His True Colors Chapter 484-486


Chapter 484

The enthusiasm of the spectators in the stands was even more exalted and enthusiastic than when Shan Keong had appeared, and although they didn't know the name of Han Kuang, everyone's mouths were shouting the word Champion, as if they already considered Han Kuang as the new champion of the underground boxing ring.

        This was a world where strength was paramount, and for the underground black boxing, the winner was king, they would not simply worship someone's name, as long as someone stronger appeared, they would not hesitate to abandon the former.

        This is not a wallflower performance, but simply the recognition and pursuit of the strong.

        In the private stands, Zhou Yangfu was trembling with anger, in his eyes, Blade Twelve would never be able to turn over a new leaf in the underground black boxing world of Cloud City in his lifetime, and with the presence of a strong man like Shan Qing, he could certainly hold on to the name of the first boxing ring's owner.

        However, Zhou Yangfu never expected that before a few days of enjoying such an honor, Shan Qing would be KO'd with one punch, and a very insignificant looking kid at that.

        Declaring a war against the entire Green Dragon Boxing Arena, if no one fought, the reputation of Green Dragon Boxing Arena would be ruined.

        But even Shan Ke was no match for him, and Zhou Yangfu knew that sending someone else would just be adding more honor to this kid.

        "Who the hell is this guy, how could Blade Twelve find such an expert!" Zhou Yangfu had no choice but to gnash his teeth, Han Qianli's rampage had completely broken his control over Cloud City's underground black boxing, a situation that Zhou Yangfu was unwilling to accept but was powerless to stop.

        "Boss, do you want to check him out?" A certain subordinate asked to Zhou Yangfu.

        Zhou Yangfu's gaze was torchy as he looked at Han 3,000 in the ring, he was very curious about his background, but investigating such a strong man, once he found out, the consequences triggered might be unimaginable.

        "No hurry, let me think of another way." The unstoppable Zhou Yangfu actually compromised, as he didn't dare to easily go and anger Han Qianli.

        "What should we do now, should we send a boxer on the field?" The subordinate continued to ask.

        Hearing this, Zhou Yangfu was so furious that he had nowhere to vent his anger but on his men, and after a flurry of punches and kicks, Zhou Yangfu hissed and roared, "Are you f*cking stupid, even Shan Ke is not an opponent, do you continue to send people up to die?"

        In the ring, Han Giangli, who was late for a response, smiled slightly and walked towards the ring.

        All of Zhou Yangfu's reliance was on Shan Ke, and now that Shan Ke was KO'd by him with a single punch, it was only to be expected that he wouldn't send anyone to fight.

        The gaze of the boxing ring was focused on Han Qianqian alone, and the crowd was a little disappointed to see him walk out of the ring, spitting at the Green Dragon Boxing Arena.

        "What the hell is the Green Dragon Boxing Arena, avoiding a fight at home, what a shame."

        "Sh*t, I'll never come to see the Green Dragon Boxing Gym again, a bunch of losers even want me to spend money, it's so damn worthless."

        "Zhou Yangfu was quite arrogant just now, I didn't expect him to turn into a coward so quickly, he doesn't even dare to say a word, it seems that it's better not to come to this sh*tty place in the future."

        Very strong discontent erupted among the audience, expressing their willingness to no longer come to the Green Dragon Boxing Arena to watch the fights.

        After Knife Twelve and Zhou Palmer approached Han Giang, Knife Twelve asked, "Brother Giang, where are we going now?"

        "The boxing ring opens tomorrow, you mustn't go back and get ready?" Han Giangli smiled.

        Knife Twelve was stunned, with the situation of the Green Dragon Boxing Arena now, his boxing gym could indeed seize this opportunity to reopen, but such a surprise came so suddenly that Knife Twelve couldn't believe it.

        After walking out of the Green Dragon Boxing Gym, Zhou Pal said, "Brother Three Thousand, are you free?"

        "What do you mean." Han Qianli looked at Zhou Palo in puzzlement.

        Zhou Pal looked at Blade Twelve awkwardly, although Blade Twelve had already made it very clear to him, he still wanted to ask an extra question, what if Han 3000 agreed?

        "Brother Three Thousand, if you're free, take me as your disciple." Zhou Pal said.

        Han 3,000 shook his head helplessly and said, "This, you'd better follow Twelve well, how am I qualified to be your master."

        "Yes, of course you do, Brother 3000, you KO'd a strong man like Shan Heng in one punch, how could you not be qualified to be my master." Zhou Pal said.

        Han Three Thousand's inner bitterness was something only he knew.

        His strength hadn't improved much, this power that came from an unknown source might disappear at some point, and he didn't think that the current him was real.

        Only these words, Han Giangli had no way to tell Blade Twelve and Zhou Palmer.

        "Go home early, I'm going home to rest as well." Han 3,000 said and left alone with a step.

        Zhou Palo sighed, even though he had already guessed that this would be the outcome, he was still somewhat disappointed.

        "Brother, Brother 3000 is really becoming more and more impenetrable, I'm gradually understanding why you followed him now." Zhou Pal said.

        "He has a unique charm about him, you will slowly see it in the future, I don't guarantee that he can give you a glorious future, but I'm sure that you will never regret following him." Blade Twelve said in a firm tone.

        When Han Giangli returned home, he was surprised that Chi Yi Yun, dressed in silk pajamas, was sitting in the living room watching TV, because when he had left earlier, he had obviously waited until Chi Yi Yun had gone back to her room to sleep.

        "Weren't you asleep?" Han Qianqian was puzzled to Qi Yiyun.

        Qi Yiyun did sleep, but when she heard Han Qianli close the door and leave, she couldn't toss and turn in bed to sleep, so she simply came to the living room to wait for Han Qianli.

        "I'm afraid you've been beaten up again and need me to get you back," Chi Yi Yun said.

        "In your eyes, am I that weak? Tonight I've KO'd an expert black boxer with one punch." Han Giangli said with a smile.

        Chi Yi Yun deflated her mouth and looked like she didn't believe it, saying, "Just you, you're still a black boxing expert, I think ah, you're just getting carried away by solving some shrimp character."

        Han Qianli shrugged his shoulders and said, "If you've heard the name Shan Ke, you'll know if he's a shrimp character or not, it's just a pity you don't understand underground black boxing, I'm not going to bother explaining to you, go back to your room and sleep."

        After saying that, Han Qianli directly went back to his room without seeing Qi Yiyun who was sitting on the couch with a shocked expression on her face.

        Although Chi Yiyun didn't know much about the world of underground black boxing, she had heard of the name Single Engine.

        Ever since the Green Dragon Boxing Arena became powerful, Chi Yi Yun had heard Dong Hao mention it, and since it was mentioned, she would naturally know about this powerful man of the town.

        According to Dong Hao, Shan Heng was very strong, even he didn't dare to take his fight with Shan Heng lightly, so how could Han Qianqiang have KO'd Shan Heng with a single punch.

        "I didn't think you were getting better at bragging, but what's the point of bragging in front of me." Qi Yiyun deflated her mouth and went back to her room to rest as well.

        Han Giangli lay down on his bed in a large font, not closing his eyes to sleep, but considering what this inexplicable power was all about.

        After a few verifications, he was now able to determine that he did indeed possess amazing strength, and there was no need to question this, but where the power came from, Han Qianqian had no idea.

        Could it be that there was really a god with his head up three feet, which war god had given him the power?

        The idea made Han Giangli happy, absurd and stupid as hell, not to mention that he was an atheist, and even if there really were gods, they wouldn't be able to give him power for no reason ah.

        "Looks like we can only find Grandpa Yan." Han Qianli took a deep breath, unable to resolve his confusion, he could only look for Grandfather Yan to help him out.

        That night, Han Three Thousand didn't wake up in the middle of the night with a headache, but when he woke up the next morning, a headache that made him curl up in bed and keep shivering, the entire headache lasted for half an hour, making Han Three Thousand feel like he had experienced a life and death calamity.

        When the headache slowly dissipated, Han 3,000 was already covered in sweat and his entire body was very weak.

        "Do you want some breakfast?" Chi Yi Yun's voice came from outside the door.

        Han 3,000 said weakly, "You eat first, I'll sleep for a while."

        Qi Yiyun felt a bit strange, recently Han Three Thousand woke up later and later, not at all like his old routine, but Qi Yiyun could understand, after all, Han Three Thousand was facing too many troubles and couldn't sleep at night, so it was normal to get up late in the morning.

Chapter 485

Han Giangli rested for a while, and when he walked out of the room, Chi Yiyun could clearly tell that he didn't look quite right.

        "What's wrong with you, are you sick?" Chi Yi Yun came to her side concerned.

        Han Giangli shook his head, after the headache disappeared, his physical condition didn't show any other abnormalities, just some weakness, and said, "It's nothing, I didn't rest too well last night."

        "I know you're under a lot of stress, but you have to take care of your body as well, it's all over if your body drags down." Chiyun reminded.

        "Then remember those intimate clothes from now on, don't leave them in the bathroom, or my body will collapse sooner or later." Han Giangli teased with a smile.

        Chi Yi Yun didn't have a woman's shyness to show, as this was originally what she did on purpose, so she had already thought of the possibility of being recognized by Han Qianli and said, "Does it look good? Do you stare unblinkingly every time you go to the bathroom?"

        The more she acted generous, the more embarrassed Han Qianli was, saying, "No ...... no ah, the clothes are just some fabric, what's there to look at."

        "If you don't want to see the fabric, I can show you the rest as well, if you want." Chi Yi Yun said with a raised eyebrow.

        Han Giangiang's eyes were open and he hurried over to the table to bury his head in his food.

        His loyalty to Su Yingxia was absolute, but a man's resistance in the face of beauty was often very low, let alone an extremely beautiful woman like Qi Yiyun, Han Qianli was really afraid that he would lose his footing and make a big mistake if he couldn't help himself.

        Qi Yiyun suddenly walked behind Han 3,000, attached herself to Han 3,000's ear and exhaled like an orchid, saying, "I'm willing to help you decompress, any way, do you want it?"

        Han Giangli felt the hairs on his body stand on end, such an evil side of Chi Yiyun he had never seen before, he couldn't help but feel his heartbeat quicken and his breathing quicken.

        "Chi Yi Yun, don't come and seduce me, you want to be thrown out." Han Qianli said coldly.

        Chi Yiyun rolled her eyes and said, "Did I seduce you? I helped you decompress, it could have been a massage, and you can't blame me for thinking otherwise? A stinky man like you really doesn't know what's good for you."

        Han Marchiang laughed helplessly, arguing with a woman was a dead end, so it was best to keep your mouth shut at this point.

        After eating, Han Three Thousand went out, she had to go meet with Yan Jun today, hoping that he would be able to give some answers on the matter of power.

        Shortly after Han Giangli left, there was a knock on the door, and Chi Yi Yun didn't look surprised when the door opened, allowing Dong Hao to enter the house.

        "Han Giangli said that he KO'd Shan Heng with one punch, is that true?" Chi Yi Yun asks Dong Hao about the fact that last night she thought Han Gong Gong was bragging, but on second thought, it's out of character for Han Gong Gong, so Chi Yi Yun calls in Dong Hao for confirmation.

        Dong Hao doesn't want to admit it, but he was there last night and can only nod off.

        Han 3,000 yuan's performance at the Green Dragon Boxing Arena last night had shocked everyone, including himself as well.

        When Dong Hao saw Shan Qing flying through the air, he used all the horror he'd ever felt in his life.

        He knew very well what kind of strength Han Marchant possessed, but Han Marchant's performance last night was completely beyond what he could comprehend.

        The strength of that punch was almost beyond what Dong Hao could do with human power.

        Seeing Dong Hao nod his head, Chi Yi Yun frowned, how could this be true? Han Gansen was able to KO Mono?

        "This single engine's strength is not being touted, is it?" Chi Yi Yun suspected that it was the only way to explain why Han Giang had KO'd Shan Heng with a single punch.

        Dong Hao shook his head and said, "Miss, Shan Heng's strength is real, absolutely no falsehoods at all."

        "Then what's going on, is it hard to believe that Han Third Thousand is possessed by the gods?" Chi Yi Yun said.

        Dong Hao was also curious to know what made Han 3,000 yuan suddenly become stronger, he now doubted that even he was no match for Han 3,000 yuan, and that punch on him would never end up half as good as Shan Heng.

        "Miss, I don't know, but I'm certain that Han Three Thousand Year has really become stronger, and very strong." Dong Hao took a deep breath and said, in the past, when he faced Han 3,000, if he was willing, if he dared to disobey Chi Yi Yun, he could kill Han 3,000 with his mood.

        In his eyes, Han 3,000 was a mole that could be crushed to death at any time.

        But now, Dong Hao had to change his mind, not even daring to raise the thought of killing Han 3,000 easily for fear of dying in Han 3,000's hands.

        Chi Yi Yun was stunned for a long time before a smile appeared on her face, Han 3000 becoming stronger was a good thing for her, the only drawback she could pick out was probably that the more powerful Han 3000 was, the more fascinated she would become with Han 3000.

        "There's nothing else, you can go now." Qi Yiyun said.

        Dong Hao was willing to do anything for Chi Yi Yun, but facing Han 3,000 who had lost control, Dong Hao had to remind Chi Yi Yun, "Miss, Han 3,000 becoming stronger is not a good thing for us, once he crosses the river, no one can do anything about it, do you want to think of some way to control Han 3,000's lifeblood?"

        "I'll probably never be his woman, but he won't be merciless to me either, just why should I come back?" Chi Yi Yun asked with a sad face.

        Dong Hao shook his head in puzzlement, he really didn't quite understand why Chi Yi Yun, who had already left, would shamelessly come back to where Han Qianqian lived.

        "I want to make him feel guilty about me, even just a little bit is enough." Chi Yi Yun smiled bitterly, no longer expecting Han 3000 to fall in love with her, but to feel guilty about her, which was probably the most humble unrequited love in the world.

        Dong Hao's heart ached and said, "Miss, why are you embarrassing yourself like this."

        "Embarrassed?" Chi Yi Yun smiled lightly and said, "No embarrassment for me, at least I'm enjoying it now, and what is there to be embarrassed about when the Chi family has to count on him to help with their troubles."

        "But ......"

        "There's no more buts, you go busy with your own business." Qi Yi Yun interrupted Dong Hao's words and started to clean up the dishes on the table.

        Dong Hao was very unworthy for Chi Yi Yun inside, but he knew that since Chi Yi Yun had made such a decision, no one could change it.

        In the kitchen, Qi Yiyun was doing the dishwashing chore that a housewife did, for someone like her who had the status of the eldest daughter of the Qi family, doing this kind of thing was degrading to the name of the eldest daughter, but she was really very willing and never complained or even had the slightest thought about it.

        To her, the most blissful thing at the moment seemed to be washing the chopsticks Han Qianxiang had used.

        At this time, Han Three thousand had driven alone to a small village on the outskirts of the city, and having just contacted Yan Jun and learned that he lived here, so close to Cloud City, his reason for living here was probably clear to Han.

        The last time he returned to Yanjing, Shi Jing told him that Yan Jun had gone on an important errand, and it turned out that this important errand was secretly protecting him, which made Han 3000 very grateful inside.

        Ever since he had been ostracized in the Han family, the only care Han Three Thousand could feel was from Yan Jun, and that had never changed in all these years.

        Nowadays in the village, most of the people left behind were elderly people and children who had not grown up, and almost all of the middle-class people had left to work far away from home, which was a very common phenomenon in the countryside, after all, in today's society, it was no longer a simple matter to live a good life.

        When we arrived at the place where Yanjun lived, after Han 3,000 yuan stopped the car, several children looked around the car as if it was very new.

        The village wasn't very far from Cloud City, and the car wasn't a rare object to them, but just being able to look at it so closely, or even touch it, was also a rather luxurious thing for these children.

        Entering the courtyard gate, Yan Jun dressed very plainly taking care of the vegetable garden in the courtyard, just like an ordinary elderly farmer.

        Han Three Thousand Thousand didn't mince words to play a hand to help, an old man and a young man were busy around the small vegetable garden, who could have thought that an old man who had made the entire Yanjing tremble, a young master of the Han family, was doing such a thing.

Chapter 486

At noon, when the sun was shining brightly, an old man and a young man sat in the doorway to cool off, their hands full of mud and didn't bother to wash them, like and native people of the village.

        "I've heard about what happened last night." Yan Jun smiled and looked at Han 3,000 with a kind face.

        This face, which was once also heroic, was now full of wrinkles, but to Han Three Thousand, it was still the only face in the world that made him feel at ease.

        "Grandpa Yan, don't you think it's strange that with my skills, I was able to KO Shan Heng with one punch." Han Giangli said.

        Yan Jun nodded undeniably and said, "With your strength, it's true that you can't be a match for Shan Heng, so when I heard this news, I was very surprised."

        "Grandpa Yan, would you believe me if I said that I suddenly had this kind of power?" Han Giangli said.

        Yan Jun's expression became serious for a moment and said, "Has anything special happened to you recently?"

        To say something special, it was probably a headache every night for no reason, except that when Han Giang told Yan Jun about it, the confusion on Yan Jun's face intensified.

        "A headache?" Grandfather Yan shook his head, unable to connect the two things even after thinking about it.

        "Strangely enough, it was only after I started getting headaches that I discovered that I had suddenly become stronger and incredibly strong, Grandpa Yan, although these two things seem unrelated, I feel that there must be some sort of connection." Han Giangli said.

        Yan Jun nodded his head, he trusted Han Qianli's intuition, and since he said so, he definitely wouldn't make a mistake.

        Just where the headache came from and where the power came from, Yan Jun couldn't explain.

        "In this world, there is indeed a group of people who possess power that ordinary people can't understand, I've seen it on the battlefield, he was able to break a thousand armies with one person's strength, but I've only had one encounter with him, I believe that there are levels in this world that ordinary people can't reach, I tried to find out, but unfortunately I couldn't reach it, what's going on with your power, perhaps Only a person on that level can explain it." Yan Jun said.

        "Grandpa Yan, that level you're talking about wouldn't be a place where immortals stay, would it?" Han Qianqian smiled.

        Yan Jun knew that Han Qianli was poking fun at himself, and a chestnut hit Han Qianli's head, saying, "How dare you even ridicule me, you've got a lot of guts."

        Han Qianli covered his head with an aggrieved face and said, "Grandpa Yan, I was wrong."

        Yan Jun shook his head and continued, "They are also ordinary people, they just have some special features, but exactly where and how special, I don't know, I thought this doubt would be brought into the coffin, but now it seems that perhaps you can help me find the answer."

        "Grandpa Yan, but I've come to ask for your help, how come it's turned into me helping you find the answer again." Han Giangli said with an aggrieved look on his face.

        "Stinker, you haven't practiced with me for a long time, so your butt is itching again, right?" Grandfather Yan threatened.

        Han Qianli quickly waved his hand and said, "Grandfather Yan, I have no intention of provoking you." After saying that, Han Qianli changed the subject and said, "Will this kind of power have an effect on my body?"

        "I don't know." Yan Jun said without hesitation, this kind of thing was no longer in the realm of what he could understand, so what exactly would happen, he wasn't sure, and all the unknowns needed to be explored by Han Qianli himself.

        Han Giang sighed, what he was most worried about was that the appearance of this power would affect his physical condition, in case it caused some sort of backlash a death would be too unjust.

        "You don't need to worry too much, at least for now, this power can bring you great benefits, you'll be able to defeat Shan Jiang, maybe even the Earth Central, or even that bodyguard beside Han Li, won't be a match for you." Yan Jun said.

        Han Giang smiled bitterly, he didn't even dare to think about Diyang, let alone that fierce general by Han Li's side.

        "Grandpa Yan, you really think highly of me," Han Giang said.

        Yan Jun looked serious, not joking in the slightest, and said, "When you come into contact with that level, you'll know that the experts you see now are nothing more than a bunch of ants."

        "Grandpa Yan, I really doubt you're bragging to me, they can't be really immortals." Han Qianli said with a deflated mouth.

        "Not immortals, and they don't have the ability to move mountains and seas like in mythology, but they are indeed different from normal people, and again, if you want to know the truth, only you can grope for it step by step." Yan Jun said.

        "Well, emotionally, I came here today to help you farm and got nothing." Han Giangli spread out his hands covered in mud, looking helpless.

        Yanjun slapped Han Three Thousand's forehead and said, "It's almost time to rest, so get to work."

        Although Han Three Thousand pretended to be reluctant, there was no laziness when working, and the two of them even saved lunch until the sun went down before Han Three Thousand went to the kitchen to cook dinner.

        The only thing he wanted was to ensure the safety of the Han family before he died, but now, he had an additional longing, and that was Han Qiangnian.

        That dimension that Yan Jun had been curious about but couldn't get into, now it seemed that he could be slowly helped to open the mysterious door by Han Qianxiang.

        "It seems that this old bone of mine will have to live for a few more years, otherwise how can I rest in peace." Yan Jun said with a sigh on his face.

        After Han 3,000 yuan made dinner, an old man and a young man were windfall eating, after all, they all hadn't eaten at noon, like starving ghosts reincarnated.

        "Grandpa Yan, if only you were really my grandpa." While eating, Han Qianli suddenly said to Yan Jun.

        Yan Jun choked out a mouthful of rice and coughed repeatedly.

        "You brat, what muddled words are you talking about." Yan Jun was so angry that he couldn't laugh or cry," he said.

        Han Giang was just saying that casually, because in his heart, there was almost no difference between Yan Jun's status and Han Tian Yang's, so that's why he felt it.

        Savoring the words now, there was indeed something wrong with it, if Yan Jun were his own grandfather, what a cuckold Han Tian Yang would have to wear!

        "Child's words, child's words." Han Qianqian accosted her with a smile.

        Yan Jun glared at Han 3000 and said, "Still treating yourself like a child, how old are you, but then again, how are you and Su Yingxia doing, have you turned into a man in all these years?"

        "Ahem." Han Qianli looked embarrassed, he was still a nestling in this kind of thing, no one would believe it if they said it, but that was the truth, the biggest measure he had right now was just knowing what it felt like to kiss.

        Yan Jun sighed and said, "If you go on like this, when will the Han family have a next generation, that waste brother of yours, I'm afraid this life is over."

        "What's wrong with Han Jun?" Han Giangli was confused.

        "What's wrong? You cripple him and you ask me what's wrong?" Yan Jun said.

        Han 3000 laughed awkwardly, almost forgetting about it, Han Jun had ended up like this, but he had done it himself.

        "Grandpa Yan, as long as he doesn't give me any more trouble, I'll raise him for the rest of his life, and it won't be a problem to give him a beautiful wife." Han Giangli said.

        "He should also be honest now, he can't toss out tricks without Shen Weng." Yan Jun said.

        "Grandpa Yan, just say what you have to say, I can't understand you if you're being so roundabout." Han Giang was helpless, Yan Jun had brought up the topic of Han Jun, he must have something he wanted to tell him, but with all this beating around the bush, Han Giang's brain was dizzy.

        "Han Li killed Shen Weng." Yan Jun said.

        Han 3000's eyes glazed over, he had heard from Shi Jing about Han Li's trip to Yanjing and the fact that all of the tablets in the ancestral hall had been destroyed by Han Li, but he didn't think he had done more than that, he had actually killed Shen Weng.

        "Shen Weng is quite a big deal in Yanjing, he's really arrogant, he doesn't care about the consequences at all." Han Qianli exclaimed.

        "That's the beginning of Han's fearsome nature, he has Mi Guo behind him, so he can do whatever he wants without killing you, and that's what I can't figure out." Yan Jun shook his head, if Han Li was determined to kill Han Qianli, no one would be able to stop him, but he didn't use this most simple and direct means of doing things, leaving Yan Jun confused.


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