His True Colors Chapter 487-488


Chapter 487

Han 3000 had talked to Han Li about this matter, so when Yan Jun developed this confusion, Han 3000 told him about Han Li's concerns.

        Yan Jun was dumbfounded after hearing this, the reason why Han Li didn't kill Han Qianqian was just fear of retribution?

        "You're such a fool, has he done less harm than good to become the number one family in the Chinese Quarter of Mickey Mouse?" Grandfather Yan said.

        Han Giangli frowned and asked, "Grandpa Yan, are you saying that he didn't kill me because of that?"

        Yan Jun laughed and said, "Silly child, if he had to, he could even kill his own family, so why wouldn't he kill you for that reason."

        Although Han 3000 used to be surprised, he didn't think much of it, many rich people did have this kind of mentality nowadays, so he thought it was understandable that Han would think this way.

        But after hearing Yan Jun say that, Han 3000 wouldn't be so foolish to think that way anymore.

        "Am I still of any value to him?" Han Giangli was confused.

        "My familiarity with Han Li as a person is only at the surface stage, if he really wants something from you, only you can find out for yourself." Yan Jun said, many years ago, he had contact with Han Li and had investigated him for some time, he probably had an understanding of what kind of person he was, and Yan Jun was half unconvinced about his words.

        Han Qianli nodded with a heavy expression and said, "Grandpa Yan, if Han Yan can kill Han Li, then these things won't matter, right?"

        "En?" Yan Jun turned his head and looked at Han Qianqian with a torch-like gaze.

        Han Qianli took a deep breath and said, "Han Yan has now killed Han Feng, if she doesn't want things to be exposed and sit on the Han family's seat, this is her only choice, this clear path was pointed out to her by me, I think she will do so."

        "Kid, don't get your hopes up, even if it's your own daughter, Han Li will be wary as an outsider, using Han Yan to kill him does seem like a very good idea, but the possibility of Han Yan being exposed is very high, once Han Yan confesses that you are the mastermind of this matter, you will be very dangerous." Yan Jun warned.

        Han Giang considered the risks this matter would bring, but the risks he considered were the ones that would happen to Han Yan, and he thought that Han Yan had a very high chance of success, after all, that was Han Li's own daughter, and the people closest to him could do it to him completely unnoticed.

        But after Yan Jun said that, Han Yan had to re-evaluate the risks that this matter would bring.

        "Grandfather Yan, it's getting late, so you should rest first," Han Three Thousand said.

        Yan Jun warned, "If this matter is exposed, don't worry too much, try to fight Han Li's bodyguard, don't even have the guts to fight because of the strength he has shown, at no time, should you resign yourself to your fate."

        Han Qianli nodded his head heavily and said, "If the heavens want to destroy me, I will break the heavens!"

        "Stinker, where did you learn that hyperbole." Yan Jun said cryptically.

        "Grandpa Yan, I'm a movie lover."

        After driving away, Han 3,000 yuan had just parked the car downstairs of the unit when he noticed a woman with long hair running towards him.

        When the woman ran closer, Han Three Thousand discovered that the one with the cape was even Mi Feier.

        It was as if this woman was deliberately waiting for him.

        "Old Han, I'm begging you, do me a favor, will you." Mi Fei'er's eyes panicked, as if she had seen a savior, and pulled Han 3000's hand and said.

        Han 3000 didn't have the slightest fondness for Mi Feier, this woman had a heavy Jiang Lan shadow on her, like a replica of Jiang Lan, in the past, if it wasn't for Yang Meng, Han 3000 would never have interfered in her affairs.

        "Is it related to Yang Meng?" Han Giangli asked faintly.

        Mi Fei'er shook her head and said, "It's my own business, it has nothing to do with her."

        Han Qianli shrugged off Mi Feier's hand and walked towards the elevator, saying, "If it has nothing to do with her, then what does your business have to do with me?"

        Mi Fei'er froze in place, she didn't expect to be rejected so gleefully, Han Giang didn't even have a moment to hesitate to consider it.

        "Stop right there, I'll agree to anything if you'll help me." Mi Fei'er roared.

        Han 3,000 turned his head and found that Mi Fei'er had deliberately pulled her neckline much lower, which was the most direct means of seduction for a man, but unfortunately, Mi Fei'er had run into Straight Man of Steel, a man who could ignore even Chi Yi Yun's stunning beauty.

        "Oh." Han Qianli left behind two words and took the elevator upstairs.

        Mi Fei'er was struck by lightning and stayed on the spot, not only had she abandoned her dignity, she could even sell her body, but in the end, all she got was two words from Han Qianli hehe!

        Those two words were filled with mockery and contempt, causing Miffy to feel a great sense of shame.

        "I've already asked for your help like this, and you still dare to treat me with disdain, what do you deserve!" Mi Fei'er gritted her teeth, as if she thought that as long as she made a request for help to Han Sangsang, Han Sangsang would have to help her.

        Back at home, Chi Yi Yun watched TV on the living room couch, curling her legs, not revealing her sexy side too much, and she was now used to waiting for the door, having to wait for Han 3000 to come home before she would return to her room to rest.

        Sometimes Chi Yi Yun would be very afraid of this matter ending abruptly because she had made a habit of it, and if one day she lost the right to wait for Han Giang to come home, perhaps this would be the beginning of Chi Yi Yun's dark life.

        "Do you want a late night snack?" Chi Yi Yun stood up and asked Han Giang Li, she dressed very casually at home, but because of her looks and figure, no matter how casual her clothes were, they were still visually striking.

        "And is the night snack this good?" Han Giangli smiled.

        "And special services, do you dare to ask for them?" Qi Yiyun said with a raised eyebrow.

        Han Giang's eyebrows furrowed slightly, Chi Yi Yun seemed to be in a particularly good mood and happy today, but she was even playing this kind of joke on him.

        "Did you win the lottery, or did a pie in the sky hit you on the head?" Han 3,000 was curious.

        "None of them, but there are things that make me even happier." Chi Yi Yun had been happy for a whole day at home after she learned that Han Marchioness KO'd Single Engine was a fact, and to her, the more powerful Han Marchioness was, the happier she was.

        "Aren't you going to share something so happy with me to make me happy too?" Han Giangli smiled.

        Chi Yi Yun went straight to the kitchen, she wouldn't let Han Giang know the reason for her happiness.

        "Made the fruit pizza yourself, try it first." Qi Yiyun said.

        Qi Yiyun's cooking skills were multifarious and she could do everything, which Han Qianqian had already learned, and it had to be said that in some ways, Qi Yiyun was indeed a very good choice for a wife, born into a noble family but without the arrogance of a princess, without a lady's temper, and she could also do all sorts of daily chores, a situation that was almost impossible to see in other rich big ladies.

        It was a pity that she appeared a few years late in Han Qianqian's life.

        "Not bad, not bad." Han Qianqiang ate a piece, a good review.

        Chi Yi Yun was even happier, her sweet dimples blossoming at the corners of her mouth, but just under this wonderful atmosphere, a sharp knock sounded on the door.

        Han Giangli probably guessed who it was, but Chi Yiyun was confused; it was almost as if no one in their house would come knocking at the door.

        "Do you know who it is?" Seeing Han Qianqian's old godly look, Chi Yi Yun was confused.

        "It should be the beautiful neighbor from the other side of the house, who asked me to help just now, I didn't pay any attention to her, probably because I'm angry." Han Qianli faded.

        He was going to just ignore Mi Fei'er and be done without paying attention to her, but Chi Yi Yun stood up.

        "What are you doing?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "Let her roll." Qi Yiyun said indifferently, a murderous intent hidden in her tone.

        She got along so well with Han Qianqian, but this atmosphere had been ruined, how could Chi Yi Yun not be angry?

        Opening the door, Chi Yi Yun heard a broken curse, "Where's old Han, tell him to get out, why is he ignoring me, does a trash like him have the right?"

        Chi Yi Yun didn't know what was happening, but anyone who dared to insult Han Giang was an enemy in her eyes.


        Chia-Yun swung her hand up and slapped Miffy in the face.

Chapter 488

Mi Fei'er was not satisfied with being snubbed by Han Qianyan and her indifference to his seduction, that's why she came to Han Qianyan's theory, but she never expected that this trouble would run into the even stronger Qi Yiyun.

        Chi Yiyun had spent a large part of her life acting weak, at least to outsiders, but she had a strong side to her personality, after all, she was born a daughter of a noble family, so how could she not have half a temper?

        She didn't get angry simply because her bottom line wasn't touched.

        And now, for Chi Yi Yun, her bottom line was Han Giang, and the fact that Mi Fei'er dared to disturb her and Han Giang's time together was enough to make her angry.

        "What's all the fuss about?" Qi Yi Yun's imposing question to Mi Fei'er.

        Mi Fei'er covered her face, somewhat terrified, because she felt in Chi Yi Yun's eyes an air of superiority that was unique to those rich broads, the kind of superiority that was enough to make Mi Fei'er afraid.

        She could act superior in front of people on her own level, but with people richer than her, Miffy would unconsciously feel inferior, that's why she had an extremely strong sense of merit, she didn't want to show her inferiority in front of anyone, so she would do everything she could to become rich, but unfortunately, although there were quite a few suitors over the years, they were all people who didn't go above and beyond, and there were no real rich families pursuing her.

        "Where's old Han, I'm not looking for you, I'm looking for him." Miffy asked weakly.

        "You made noise to break us, nothing else, get lost, and if you dare to knock on the door again in the future, knock once, I'll teach you a lesson." Chi Yi Yun said in a cold voice.

        Mi Fei'er had come to chastise Han Kuang because she couldn't accept being ignored by Han Kuang, but Chi Yi Yun was so strong now that she couldn't even say a word of rebuttal.

        "I'm sorry." Mi Fei'er said and turned around to go back home, although she was unhappy, she didn't dare to do anger half the time.

        "That's the real side of your big sister, isn't it, the gentleness you put on is quite similar." After Chi Yi Yun closed the door and returned to the living room, Han Giang Li said with a smile.

        "My gentleness is real, but it's only for you." Qi Yiyun said indifferently.

        "Ahem." Han Qianli looked embarrassed, regretting that he had started this damn topic, standing up with a tired expression, he said, "I'm tired, I'm going to bed first, you can go to bed early too."

        After saying that, Han Qianlian wiped his feet and quickly slipped away.

        Chi Yi Yun hated to go to Mi Fei'er's house and give her another slap, if it wasn't for her interruption, she could at least talk to Han 3000 for a while.

        On the other hand, after Mi Fei'er returned to her room, she looked at the bright red fingerprints on her face and hated it just as much.

        Although she had just been suppressed by Chi Yi Yun's momentum, the hatred in her heart drove her to take revenge, a woman who had been tricked by trash into beating her up!

        Pulling out the phone, Mi Fei'er dialed the number of a suitor.

        This man had a certain status in the grey area of Cloud City, and had liked Mi Feier for a long time and pursued her for a long time, but because of his status, Mi Feier had always been very repulsive, and what she expected was to marry into a wealthy family, not to a street rat who couldn't see the light of day.

        But being able to make use of him, Mi Feier still remembered him at first.

        "Cheng Peng, where are you?"

        "Phil, I can't believe you called me, are you willing to give me a chance?" Cheng Peng said excitedly.

        "Do something for me, and once it's done, I'll consider giving you a chance." Miffy said.

        "No problem, what is it." Cheng Peng asked.

        "Tomorrow morning, help me teach a woman a lesson, I'll send you the address." Miffy said.

        "Okay, I'll book the Crystal Restaurant tomorrow, let's eat together." Cheng Peng said happily.

        "Good." After Miffy hung up the phone, she sneered with a grim expression.

        "Silly woman, hitting me will cost you a huge price, tomorrow is the day you kneel down and beg for mercy." Mi Feier said to herself.

        At this time, Yang Meng suddenly came knocking on the door, showing a head from the door and asked, "Sister Feier, have you thought of a solution yet? It won't be a problem to go to the office tomorrow, will it?"

        Mi Fei'er had made a very big mistake in a work matter, and this problem, even if she was fired, would not be too much, that's why Mi Fei'er had asked Han Gongqiang for help, after all, he knew Zhong Liang, and he might be able to exonerate her if he put in a few good words for her.

        But now, Mi Fei'er no longer cared about the outcome of this matter, she wanted to teach Chi Yi Yun a lesson and also make Han Qianqiang, who ignored her, pay the price.

        "Don't worry, it's fine, you can go to bed first." Mi Fei'er said.

        Yang Meng was convinced of Mi Fei'er's words and went back to her room to sleep at ease.

        Chi Yi Yun would make fancy and different dishes for Han Giang every day, so going to the vegetable market every morning was a necessary trip, from home to the market, it was necessary to pass through an alley, on a single day the alley was very crowded, there were even stalls, but when it came to double days, the alley was very quiet, in this case it was like a countryside rush.

        Today, as usual, Qi Yi Yun went to the vegetable market to buy food, and she didn't feel anything wrong when she passed by the quiet alley, but when a few men blocked her way, Qi Yi Yun felt that something was wrong.

        "What do you guys want?" Chi Yi Yun asked indifferently.

        The leader of the group was picking his inch head, he was Mi Fei'er's suitor, Cheng Peng.

        "Glasses girl, you're so fucking blind, you even dare to offend my woman." Cheng Peng said with a sneer.

        "Your woman, is it Mi Feier?" Chi Yi Yun laughed lightly.

        Cheng Peng's expression clearly flickered with panic, but Miffy had warned him not to expose it, but he didn't expect this woman to guess it at once.

        "If you dare to do it, what is there to be afraid of?" Chi Yi Yun faintly said.

        Cheng Peng's eyebrows crossed and said, "I would be afraid of a woman like you, what a joke, yes, my woman is Mi Fei'er, so what, she asked me to teach you a lesson and ask you to kneel down and apologize, I advise you better be sensible and don't force me to do anything, otherwise you'll have a hard time."

        "Showing off in front of a woman, that's all you've got?" Qi Yi Yun said.

        Cheng Peng laughed and said, "You're not going to tell me the reason why you can't beat a woman, sorry, I never distinguish between men and women when I beat people, just for the sake of pleasure."

        "Is that so?" Qi Yi Yun slowly took off her own eyes and said, "A man who beats a woman is not a good thing."

        When Cheng Peng and a group of boys saw Chi Yi Yun who took off her glasses, they were directly stunned by her beauty.

        Cheng Peng had liked Mi Fei'er for a very long time, but at this moment, he suddenly felt like he had moved on.

        In front of this woman, what was Mi Fei'er to him? Regardless of her figure and looks, she didn't seem to be as good as the woman in front of her.

        Cheng Peng unconsciously swallowed his saliva, he never would have thought that there would be such a big difference between a person with glasses and without them.

        The Qi Yiyun from before was an ordinary woman at best, but now, it was like a fairy had descended to earth.

        "Do you still want to hit me?" Qi Yi Yun asked.

        How can Cheng Peng still be spicy, beauty is for caring for, not for beating ah.

        "Beautiful ...... beauty, do you have a boyfriend?" Cheng Peng asked unconsciously, completely forgetting that Miffy was standing behind him in disguise as his little brother.

        "Chengpeng, what do you mean." Hearing this, Miffy dropped the cap on her head and gritted her teeth as she asked Cheng Peng.

        Cheng Peng couldn't help but not panic in the slightest, instead, he still looked righteous and said, "Mi Fei'er, take a good look at the difference between you and her, if I could be her boyfriend, would I still look at you more?"

        Mi Fei'er's lungs were about to explode, not expecting Cheng Peng, who had liked her for so many years, to change his mind in an instant.

        "Also, for so many years, you've been treating me like a spare tire, do you think I don't know that? You really think you're a queen when you come to me with something and kick me out of the way when nothing happens, Miffy?" Cheng Peng said disdainfully.

        Mi Fei'er's face was as white as paper, she who would already feel inferior in front of Chi Yi Yun, felt even more ashamed of herself at this moment.

        "Have you guys made enough noise, my people have already arrived, if you want to fight, just do it." At this moment, Chi Yi Yun said with a smile, she delayed and sent a location to Dong Hao, who had already appeared in the alley.


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