His True Colors Chapter 467-468


His True Colors Chapter 467


        These two words caused Han Yan to almost fall to the ground as if she had been struck by lightning.

        How could he suddenly come back to Huaxia with no warning at all.

        Han Feng was dead, this hot potato Han Yan hadn't found a reason to let Han 3000 take the blame, and Han Li's sudden appearance would undoubtedly increase the chances of this matter being exposed!

        "Dad, how did you ...... you go to Yanjing?" Han Yan tried her best to control her emotions, but even so, her voice, as she spoke, trembled slightly.

        "There's something I need to deal with in Yanjing, certain names that shouldn't be on earth have to be made to disappear forever. And you've been delaying too much time in Warsaw, I need to deal with Han 3000's matter as well," Han Li said.

        Han Yan was chilled to the bone, Han Li was going to personally take care of Han 3000's matter, which meant that he would come to Cloud City, which was almost fatal news for Han Yan.

        "Dad, give me some more time, I can handle it," Han Yan said.

        "Hasn't this matter been handed over to your brother to handle?" Han asked.

        Han Yan almost had a heart attack over the question, Han Feng was already dead so she rightfully felt that it was still under her control.

        "It's ...... Yeah, I mean, you should trust him," Han Yan said.

        Han Li smiled faintly and said, "It's rare that your brother understands what he needs to do now, I don't want him to waste too much time in Warsaw, going back as soon as possible will also enable him to familiarize himself with the family's business operations so that he will be better qualified to be the head of the family in the future."

        Han Yan's face turned grim when she heard this, she had worked hard for years on this, but just because Han Feng's thoughts changed, even Han Li had changed his face so quickly.

        What qualifications did he have to inherit the family's headship?

        "Dad, I know," Han Yan said.

        "There's nothing else to hang up on, I'm ready to go to the Han family."

        The Han family compound in Yanjing, Shi Jing's lonely figure looked particularly lonely, the large courtyard, now she was the only one, looked particularly dead, she hadn't spoken to anyone for a long time, since Yan Jun left, there wasn't even anyone around that could breathe.

        Shi Jing knew very well about what had happened in Cloud City, she knew how much trouble Han Marchant was facing now, but she also knew very well that once Han Marchant was able to settle this matter, it would be a very obvious help to his ability to improve, and that the Mickey Han family, might also stop underestimating them as a result.

        For so many years, the Yanjing Han family had been treated as a branch, but in reality, the word branch was ridiculous, when Han Tian Yang returned to the country, it was just an independent venture, and there was no distinction between the Mi Guo Han family and the Yanjing Han family, but they used a superior posture to belittle the Yanjing Han family, this point Han Tian Yang's inner discontent Shi Jing knows how much Shi Jing, but unfortunately, the power of the two is not at the same level, so for so many years, they can only carry the word branch.

        In Shi Jing's heart, she very much hoped that Han 3,000 could change this situation and make those people in Mickey Mouse realize how powerful the Yanjing Han family was.

        "Three thousand, this is your grandfather's long-cherished wish, I hope you don't disappoint him." Shi Jing said to herself.

        At this moment, a sharp knock sounded on the door.

        Shi Jing frowned, the Han family compound would rarely have anyone come, after Han Cheng and Nangong Qianqiu died, the Han family's position in the Yanjing business world had been shaken, although the building hadn't fallen, but many people's attitude towards the Han family had changed drastically, no one was willing to visit the door of their own accord.

        Could it be that Han Qianqiu had returned?

        Thinking of this possibility, Shi Jing hurriedly quickened her pace, appearing very eager.

        However, when she opened the door, she didn't see Han Marchand's figure, but instead two unfamiliar faces.

        "Who are you guys?" Shi Jing asked.

        Standing outside the door, apart from Han Li, another person was his bodyguard, and this bodyguard was no less powerful than Earth Central, if not more so.

        "You're Shi Jing?" Han Li asked faintly.

        "Good, who are you?" Shi Jing asked.

        "Han Li, the current head of the Han family of the Mi Kingdom." A sense of superiority arose in Han Li.

        Shi Jing looked shocked, how could the head of the Miya Han family suddenly appear in Yanjing! Why is he back in Warsaw?

        "What are you ...... doing here?" Shi Jing asked.

        "Don't be afraid, I just came back to see my ancestors." Han Li laughed contemptuously, the current Yanjing Han family was propped up by this kind of waste woman, no wonder it was unproductive.

        "Although I don't know much about you, I know that you've never put Huaxia in your eyes, do the ancestors mean anything to you?" Shi Jing said faintly.

        "Do I still need to explain to you what I'm going to do?" Han Li coldly said.

        At this time, the bodyguard stepped forward and directly pushed Shi Jing away, threatening, "Get out of the way or I'll kill you."

        An aura of solemnity came over Shi Jing, and she knew that this man was in no way joking with her, his hand wounds were stained with the blood of many people.

        "The ancestral hall is in the backyard." Shi Jing said.

        Han Li walked towards the backyard ancestral hall, Shi Jing following behind him with a puzzled expression.

        If they didn't care about Huaxia, why did they come back to Huaxia? And it was too strange to have to look at the ancestors.

        People were particular about falling leaves returning to their roots, but Shi Jing knew very well that the Han family of the Mi Kingdom would never take this to heart.

        Arriving at the Han family ancestral hall, Han Li stood at the door and smiled contemptuously, "I didn't expect to be able to repair it in a decent manner, it seems that Han Tian Yang is still a bit of a success."

        Han Tian Yang was Han Li's elder, but his tone didn't put Han Tian Yang in his eyes at all, and even carried a strong sense of contempt, which was the view of everyone in the MiG Han family towards Han Tian Yang, because Han Tian Yang was criticized by others after he returned to the country back then, so naturally, he wouldn't have any good words to pass on to the younger generation.

        To Han Li's generation and his next generation, the image of Han Tian Yang is a useless trash, who doesn't want a good opportunity in the rice country, but wants to go back to such a shabby place like China to develop.

        When he walked into the ancestral hall, with the spirit tablets standing in a forest, the contempt in Han Li's eyes was even greater, to him, these people were the disgrace of the Han family, the past that the Han family of the rice country didn't want to mention, and Han Tian Yang, he even worshipped these names.

        When Han Li saw Han Tian Yang's spirit tablet, he stepped forward and took it in his hand.

        "What are you doing!" Shi Jing asked nervously.

        Han Li smiled coldly and said, "When someone like him dies, he should be completely newsworthy, and leaving his name behind is just a disgrace to the Han family."

        After saying that, under Shi Jing's incredulous eyes, Han Li directly broke the spirit bit in half and threw it on the ground.

        "What are you doing!" Shi Jing roared hoarsely, although whether or not Han Tian Yang was really dead now could not be confirmed, but Han Li's disrespectful behavior was intolerable to her.

        "What's the name calling, every single person here is not qualified to leave a name in the world." Han Li gave Shi Jing a disdainful glance.

        Then, that bodyguard threw all the tablets on the reliquary on the ground, stepping on them one by one, and the tablets that had been enshrined in the shrine for decades were all destroyed, while Shi Jing could do nothing but watch the scene unfold.

        "I still came back too late, I should have come back earlier if I had known that you had left these shames behind." Han Li said indifferently.

        "Han Li, they are also your elders, aren't you afraid of being struck by lightning from heaven for doing this?" Shi Jing gritted her teeth and said.

        "Heaven strikes lightning?" Han Li walked up to Shi Jing and said condescendingly, "Leave behind these names of shame before you are struck by lightning from the heavens, look at these people, what have they ever accomplished?"

        "The Han family of the Mi Kingdom will become the aristocracy of the Mi Kingdom in the future and will be enshrined in history, and will never be allowed to be discredited by these names."

        "It's not just them, if Han 3000 and Han Jun refuse to change their surnames, then they can only vanish from the face of the earth."

        Shi Jing was resigned to her anger, but she was helpless in the face of Han Li, and all her hopes could only rest on Han Three Thousand's body.

        "Three thousand will definitely make you regret it." Shi Jing gritted her teeth and said.

        "With a trash like him, he even wants to fight me? I've never thought of him as a minor character."

His True Colors Chapter 468

After Han Li left, Shi Jing looked at the messy ancestral hall with tears on her face, one of the things she had to do every day was to go to the ancestral hall morning and evening to offer incense, which was her greatest sustenance in the Han family compound, and because of this, Shi Jing never left easily, but she never thought that the ancestral hall would be destroyed to such an extent by Han Li.

        Not a single reliquary was intact.

        Although the reliquary could be redone, this humiliation that Han Li had brought to the Han family could never be erased.

        Picking up the broken Han Cheng spirit tablet, Shi Jing carefully held it in her arms, it was the only person she had ever deeply loved in her life, and although it was dead, her inner loyalty to Han Cheng hadn't diminished in the slightest.

        Shi Jing had never thought of remarrying, even though she now had such capital and even had suitors, she had never thought of rebelling against the Han family.

        To her, the Han family had almost become her only motivation to live, and she had to see it return to glory before she was willing to do so.

        "Three thousand, I hope you can make them pay back double for today's shame." Shi Jing gritted her teeth and said, the family outcast of the past had now taken on the heavy responsibility of revitalizing the Han Family.

        Nangong Qianqiu would never have dreamed that the Han family's entire hope would fall on the shoulders of the grandson she despised.

        After Han Li left the Han family, he asked the bodyguard, "Did you find out who the person who contacted me last time was?"

        "Find out, his name is Shin Weng and he did all this to help Han Jun get rid of Han 3000." The bodyguard said.

        Han Li laughed coldly and said, "This guy, he wants to use me as a gun, he's got a lot of guts, go meet him."

        Shen Weng would often visit Han Jun in prison and tell him about the current situation in Cloud City, the trouble that Han Sanli was facing was something that Shen Weng and Han Jun desperately wanted to see, they even wanted Han Sanli to die early, only then would Han Jun have a chance to regain control of the Han family after he was released from prison.

        In Shen Weng's eyes, his plan was perfect, but he never expected that Han Li would return to Huaxia in person.

        When Han Li appeared in front of Shen Weng, this guy who was so high up in front of Han Qianli was scared to death.

        Shen Weng had a good amount of influence in Yanjing, but he was also very self-conscious and knew the difference in strength between himself and Han Li, so he appeared very cautious when facing Han Li.

        "You are Shen Weng?" Han Li asked.

        Shen Weng nodded his head and said, "Yes, I am."

        "You tipped me off that you wanted to use my hand against Han Giang, you've got a lot of nerve to use me as a gun." Han Li said indifferently.

        Shen Weng trembled in fear and said, "I just don't want Han Three Thousand to ruin the Han family's reputation, you don't want to lose face because of him, do you?"

        "Very legitimate reasons, but I'm not happy about it, and I don't like being taken advantage of," Han Li said.

        Shen Weng's scalp was numb, and although he was good at it himself, he could tell that the bodyguard beside Han Li was even stronger, and he was by no means a match.

        If Han Li wanted to deal with him today, there was no way for him to escape.

        "Yes, I'm trying to use your hands to get rid of Han Giang, but in a sense, I'm also helping you protect the Han family's reputation, right?" Shen Weng said with a hard scalp.

        "If you're going to help me protect the Han family's reputation, shouldn't you kill Han Jun first?" Han Li sneered.

        Shen Weng gritted his teeth, it seemed that Han Li already knew what he was trying to do against Han Kuang, and since his plan had been exposed, there was no use in hiding it.

        "Han Jun is very sensible, he's willing to become a dog of the Mickey Han family, you can use him to establish your own power in Warsaw," Shen Weng said.

        Han laughed, it was just a matter of thought for him to establish power in Warsaw, why would he need to use an unattractive piece of trash like Han Jun?

        "Shen Weng, you really think highly of Han Jun, does he have the qualifications to be a dog for me?" Han Li said with a smile.

        The cold sweat on Shen Weng's forehead couldn't stop flowing down, Han Li had come to find him and was by no means talking such nonsense.

        "What do you want?" Shen Weng asked.

        "Those who attempt to use me will only end up in one place." After saying that, Han Li turned around and left.

        The bodyguard made a sudden move and strangled Shen Weng's neck with a death grip.

        Shen Weng's face instantly turned red, and his feet that were off the ground kept struggling until his legs stirred and he was completely motionless.

        The bodyguard smiled faintly, for him who killed like water, a fresh life disappearing in his hands was like squeezing an ant, not only was it very easy, but it wouldn't cause any waves in his heart.

        "Master, are we going to Cloud City now?" The bodyguard walked up to Han Li and asked.

        Han Li shook his head and said, "Go see Han Tian Yang's grave, before I came here, Dad specifically instructed me to go see Han Tian Yang's grave, he said that Han Tian Yang couldn't have died so easily and wanted me to verify this matter."

        The bodyguard crumpled no, Han Tian Yang's tablets were there, so how could he not have died? This suspicion was unfounded in his opinion.

        But since the old master had such a request, he made sure to follow what he said.

        Although Han Li was the head of the family, he didn't dare to disobey the old master's orders.

        In a certain cemetery in Yanjing, except for Qingming and special days, there was almost no one to be seen here other than the cemetery administrator, so when Han Li and the two of them appeared, the administrator felt very strange.

        "What are you two doing?" The administrator asked.

        "Where is Han Tian Yang's tomb?" Han Li asked.

        Han Tianyang was also a well-known figure in Yanjing, and the day of his burial made a lot of noise, many people of extraordinary status in Yanjing had attended, so the administrator knew where Han Tianyang's grave was, but it would be too strange if these two came to clean the grave without even knowing the grave.

        "You guys are from the Han family, why haven't I seen you before in Qingming?" The administrator was confused.

        At this time, the bouncer took out a wad of money and said, "Cut the crap and take us there."

        The administrator, seeing the money, had no doubts and led the two towards Han Tian Yang's cemetery with his arse in the air.

        "This is it, it's equivalent to his burial, but it's a sight to behold, many big names from Yanjing are here." The administrator said with an exclamation on his face.

        Han Li laughed coldly, scenery is limitless, how does this kind of trash deserve the word scenery, only these idiots in Warsaw would treat him as a character.

        "Do you have a shovel?" Han asked.

        "Shovel, what are you doing?" The administrator asked, puzzled.

        "Open the tomb."

        "Open ...... open the tomb!" The administrator looked frightened, the dead are the greatest, no matter what kind of hatred there was in life, death should be vanished, these two people are not here to sweep the grave, but to dig the grave, if the Han family knew about this, would not be a riot?

        "Cut the crap and go get it." The bouncer asked the administrator with a cold face.

        "Do you know whose grave this is, the Han family's old man's grave, is it also something you can just dig up, if the Han family finds out, they won't let you go." The administrator said.

        "The Han family is just a pile of trash in my eyes, if you don't want to die, hurry up and get it, or else there will be a new grave here today." Han Li said indifferently.

        The administrator was frightened, Han Li looked at him as if he was looking at a dead man.

        He knew that this kind of guy was never something he could provoke, and in order to avoid stirring up fire, he could only do what he said.

        After getting the shovel, the administrator watched quietly from the side.

        The bouncer looked at Han as he dug up the grave to reveal the urn wrapped in a red scarf.

        "Open it." Han said indifferently.

        Without a second word, the bodyguard ripped off the red scarf and uncovered the lid of the urn, which should have contained ashes, but it was empty.

        "Family Master, this ......" the bodyguard frowned and looked very surprised, there were no ashes of Han Tian Yang in the urn, did it mean that he really wasn't dead?

        Han Li's cold-filled face revealed a chilling smile and said, "This old thing really isn't dead, I don't know what tricks he's playing again."

        Han Tian Yang was not dead!

        The administrator on the side stared, the equivalent of when Han Tian Yang died, but alarmed the entire Yanjing ah, now this person actually said Han Tian Yang is not dead, if this news is spread, how many people must be dumbfounded?

        "If you dare to reveal half a word about this matter today, I want your whole family to die without a body." Han said threateningly to the administrator.


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