His True Colors Chapter 474-476

Chapter 474

When Han Yan saw Han Qianqian's calm appearance, she sneered more than a little, this ungrateful fellow actually dared to sit down, even she had to stand up obediently as a sign of respect when facing Han Li, let alone a branch outcast.

        "Chi Yi Yun, I didn't think we'd meet here." Han Li said to Chi Yi Yun with a cold face.

        Chi Yiyun stood up and out of respect for her elders, she still called out, "Uncle Han."

        "Han Feng has come to see you, right?" Han Li asked.

        "Met him once." Chi Yi Yun said truthfully, there was no need to hide this matter, after all, Han Feng had bought a house here, and if she said she hadn't met him, it would seem too far-fetched, and it would make Han Li suspect that she was deliberately hiding something.

        "Where's the others?" Han Li asked.

        Chi Yi Yun shook her head and said, "After seeing him once, he didn't show up, if Uncle Han wants to find him, why doesn't he ask his own daughter?"

        "Chi Yi Yun, I haven't seen Han Feng since he came to Cloud City, what do you mean by that?" The guilty Han Yan immediately retorted that if she hadn't killed Han Feng, she probably wouldn't have reacted so strongly and wouldn't have been so eager to show her side of wanting to explain.

        If she were an outsider, this reaction would have definitely aroused Han li's suspicion, but she was his daughter after all, and she was Han Feng's sister, so Han Li would never have thought that Han Yan would kill Han Feng, so he didn't care about Han Yan's performance.

        "Even an outsider knows how to be polite, can't you even call someone, you piece of trash?" Han Li said to Han 3,000.

        Han Qianli watched the TV and also changed the channel in passing and said, "Politeness is out of mutual respect, you don't know how to respect each other, so why should I be polite to you?"

        Han Li sneered more than a little, a trash who had been abandoned by a branch of the orthodox Han family and who didn't even want a branch, to talk to him about respect, what a mockery.

        "Looks like I'm going to teach you a lesson on behalf of your dead father, so you'll know what it means to respect your elders." Han Li said.

        The bodyguard walked towards Han Giangli as his words fell.

        Han Qianli remained unmoved, he couldn't be beaten anyway, so even if he resisted, it was useless.

        The bodyguard, with a sardonic smile on his face, grabbed Han Three Thousand's collar and lifted it with such force that Han Three Thousand's entire body was lifted in the air, then the bodyguard's arm exerted power and threw Han Three Thousand out.

        With a thud, Han 3000's body smashed heavily into the wall.

        Han Yan was overjoyed, the lesson she taught Han 3,000 last time wasn't enough for her, and it was also because of the appearance of Yan Jun, which caused even the Earth Central to not dare to do anything, but this time, Han 3,000 wouldn't have such luck again.

        Han Yan hated that Han Qianli would die today so that she could put the blame for Han Feng's death on Han Qianli, and Han Qianli, who had already turned into a corpse, wouldn't have any chance to refute it.

        Han Li walked up to Han Three Thousand and said condescendingly, "Now do you know how to be polite?"

        Han 3,000 gritted his teeth, the bodyguard who had attacked him was stronger than Earth Central, he had no chance to resist, but that didn't mean he would compromise with Han.

        "Bah." Han Three Thousand spat out a mouthful of thick phlegm and said, "I'm only polite to people, what are you?"

        Han Li's face was frozen, he was a top big shot in the Chinese district of Mi, and no one had ever dared to speak to him like this, but a molecular family outcast dared to treat him with such an attitude.

        Stepping on Han Qianqian's head, Han Li said contemptuously, "If it wasn't for the fact that you have Han family blood flowing through your body, you would have died long ago."

        "You don't kill me because you're afraid that your relatives will kill each other and the heavens will strike?" Han Qianli sneered.

        Han Li did have concerns about this, as he believed in the cycle of heavenly reincarnation and karma, and on some levels, he was a very superstitious person, never stopping to offer incense on the first and fifteenth day of the first month.

        Han Li had a devout heart towards the gods, so he was reluctant to kill Han 3,000.

        But that didn't mean that Han 3000 could do whatever he wanted in front of him.

        Stomping heavily on Han 3000's head, Han Li said, "I'm not going to kill you, but there are ten thousand ways to make you live and die, want to try?"

        "Uncle Han, if you're looking for Han Feng, you won't get the answers you want here." At that moment, Chi Yi Yun spoke up, seeing Han Sanqiang being beaten was so heartbreaking that she even found it hard to breathe, so she had to find a way to get Han Sanqiang out of her current predicament.

        The reason for Han Li's chagrin was Han Qianli's disdain for him, but his purpose for coming here was not to trouble Han Qianli, but to find Han Feng, so after hearing Chi Yi Yun's words, Han Li calmed down.

        "Do you know where Han Feng is?" Han Li asked Han 3000.

        Han Feng was dead, and he was killed by Han Yan.

        Han 3000 had evidence in her hands, and although it couldn't directly prove that Han Yan had killed Han Feng, Han Feng's disappearance definitely had something to do with Han Yan.

        But if the video was used just like that, Han Three Thousand wouldn't gain any benefit, and might even annoy Han and lose his own life.

        "I don't know." Han Marchant said through clenched teeth.

        Chi Yiyun looked confused, in her opinion, Han Third Thousand would be able to write off his connection to this matter if he was willing to take out the video, but why didn't he do that?

        "I'm warning you, if Han Feng makes the slightest mistake, I'll never let you off the hook, if you know where he is, you'd better tell me sooner, maybe I'll even let you off the hook out of pity." Han Li said.

        After Han Li turned around and walked out of Han Qianli's house, Han Yan was indignant, she didn't expect her father to let Han Qianli go so easily, how could she blame Han Feng on Han Qianli if this guy didn't die?

        "Dad, are you just going to let Han Marchant go?" In the elevator, Han Yan asked Han Li.

        Han Li's face was as heavy as water and said, "I'm not sure if Han Feng is in the hands of this waste, if he is, Han Feng's situation will be very dangerous, if I'm too hard on Han 3000, it's very likely that Han Feng's safety will be endangered, you immediately arrange for someone to search the entire city for Han Feng, even if it's three feet outside of the city."

        Han Li's consideration was simple, he was afraid that Han 3000 had already arrested Han Feng, this was his only son, as long as he could guarantee Han Feng's safety, so what if he let Han 3000 off the hook for a while?

        Han Yan took a deep breath, and although she was reluctant, she could only say, "Yes, I'll send someone right away."

        At home, after Chi Yi Yun helped Han Giang to sit down on the sofa, she went to the door and looked to make sure that Han Li and the others had already taken the elevator downstairs before she went to Han Giang again.

        "Why didn't you expose Han Yan?" Chi Yi Yun was puzzled.

        Han Qianqiang gritted his teeth and said, "That video has greater value, and if I take it out at this time, I won't get any benefit except for letting Han Yan eat her own."

        "You still want to get a benefit out of this matter? Do you know that Han Yan is trying to frame you, and if Han Li really believes her words, you might not even have the time to prove yourself." Chi Yiyun looked agitated, she really couldn't understand what was going on in Han Qianli's head.

        "Benefits?" Han Qianli laughed and continued, "There are benefits you can't imagine, not only will it solve Cloud City's troubles, but it will also solve the troubles of the Mi Qi family."

        Qi Yiyun frowned, since Han Qianli said that, he must already have some sort of plan, and asked, "What's your idea again?"

        "Han Yan can kill her brother for the position of family head, do you think she'll kill her own father?" Han Qianqian sneered.

        Qi Yiyun's pupils shook like an earthquake, then she looked at Han Qianli with a frightened face.

        Han Qianli continued, "If Han Li knew that she had killed Han Feng, she would have nothing, and with her character, she definitely wouldn't want such an ending, right?"

        Chi Yi Yun's mouth was dry, she thought she was ruthless enough, but now it seemed like she was still small compared to Han Qianqian.

        What was madness?

        At this moment, Han Yan perfectly interpreted these two words.

        "You ...... you're not kidding, Han Yan would really kill Han Li?" Chia-Yun said unbelievably.

        "Will it, we'll see, I'm sure she won't disappoint me." Han Giangli sneered.

Chapter 475

Han Yan made a superficial effort to not be suspected by Han Li, spending a lot of money to find manpower to carry out a city-wide sweep of Cloud City, acting like she wouldn't stop until Han Feng was found out, and even Mo Yang's men were found.

        When Mo Yang found out about this, he immediately informed Han Qianqian and asked Han Qianqian what arrangements needed to be made, and with a word from him, the sweep of Cloud City could end immediately.

        But to Mo Yang's surprise, Han 3000 didn't even stop this matter, but instead asked him to send more manpower, which made Mo Yang very puzzled.

        "Three thousand, is it hard for you to shake hands with Han Yan?" Mo Yang was confused over the phone.

        "This woman and I, how can we shake hands and make peace, but this play has to be good enough for her," Han Giangli said.

        Acting out the scene?

        Mo Yang didn't know what medicine Han Qianqian was selling, but since Han Qianqian wanted him to do this, he would have to do what Han Qianqian wanted him to do.

        "Alright, I can't guess with this brain of yours, but in the end, you'll have to give me an explanation to satisfy my curiosity." Mo Yang said.

        "Alright, I can tell you anything you want to know after this matter settles down."

        Hanging up the phone, the smile on Han Qianli's face gave Qi Yiyun a creepy feeling, at this moment, Han Qianli seemed to have turned into a demon, if Qi Yiyun wasn't familiar enough with him, she definitely wouldn't have the guts to face Han Qianli in this state.

        "What are you staring at me for, is it handsome?" Han Giangli found Chi Yi Yun looking at her without blinking and asked with a smile.

        "Do you have any doubts about being handsome on this point?" Qi Yiyun retorted, as if she had never questioned Han Qianli's looks.

        Han Qianli smiled helplessly, is this a lover's eyes out of the West?

        On the question of Chi Yi Yun liking him, Han 3,000 had always been very curious as to what kind of journey she was on, from wanting to use him in the beginning to wanting to get him.

        But this doubt, Han 3000 could only hide it in his heart for the rest of his life, he didn't want to discuss this aspect of his feelings with Qi Yiyun.

        "Aren't you curious as to why I like you?" Han Giangli didn't ask, but Qi Yiyun took the initiative to bring it up.

        Han Qianli shook his head, stood up and said, "There's nothing to be curious about, you like me and I don't like you, so why should I be curious?"

        This direct answer made Chi Yi Yun almost vomit blood, couldn't he be half tactful in the face of a great beauty's pursuit? If it were any other man, even if he didn't dare to accept it, he would at least maintain an ambiguous relationship, but Han Giangli refused very thoroughly and repeatedly.

        "What are you going to do next?" Chi Yi Yun asked.

        Han Giang stretched his back and moved his muscles and bones, but he hadn't suffered much from that bump before.

        "I'm afraid that expert by Han Li's side isn't even a match for Grandpa Yan, so for me to deal with Han Li is simply an impossible task, the only person who can harm Han Li is Han Yan, it's just that Han Yan is still lacking a guide." Han Giangli said with a smile.

        "I've heard my father mention that this man is the strongest expert in the Han family, and he likes to participate in various tournaments and has never lost a battle." Chi Yi Yun said.

        "Already strong to this extent, he even likes to fight in tournaments, he looks like a militant." Han Giangli smiled, facing this kind of strong man, he couldn't even rise to the desire to fight back, the best thing to do was to not make direct contact with him.

        "So you have to consider, even if you use Han Yan to kill Han Li, will you be able to survive in his hands?" Chi Yi Yun said with a serious expression.

        "This is indeed a problem, but there's no point in considering this until Han Li is dead, rest up, I have to meet with Han Yan in the morning." After saying that, Han Qianli returned to her room.

        Sleeping these two nights, Han 3000 would often have a very strange nightmare and would often wake up in the middle of the night with a headache, the pain was as if someone had knocked his head open hard, but after waking up, the pain would gradually disappear as if nothing had happened.

        The next morning, Qi Yi Yun got up very early to make breakfast for Han Giang, as she noticed that Han Giang hadn't gone for a morning jog in the past two days and seemed to be lacking in rest.

        "Why is your face so ugly?" When Han Giangli came out of the room, Chi Yiyun asked.

        Han 3,000 shook his head and said, "It's nothing, I'm probably too worried about Han Li."

        This was the only explanation Han Giangli could find for himself to think about.

        Chi Yi Yun nodded her head in understanding and said, "Have some porridge, and if you're really uncomfortable, you can rest at home today."

        After Han Qianli went to the bathroom and washed up, before eating, he took out his phone and dialed Han Yan's number.

        "Han Three Thousand, have you come to beg for forgiveness?" Han Yan had just gotten up as well, before Han Li came, she'd been lazy until noon every day, but now she had to be more aggressive about finding Han Feng, so she had to force herself to get up early.

        "Han Yan, are you free today, I'd like to meet with you." Han 3000 said.

        Han Yan laughed contemptuously and said, "You want to meet with me, but why don't you ask me if I want to meet with you? It's a very difficult thing for me to be near trash like you, and don't you know you already stink?"

        "What's the point of boasting, I have no problem if you want to treat me like trash, but there's a very interesting video in the trash pile, and if Han Li sees this video, you'll be in danger," Han 3000 said.

        Han Yan frowned.

        A video? What kind of content would it be.

        Han Yan didn't think she had any leverage over Han 3000.

        "Don't scare me, I, Han Yan, won't be threatened by trash like you." Han Yan said in a cold voice.

        "Is that so?" Han Qianli paused for a moment and said, "Meet me at the Flowing Cloud Cafe on Zitong Street today, I'll wait for you until eleven, if you don't come, I'll just give this video to Han Li, you can see for yourself."

        After saying that, Han Qianli hung up the phone.

        The face of Han Yan on the other end of the phone was as heavy as water, although she didn't think that Han Qianli's so-called video really existed, but out of a guilty conscience, if she didn't go to meet with Han Qianli, she wouldn't be able to feel at ease.

        After Han Yan sought out Deiyang and told her about it, Deiyang's brows furrowed.

        "Miss, will he intentionally scare you?" Diyang suspected that he and Han Yan were doing a very secretive job on this matter of Han Feng, and it was absolutely impossible for anyone to notice, and the video talk was nonsense.

        "Do you think I should go?" Han Yan asked.

        "Miss, although it's very likely that he's playing tricks, I think you should go there just to be on the safe side." Di Yang said, regardless of whether or not Han Qianqiang had something truly threatening in his hands, going to take a look would never be a bad thing.

        Han Yan nodded and said, "Alright, I'll go and meet this trash and see what tricks he can play."

        Zitong Street, this place was quite familiar to Han 3000, when the Han family was looking for him, he was on Zitong Street picking out a birthday gift for the Su family's old lady, it was here that he told those servants of the Han family that he just wanted to be a trash in peace, but unfortunately, he was a really unquiet trash and was getting further and further down the trash road.

        "Hey." Thinking of the past, Han Giangiang couldn't help but sigh, there were times when he missed the old days when he didn't have to worry about almost anything.

        Of course, nostalgia didn't mean yearning, the Han 3000 of today carried more responsibilities, and he knew very well that only by becoming stronger would he be qualified to fight those responsibilities and solve those troubles.

        Walking into the Flowing Cloud CafĂ©, a young girl in a maid's outfit greeted him and asked very politely, "Sir, may I ask if you're alone?"

        "There's another friend who should be here soon." Han Giangli said indifferently, this cafe had often passed by before but had never been here before, and the reason why it suddenly came to mind this time was also because the waitresses here were a special feature, their maid outfits were too impressive.

Chapter 476

"May I ask if you need a window seat or a more private location?" The waiter asked.

        "A bit private, I guess." Han Giangli said, his meeting with Han Yan couldn't be too high-profile, and if Han Li knew about it, it would be a problem for Han Yan.

        From Han Giang's point of view, the partnership between him and Han Yan would become even deeper after today's meeting, so he had to consider Han Yan in these aspects as well.

        "Please follow me." The waiter led Han Three Thousand to a booth that was situated against the back of the room.

        Han 3,000 ordered a cup of American coffee and looked at the time, he and Han Yan agreed on eleven o'clock, with this woman's arrogant temperament, she should have come at the exact time, so Han 3,000 wasn't in a hurry.

        Enjoying the coffee leisurely, although it wasn't Han Three Thousand's hobby, but it was quite nice to taste the bitterness occasionally.

        Not long after, Han 3,000 heard a fierce noise, as if a customer was dissatisfied with the service and quarreled with the waiter.

        But the situation got worse and worse, and the cursing became louder and louder, and a woman's crying voice was heard, making Han San San San couldn't help but wonder what was going on.

        As soon as he sat up to see what the state of affairs was, Han Three Thousand was scolded by a person with yellow hair, "What are you looking at, don't be f**king nosy, or you won't know what's going on when you enter the hospital."

        Han Three thousand helplessly smiled, the youngsters nowadays can be really hot tempered ah, and when they disagree, they threaten people viciously, I don't know who gave them the guts.

        Just as Han three thousand was about to sit down, the weeping waiter cast a look of distress at him.

        It was the same waitress who had just received Han Three Thousand, and she was so good that even Han Three Thousand couldn't find anything to pick on, so it was clear that she was being deliberately embarrassed.

        Sighing Han 3000 walked over towards the waitress, his nature was such that he always wanted to fill a shovel in the road.

        "What's going on?" Han Giangli walked up to the waiter whose eyes were red and swollen and asked.

        "F**k you, didn't you hear what I just said, telling you to mind your own business." Seeing Han three thousand intervene, the young man with dyed yellow hair angrily got up and walked towards Han three thousand.

        Without even looking at him, Han Qianli continued to ask, "Tell me, I might be able to help you."

        "He ...... took a sneak peek of my skirt with his phone, and I tried to get him to delete it, but I didn't expect him to bite me back, saying that I had spilled coffee on him." The waitress said weakly.

        When Yellow Hair heard this, he became even more arrogant and pointed at his clothes, saying, "Didn't you spill it on me, is it still me?"

        "It was you yourself, you deliberately framed me." The waitress was so angry that she once again left tears of frustration.

        Han Qianqian smiled coldly, what kind of culture is this for young people nowadays, actually doing such shameless things, with Qingyun there was simply a fight.

        Just as Han 3,000 turned to reason with Huang Mao, Huang Mao was already pulling at Han 3,000's collar with a hideous face.

        "Buddy, the consequences of not listening to advice are tragic, if you want to meddle in meddling, you have to weigh your own abilities before you can do so, don't follow blind participation in everything, can you bear the consequences?" Yellow Hair threatened.

        "If you don't let go of me, I'm afraid the consequences will be too much for you to bear." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        Yellow Hair laughed and turned to the few companions behind him and said, "This idiot actually threatened me, he doesn't know who I am, does he?"

        A few companions laughed contemptuously at the words, as if they had an unusual status in Cloud City, so they didn't even care about Han Third Thousand.

        Huang Mao turned his head abruptly and said to Han Qianqian, "I'm ......"

        Before the words were spoken, Han Giangli backhandedly clasped Huang Mao's wrist, captured him in a move, and kicked Huang Mao's buttocks.

        The unsteady Yellow Hair fell straight to the ground, landing on his face.

        Several of his companions saw the situation, and they all stood up viciously.

        "F**k, how dare you hit him."

        "Dude, you're looking for your own death, let your family prepare a coffin."

        "Go on, show this idiot what we're made of."

        A few people swarmed on top of each other with such ferocity that the waiters in the store were all scared, even the waiter beside Han Qianli took a step back in fear.

        However, their momentum was completely inversely proportional to their skills, and one of them was screaming more than anyone else, but to say that they were all softballs.

        Several people didn't even recover from what happened when they were beaten down on the ground by Han Qianli.

        How could so many people be beaten down by him alone?

        Those waiters looked at Han Qianqian in amazement, expecting him to get a good beating, but so many people were no match for him!


        It's fierce!

        "Is that what you guys are good at? I saw it, so what?" Han Qianli smiled faintly, this kind of soft-footed shrimp fight is really meaningless, but come to think of it, he can just bully and humiliate these little guys, if it was that expert beside Han Li, the one to get down would be him.

        "You ...... "Yellow Hair gritted his teeth as he looked at Han Qianli and said, "Do you know who I am? If you dare to hit me, I believe I want you to vanish from the face of the earth!"

        "At a young age, who gave you the nerve to let people disappear on earth at every turn?" Han Qianli stepped forward and lifted Huang Mao in the air.

        Even though Yellow Mao had been beaten, there was no fear in his eyes, as if he had a strong backing and was certain that he had a chance for revenge.

        "Idiot, will you try to move me again?" Huang Mao sneered.

        Han Giangli punched Yellow Hair in the face without hesitation, causing Yellow Hair to cry out in pain.

        "Want to try again?" Han Giangli asked.

        Huang Mao was horrified, wasn't this guy really afraid of his revenge? Really dared to do that to him.

        Before answering, Han Giangli punched out again.

        Yellow Hair cried out, this was meeting some kind of psychosis.

        "I don't think it's enough, I can try again." Han Giangli smiled faintly and shook his fist again.

        Yellow Hair didn't have time to beg for mercy and had already received another punch.

        This scene dumbfounded his companion and the waiter.

        Although Huang Mao had acted arrogant and domineering just now, the Han 3000 at this moment was clearly even more overbearing!

        "I could keep trying, but I don't know if you can afford it." After three punches in a row, Han Giangli asked Huang Mao.

        Huang Mao shook his head and begged for mercy, all his pride was gone with the three punches.

        "I'm sorry, I was wrong, don't try again, please." Huang Mao cried out, he never thought that Han Qianli wouldn't eat threats, much less that Han Qianli would be strong to such an extent.

        As the saying goes, a good man doesn't eat immediate loss, Huang Mao could only comfort himself in his heart, waiting to take revenge after escaping this disaster, admitting defeat now, didn't count as admitting defeat.

        "Wrong? I don't think you've realized your mistake yet, you still have revenge on your mind, don't you?" Han Giangli smiled faintly and struck a knee, once again causing Yellow Hair to scream in pain.

        Those companions were numb, what kind of ruthless character was this, it didn't even matter if they begged for mercy.

        Yellow Hair was so remorseful that his intestines were blue, had known that he shouldn't have messed with this guy, even if he was able to take revenge afterwards, but no one could admit for him all the pain he had suffered.

        "Dude, I'm sorry sorry, I really know I was wrong, don't worry, I won't take revenge, I definitely won't take revenge." Huang Mao said.

        "Take out the phone." Han Giangli said.

        Huang Mao quickly pulled out his phone and handed it to Han Three Thousand.

        After releasing Huang Mao, Han Three Thousand walked over to the waiter and said, "You can see if there's anything wrong."

        The waitress looked at Han Qianli in dismay, not daring to reach out, although Han Qianli was helping her, but the ruthless side of him had made her a little afraid of Han Qianli as well.

        Han Qianli smiled helplessly and continued, "Don't worry, I won't hurt you, take a quick look, if the video goes out, it will ruin your innocence."

        Hearing this, the waiter hurriedly took over the phone.

        In order to avoid suspicion, Han Qianli turned around, but with this one simple turning movement, it scared Yellow Hair and a few of his companions, and it seemed that they had developed a very strong psychological shadow over Han Qianli.


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