Meng saw all these things, from the bottom of her heart she found it hilarious.

        Isn't it a joke that Han 3000 can determine Mi Fei'er's future with a single sentence, yet Mi Fei'er thinks she's a goddess, a goddess that Han 3000 can't reach?

        "Yang Meng, how dare you talk to me like that, have you forgotten how I've treated you all these years? Has your conscience been eaten by dogs!" Miffy said through gritted teeth.

        "Of course I remember, but do you remember that I cooked every meal for years? Perhaps the care I've taken of you, you've never taken it to heart." Yang Meng smiled sadly, Mi Fei'er was the kind of person who would only remember what she had done, while the efforts of others were not placed in her eyes.

        "As you wish, sisterly love, this is the end." Yang Meng said and went back to her work station to go to work.

        Although this relationship would still hurt Yang Meng, she wouldn't regret it, in this role-playing of girlfriends' feelings, Yang Meng had always been the obedient party, as long as she disagreed with Miffy's point of view, she was making a mistake, every time Yang Meng would choose to be obedient, and now, it was time to choose a new life.

        There are many of these situations in life, one party's small kindnesses he himself will remember for the rest of his life, but your dedication to him is never in his eyes.

        Peninsula Hotel, ever since she met with Han Qianli, Han Yan has been distraught, her inner thoughts have long been firm, to become the head of the family, to keep Han Feng's death from being investigated, her only choice is to kill Han Li, only then can she kill him once and for all, but she doesn't know how to do it.

        Killing her father with her own hands, she wasn't afraid that the heavens would strike and thunder would strike, she was only afraid that the plan wouldn't go smoothly, and once Han Li found out, then she would never be able to turn back.

        "Miss, what's wrong with you in the past two days, if you have something on your mind, you can tell me." Diyang asked to Han Yan, ever since she went to see Han Giang, Diyang had noticed that something was very wrong with Han Yan, she would often be dazed for no apparent reason.

        Han Yan didn't tell Di Yang about the matter Han Giang said, after all, Di Yang was Han Li's loyal subordinate, if this matter didn't get Di Yang's approval, there would be no way for the plan to be implemented.

        But without the help of Di Yang, Han Yan didn't know what to do.

        "Diyang, you had a hand in killing Han Feng," Han Yan said.

        Diyang frowned, Han Yan suddenly brought up this matter making him unsure of the meaning, did Han Yan want to abandon the car and let him take responsibility?

        "You're not going to ask me to take responsibility for you, Miss," Earth Central said.

        Han Yan shook her head, walked up to Di Yang and said, "I have a way to keep us safe, and I can still take my seat as the head of the Han family, I can also give you a distinctive position in the Han family."

        "Miss, just say what you have to say, I'm an old man and I don't have so much desire to speculate anymore." Earth Central said.

        Han Yan took a deep breath and said with a heavy expression, "If my father dies, the future Han family will be under my control, and Han Feng's death will not be found out."

        Diyang's eyes glazed over, no wonder Han Yan was so distraught these days, she was even considering such things.

        Killing Han Li!

        Earth Central never dared to have even the slightest thought of such a thought.

        On the surface, Han was a businessman, but in reality, he was an absolute cold-hearted king of hell, and the hundreds of lonely souls under his command, and the white bones were what built the Han family's current status in the Chinese district of Mi, and the price and risk one would have to pay to take on such a ruthless man was unimaginable.

        "Miss, you should know Han Long's skills, he is the only one among all the bodyguards in the Han family who is qualified to be given the Han surname," Earth Central said.

        The earth character was the strongest bodyguard in the Han family, and Han Long was the exception, he had changed his surname many years ago, it was a great honor for a person with a foreign surname to be given the surname Han under the authority of Han, and at the same time this honor represented Han Long's mighty strength.

        Di central heard that the former Han Long, was the number one assassin of a certain organization, and even had the name of God of Killers, many of Han Li's opponents, all died in Han Long's hands, never failed to do so, this kind of 100% mission completion rate is unattainable by Di central.

        In the entire Han family, apart from the respect for Han Li, the only person that Di Central feared was Han Long.

        Han Yan's face was as heavy as water, Han Long was indeed a great threat, but her identity was special, there were many ways to be able to kill Han Li, there was no need to face Han Long directly, it was just that after Han Li's death, Han Long needed to be given a reason to believe in him.

        "I'm his daughter, someone who can freely get close to him, and killing him doesn't require force." After saying that, Han Yan pulled out a capsule and continued, "This one is enough to make him die a million times."

        Looking at the capsule's eyelids, Dire Central's eyelids jumped straight, killing Han Feng was already the most out of the ordinary thing he had ever done, but he didn't expect that he would now have to go down the path of killing Han Li.

        "If you don't do this, father will find out how Han Feng died sooner or later, and at that time, I might be locked up in the Han cellar for the rest of my life, and you, on the other hand, will die." Han Yan said.

        "Miss, since you're the closest person to the master of the family, shouldn't this matter be better handled by you?" Earth Central said.

        "Now that you know about this, are you still in a position to refuse to participate? I'll personally deliver the food while you take care of the back kitchen." Han Yan said.

        Diyang's breathing quickened, and after an often fierce internal struggle, she took the capsule from Han Yan.

        "I hope Miss will keep her promise when she becomes the head of the Han family in the future." Di Central said.


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