His True Colors Chapter 470


His True Colors Chapter 470

Han Feng was dead and the call was destined to be unreachable, so when Han Yan frowned, she had begun her act.

        "Dad, the phone's off," Han Yan said.

        Han Li was about to get angry, so Han Yan spoke up for Han Feng, "Dad, don't be angry, go back to the hotel first, I'll find someone to check where he is right away."

        "You, you, you've been speaking for him since he was a child, if you hadn't spoiled him, would he dare to be so arrogant?" Han Li said helplessly.

        Han Yan smiled faintly and said, "This is my only brother, who else can I spoil if I don't spoil him."

        After returning to the hotel, Han Yan pretended to have someone go out and ask for news about Han Feng, while Han Li asked Han Yan about Han 3000.

        This kind of small role was not in Han Li's eyes, and an ant that could be squeezed to death at any time was really not worth Han Li's attention.

        "Dad, you won't let me kill him, I can only deal with him in other ways, but don't worry, now that I have control over half of Cloud City's business community, Han 3000 has no way to live, just give me some more time and he'll definitely find me on his knees and beg for mercy." Han Yan said.

        "I don't kill him because he has Han family blood in his veins after all, although I don't want to admit that this kind of trash is a member of the Han family, but facts are facts, as long as he is willing to change his surname and no longer use the word Han, give him a way out, just take pity on him." Han Li said indifferently, this was his charity for Han Qianli.

        "Dad, you're really overflowing with sympathy, what's there to pity for someone like him." Han Yan said disdainfully.

        Han Li smiled faintly and said, "He didn't resist? Not even a little trouble for you?"

        "There's a city village in Cloud City, originally I wanted to plan to buy the place to rebuild it, but he secretly bought it in secret to increase his company's influence in Cloud City, I guess he's using this to fight back, but he thinks he's smart, I can see it all, so even if he buys the city village, it's just a piece of wasteland that can't be developed, and a big capital smash Going in to be trapped, he couldn't admit defeat even if he didn't want to." Han Yan said.

        Han Li shook his head, the person who pinned all of his hopes on the Yanjing Han family was so useless, he thought that Han 3000 would be able to bring him some surprises, but he didn't expect to be played by Han Yan.

        It seemed that trash was trash, and there was no need to hope for any miracles such people could create.

        "Let Han Feng do this, just think of it as giving him a chance to practice, it's time for your brother to grow up." Han Li said.

        A strong dissatisfaction rose up within Han Yan, she had almost circumvented the whole thing, yet she had to let Han Feng take over, wasn't this the same as spending no effort at all and just taking away her credit?

        "Dad, I already told him all the plans last time, and now I'm waiting to see him perform without interfering," Han Yan said.

        Han Li nodded and looked at Han Yan with a sigh on his face and said, "Dad knows you must have a lot of complaints in your heart, you've been behaving yourself for so many years, and your ability to do so has really impressed me, but I think you should be clear on one thing, the Han family, will eventually fall on Han Feng's shoulders, it's destiny, it's a responsibility he must bear, although you can't become the head of the family, you I won't be blamed for being able to bring other benefits to the Han family, will I?"

        Other interests?

        Han Yan knew that the so-called other benefits were her marrying another gentry and joining forces with others in a strong way by marriage, which meant that her presence was just a way to gather a strong helper for the Han family, and all the benefits would eventually fall on Han Feng's head.

        Could Han Yan not blame Han Li for this? It's just that she doesn't dare to show her blame.

        That was the sadness of being a woman, no matter how outstanding her abilities were, her value would not be reflected in itself, but in what she could bring to the Han family after marrying someone else.

        She, who once regretted killing Han Feng, no longer had the slightest bit of regret for her decision at this moment.

        If Han Feng didn't die, she would just be a tool for the Han family to use.

        "Dad, how could I blame you, don't worry, I know what I'm doing is the right thing," Han Yan said.

        Han Li nodded his head in relief and said, "Tell me when you find Han Feng, I'm going back to my room to rest, I'm not jet-lagged yet, I need to get some sleep."

        After Han Yan sent Han Li back to his room, the moment the door closed, her expression turned icy cold to the core.

        "I've given so many years to the Han family, but in the end, I can't get rid of ending up as a tool! On what grounds, on what grounds do I have to be treated so unfairly." After returning to her room, Han Yan hissed with a hideous face.

        She was unhappy, very unhappy, Han Feng was just a pile of mud, yet he was able to get Han Li to use him heavily, and she, who was proving her abilities all the time, was still a marriage tool in Han Li's eyes.

        "Miss, don't get excited, don't reveal your true feelings because of this matter, or else we'll all be in danger once the master sees it." Earth Central advised Han Yan.

        Han Yan gloomily said, "Do you know how much effort I have put into this, he has several illegitimate children outside, I killed them all, just to not want anyone to pose a threat to my inheritance of the head of the family, now I didn't even spare my own brother, but he still doesn't value me, am I a woman, am I doomed to be fettered by such prejudice? "

        Di Central's eyes glazed over, I'm afraid that even he didn't know about such things as Han Li's illegitimate children, and Han Yan had done so much in secret to put an end to the existence of such a hidden threat, which made Di Central very shocked, it was obvious that the lady in front of him was even more ruthless than he had imagined.

        "I don't know how many other illegitimate children he has outside, but if Han Feng is unwilling to let me inherit the family's headship even if he's dead, and he wants to give the position to an outsider, what am I going to do!" Han Yan paved the way for the position of head of the family, poured her heart and soul into it, and some of the Han Li bastards she killed were definitively related, while others were merely suspicious, but she would rather kill the wrong person than let go.

        But even then, Han Yan wasn't sure if everyone related to Han Li had died out.

        That's why she was now very afraid that a bastard brother would come out of nowhere and take away the position of head of her family that was within her reach.

        The Earth Central heavily exhaled a sigh of bad luck, so it turned out that women could be so terrifying to such a creepy degree.

        "Miss, the trouble we have in front of us is to set aside the young master's death, as for how many illegitimate children the family head has, what's the use of worrying about it now? If the head of the family knew that the young master's death had something to do with you, even if he didn't have a bastard son, the head of the family would never be passed down to you." Earth Central said.

        Hearing these words, Han Yan gradually calmed down.

        "Tomorrow, you'll arrange for good people for me, and while I'm with Dad, your people will come back to inform me of Han Feng's purchase of the house." Han Yan said.

        "Yes." Di Zhong nodded.

        Han 3000 was at his home at the moment.

        After Qi Yiyun left, the house was noticeably less vibrant and deadly, and the expression on Han Three Thousand's face made the atmosphere in the house even more dull.

        After learning of Han Li's series of actions in Yanjing, the anger within Han Qianli's heart could be imagined, but this anger had nowhere to be vented.

        As the head of the Mie Han family, an opponent on this level had been almost unstoppable for Han Three Thousand, he knew this very well, and according to Mo Yang's people's inquiries, there was a bodyguard following Han Li around, Han Three Thousand believed that this bodyguard's strength must be above that of the Earth Central, or else he would not have been qualified to protect Han Li personally.

        A character that was even more powerful than the Earth Central, how powerful that was was no longer something Han Three Thousand could imagine, even he felt that even Yan Jun might not be a match for this person.

        This kind of challenge was like a high mountain towering over the clouds in front of Han Three Thousand, and just looking at it made one feel that it was impossible to climb over.

        At that moment, the sound of twisting keys suddenly came from the door, and when the door pushed open and Chi Yi Yun entered, Han 3,000 was stunned.

        Hadn't she already been driven away by herself, why had she come back!

        Now that Han Li had come to Cloud City, his position was even more dangerous, and Chi Yi Yun could be killed any time he stayed by his side.


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