His True Colors Chapter 471-473


Chapter 471

"Why are you back again!" After Han Giangli was startled, he stood up and asked Chi Yiyun.

        "I'm tired of shopping, do I sleep on the street if I don't go home?" Chi Yi Yun acted as if it was a matter of course, dragging her luggage back to her room.

        Han Giangli stood helplessly in the doorway, watching as Qi Yiyun hung one piece of clothing after another back in the closet.

        "Do you know what kind of situation I'm in? Staying by my side will only make you more dangerous." Han Giangli said.

        Chi Yiyun looked like she was fine with it and said, "I know it's impossible to be with you in this life and you won't like me, but wouldn't it be nice if I could die with you? Maybe in the next life, we can reincarnate together and will meet again, and in the next life without Su Yingxia, I'll try to make you fall in love with me."

        Han Qianli cried and laughed at this statement, he was an atheist and never believed that there was such a thing as a next life.

        In one life, if you couldn't find a way to live better and longer, what was the point of even having a next life?

        And it was even more foolish to pin your hopes on the ridiculous idea of a next life.

        "I'll follow you wherever you go, so it doesn't matter if you want to leave." Chi Yi Yun continued, acting as if she was following Han Giang's tough attitude.

        Han Giangli sighed, thinking that the two of them would be able to draw a clear line after Qi Yiyun left, but he didn't expect things to suddenly turn around and Qi Yiyun to return.

        It was still somewhat unbearable for Han 3,000 to drive Chi Yi Yun away again, even though he wouldn't like Chi Yi Yun and nothing would come of it, but she was a woman and had already stayed without any regard for her face, so how could Han 3,000 drive her away again?

        "Not afraid to die?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "Afraid, afraid of not being able to die with you." Chi Yi Yun looked at Han Qianqian with sincere eyes, not fearing death in the slightest.

        "Where I'm good, I change." Han Qianqian smiled bitterly.

        "Can't change it, no matter how, I'll still like you." Chi Yi Yun said firmly, this wasn't the first time she had confessed, but it was definitely the most straightforward one.

        After putting her own luggage away, Chi Yi Yun went back to the kitchen and started cooking for Han Giang as usual.

        Han Giangli returned to his room and lay on his bed, if there was a next life, he might be willing to make up for what he owed to Chi Yi Yun in this life, but how could such a thing exist?

        Han Qianqian suddenly sat up, the last time he got that strange thing in Yanjing, he brought it back to Cloud City, he always wanted to study what kind of mechanism was inside to low, but so long ago there was no time, just now Chi Yiyun reincarnation's statement made him suddenly think of this matter.

        Taking out the box placed on the bedside table, the broken skull was very much like an imitation, but it felt very real, there were many cracked fine lines on it, but it didn't really crack the skull open.

        The skull was very small and thin, and to place a mechanism inside it was obviously not very revealing, but how to explain the strange situation seen that day?

        "Since it's incomplete, could the others have other parts?" Han Giangli frowned to himself.

        Quickly, Han 3,000 waved his head again, this was originally something that was artificially made to be a mystery, so how could there be other parts?

        Looking at his finger, Han 3000 cut a small wound in order to figure out how the skull's mechanism worked, dripping a drop of blood onto the skull.

        The skull crack glowed with a faint red light and very clearly absorbed the dripping blood, and soon the blood disappeared without a trace.

        "This thing is made to be a bit of a bluff, no wonder those believers are convinced of it." Han Giangli said with a sigh, if he wasn't an atheist, he would have been fooled by this as well, but he was convinced that there were no ghosts or gods in the world, so the skull was just a prop in his eyes, he just couldn't find out how its mechanism actually worked yet.

        "Looks like we'll have to find a relevant talent to study it." After Han Marchian put away the skull, he prepared to find a high-tech talent later, this matter would remain a lump for the rest of his life if he didn't figure it out and unlock the curiosity in his heart.

        After closing her eyes for a while, Qi Yiyun came knocking on the door to call Han 3,000 for dinner.

        This was the benefit of Qi Yi Yun staying at home, Han 3,000 was able to have plenty of food and clothing without having to do it himself, and he didn't have to worry about what to eat every day, Qi Yi Yun would help him prepare it properly.

        From this point of view, it was still valuable for Qi Yiyun to stay.

        During the course of the meal, Han 3,000 received a call from Mo Yang.

        "Three thousand, that friend of yours, he really can't change his dog, I heard that he's in the bureau again, this time it's because of a woman, do you want to go check it out?" Mo Yang is very helpless, today's society, play with women in millions of ways, but Qingyun biased sword to flirt with the good family, which have entered the palace several times also do not know repentance.

        Han 3,000 hadn't paid attention to Qing Yun's dynamics for a long time, because his fox tail was hidden very deep, Han 3,000 simply let him go and let time prove itself slowly, but Han 3,000 never expected that it had been so many times Qing Yun hadn't learned enough lessons!

        "I'm still eating, I'll go check it out later." Han Giangli said.

        After hanging up the phone, Chi Yi Yun asked, "Something happened?"

        "A little thing, a friend went into the Bureau for harassing a woman again." Han 3000 said.

        "Again?" Chi Yi Yun frowned and said, "It seems that your friend is quite stubborn."

        Han Giangli was stunned, and Qingyun was indeed quite stubborn on this matter.

        "I guess so."

        After dinner, Han 3,000 left home and drove towards the precinct where Qing Yun was.

        For Qing Yun, who already had a pile of cases on his record, he was already a regular at the bureau, and many people at the bureau were even very familiar with him.

        Squatting in the temporary guardhouse, Qing Yun looked like he was in pain.

        In fact, after the last time, Qing Yun had learned his lesson, and would not just go to harass women, but today, in the fairy jump, it is really impossible to prevent, the other side forced him to take money, the bag is cleaner than his face, he can only watch the other side to call the police.

        "What is this special fetish of yours, how many times have you come in, don't you have any idea, do you really want to sit in jail for a few years before you're willing?" Han Marchan arrived at the guardhouse and said helplessly after seeing Qing Yun.

        "Boss." Qing Yun told his grievance with a snotty nose and tears, "This isn't my fault ah, I was willing with her, but who knew, not long after entering the room, a group of men rushed in, and also said that I played with his wife and asked me to pay, you say how wrong I have to be."

        "If you were more restrained, could you fall for such a trap?" Han Giangli said helplessly.

        Qing Yun cried with a mixture of tears and snot, and the aggravation made the other few offenders feel suffocated for him.

        But Han Three Thousand Years knew that this guy was acting like an actor, whether things were as he said or not remained to be considered.

        "You should stay here for a few days and reflect on yourself," Han Three Thousand said.

        "Don't, Boss, get me out of here, I don't want to waste my time here, I still want to serve you." Qing Yun said eagerly.

        "What kind of place do you think this is, where you can just come and go as you please? I'm not that great." Han Qianli said disdainfully, with his ability, he could help Qing Yun leave, but there's no need for that, if this guy doesn't learn his lesson, he'll be a regular at the bureau, Han Qianli doesn't want to waste his energy on these pointless things.

        "Boss, help me, I won't dare to do it again, from now on, I'll follow you every day, I'll never go messing around, okay, please believe me." Qing Yun cried out in pain.

        Han Giangli's eyebrows furrowed, this guy mentioned wanting to stay by his side twice in two sentences, this explicit purpose was very clear.

        Could it be that what he was doing wasn't lustful, but a deliberate attempt to get his attention?

        During this time, he kept a distance from Qing Yun, and if Qing Yun had some sort of purpose, it would not be good for him to create such a distance.

        So it wasn't impossible for him to try to get close to him.

Chapter 472

Looking at Qing Yun, who was dressed in guardhouse attire, Han 3,000 pondered for a moment and said, "Wait."

        Leaving the detention room, Han 3,000 made a phone call to Mo Yang, and in a short while, a middle-aged man approached Han 3,000 with a respectful attitude.

        "May I ask if this is Mr. Han?" The middle-aged man asked Han Qianqian, he had just received a call from Mo Yang, Mo Yang signaled that he wanted to meet any of Han Qianqian's requests, he wouldn't dare to be lenient in treating such a big man.

        "Hello, I would like to take a look at Qing Yun's personal belongings, is that alright?" Han Giangli didn't put himself on a high pedestal, he had never been one to use his status to bully others, and he was even less likely to pretend now that he had a need for help.

        "No problem, please follow me." The middle-aged man said.

        Arriving at a storage room, where all the detainees' personal belongings were kept, contained in transparent pockets with labels attached to each pocket, the middle-aged man handed them to Han Qianqian after finding what belonged to Qing Yun.

        "Mr. Han, this is Qing Yun's, I'll be at the door, if you need anything, feel free to call me." The middle-aged man said, this was not a place where outsiders could come, yet he left an outsider like Han Qianli alone, it was enough to see how much he valued Han Qianli.

        "Thank you." Han Three Thousand said politely.

        After the middle-aged man left, Han Three Thousand took out everything that belonged to Qing Yun.

        There wasn't much to look at in clothing, but Han 3000 mainly wanted to see if there were any clues about his identity among his personal belongings, or anything that could expose Qing Yun's goals.

        A seemingly valuable jade stone caught Han 3,000's attention, but unfortunately, this item didn't bring too many clues for Han 3,000.

        There was also a black square box, the size of a matchbox, but Han Qianqian couldn't open it after tinkering with it for half a day. The small box had a very elaborate switch mechanism, which only someone familiar with this mechanism could open.

        Han 3,000 guessed that there should be a secret about Qingyun's identity or his purpose in this box, but unfortunately it was impossible to crack it in a short time.

        Pocketing the box in his own pocket, Han 3,000 walked out of the storage room and said to the middle-aged man, "Thank you."

        "If Mr. Han has any other needs, feel free to ask, I'll do it for you." The middle-aged man said.

        "Will I be able to take Qing Yun with me?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "Of course there's no problem, we've ascertained that he was blackmailed by a group of repeat offenders and can leave at any time." The middle-aged man said.

        Outside the bureau, when Qing Yun came out, he was clearly embarrassed.

        The black box he had always carried close to him and had never lost it, as it was something very important given to him by his master, and it was said that the secrets hidden in the contents could bring great energy to people.

        Although Qing Yun didn't believe these words, it was his master's relic after all, so Qing Yun had kept it very well, but now the box was missing.

        "Looking for it?" At this moment, Han Qianqian, who had been waiting outside the bureau, stretched out his right hand, and between his index and middle fingers was exactly what Qing Yun was looking for.

        Seeing the box, Qing Yun's first reaction was to go forward and grab it, but he had never exposed his strength in front of Han Giang, and once he did so easily, he was bound to be noticed by Han Giang.

        "Boss, why is this in your hands." Qing Yun licked his smile and walked over to Han Qianqian and said.

        "What's hidden in this?" Han Qianli faintly said.

        "Hehe, some trinkets, boss, give them back to me." Qing Yun said.

        "Teach me how to open it, and I'll give it back to you." Han Qianli said.

        "Boss, would you believe me if I said I couldn't open it either?" Qing Yun was embarrassed.

        "What do you think?" Han Giangli raised his eyebrows, of course he wouldn't believe this kind of bullshit, but he couldn't open his own stuff, wasn't that a lie?

        With a bitter face, Qing Yun said sincerely, "Boss, I'll tell you the truth, I found this thing and never opened it, and the reason I kept it was because I felt curious."

        "Oh." Han Qianli nodded his head meaningfully and said, "Since it's a find, think of it as a gift to me."

        After saying that, Han Qianli put away the box.

        A hint of killing intent flashed in Qing Yun's eyes, such an important item, Han Qianli had confiscated it for him!

        "Boss, this stuff isn't worth much, what are you doing here, let me have it." Qing Yun said.

        "You pay so much attention to the things you find, it looks like it contains something unusual, if you want to take it back, then come and grab it." Han Giangli said indifferently.

        Qing Yun held back from making a move because not only would he expose himself, but he wouldn't necessarily be Han Three Thousand's opponent.

        Taking a deep breath, Qing Yun said, "Boss, actually, this is a relic left to me by my master, what's inside, I really don't know, I've never opened it."

        "Your master? Is it also a beckoning Taoist priest." Han Third Thousand asked, he was very sensitive to the identity of the Taoist priest, because if it wasn't for some nonsense from that old Taoist priest back then, his childhood in the Han family wouldn't have changed drastically.

        Han Qianqiang had investigated hard on this matter, only to find no clues in the end, nor did he know who that Daoist priest was and who he had teamed up with.

        Qing Yun shook his head repeatedly and said, "My master but has real skills, unlike me."

        A thought flashed through Han Giangli's mind for a moment, could Qing Yun's master be the person who appeared in the Han Clan back then? But the chances of such a coincidence happening didn't seem high.

        But upon careful consideration, there was indeed such a possibility, as Qing Yun followed him for no reason, something that Han Qianqian was still unable to explain.

        If Master Qing Yun was the same person he was back then, then his purpose for following him might be clear.

        The Han family had a potential rival, and Shi Jing had said that the Taoist priest was sent by the rival, which meant that the Taoist priest had deliberately harmed Han 3000, and now that Qing Yun had appeared, his purpose was most likely to continue causing trouble for Han 3000.

        When Qingyun gradually felt Han Qianqian's eyes filled with killing intent, he couldn't help but take two steps back, for so long, Qingyun had concealed his identity without revealing the slightest flaw, so he didn't understand where Han Qianqian's killing intent came from.

        Could it be that he had accidentally exposed something?

        "Boss, I'm hungry, why don't we find somewhere to eat?" Qing Yun changed the subject.

        Han Giangli stretched out his hand abruptly, that Daoist priest accounted for most of the reason for his rough years, so when he guessed that Daoist priest had something to do with Qing Yun, he couldn't quite control his temper.

        Deadly strangling Qing Yun's neck until Qing Yun's lips turned purple, Han 3000 said, "Who is your master, and who did he work with back then?"

        Qing Yun put his hands on Han Marchant and tried to break free, but he was no match for Han Marchant at the strength level.

        "Old ...... Boss, I don't know what you're talking about." Qing Yun said.

        Han 3,000 gritted his teeth and actually raised Qing Yun up with one hand, in a state of rage, exploding with incredible strength, even passersby were horrified at the sight, thinking that Han 3,000 must be crazy to do such a thing in front of the bureau!

        Qing Yun stirred his legs and kept struggling, it was only when his struggles became smaller and his eyes were turning white that Han Giangli shook off Qing Yun.

        "I know your purpose for following me isn't pure, I won't break you down for so long, I just want to see what you're up to, Qing Yun, this is my first and last warning to you, if you dare to do anything, I'll never be lenient, since your master is dead, I won't bother about what happened before, so behave yourself." After saying that, Han Qianli turned around and left.

        Qing Yun breathed heavily, the fresh air pulling him back from the brink of death, and his eyes turned cold as he watched Han Qianqian's back fade away.

        He had followed Han Qianxiang in the hope of killing him one day, but there was a considerable difference in strength between him and Han Qianxiang, and as of now, killing Han Qianxiang was nothing more than an extravagant hope.

        "Master, this guy is not easy to deal with, I might have to fail your expectations." Qing Yun said to himself.

Chapter 473

Back at home, Han Giang took the box out again and studied it for a long time, but there was no openable mechanism on the surface, as if it was sealed, and the only way to know what was inside seemed to be to open it with violence.

        But this way, and the possibility of destroying what was inside, made Han Giangli unwilling to try it easily.

        Sitting on the bed in a daze, Han 3000 did not kill Qing Yun, which was considered giving him a way out, and being able to withhold this killing intent showed that Han 3000 had very good control over his temper.

        Because if it wasn't for the Taoist priest's nonsense back then, his fate might not have turned out like this.

        Although Han Three Thousand's achievements today were no less than those of the Yanjing Han family, it was all based on a painful childhood, and if he had a choice, Han Three Thousand wanted his childhood to be pleasant even more.

        Touching the necklace on her neck, back then it was because of her grandfather's disappearance that the Han family had undergone drastic changes.

        In Han Three Thousand's heart, Han Tianyang was the only one who considered him as a member of the Han family, if Han Tianyang hadn't died, he would have definitely done everything he could to find him, but unfortunately the gopher had gone to the Geocentric Prison for such a long time but hadn't sent back any news at all.

        "Do I have to go there myself?" Han Giangli said to himself, the idea was very crazy and there was a possibility that he would pay a price that he couldn't imagine, after all, no one had been able to uncover the mystery of the Earth's Core Prison so far, once he went there, it would be the biggest unknown if he would be able to come out.

        "After resolving the matter in Cloud City so that Ying Xia can be free of worries, if there's no news back yet, go there and make sure to find out what happened to grandpa." Han Qianqiang clenched his fists, even if his life would be in danger over this, he would not back down.

        At the Peninsula Hotel, while Han Yan and Han Li were having dinner together, the men sent to find out about Han Feng's news appeared in front of the two in due time.

        "Miss Han, there's news that Young Master Han has bought an elevator apartment house in Cloud City, and it's in a very strange location, next door to Han Qianqian." The subordinate said to Han Yan.

        This was a play that Han Yan had already arranged, but she still showed some surprise and said, "Are you saying that Han Feng and Han 3000 have become neighbors?"


        Han Yan frowned and said to Han Li, "Dad, what's the situation, why did Han Feng do that?"

        Han Li also had a puzzled look on his face, he wanted to deal with Han Qianli, why would he deliberately buy the house next door to Han Qianli? Did the silly boy misinterpret the phrase "near the water to the moon"?

        "Could there be another reason?" Han Li asked.

        Han Yan shook her head and said, "I don't know anything about what he did in Cloud City, so ......"

        Before the words were finished, Di Yang on the side interjected, "Miss, Master, I happened to see Chi Yi Yun once in Cloud City, could it be because of this woman that Young Master did this?"

        "Chi Evian?" Han Yan frowned tightly and asked, "Do you mean the Chinese District Chi family, that Chi Yi Yun?"

        "Yes, Young Master used to like this woman very much, could it be that this time when we met in Cloud City, Young Master has moved again?" Earth Central speculated.

        Han Li smiled coldly and said, "Qi Donglin is now in trouble himself, I didn't think he would let Qi Yiyun come to Cloud City, this is to hook up with Han Feng, wanting my Han family to help him tide over his difficulties ah."

        Han Li didn't know that Qi Yiyun had already returned to Cloud City, and even less clear that this was all a trap Han Yan had set for Han Feng, but the trap hadn't been used yet, and Han Yan had reached the point where she had to kill Han Feng.

        "Dad, Han Feng and Han Qianli have become neighbors, will there be any accidents?" Han Yan said with a worried face.

        A cold expression immediately appeared on Han Li's face, having been unable to contact Han Feng, this situation was indeed very strange.

        "He dares!" Han Li stood up and said in a strong voice, "If this trash dares to lay a finger on Han Feng, I want him to die without a burial place."

        "Let's go to Han Feng's place of residence."

        The group of people left the Peninsula Hotel and headed towards the elevator apartment.

        Mi Fei'er and Yang Meng both went home overtime and were walking downstairs to the unit when they saw the three of them, and to the two of them, Han Li had a remarkable temperament and was at first glance a person in the upper echelon, Mi Fei'er in particular had a particularly strong feeling about this, as she had attended many high-class banquet venues and seen many big names in high positions, and such people generally carried a powerful aura, from the inside out, without anger.

        "Sister Fei'er, do these people also live in the same unit as us, how come we haven't seen them before." Yang Meng said in confusion.

        Mi Fei'er shook her head, Han Li's aura was stronger than all the big names she had ever seen, which meant that this person's identity must not be simple, how could he live here?

        "Your eyes can go to the hospital, how could someone like that live in a place like this, but we can see what they're up to and get going."

        When Han Li and the three of them entered the elevator and were about to close it, Mi Fei'er reached out her hand to block it.

        The elevator doors opened again, and Mi Feier and Yang Meng were about to get on the elevator when the Earth Central stepped forward and directly blocked the elevator door, the meaning was very clear.

        Mi Fei'er cringed in fear, not daring to go any further, and could only watch the elevator door close.

        "Sister Feier, this person is too overbearing, not even letting us get on the elevator." Yang Meng said with a dissatisfied face.

        Mi Fei'er sighed, this person was even more domineering than she had imagined.

        "It's fine to be able to do whatever you want when you're rich." Miffy said.

        Yang Meng shook her head repeatedly and said, "I won't, even if I'm rich, I'll still be approachable."

        Mi Feier smiled helplessly, with Yang Meng's pattern, she would definitely not be able to understand the mentality of such rich and powerful people, but Mi Feier knew very well that with money and power, wasn't it to be different from the others? Why do those who don't want to go for success?

        When the elevator stopped, the floor displayed shocked Yang Meng.

        "Sister Feier, isn't this the floor we live on, he ...... is not our new neighbor, right?" Yang Meng asked in dismay.

        Miffy frowned tightly, these days she had been looking forward to meeting her new neighbor, as she mistakenly thought that this neighbor had bought the house next door because of her, and thought that such a crazy suitor would give her a chance to fly off the handle, but the reality, it seemed, had slapped her hard in the face.

        "It's none of our business," Miffy said indifferently, her attitude towards her new neighbor noticeably colder.

        Yang Meng didn't say anything, she also knew that Mi Fei'er had high expectations on this matter, and now that such a fact was in front of Mi Fei'er, it would definitely be hard for her to accept it.

        Upstairs, Han Yan waited quietly after ringing the doorbell that was destined not to have any echoes.

        After waiting for less than a minute, Han Yan's patience had been exhausted and said to Dei Zhong, "Break the door."

        After leaving no traces of a glance at Han Yan, the Earth Central kicked the door open with a loud bang that could be heard throughout the floor.

        Han Qianqiang and Qi Yiyun were watching TV on the sofa, and the noise made them look at each other.

        "It's Han Feng's house?" Han Giangli frowned and said.

        "Do you want me to go check it out?" Chi Yi Yun said.

        "No need, it should be Han Li who's arrived." Han Giang said with a sunken face, although he didn't know what kind of trick Han Yan was up to, but it was obvious that the woman was acting again, she was trying to hide Han Feng's death.

        On the other side, the home that had been emptied had no signs of having been lived in, and it was clear that Han Feng hadn't actually lived in the place after buying it, which made Han's expression grow colder by the second.

        Not being able to contact Han Feng, and not being able to find anyone in Han Feng's new home, this was most likely a sign that something had gone wrong.

        The only male member of the Han family was Han Feng, but Han Li had pinned all his hopes on Han Feng, and if something happened to him, it would be almost doom for the Han family.

        "Where's Chi Yi Yun, and where's Han Qianli?" Han asked through gritted teeth.

        "Dad, they should be living next door," Han Yan said.

        Without saying a word, Han Li came to the next room, and this time he didn't let Earth Central make a move, but had his personal bodyguard break down the door and enter.

        Again, a loud bang, and it was his turn to go to his own door, when the door was broken open, but Han 3000 was still sitting on the couch in his old age.


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