His True Colors Chapter 469


His True Colors Chapter 469

The administrator was trembling with fear, and although he didn't dare to reveal it to outsiders, he hurriedly informed Shi Jing when Han Li and the two left.

        Shi Jing wasn't too shocked when she learned that Han Tian Yang's grave had been dug up by Han Li; after all, the entire shrine's reliquary had been destroyed by Han Li, so what was a grave with no ashes?

        Just asking the administrator to help cover the grave again, Shi Jing hung up the phone.

        This matter, after hesitating repeatedly, Shi Jing still called Han Qianqian.

        It was hard for Han Giang to come up with a good attitude towards Shi Jing, even though Han Giang knew that she used to be quite helpless under the pressure of Nangong Qianqiu, but it still didn't make Han Giang accept that Shi Jing had treated him with indifference.

        "Why did you call me?" Han Qianqian's attitude was cold as he asked.

        Shi Jing couldn't feel any affinity from Han Qianqian's cold tone of voice, as if her own son had excluded her from a thousand miles away.

        But Shi Jing was clear that she had no reason to blame Han Qianqian, and even less qualified to make excuses for what she had done in the past.

        "Han Li, the head of the Han family from the Mi Kingdom has returned to Warsaw." Shi Jing said.

        Rice's homeowner, back to Huaxia!

        This news surprised Han Giang, how disdainful the MiG Han family was to Huaxia, Han Giang could feel from Han Yan's body that they despised Huaxia from their bones, Han Yan even felt that returning to this place was an insult to her, why would Han Li suddenly come back?

        "You've met him?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "He came to the house and destroyed all the reliquaries in the ancestral hall, and also went to the cemetery and dug up your grandfather's grave." Shi Jing said.

        These words caused Han Three Thousand Thousand to suddenly endlessly fist, and a strong killing intent came out freely.

        It didn't matter if the shrine's tablets were destroyed, but this guy had gone and dug up Han Tian Yang's grave!

        Although Han Giang preferred that the tomb was fake and that Han Tian Yang hadn't died, Han Li's disrespectful behavior was still not something he could accept.

        "Why did he do that." Han Three Thousand gritted his teeth and said.

        "He said that the names of the Han family's ancestors don't deserve to remain in the world and would discredit the Han family." Shi Jing said.

        The corners of Han Three Thousand's mouth turned up, revealing a smile so cold that it was cold to the extreme, what an unworthy person to remain in the world, the MiG Han family was so overbearing that they even had to meddle in other people's surnames, did they really take themselves to be God!

        "I know." Han Giang said in a deep voice.

        Shi Jing didn't say anything more, deliberately trying to anger Han Third Thousand and make his hatred towards Han even greater was unnecessary, as long as the matter concerned Han Tian Yang, it was enough to make Han Third Thousand angry to the extreme, because nowadays, Han Third Thousand only treated Han Tian Yang as a true family member.

        "The Han family's glory and shame are on Han Qianqiu, Nangong Qianqiu, even though you despise him, you should bless him at this time, who else can take on the responsibility of revitalizing the Han family but him?" Looking at Nangong Qianqiu's shattered spirit seat, Shi Jing naturally said to herself.

        Yuncheng Peninsula Hotel.

        Han Yan was so anxious that she was like ants on a hot pot, this matter of Han Li suddenly returning to Huaxia had caught her off guard, now Han Feng's death had become an irrevocable fact, and when Han Li came to Cloud City, there must be no way for this matter to remain hidden, if she couldn't let Han Qianqiu take the blame, then she wouldn't even dare to imagine what would happen to her.

        Likewise, Di Yang was also very worried and scared, killing people like numbskulls, and for the first time, he felt endless regret for killing people, if he could be given a choice, he would never do such a thing to Han Feng.

        Unfortunately, there were no regrets in the world, and even less ifs.

        "Earth Central, think of a good solution for me, right away, that's my order!" Panicked, Han Yan snapped at Earth Central, her mind in confusion, and she could only pin her hopes on Earth Central.

        But Di Yang's current state was also disrupted, as nobody had expected Han li's sudden appearance, so how could he be calm?

        "Miss, don't worry, we will be able to think of a good solution," Earth Central said.

        "Don't worry?" Han Yan's expression was fierce as she looked at Di Yang and said, "Can I not be anxious, Dad is already here, I believe he will come to Cloud City soon, if he asks about Han Feng, how do I explain, do I tell him that Han Feng died because of me?"

        There was a hint of dissatisfaction in Deyang's eyes, if it wasn't for Han Yan's idea, how could Han Feng die, and how could they worry about not being able to explain to Han Li.

        All of this was the result of Han Yan causing all of this, but now Han Yan was blaming him!

        "Earth Central, I'm warning you, even if you die, I can't die." Han Yan walked up to Deiyang and said with a face as heavy as water.

        Di Central smiled coldly and said, "Miss, do you mean that you want me to take the blame for you? Do you think Master will believe that Han Feng's death is only related to me?"

        Han Yan clenched her back groove teeth, the Earth Central had no reason to kill Han Feng, much less the guts to do so, this approach obviously wouldn't work.

        But she didn't want to compromise her position in the Han family because of this!

        "Han 3,000, only he can take the blame for us, why can't you think of a way to dump the blame on him!" Han Yan said.

        After a moment of contemplation, Diyang said, "Miss, Young Master bought a house next to Han's three thousand dollar house."

        "Yeah, so what?" Han Yan said.

        When the master arrives at Cloud City, we'll tell him that the young master hasn't come to see you for a long time, but tell him where the young master lives, and the master will definitely go there, and then you'll just ask questions, and I'm sure the master will naturally think that the matter is related to Han 3000. And the reason to kill the young master, that's enough, right?"

        Han Yan carefully thought about it, the reason was indeed found, but it wasn't sufficient, but in this situation, she had no other choice.

        "It can only be done," Han Yan said.

        The next day, at Cloud City Airport, Han Li, who had chartered the plane to come here, appeared in the VIP lane, on the plane, Han Li had been run over by several flight attendants to fawn over him, a rich and wealthy middle-aged man like him but the object of many women's desire, but Han Li, who had very high requirements for treating women, didn't put these vulgarities in his eyes and wasn't even interested in taking a second glance, which made several flight attendants greatly disappointed.

        "Dad." After walking out of the airport, Han Yan affectionately took Han Li's hand, feigning an image of a good girl.

        Han Li smiled faintly and said, "Looks like you're doing well in this place, you've gained weight."

        Han Yan stopped in her tracks and covered her face in shock and said to Han Li, "Dad, have I really gained weight?"

        To a demanding woman like Han Yan, the word grow fat was like thunder from a clear sky, more frightening than seeing a ghost.

        "Isn't gaining weight a good thing, why are you so nervous." Han Li smiled.

        Han Yan shook her head like a rattle and said, "How could it be good, don't you know that the biggest blow to a woman is to grow fat."

        Han Li smiled helplessly and said, "For a father, seeing his daughter grow fat is a good thing."

        Han Yan was bitter, she hadn't indulged her mouth much lately, so how come she'd grown meat, it seemed like she had to strictly control her diet again lately.

        "By the way, where's Han Feng, why isn't he here?" Han Li asked.

        Han Yan had already known that Han Li would ask this question, so she had done her mental construction before picking up the plane, and right now when she heard Han Li's question, she controlled her expression and didn't change in the slightest.

        "It's been so long since I've been in Cloud City, I've only met him once, it was the last time he suddenly told me that he wanted to deal with Han 3000 by himself, and after that, he disappeared again." Han Yan said helplessly.

        Han Li frowned, could it be that the call Han Feng made to him was just three minutes of heat?

        "This brat only knows how to mix it up with women all day long, tell him to get his ass over here and meet me right now." Han Li coldly said.

        "Dad, don't be angry, it's normal for him to be a bit playful at this age, I'll call him right away." After saying that, Han Yan pulled out her phone.


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