His True Colors Chapter 479-480


Chapter 479

"Is this ...... a real human fight?"

        "It's too powerful, one punch can actually make so many cracks in the wall."

        "That guy just now can't be some martial arts expert!"

        After Lao Luo left with his men, Han Qianli also left the cafe, and several staff members stood in front of the wall that Han Qianli had cracked open, revealing incredulous expressions.

        The store manager took a deep breath, she had already made a good consideration of Han 3,000's broken leg, but after seeing the wall, she realized how much she had underestimated Han 3,000.

        "Shopkeeper, is he still human?" The waiter was stunned and said to the store manager.

        The store manager smiled helplessly and said, "I don't know if it's a person or not, but he's really powerful, and he's in Cloud City, so he shouldn't be a small person, you're really lucky to meet such a big person to help you out of trouble."

        After leaving the cafe, Han Qianli appeared to be preoccupied, that punch just now had exceeded the limits of his power, he himself didn't know exactly how he had done it.

        A question surfaced in his mind, was it not because he was too powerful, but because the coffee shop's jerry-built work was so shoddy that this situation was caused?

        Before walking out of Zitong Street, Han Giangli stopped in front of a taekwondo studio.

        "Sir, are you interested in Taekwondo? We've been having an event recently, and we're offering a discount if you sign up for classes, do you want to know about it?" The staff at the entrance saw Han Marchant stopping by and immediately approached Han Marchant with a flyer.

        Wanting to know if the punch just now was too powerful or if the cafĂ©'s jerry-built work was too shoddy, right in front of him was a good opportunity to experiment.

        Taekwondo dojos usually had sandbags, so if you tried it again, you would be able to find out exactly what was going on.

        "You guys have sandbags, right?" Han Qianli asked.

        "Of course we have it, it's infrastructure, we're a very famous Taekwondo gym in Cloud City, how could we not have it." The staff said.

        Han Three Thousand nodded and walked towards the gym.

        Whether this place was famous or not Han Qianli didn't know, and usually didn't care about this aspect, but there were really quite a few students here, men and women of all sizes and dozens of people, and the venue wasn't small either, compared to Tianchang Sheng's boxing gym.

        Seeing Han Qianqian, a coach-like man came over and asked, "Little brother, do you want to sign up for classes? Our trainers here are the most professional in Cloud City, so if you have any questions, I can answer them for you."

        Han Giangli asked, "May I ask how heavy the heaviest sandbag you have here is?"

        The coach looked at Han Qianqian in confusion, the students who had come to register for classes, which of them directly cared about such a strange question as how heavy the sandbags were.

        "Little brother, if you're just practicing initially, ten kilograms or so will do, we have all different levels of sandbags here, you can make your choice according to your strength, but the heavier the sandbag, the better, or you have to do it according to your ability." The coach said.

        "I want to try the heaviest one." Han Giangli said.

        The coach's eyebrows furrowed, could this guy be looking for trouble, looking at his body, he wasn't someone who possessed much strength.

        "Little brother, I'll say something you don't like to hear, measure your strength so you don't embarrass yourself." The coach said.

        Han Giangli smiled and said, "Don't worry, I'm just trying it out."

        "Alright, you come with me." After the coach said that, he brought Han 3,000 to the sandbag area.

        There were quite a few students practicing here, both for children and for adults, with different sizes and weights.

        "You try this one." While the coach spoke to Han three thousand, Han three thousand looked at the black sandbags on the side.

        Seeing what Han Qianli was thinking, the coach couldn't help but smile contemptuously and said, "Little brother, don't even think about this sandbag, it's just used by our dojo for decoration, it's filled with iron sand, even if you want to shake it, you'll need a lot of strength."

        "Can I try?" Han Giangli said, since we're testing strength, we should definitely choose the heaviest.

        The coach couldn't help but laugh, and even the trainees and supervising coaches who were practicing and supervising snickered at that, it wasn't like no one had faked it before, but the consequence was kicking his leg off and spending months in the hospital.

        "This guy looks like he wants to be hospitalized too."

        "Pretending to be struck by lightning, I don't know what to do."

        "Another good show, how long do you think the ambulance will be here?"

        "I bet ten minutes he'd call an ambulance right away."

        "I bet he'll jump away on one foot and only get to the door when he can't resist calling an ambulance."

        The group of people didn't care if Han Marchionne would hear them or not, they just poked fun at them.

        Han 3000 walked up to the iron sand bag and moved it with his hand, it was indeed very heavy and didn't wobble at all, but it was exactly what he wanted.

        "Can I use it?" Han Giangli turned to the coach and asked.

        The coach showed strong disdain, since this guy was asking for shame, so let him have his way.

        "Of course you can, but we won't be responsible for injuries at the dojo, so think about it." The coach reminded.

        Han Giangli nodded his head and bent his legs slightly, doing a horse stance.

        Whether it was the coach or the student, they were all happy to see this action, and at a glance, he was an amateur who didn't even know how to try to shake the iron sand bag.

        "If he dared to use his fist, his finger bones would definitely shatter all over."

        "That's for sure, the iron sand bag can be equivalent to a copper wall, can flesh and blood collide with a copper wall?"

        "Who is this guy, coming to our Daoist Temple to pretend to be something else, and picking this impossible task."

        There was a lot of speculation about Han Qianli's identity, some people thought that Han Qianli was here to smash the scene, others thought that Han Qianli was a fool and had gotten the way of pretending wrong, in short, no one believed that Han Qianli could do it, and the expression on everyone's face was nothing but disdain.

        Han 3,000 gathered momentum and poured all his strength into his right fist.

        The coach who had led Han Marchant to the sandbagging area shook his head as he twisted his waist, using his waist as the starting point for his power.

        "This guy is crazy, he'll not only hurt his hand like this, but his waist as well." The coach said disdainfully, feeling very speechless at Han Three Thousand's uninformed behavior.

        At this time, Han Three Thousand's fists were already in force, and it seemed to everyone that he would soon be eating his own death, even as everyone was ready to hear him scream.

        No one felt that a miracle would happen.

        Nor did anyone think that Han Qianxiang would be able to shake the Iron Sand Bag in the slightest.

        But as a loud sound was heard, the iron sand bag swung high.

        Everyone drew a sharp breath of cold air, not daring to believe the scene before them.

        A few students covered their mouths, their eyes were about to fall to the ground.

        The trainer even felt numb and goosebumps all over his body.

        He had only treated Han Marchand as a joke when he brought him in, but now what he saw was not a joke, but a shocking fact instead.

        "How is this ...... possible!"

        "He actually beat up the iron sandbag all by himself, all by himself ...... and so high."

        "Is this still a man? This guy's a pervert, right?"

        Shouts of amazement rose everywhere, filled with all sorts of incredulous tones, their unexpected situation, the unbelievable thing that couldn't be believed, was alive and well.

        When the iron sand bag swung up to its highest height and began to fall back, from a normal person's point of view, this was the time when Han Marchant had to dodge, because the weight of the iron sand bag hitting it was enough to seriously injure or even kill a person, but Han Marchant stood there, not meaning to dodge.

        "Get out of the way, are you looking for death!" The coach panicked and roared at Han Giangli, he didn't want to cause a death in the dojo, let alone the death of this idiot.

        Han Marchand didn't move, and after withdrawing his punching right hand, he took a second attack stance, which meant that he would have to fight hard against the iron sand bag with his fist.

        The power generated by the acceleration of weight was unimaginable.

        Everyone felt that Han 3,000 was insane, must be insane, otherwise, how could he do such an act of seeking death!

        No one was able to stop Han Marchand's punches in electric light.

Chapter 480

"This fool, is he going to ruin the reputation of our Daoist Temple with his life?" The coach gritted his teeth as he watched this scene, his anger towards Han Marchand was at an extreme.

        It wasn't hard to imagine how much of an impact this would have on the reputation of the Dao Sect if someone really died at the Dao Sect, and the coach even suspected that this was a fool sent by some competitor to deliberately smear their Dao Sect with this matter.

        Unfortunately, it had come to this, and there was nothing he could do to stop it other than watching.

        Some of the timid female students had already closed their eyes, unable to bear to see the scene of Han Qianli being blown away.

        Bang ......

        The loud noise that came again shook the entire boxing gym.

        A certain female student who was covering her eyes didn't hear the miserable scream, but instead there was silence, which made her feel a little strange.

        How could there be no sound? Did the man just get killed?

        When she opened her eyes, her body instantly became rigid.

        Han Giangli was standing in place, seemingly not even taking a single step back, while his entire right hand had pierced through the iron sand bag.

        How was this ...... possible!

        The Daoist temple is silent!

        I can smell the needle!

        Some rapid breathing could be faintly heard.

        The expressions on everyone's faces were wonderful, their eyes rounded and their mouths grown, but they all expressed the same thing, nothing but shock.

        The coach's eyes were as if he had seen a ghost, and it wasn't a surprise to him that Han Kuang was killed, but now, Han Kuang had blasted through the iron sand bag with a single punch, a result he didn't even dare to think about.


        It seemed that these two words were no longer enough to describe Han Qianqian, the image of him standing in front of the iron sand bag right now was like a god of war standing in the heavens and earth, just short of a golden glow.

        A few female trainees slowly changed from shocked expressions to admiration, uncontrollable admiration, and their eyes had even sparkled with surging peach blossoms, unable to resist expressing their love for Han Three Thousand.

        After Han Marchan drew back his hand, the dojo was finally no longer quiet, and the iron sand fell to the ground with a fist hole, making a rustling sound.

        "How much, I'll pay." Han Three Thousand Year walked up to the coach and asked.

        "Ah!" The coach didn't regain his senses for a moment, looking at Han Qianli in horror and subconsciously took two steps back.

        He had been in contact with taekwondo for more than twenty years, fighting since he was a child, and had become a coach for several years, but he had never seen anyone with Han Qianli's perverted strength, which refreshed his knowledge of the upper limit of strength.

        "No, no need to compensate, brother, are you willing to stay at our dojo as a coach?" The coach asked to Han Marchand.

        "Handsome, if you're willing to stay as a coach, I'll make up the tuition for two more years."

        "I'll make it up for five years."

        "I can make it up for ten years."

        A few women acted like they wanted to eat Han Qianli, not hiding their fervor for Han Qianli in the slightest.

        Han Qianli was sweating, he just wanted to test his strength, but he didn't want to be a coach here.

        "Sorry, I don't have any thoughts of being a coach," Han Three Thousand said.

        The coach didn't give up easily and continued, "Don't worry, if the boss knew your strength, he would definitely give you a very high salary, why don't I call the boss over and you discuss it with him?"

        "Thank you for your kindness, I really didn't want to do this job," Han Marchiang said.

        The coach was reluctant, but seeing how determined Han Marchant was, there was nothing he could do, but it would be unimaginably beneficial to the dojo if such a talent could stay.

        "If you don't want to be a coach, you can just hang on." The coach continued.

        Han Giangli knew that hanging on meant that he needed to show up when there was a match, something he wasn't interested in.

        As soon as they shook their heads, the women hurried over to Han three thousand.

        Han Marchan couldn't stay as a coach, so they wanted to get their hands on Han Marchan's phone number, and with the contact information, it wouldn't matter much if Han Marchan would help coach or not.

        Han 3,000 who just wanted to test his strength, never thought it would trigger such an effect, and he couldn't handle the enthusiasm of those female students.

        Han Qianli, who had just revealed his might, fled the Taekwondo dojo in a mess, his clothes nearly torn by those women.

        "Hey." The coach sighed, looking at the shocking holes in the iron sand bag and said, "If this person is willing to stay, will there be any dojos that dare to compete with us in the future?"

        "Yeah, I thought I was watching the joke, but I didn't expect the joke to turn out to be us, this guy, he's terribly strong." Another coach said with a similarly sighing face, the amazing strength displayed by Han Qianli would probably not be believed by anyone who said it.

        Han Three thousand fled in the middle of nowhere, running out of a few streets before stopping, those women were too crazy, one by one they couldn't wait to eat him up.

        Returning home, Han Three Thousand locked himself in his room and stared at his fists.

        He knew that his body must have undergone some kind of change, or else this incredible power would never appear in him.

        But what had happened, Han Giang himself didn't know, it was as if this innate divine power had suddenly fallen from the sky.

        In the past, if there was something that he didn't understand, Han 3000 would ask Yan Jun at the first opportunity, this life coach had answered very many confusions for Han 3000, but this matter, Han 3000 was a little hesitant to tell Yan Jun, he wasn't afraid that Yan Jun would discover the secret, but was worried that if even Yan Jun couldn't explain it, he would be even more unable to feel at ease.

        Qi Yiyun didn't know what had happened to Han Third Thousand, but she had a bad feeling that Han Third Thousand had returned home without saying a word and locked herself in her room for half a day without any movement.

        Did something go wrong with the meeting with Han Yan?

        His plan was so crazy that it wouldn't surprise Qi Yiyun if Han Yan didn't accept it, but Han Qianqian's serious expression when she returned just now made Qi Yiyun think that it was more than just Han Yan's non-acceptance.

        When it was time for dinner, Qi Yiyun finally had an excuse to knock on Han Third Thousand's door.

        "Three-thousand, dinner's ready." Qi Yiyun said at the door.

        Sitting dazed on the edge of the bed, Han Three Thousand returned to her senses and got up to open the door.

        Qi Yiyun noticed a hint of fatigue between Han Three Thousand's brows and asked, "What's going on, you look like you're tired."

        Han Three Thousand shook his head, he was indeed a bit tired as the sudden power made him feel very uneasy and he feared that this phenomenon would cause serious damage to his body.

        In the past, Han Three Thousand didn't fear death, but now he was carrying too many responsibilities, taking care of Su Yingxia and finding out if Han Tian Yang was alive, so he couldn't have an accident, much less die!

        "It's nothing." Han 3000 said.

        "Is it Han Yan, who won't accept your plan?" Chia-Yun asked.

        "No, she didn't express herself directly, but I think she knows how to choose, and she has no other choice." Han 3,000 said, Han Yan would definitely find a way to kill Han Li, it was the only path in front of her.

        Chi Yi Yun frowned, if it wasn't for Han Yan, what else could bother Han 3000?

        Is it related to Su Yingxia?

        "Did something happen to Welcome Summer?" Chia-Yun continued to ask questions.

        "You seem to be getting more and more in charge lately, and if you keep having so many problems, I'll have to get rid of you," Han Giangli said.

        Chi Yi Yun gritted her teeth, but she was kindly concerned about Han Qianqian, but she didn't expect to get such an attitude from Han Qianqian in return.

        "Do you belong to the reinforced concrete mix?" Chi Yi Yun gritted her teeth and said.

        "What do you mean?" Han Giangli was puzzled.

        "Straight Man of Steel, you don't even know how to be grateful that such a beautiful woman cares about you, and you want to drive me away." Chi Yi Yun said indignantly.

        Han Giang smiled helplessly, Straight Man of Steel? He was just a little straighter to other women, but to Su Yingxia, he was definitely a gentle and warm man, it was just that this tenderness was something that no other woman except Su Yingxia was qualified to experience.

        "No matter how beautiful you are, in my eyes, you're just an ordinary woman." Han Giangli said indifferently, completely unconcerned about the soon-to-be furious Qi Yiyun.

        Qi Yiyun almost spewed out a mouthful of old blood, but it was good that she was used to being ignored by Han Qianli, and this level of shock was still within reach.


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