His True Colors Chapter 481-483


Chapter 481

The underground boxing gym, since the knife twelve no longer has a dominant performance, and after a series of people smashed the ring, the boxing gym's business plummeted, and this is supposed to be a place where atmosphere is important, and when the customers gradually become less and less, soon faced with the embarrassing situation of no one watching the boxing.

        Ten o'clock at night, it is the most crazy boxing ring, but this time the boxing ring is a slump, four square stands without a customer, knife twelve standing in the ring, the expression looks a little lonely.

        The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you're in the right place, and that you're not in the wrong place.

        Zhou Pal stood beside Knife Twelve, he had seen all the efforts Knife Twelve had made for the underground boxing venue during this time, but once when the reputation of the boxing venue had slipped, those customers didn't buy it, it was a very difficult thing to get them to regain confidence in the boxing venue again.

        "Brother, why don't we stop working, going back to our old business is also a way to go." Zhou Pal said to Knife Twelve, although he had no problem with Han Marchan now, but he would eventually think that Knife Twelve had succumbed to staying in this small place.

        Knife Twelve had never considered going back to his old job, not even for a moment, because he was no longer alone now, and he still had the responsibility of taking care of Tang Qingyuan.

        "Zhou Pal, my life is no longer my own long ago, I still have Tang Qingyuan to take care of." Blade Twelve said faintly.

        Zhou Pal knew that Tang Qingyuan was a roadblock on Blade Twelve's path, but her existence wasn't something that Zhou Pal could erase.

        "Why don't we go to the Green Dragon Boxing Arena and get our clientele back!" The reason why there is no business in the boxing ring is that the Green Dragon boxing ring took advantage of the defeat of the knife twelve after stealing the source of customers, but also the knife twelve ruthlessly demeaned some, this thing in the heart of Zhou Pal has been dissatisfied for a very long time, hate to be able to go to the Green Dragon boxing ring to make a scene.

        Blade Twelve shook his head, although the Green Dragon Boxing Arena took advantage of the danger, but one of their experts, but a solid strong man, even Blade Twelve was not a match, really went, it was just a disgrace to himself.

        "Haven't you ever seen that man's power? Even if you go, so what? It's just embarrassing yourself." Blade Twelve said.

        Zhou Pal looked unconvinced, but he couldn't find anything to say in rebuttal, because that person's strength was indeed above them.

        "Twelve, how come the venue doesn't have a single customer?" At this moment, a familiar voice came.

        When Blade Twelve saw the visitor, he immediately straightened his back and respectfully shouted, "Brother Three Thousand."

        "Brother Three Thousand."

        Walking up to Knife Twelve, Han 3,000 continued to ask, "What's going on?"

        Blade Twelve looked guilty, when Han 3000 had given him full control of the boxing ring, although there had been a period of heyday, but it was a flash in the pan, in Blade Twelve's opinion, he had failed Han 3000's public expectations after all.

        "Brother Three Thousand, it's my incompetence." Knife Twelve bowed his head and said.

        "Brother Three Thousand, it was the Green Dragon Boxing Arena that stole our clientele." Zhou Pal said.

        Knife Twelve glared at Zhou Pal, he had been trying to find a way to change this matter, and he had also instructed Mo Yang not to tell Han 3,000, that's why Han 3,000 had been unaware of the boxing gym, but now Zhou Pal couldn't help but give Han 3,000 the runaround, making Knife Twelve feel even more that there was no place to put his face.

        "The Green Dragon Boxing Stadium?" Han Giangli frowned and said, "Why haven't I heard of it before, is it new?"

        Zhou Pal, who was being glared at, didn't dare to speak again, while Han Qianqian stared at Knife Twelve, clearly wanting an explanation, Knife Twelve could only say, "It's indeed a new one."

        "A newly opened boxing ring, but it managed to snatch up all the customers, it looks like the other party has good means." Han Qianli faintly said.

        "The bounty tournament I implemented, after losing two battles, had a great impact on the boxing ring, and now the Green Dragon Boxing Ring has copied my bounty tournament, so it's very popular." Blade Twelve said.

        The bounty tournament was able to go on stage as long as the strongest person was able to do so, and Blade Twelve would even be indifferent, it was obvious that the other party had a strong man who wasn't even a match for him, this was something Han Giang could guess without having to ask.

        Blade Twelve's strength was already very powerful for ordinary people, and the other party was able to find someone even more powerful than Blade Twelve, it looked like his background wasn't simple either.

        "Let's go, let's go to the Green Dragon Boxing Arena." Han Three Thousand said, he came to the boxing ring today, originally planning to compete with Blade Twelve to once again verify his strength, now that he had a better opponent, he didn't need to treat Blade Twelve as a meat target.

        "Brother Three Thousand, the opponent is very strong, we won't be able to help even if we go." Knife Twelve said.

        Han Three Thousand smiled faintly and said, "How can we know the outcome if we don't try."

        Knife Twelve's heart sank, mistakenly thinking that Han Qianli wanted him to go and get his face back, and could only say, "Brother Qianli, I'll try my best."

        Han 3,000 smiled and didn't say anything, but he was looking for an opportunity to experiment on himself, how could such an opportunity fall on Blade Twelve's head?

        A group of three people, came to the Green Dragon Boxing Arena, the layout here is similar to that of the Knife 12's boxing arena, both are huge basements, consisting of four sides of the stands, there is a ring in the center, at the moment two boxers are in a hot fight, the four sides of the stands of the audience echoes are also very fierce, baking the atmosphere is exceptionally arrogant.

        On the surface, the two boxing ring is almost no difference, but if you look closely you will find that there are many beautiful women in the stands, wearing revealing clothes, they aroused the hormones of those male spectators, and there are also a lot of dirty deals present, which is also a big factor in the Qinglong boxing ring to be able to steal the source of customers.

        At this time, in a certain private stand, there sat a middle-aged man with a large belly, picking his bald head, the thumb thick gold necklace on his neck appeared gleaming, and beside him, there stood a muscular man with a very untamed expression.

        The middle-aged man's name was Zhou Yangfu, the owner of the Green Dragon Boxing Gym, while the muscular man beside him was named Shan Qing, the strongest boxer of the Green Dragon Boxing Gym.

        "Watching the fist can also play with women, this is what bloody men are after, Blade Twelve's venue should have collapsed a long time ago, what's the point of just watching the fist?" Zhou Yangfu smiled disdainfully, he was very proud of the fact that he had snatched all the customers of the Knife Twelve Boxing Arena in just less than half a month.

        At this time, one of his men walked into the private stand and said to Zhou Yangfu, "Boss, Knife Twelve is here."

        After hearing this, Zhou Yangfu was full of smiles after a flash of surprise and said, "He finally couldn't resist, good timing, good timing, if he didn't come, I wouldn't have a reason to teach him a lesson."

        After saying that, Zhou Yangfu looked at Shan Qing beside him and said, "It's your turn to make a move, whether you can make a name for yourself or not, tonight is the best chance."

        Single Engine smiled arrogantly and said, "From tonight onwards, Cloud City will not have the name of Blade Twelve, I will let him die under my fist."

        Zhou Yangfu was very satisfied with such words, he wasn't afraid of making a name for himself in his own arena, since he wanted to hold up a strong man who was known throughout Cloud City, he had to step on the strong man's head, and Knife Twelve was Shan Heng's stepping stone.

        "When this match is over, the lights will hit Knife Twelve directly, I have something to say to him." Zhou Yangfu said to his hand.

        The hand nodded his head and said, "Boss, I'll arrange it right away."

        In the stands, Blade Twelve's appearance was very complicated, this kind of grand event should have happened in his boxing gym, but now he could only see it in the Green Dragon Boxing Gym, he wouldn't complain about other reasons, he would only think that he wasn't as strong as Single Engine, so that's why it had led to this result.

        "Do you see the difference?" Han Giangli said to Knife Twelve.

        Knife Twelve had also discovered the presence of those women, which was a big factor in luring male viewers, but it was a little too much for him to accept if he had to do that.

        "Brother Three Thousand, the venue is too smoky." Knife Twelve said.

        Han 3,000 shook his head helplessly, he hadn't dug deep into Knife Twelve's previous identity, but this kind of underground environment was supposed to be like this, weren't violent women sought after by men, and he wouldn't even be able to accept it.

        "To make money, we have to satisfy the needs of our customers." Han Giangli said indifferently.

Chapter 482

After the match was over, a strong spotlight suddenly shone on Blade Twelve, and just as all the spectators, including Blade Twelve, were unsure, a voice came from the loudspeaker.

        "Green Dragon Boxing Arena, a warm welcome to the arrival of His Excellency Knife Twelve, everyone applaud."

        Blade Twelve's name was almost unknown to anyone who was familiar with the underground boxing gym, as he was once the Cloud City Underground Champion and had an amazing winning streak, and most of the audience, who were regulars of the underground boxing gym, focused their attention on Blade Twelve for a moment.

        At this time, the voice of Zhou Yangfu was heard again from the loudspeaker, "Boss Blade, you're here today, you're not here to see the fun, are you, if you want to take part in the bounty match, I can open a walk for you, so that the bounty match can start earlier, how about this as one more fun for the general audience to watch?"

        As soon as this statement was made, all the spectators began to coax, shouting Knife Twelve's name and asking him to get into the ring, it was clear that Zhou Yangfu was deliberately trying to drive a duck into the ring.

        Seeing that Knife Twelve was indifferent, Zhou Yangfu continued, "Boss Knife, you used to be the Underground Champion and have the highest winning streak, you're not afraid now, are you?"

        "That's right, you should be well aware of Shan Heng's strength, and I can understand if you don't have the guts to get into the ring, but you must immediately get out of the Green Dragon Boxing Arena, and you must swear in public that from now on, you will never set foot in the underground black boxing circle again, how about it?"

        In the private stands, after saying these words, Zhou Yangfu was smiling with pride, it felt so good to be able to trample the former Underground Champion underfoot and ravage him.

        "Aren't you afraid that he'll really run away?" Shan Ke asked to Zhou Yangfu.

        Zhou Yangfu shook his head and said, "If he is really willing to be a shrinking turtle, I have nothing to say, but if he is a man, he must face the battle head on, running away in front of so many people, his Blade Twelve's name in Cloud City, will be stinky."

        Shan Qing smiled slightly and said, "That's not necessarily true, knowing that he can't beat me, it's reasonable for him not to go on stage and lose face, being a shrinking turtle is better than being killed by me."

        "If it were you, would you choose to lose your face, or your life?" Zhou Yangfu asked.

        Shan Qing laughed contemptuously and said, "Does someone who can make me lose face and life exist in a mere Cloud City?"

        "Hahahahahaha." Zhou Yangfu laughed happily and said, "I just love how arrogant you are, God Buddha is extinguishable, not bad not bad."

        Shan Ke didn't dare to say that God and Buddha were extinguishable, but these people in Cloud City, he really didn't put them in his eyes.

        "Blade Twelve, go for it, you're the Underground Champion, don't be a wimp."

        "You're not going to be a shrinking turtle, so many people are watching, you still want your face."

        "Why don't you just stop calling yourself Knife Twelve and call yourself Knife Turtle."

        The number of people who were up in arms grew, and Blade Twelve's face became more and more pale.

        In this situation, if Knife Twelve really wanted to retreat, this face of his would be a complete disgrace.

        Just after taking a step, Knife Twelve suddenly felt a hand stopping him.

        "Brother 3000, face isn't important to me, but as a man, to ask me to endure this kind of humiliation, absolutely not." Knife Twelve said in a deep voice.

        "Watch well, I'll fight this fight." Han Qianli faintly said.

        Knife Twelve and Zhou Puo both had their eyes glazed at the same time, never expecting Han Qianli to say such words.

        "No." Knife Twelve decisively refused, "This guy called Shan Ke will never be light in his hands."

        "Of course it won't be light, if you can't beat him, you'll only end up in one place, and that's death in the ring." Han Qianli said.

        Knife Twelve looked at Han Qianqian in confusion, since he knew there were such serious consequences, why did he go on stage for himself?

        "Brother 3000, since you know ......"

        "Do you think I'm going to lose to him?" Han 3000 interrupted Knife Twelve's words.

        Knife Twelve was in a bit of a dilemma, in his opinion, it would be better for Han Three Thousand to go, he might as well go, the end of losing, there was no need to think about it, but Han Three Thousand was his top boss in the end, it seemed a bit inappropriate to say such things to his boss.

        "Watch well, I'll teach you how to fight today." Han 3,000 said and walked towards the ring.

        "Brother, what does Brother 3000 want?" Zhou Pal saw Han 3,000 leaving and asked Knife Twelve.

        Blade Twelve shook his head, he didn't understand what Han 3,000 was trying to do, with his position, there was no need for him to sacrifice himself, the underground boxing ring would be gone, it would have no effect on him, but why did he want to fight on his behalf?

        "Could it be that Brother 3000 is sure to win against Single Engine?" Zhou Pal guessed.

        Blade Twelve denied this possibility without hesitation and said, "I fought against Brother 3000 only a few months ago, even if he had improved, he would never have improved so spectacularly, I've seen Single Engine fight, and his strength would never be able to match Brother 3000."

        At this time, Han Qianqian had already entered the ring, and the crowd was only baffled by his appearance.

        Zhou Yangfu was declaring war but Blade Twelve, what was he doing on the stage?

        "What's this guy doing, he's not trying to challenge Mono, is he?"

        "Acting in comedy, right? He's so small, he dares to fight Single Engine alone?"

        "In my opinion, this is because Blade Twelve didn't dare to go straight up, so he sent a cannon fodder up there to die, right?"

        Various spectators speculated, and some scoffed at Han Qianli with disdain.

        "Kid, get the hell down, you're not enough to fight with a single hand."

        "I don't know how to die, what qualifications do you have to fight with Shan Heng, do you have any qualifications, we're old spectators of underground black boxing, but no one knows you."

        "Go down, don't embarrass yourself and give away your life."

        In the face of these taunts, Han 3,000 stood in the ring, unmoved.

        In the private bleachers, Zhou Yangfu mockingly said, "It seems that you're really right, Blade Twelve is going to be a shrinking turtle ah, but you sent a cannon fodder out."

        Shan Ke laughed coldly and stood up.

        "What are you doing? This kind of small role is not worthy of your presence, I'll just call anyone to take care of it." Zhou Yangfu said.

        "Kill this brat and force Knife Twelve to fight, if I don't fight him, how am I going to give myself a proper name." After saying that, Shan Ke left the private stand.

        Zhou Yangfu shook his head helplessly, although Shan Heng was his subordinate, but many times this guy made up his mind, even Zhou Yangfu couldn't change it, this would occasionally make Zhou Yangfu dissatisfied, but based on Shan Heng's powerful skills, he could only stop, after all, the Green Dragon Boxing Arena was supported by Shan Heng, he couldn't tear his face off with Shan Heng.

        "Poor kid, I wish you a quick death and don't suffer so much torture, otherwise, you won't even have the guts to be a human in your next life." Zhou Yangfu shook his head with a sigh, in his eyes, Han Giang was already dead and would definitely be tortured by Shan Heng.

        When Shan Heng appeared, the jeers from the quadrangle stands instantly turned into loud cheers.

        Shan Ke had appeared three times at the Green Dragon Boxing Arena, and all three times, he had KO'd his opponent, and although he hadn't killed them, the boxing gym had deliberately released the news that those who fought Shan Ke would either become a vegetable or would have to lie in a hospital bed for the rest of their lives.

        The Green Dragon Boxing Arena was very successful in creating an image of Shan Heng, in the eyes of the audience, he was like a killing machine, as long as he took action, he was bound to be able to show real violence, so every audience that came here was expecting to see Shan Heng take action.

        In this regard, Zhou Yangfu was very clever, never explicitly arranging the number of times Single Engine would fight, and thus avoiding the overcrowded situation of Single Engine appearing in the arena, while Single Engine would go cold if he didn't, if you wanted to see Single Engine fight, you couldn't miss every single fight, in terms of efficiency, Zhou Yangfu used Single Engine's value to the maximum.

        "ShanRock, kill him."

        "Let's see some real violence."

        "This kid has no business fighting you, end his life with one punch and make him pay for his arrogance."

        The crowd was enthusiastic, all hoping that Shan Ke would just kill Han Qianqiang, after all, there was a big difference between the excitement given by an injury and a death, they had seen too many injuries and naturally wanted to seek more exciting images.

        Shan Qing walked onto the ring with a contemptuous smile on his face and said, "How do you want to die?"

Chapter 483

How do you want to die!

        The simple five words once again elevated the atmosphere of the scene to its highest point.

        Every spectator was like a chicken blood shot.

        However, the moment Shan Ke raised his hand, the boxing arena instantly became silent again, which was enough to see how strong Shan Ke's control was.

        "It seems that no one is looking at you favorably, have you thought about the consequences of fighting for Twenty?" After Shan Qing finished speaking, he raised his head and looked at Blade 12 on the stands and continued, "But you're carrying the name of the Underground Champion, and you've become a shrinking turtle, are you so afraid of death?"

        "It's enough for me to show up," Han Giangli said.

        Shan Heng let out a loud laugh, and the audience in the stands laughed as if they had heard a big joke.

        "This guy's tone of voice is really crazy, he doesn't take Shan Heng seriously at all."

        "Daring to talk to ShanRock like that, ShanRock definitely won't let him go, this guy is dead."

        "I really don't know how he'll die in ShanRock's hands, with ShanRock's methods, he'll be tortured to death alive, right?"

        After Shan Heng had had enough of laughing, he said to Han Three Thousand, "Just a piece of trash like you, so what if I let you throw ten punches, you also won't be able to beat me."

        A faint smile rose from the corner of Han Qianqian's mouth, fighting with this guy, he might not be able to actually attack, but he never expected that Shan Ke would take the initiative to make such a request, wouldn't that give him ample room to play?

        Just bring out the power of the Taekwondo Dojo, and this guy won't even have a chance to resist.

        "I don't need you to make me throw ten punches, one punch is enough," Han Qianqiang said.

        Shan Jiang stretched out his right hand, hooked his index finger at Han Giang and said, "Fine, I'll let you throw one punch first, come on, let me see how strong a weak chicken like you can be."

        "You had it coming, don't regret it." Han Giangli smiled.

        "Regret?" Shan Ke said with contempt, "How could I regret dealing with a piece of trash like you."

        Han Qianli sank her legs down and once again took a stance in a horse stance.

        The other spectators snickered as they saw this scene.

        "This guy is such a punk, he doesn't know anything, and he dares to fight Single Engine one-on-one."

        "Hey, another one-sided crush, what a bummer."

        "It's good to see how this idiot gets killed by Shan Heng, let's call it an extra meal for tonight."

        Knife Twelve's face was pale to the extreme after hearing those words, with Han Third Thousand's strength, one punch would definitely not be enough to shake Shan Heng, and after one punch, he would endure Shan Heng's attack like a storm, at that time, Knife Twelve couldn't think of any other possibility for him to end up other than death.

        At this time, Han Three Thousand Year's savings had been completed, and with the power of his legs exploding, he collided with the ring with a loud bang.

        This surprised the spectators in the stands, as they saw Han 3,000 as nothing more than a weak chicken, and no one thought that he could still possess such power.

        Although Shan Ke was a little surprised, such strength wasn't enough for him to face cautiously.

        Since he had said he would let a punch go in front of so many people, he would never lose face to go back on his word.

        "It's fine to hit an ordinary person with this kind of strength, trying to hurt me, a fool's errand." Shan Ke even chose to close his eyes at this moment, limited to expert style only.

        After the audience saw this scene, they were all impressed by ShanRock, what level of disdain must this have been to fight against someone while he closed his eyes.

        "This guy, he's so dismissive of Brother 3000." Zhou Pal gritted his teeth after seeing this, Shan Heng's arrogance made him wish he could go down to the arena and fight personally, but unfortunately he also knew that he was no match for Shan Heng.

        Blade Twelve sighed and said, "With his strength, he really doesn't need to put Brother 3000 in his eyes, the two are completely different levels of competition."

        Han Three Thousand's attack was fierce, but due to Shan Heng's contempt, even ordinary spectators didn't take Han Three Thousand seriously.

        By this time, Han Three Thousand Year had closed in on Shan Heng, and in response to his closed-eye move, Han Three Thousand Year just silently scolded him, "Stupid."

        The moment Han Qianqian made contact with Shan Heng's fist, Shan Heng suddenly opened his eyes, and Han Qianqian's smile-filled face appeared before his eyes.

        Immediately, ShanRock's expression became distorted, and it was distorted because of pain.

        In the next moment, ShanRock felt his body soar uncontrollably out of the air, his feet leaving the ground like a broken kite, flying towards the back.

        Flying out of the ring and smashing into the audience, several spectators who had been hit by ShanRock's body howled.

        This series of events happened in a flurry of lightning, and many people didn't return to their senses.

        The only thing that happened was that Single Engine, who had been knocked out of the stands, stood up shakily, then vomited blood like a fountain in his mouth and fell to the ground.

        The only sound left in the silent quadrangle stands was the sound of rapid breathing.

        In the private stands, Zhou Yangfu, who had returned to his senses, jumped up directly from the couch and walked over to the single-sided mirror, looking incredulously at Han Qianqian in the ring.

        This guy ......

        He KO'd Mono with one punch, how could that be, how could that be!

        How could he be KO'd by a single engine with his strength.

        He's just a weak weakling with a small body ah.

        In his panic, Zhou Yangfu kept scratching his bald head.

        The Green Dragon Boxing Arena depended on Shan Heng for support, and now, Shan Heng was obviously seriously injured, if Shan Heng was gone, the reputation of the Green Dragon Boxing Arena would be ruined for the most part!

        After the silence, the boxing ring suddenly erupted in an uproar, everyone looked incredulously at Han Giangli in the ring, even suspecting that they were hallucinating, how could they see Shan Qing flying out of the ring?

        Shouldn't he be the one to die?

        "I saw something! He actually KO'd ShanRock in one punch."

        "Oh my god, it can't be that my eyes are blurry, how could this guy have killed ShanRock with one punch."

        "ShanRock is about to f**king vomit blood and die, what's impossible, I didn't think ah, this kid is still an expert."

        "I really couldn't see that he would be so strong."

        The mockery of Han Qianli all turned into incredulous exclamations at this moment, Shan Ke's powerful image instantly disintegrated, and no one dared to look at Han Qianli with contempt.

        Zhou Pal slapped himself hard twice and said to Knife Twelve, "Brother, tell me I'm not dreaming."

        Knife Twelve's chest rose and fell violently, the shock of Han Qianli's one-punch KO of Shan Heng was too strong, so strong that he couldn't believe it either.

        But the truth had already happened, so what was there to doubt?

        "It's not a dream, Brother 3000 has really become strong, and terribly strong." Knife Twelve himself didn't even notice that even his tone was slightly trembling as he spoke these words.

        Zhou Pal swallowed his saliva to moisten his throat, fiercely clenched his fists, looked at Han Qianli with a torch-like gaze, and said, "Brother Qianli is so strong, I must worship him as my master, if he doesn't accept me for a day, I'll kneel before him and not get up for a day."

        To Zhou Pal's inexplicable persistence, Blade Twelve smiled helplessly and said, "Do you think Brother 3000 is idle, how can he have the leisure to be your master, you'd better dispel this thought and let Brother 3000 save his heart."

        Zhou Pal hung his head weakly, how much trouble Han 3,000 faced, he knew it by heart, a hot fire in his head was instantly doused by a pot of cold water by Blade 12.

        "I should be damned, I even looked down on Brother 3000 before, fortunately you taught me a lesson in time, or else I even offended such a strong man." Zhou Pal said with a face of self-loathing, in his world, martial arts was the most respected, only the strong could earn his respect, but now, Han 3000 clearly had such qualifications.

        Blade Twelve unconsciously straightened his back and said, "Would Brother 3000 be bothered with a little person like you, you'd better not be self-conscious."

        Zhou Bao smiled awkwardly, scratching his head and said, "Brother, you're too much of a blow, although I'm not as strong as Brother 3000, I'm not weak either."

        "Is that so? Do you want Brother 3000 to reward you with a punch?"

        This sentence made Zhou Pal's eyelids jump and quickly said, "No no, brother, don't tease me, even Shan Heng was KO'd with a single punch, Brother 3000 gave me a punch, it would have killed me."

        At this time, Han 3,000, who was standing in the ring, suddenly turned to look at the private stands, he knew that the person who had just spoken was here.

        "Shall we continue?" Han Giangli asked indifferently, this was a gesture of declaring war on the entire Green Dragon Boxing Arena with one person!


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