His True Colors Chapter 477-478


Chapter 477

At an unknown time, Han Yan was already standing at the entrance of the coffee shop, and after seeing all this, she smiled with extreme contempt.

        Walking up to Han Qianqian, Han Yan said faintly, "You're only able to compete with these losers, it makes you feel superior, doesn't it?"

        "It's not good to talk about superiority, but it's good to teach such scum a lesson," Han Third Thousand said.

        Han Yan shook her head, seeming to despise Han Three Thousand's kind of behavior, leaning on the strong and bullying the weak, which was something only a trash would do.

        "You sure didn't disappoint me, trash is trash."

        After seeing that the waiter had deleted the video and threw the phone at Yellow Hair, Han Three Thousand said, "Get lost, and don't let me see you again."

        The group crawled away from the cafe.

        The waiter nodded his thanks to Han Three Thousand even, to which Han Three Thousand just smiled faintly.

        Returning to his position, Han Three Thousand asked Han Yan, "Do you need anything to drink?"

        "What nonsense do you have to say quickly, my time is precious and I don't want to waste it on a piece of trash like you." Han Yan said coldly, she was extremely reluctant to come and meet with Han Qianli, as it would make her feel demeaned, after all, what qualifications did someone like Han Qianli have to deserve to come in person?

        But because of Han Qianli's words, Han Yan had to come again.

        "There's no rush, I'll show you something good first." Han Qianli said with a smile, then took out her phone.

        When Han Yan saw the video, her face darkened for a moment, it was the image of her bringing Han Feng to that old neighborhood, and the video was edited to express a very clear message.

        Han Yan and Han Feng went first, then she came out by herself, and then she brought it to Di Zhong, and then after that and Di Zhong came out, and from start to finish, Han Feng only went in but not out, and if this video was seen by Han Li, Han Yan would have no way to explain it.

        "Where did you get the video." Han Yan gritted her teeth as she looked at Han Qianli, wishing she could kill him!

        "Don't worry about where, I'm curious what Han Li would think if he saw these videos, Han Feng would be dead by now, I don't think you have the ability to bring Han Feng back from the dead, right?" Han Giang smiled.

        Han Yan only had one thought now, to have Earth Central kill Han 3000, to kill him at all costs, and not to let Han Li know about the video.

        "If you want to kill me, I advise you better get rid of that thought, as long as I die, the video will be uploaded on the internet right away, and there will be an overwhelming trend of people, and it will be hard for Han Li to not know about it." Han Marchan said, before coming to meet with Han Yan, Han Marchan had already thought of a way to deal with any situation that might happen.

        He knew that Han Yan would definitely want to kill him after seeing the video, and the only way to make Han Yan dispel such thoughts was to let Han Yan know that even if he died, the video would be disseminated by others.

        Hearing these words, Han Yan's face became even more ugly, such a grip in Han Qianli's hands would be a very fatal blow to her, and she might be led by Han Qianli's nose.

        This was a consequence that Han Yan could never accept, she was the eldest miss of the Han family, and would more than likely become the head of the Han family in the future, so how could she be led by a trash!

        "Han 3,000, what do you want?" Han Yan said.

        Han 3000 shook her head and said, "It's not what I want, it's you."

        "Me?" Han Yan frowned and asked, unsure of what she meant, "What do you mean."

        "I know you want to become the head of the Han family, and Han Feng is your biggest hurdle, so only if he dies will no one be able to compete with you for the head position, but have you ever thought that Han Feng's death isn't something that can be covered up so easily, and if you want to put the blame on me, I definitely won't agree to it, so I can only show the video to Han Li. " Han 3,000 said.

        "Don't beat around the bush with me, just say what you have to say." Han Yan didn't want to listen to these detours, since Han 3,000 was looking for her, this guy must have some kind of conspiracy.

        "In a word, Han Feng's death isn't enough to keep you securely in the Han family's seat," Han Qianqian said.

        "With Han Feng dead, who else among the Han family's immediate family is qualified to take it from me? What makes you think I can't take the position of family head." Han Yan was disdainful.

        "Han Li's son is dead, can he be willing if he doesn't find out what happened?" Han Giangli smiled.

        "So in my opinion, Han Feng's death isn't enough, Han Li, too, must die."

        Han Yan instantly got goosebumps, Han Li dies!

        She'd never wanted to do anything to Han Li.

        Killing Han Feng was already the most out of the ordinary thing Han Yan could do, and these days she had nightmares almost every night about Han Feng grabbing her legs and begging for mercy.

        Whenever she woke up late at night, Han Yan felt that someone was watching her in the dark, so she didn't even dare to turn off the lights at night now.

        If she killed Han Li, her heart would definitely suffer even more torment and her spiritual level would be tormented by these things.

        "Impossible!" Han Yan shook her head without hesitation and said, "You want me to kill my father, that's absolutely impossible!"

        "Don't say it with such certainty, you never thought you would kill Han Feng with your own hands before, but now, you've done this thing." Han Qianli faintly said.

        "These two things are different in nature, so how can they be compared." Han Yan retorted.

        "Different? Han Feng will stop you from becoming the head of the family, as will Han Li, what's the difference, are you willing to go this far only to lose your efforts? Are you willing to be Hanley's prisoner for the rest of your life? He knows you killed Han Feng, will you still be free." Han 3000 said.

        These questions were like ringing bells, hitting Han Yan's heart hard.

        Of course she wouldn't be willing to kill even her own brother, and if she still couldn't take the seat of head of the family as she wished, she wouldn't rest in peace even if she died.

        As Han Yan's expression gradually became grim, Han Qianli knew that she was already beginning to waver inside, and continued, "As long as you become the head of the family, the future of the Han family will be your decision, who cares how Han Li and Han Feng died, so you don't need to be scrupulous about this at all."

        "Han Qianli, don't you dare demonize the public here."

        "Whether I'm demonizing or not, you know very well, you want to get the position of the head of the family, this is the only way you can go, unless you are willing to give up and use all your freedom to ask Han Li for understanding, after all ...... you but killed his son." Han 3,000 said.

        "I killed his son, is that any less! To keep anyone from being a threat to me, I secretly took out his illegitimate children, some of which he didn't even know about, and do you know how much effort I put into getting the head of the house? For me to be willing, never!" Han Yan grimly gnashed her teeth.

        Han Giang's heart was horrified, this woman was not the first time she had killed Han Li's son, and from her tone, there were quite a few of Han Li's illegitimate sons missing, this was too damn cruel!

        The deeper she got to know Han Yan, the more Han Sanchi was able to appreciate how terrifying this woman was.

        But this was a good thing for Han three thousand, the more ruthless Han Yan was, the greater the chance of being able to use her to kill Han Li.

        Han 3000 attached herself to Han Yan's ear and whispered, "No madness, no living, since you've already killed so many people, why do you care about killing one more Han Li?"

        Han Yan clenched her fists and abruptly stood up.

        Yes, having killed so many people already, I don't care if there's one more.

        As long as I can take the seat of the head of the family, I'd be willing to kill my father with my own hands.

        "Han 3000, you want to turn me into a puppet, don't you? With this evidence in hand, I'll be able to do whatever I'm told to do in the future." Han Yan said indifferently.

        "I'm just an outsider, so what can I do even if I know these things, will the people of the MiG Han family believe me, so your concerns are completely unnecessary." Han 3,000 said.

        "Hmph." Han Yan snorted coldly and said, "It's good that you know, if you dare to think like that, I won't hesitate to kill you, and I'm sure you know very well how much you're capable of being a trash."

        Han Qianli shrugged his shoulders indifferently and said, "As long as you don't embarrass me, I think we can work together happily."

Chapter 478

After Han Yan left the cafe, Han 3000 stayed for a while longer, this woman must have already made a decision inside, but this had pros and cons for Han 3000.

        The fact that Han Yan dared to lay her hands on Han Li showed that she was a ruthless woman to the extreme, and such a person would definitely be out of Han 3000's control in the future, wanting to cultivate Han Yan as a puppet was obviously impossible, and when Han Yan was truly on top and holding the heavy power, Han 3000 would undoubtedly have to face a very dangerous opponent, and the blow she could bring to Han 3000 by controlling the MiG Han family would be equally fatal.

        To Han Three Thousand, the trouble caused by Han Li was solved, but the essential trouble was not eradicated, because this crazy woman, who possessed the power of the Han family, was equally worthy of Han Three Thousand's scruples.

        "Perhaps she'll be even more terrifying than Han Li." Han Qianli shook his head, somewhat helplessly talking to himself.

        As soon as he stood up, the yellow-haired man from earlier came with a menacing presence.

        "Brother Luo, that's him." Yellow Hair pointed at Han Qianqian and said in a furious voice.

        Han Qianqian smiled indifferently, this guy really doesn't know whether he's dead or alive, he said he didn't dare to take revenge before, but he didn't expect to bring someone with him so soon.

        "Kid, even daring to touch my people, you don't f**king want to live." Brother Luo was wearing a white vest, every inch of skin on his upper body was covered by tattoos, he looked very intimidating, and he was big, seeing that he was someone who exercised regularly, compared to Yellow Hair and those companions just now, his strength wasn't a little bit different.

        "Who are you?" Han Qianli asked faintly.

        Luo's mouth turned up at the corners, revealing a strong disdain, and said, "With you, you're still qualified to ask who I am? Rather, you're really blind, messing with my brother, if I don't remove your leg today, my name Lao Luo won't be laughed at."

        Lao Luo?

        Han Qianqian had never heard of these two words, but he could be considered arrogant to say this, has Cloud City's current grey area become so chaotic that these people are unloading people's legs at every turn, not afraid of causing big trouble and being suppressed by the higher-ups?

        If it really made some big news, Mo Yang, who was the first person in the grey zone, would definitely be beaten as a punching bag, and it looked like he would have to give Mo Yang a reminder to take charge of the grey zone in Cloud City, to avoid these people worsening the grey zone's environment.

        "Can you scare people by eating a protein powder muscle?" Han Giangli scoffed.

        Old Luo's face curled, then he became even more angry and irritable, but he hated it when people said his muscles were protein powder piled on top of each other.

        "You're f**king looking for death." Old Luo yelped and his legs sprang into action, rushing towards Han Giangli.

        Han Giangli put away his contemptuous expression, this guy was extraordinary in both strength and speed, clearly having had systematic training rather than simply piling on a frightening amount of muscle.

        The fist wind whistled, and after Han 3,000 dodged it sideways, the force of Old Luo's impact remained intact, and in this situation was the perfect time for Han 3,000 to strike, but what Han 3,000 didn't expect was that this guy was able to change his moves quickly, and as soon as he dodged the fist, his leg attack came.

        With a very professional stance, never someone who fought by brute strength, Han 3,000 stretched out his hands and stiffly resisted Old Law's kicks.

        The force was so great that it shook Han Three Thousand's hands to the point where they felt somewhat numb and retreated several steps.

        Old Luo laughed coldly and said, "Yo, I didn't think there were really two strikes, but unfortunately, I haven't put these two strikes in your eyes."

        As soon as his words fell, Old Luo attacked again, his movements still swift and fierce, causing the yellow hairs to see the blood of several people.

        The waitress just now couldn't help but worry for Han 3,000 when she saw that he was at a disadvantage.

        After all, Han Qianxiang had caused this trouble for her sake, if she really got her leg broken, how could she get over it inside?

        "Should we call the police, store manager?" The waitress walked up to the bar and asked the cafe manager.

        The shop manager was also a woman, quite a charming middle-aged woman, wearing a black dress with mesh, the collar if hidden feeling could definitely make many men go crazy for it.

        After hearing the waiter's words, the store manager shook her head without hesitation, as the store manager, what she valued was not Han Three Thousand's safety, but whether the cafe would cause trouble.

        Of course she was grateful inside for the trouble Han Marchan had solved for the waitress just now, but to get into trouble with these difficult guys because of this, she definitely didn't want to.

        When opening a shop and doing business, the worst thing is to encounter such thugs characters, once you have a conflict with them, don't think about doing business in the future, a few hooligans just have to sit at the door, who else would dare to enter and spend money?

        "Stay out of things that don't concern us," The store manager said.

        The waitress was in a hurry, how could she say it had nothing to do with them, the root of this matter was because of her.

        "But it's because of me that he's in this trouble." The waitress said.

        "That's because he's trying to make a spectacle of himself too, do you think these people are easy to mess with? Offend them and the whole cafe will suffer." The shopkeeper snapped.

        The waiter was so anxious that his eyes welled up with tears, as Han 3000 was now backed into a corner.

        Han 3,000 originally thought that Old Luo was just a guy who relied on his muscles to intimidate people, but the deeper the encounter went, the more surprised he was that the difference between this guy's skills and his imagination was so great that it felt like he was almost as strong as Blade 12.

        Of course, it wasn't that Han 3,000 was backed into a corner, but rather that he hadn't been able to make a move to test the upper limit of Old Luo's strength.

        Obviously, just backing down wouldn't allow Old Luo's strength to reach its limit.

        "You're a lot more powerful than I thought, but I'm almost done testing it now." Han Giang said indifferently.

        Old Luo didn't take Han Three Thousand into his eyes at all, and when he heard this, his expression became even more contemptuous as he said, "Rubbish, don't present a mouthful, bring out some skills and I'll see."

        "Fine." Han Qianli smiled and fiercely threw out his fist.

        The whistling fist pointed straight at Old Luo's head, and the wind of the fist in his ears caused Old Luo to be horrified.

        He had always kept Han Giangli at bay, thinking that this guy wasn't capable of much at all, but he had such amazing strength now that he was suddenly exerting himself!

        "F*ck." Lao Luo subconsciously cursed and skirted his head, struggling to dodge Han Giangli's fist.


        When Han Marchand's wall smashed into the wall, the entire wall seemed to shake, and it even made a loud sound when his fist hit the wall.

        The few people in Yellow Hair looked dumbfounded.

        The cafĂ©'s waitress also opened her eyes wide in shock.

        Lao Luo saw the wall slowly cracking while a cold sweat, if this punch hit him on the head, one punch would be enough to kill him.

        So while people were shocked and colored by the punch, Han Giang was not at peace inside.

        He had a deep knowledge of his own strength, and although this punch used one hundred percent of his strength, it could never have caused a crack in the wall, but now that the truth was in front of him, even Han 3000 thought that he had created an illusion.

        Old Luo hurriedly pulled away from Han 3,000, the cracks in the wall continued, like a loose spider web that kept splitting in all directions.

        Obviously able to see, Old Luo's throat squirmed nonstop, constantly swallowing saliva, and after wiping a cold sweat, Old Luo's voice trembled as he said to Han 3000, "Dude, who are you?"

        Han Qianli withdrew his fist and said with a calm appearance on the surface, "You're not qualified to ask who I am."

        With Old Luo's arrogance just now, he would definitely teach Han 3,000 a hard lesson after Han 3,000 said that, but now, he didn't quite dare to do it.

        After fighting for so long, Han Qianli retreated again and again making him mistakenly think that he had the advantage, but after this punch, Old Luo knew that his so-called advantage was just that Han Qianli didn't fight back, and if he fought seriously, he might die today at Han Qianli's hands.

        "Let's leave it at that for today," Old Luo said.

        These words startled Yellow Hair and the others, no one could have imagined that Old Luo would somehow compromise, but Old Luo himself knew very well that if the fight continued, he would definitely not be able to take advantage of the situation, and it was forbidden to say that he would be the one to enter the hospital.


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