His True Colors Chapter 999-1000


His True Colors Chapter 999

"In that case, tell me where you got the sacred chestnut." Ximenchang said.

        In the face of Ximenchang's high profile, Han Qianli acted in a clouded manner without any emotional turmoil at all, because his opponent, until he was dead on arrival, had always acted like he was on top of the world, and Han Qianli was used to such things long ago.

        Of course, he was also accustomed to this kind of person kneeling before him and begging for mercy.

        "The world knows that the origin of the Sacred Chestnut is in the Dark Forest, don't you know that?" Han Qianli asked rhetorically.

        Ximen Chang snorted coldly.

        He naturally knew that the Dark Forest produced Sacred Chestnut, but in his opinion, the Sacred Chestnut that Han Qianli had obtained wasn't in the Dark Forest, as it was a place where only Extreme Master Realm powerhouses were qualified to go.

        "With your strength, can you still enter the Dark Dark Forest?" Simon Chang said disdainfully.

        "Old thing, you're looking down on people for saying that, can't I just go in?" Han Giangli said.

        Ximen Chang was slightly angry, ever since he became the head of the Ximen family, no one had ever dared to speak to him in such a disrespectful tone.

        "Do you know that this statement is enough to make you die a thousand times over, and now your chance for redemption is to tell me where you got the Sacred Chestnut." Simon Chang snapped.

        "I've already told you, but you don't believe me, so what can I do, or you should just k*ll me." Han Giangli helplessly waved his hand.

        Ximen Chang's eyes glazed over and said, "Do you think I don't dare to k*ll you?"

        "Painfully, just let him do it." Han Giangli pointed at that Nine Lantern Realm powerhouse and said.

        Han Third Thousand had no interest in any other servant, and the only way to make him feel some pleasure and desire was to fight the strong man of the Nine Lanterns Realm.

        "Hahahahahaha, you're really good at picking people." Hearing Han Three Thousand's words, Ximen Chang let out a loud laugh, in his opinion, Han Three Thousand's choice was so idiotic that he wanted his strongest underling to fight, wasn't this a death wish?

        "Young man, you will pay for your words, do you know what kind of a state he is in?" Ximen Chang scoffed.

        "Nine Lantern Realm, am I wrong?" Han 3000 said.


        Ximen Chang was faintly shocked, how could he tell that he was a Nine Lantern, this kind of ability to recognize the Nine Lantern Realm at a glance was only possible for a strong person of the Extreme Mastery Realm.

        Ximen Chang carefully thought about it, how could he be an Extreme Master realm, he must have deliberately pried into the Ximen family to find out about it.

        At this time, an abrupt voice suddenly sounded.

        "Are you guys going to fight or not, I'm still waiting to see what's going on, what's all this nonsense for?"

        The sound came from the wall.

        Fei Ling'er was sitting on the wall, swinging her legs, her hands on her chin, looking bored, as if she had gotten tired of waiting.

        When that Nine Lantern Realm saw Fei Ling'er's appearance, he couldn't help but be shocked.

        Fei Lingsheng!

        How could it be Fellinger.

        How could she appear here.

        And at this moment, Fei Ling'er's voice suddenly appeared in the Nine Lanterns Realm powerhouse's mind, "If you dare to expose my identity, today will be the day you die."

        Cold sweat instantly appeared on the back of the Nine Lanterns Realm powerhouse, facing such words from an Extreme Master Realm powerhouse, he didn't dare to slack off in the slightest, because Fei Lingsheng said that he wanted him dead, there was no way he would live.

        "How about you fight for me?" Han Giangli said to Fei Ling'er.

        Fei Ling'er quickly waved her hand and said, "I can't fight, I'm just a spectator."

        "Little girl, I advise you to get out of here, in case my men hurt innocent people, I can't stop them." Ximen Chang said to Fei Ling'er.

        As soon as this was said, even the Nine Lanterns Realm's strongest man's foreheads were sweating.

        Within the Royal Court, whoever dared to speak to Fei Lingsheng like that, wouldn't they be looking for death?

        Fei Ling'er deflated her mouth, showing her displeasure at Ximen Chang's words, but didn't make any substantial moves, after all, she was here to watch the fun, and there was a high probability that Ximen Chang would die at the hands of Han Kuang, so naturally, she wouldn't need to take action.

        At this time, Ximen Embers also arrived and took a glance at Han Three Thousand, his eyes clearly had anticipation in them.

        He didn't expect the war between Han Three Thousand and Ximen Chang to erupt so quickly, but to Ximen Embers, it was a good thing; the sooner Ximen Chang died, the sooner he would be able to take the position of clan leader.

        "What are you doing here?" Ximen Chang was very dissatisfied with the appearance of Ximen Embers.

        "Grandfather, if possible, I'll collect your body." Ximen Embers bent over, his attitude was still very respectful, but the words he spoke were greatly disrespectful.

        The reason why he dared to show such an attitude in front of Ximen Chang wasn't because Ximen Embers had so much faith in Han Qianqian, but rather, after today, if Ximen Chang didn't die, then he would be worthless, and rather than being reduced to a one-time incompetent, Ximen Embers would prefer to show his strong side, because after today, there would most likely never be a chance to do so.

        "You want me to die?" Ximen Chang looked at Ximen Embers quite unexpectedly and asked.

        "Grandpa came to Feng Mall with the intention of taking the Sacred Chestnut for me, but now, don't you also want to take it for yourself? Since that's the case, I naturally want you to die, or else how can I take the position of clan leader." Ximen Embers said.

        Ximen Chang laughed and said, "Worthy of being the seed of my Ximen Clan, you really have guts, but unfortunately, I'm afraid you won't be able to get your wish."

        "Please do your best, Mr. Han, I will take the position of clan head, and the Ximen Family will definitely listen to your orders." Ximen Embers cupped his hands and curtsied respectfully towards Han Qianli.

        Fei Ling'er on the wall nodded her head, she still admired Ximen Embers, a young man with courage like her.

        The same was true for Han Three Thousand, Ximen Embers didn't leave a way out for himself, this kind of courage to put himself in harm's way was invaluable.

        Compared to the cowardly Huang Snapdragon, it was a complete world apart, this was the kind of person who could truly achieve great things.

        Unfortunately, even if such a person became a puppet, it would be impossible for him to gain Han Qianli's true trust, as the more ambitious he was, the more difficult he would be to control.

        "Old Senior, please." Han Kuanyuan said to the Nine Lanterns Realm powerhouse.

        If it had been before, he would have been very confident in dealing with Han Three Thousand, but now, his heart was inexplicably chilled.

        What kind of person was it that warranted Fei Lingsheng's personal presence to watch the battle?

        If he was able to suppress Han 3,000 with his realm, then this encounter would never have caused Fei Lingsheng to care.

        Since Fei Lingsheng had appeared, it was enough to show that Han 3000 was not bad.

        Thinking of this, the Nine Lanterns Realm powerhouse suddenly looked ashen.

        What did it mean that he couldn't see through the realm?

His True Colors Chapter 1000

"I'll give you one last chance to tell me the origin of the Sacred Chestnut and I can spare your life." Ximen Chang threatened Han Qianli with a cold smile, his main goal was to get more Sacred Chestnut, but Han Qianli's life was worthless in his eyes, so he didn't want Han Qianli to bring such precious news into his coffin.

        "With your Ximen Family Master's status, even if I tell you, you'll k*ll me afterwards, right?" Han Third Thousand chuckled, Ximen Chang had always been arrogant, how could he let himself off easily with his personable attitude.

        Of course, Han Giangli wasn't afraid of the Nine Lantern Realm powerhouse in front of him, but Fei Ling'er's inexplicable appearance at this time gave him a feeling of being spied on.

        The more he exposed himself, the more Fei Ling'er would understand him, but on the other hand, his understanding of Fei Ling'er was still a blank sheet of paper today.

        "You also know yourself very well, perhaps I will show mercy and let you go, or perhaps I will give you a painful death so that you don't suffer too much," Ximen Chang said.

        Han Giangli smiled faintly and said, "Since it's death across the board, why should I tell you, and the source of the Sacred Chestnut is a more dangerous place than the Dark Forest, do you dare to go there?"

        "Hey, hey, hey, how much longer do you guys need to talk nonsense, hurry up and fight." Fei Ling'er on the side was waiting a bit impatiently, it wasn't that she didn't have patience, but she couldn't wait to see what realm Han Qianqian's strength was in, so every moment was torment for her.

        "Little girl, our business is none of your business, if you dare to talk nonsense again, I'll k*ll you first." Ximen Chang looked at Fei Ling'er with cold eyes, his tone arrogant to the extreme.

        The Nine Lantern Realm expert heard this, but the cold sweat flowed even worse.

        Fei Lingsheng! ~

        Even an emperor wouldn't dare to speak to her with such an attitude ah.

        Wouldn't Ximen Chang be seeking death if he dared to threaten her like this?

        Fei Ling'er helplessly rolled her eyes, this old thing was really uncaring, if it wasn't for the good show, she wouldn't bother wasting her time here.

        Seeing that Fei Ling'er no longer spoke, Ximen Chang turned to Han Qianli again and said, "I'll give you one last chance, so you can see for yourself."

        "Hey." Han Three thousand suddenly sighed, this battle was inevitable, even if it would be Fei Ling'er who would see through his strength, Han Three thousand could only make a move, he couldn't just sit back and wait to die against the Nine Lanterns realm powerhouse.

        Ximen Chang had thought that Han Three Thousand would compromise and was showing some pride in his heart, but he heard Han Three Thousand say, "Today next year will be the anniversary of your death."

        "Big words, something that doesn't know how to live." Simon Chang's face turned almost hideous as he said to the Nine Lantern Realm powerhouse, "Waste him for me, I'm going to slowly torture him until he tells me the origin of the Sacred Chestnut."

        The Nine Lanterns Realm powerhouse was reluctant to make a move inwardly, as Fei Ling'er's appearance made him not dare to underestimate Han Qianli, but as things stood, he had to make a move even if he didn't want to.

        "Little brother, how much I'm offended." The Nine Lanterns Realm strongman said to Han Qianli.

        The battle between the strong men was bound to be earth-shattering, and if they fought within this city, I'm afraid that countless innocents would be injured, which was not what Han Qianli wanted to see.

        "Please come out of the city with me, senior, and let's have a quick battle." As soon as Han Qianli's voice fell, it was a lifelong leap, and his entire body flashed away like a meteor.

        Then the Nine Lanterns Realm powerhouse did the same, and in but a moment, the two of them had arrived at a deserted place outside the city.

        "What a trouble." Fei Ling'er casually complained and disappeared into the wall without anyone noticing.

        When Ximen Chang and the others saw this, they also hurried towards the outside of the city.

        Although Ximen Embers had already very bluntly expressed his intentions to Ximen Chang, when he followed Ximen Chang, there was no timidity at all, and even just like before, there was no change at all.

        "I never thought that you would put your hopes on an outsider, it would be the most wrong choice in your life." Ximen Chang said to Ximen Embers.

        "Grandpa, you forced me to go nowhere, and this is my only choice." Ximen Embers said indifferently.

        "Hmph, all of the Ximen family is mine, you can only want what I give you, what I don't give you, it's a sin for you to take a second glance at it, the position of clan head is not something you can covet at will." Ximen Chang said with disdain, although he had been cultivating Ximen Embers as the future clan leader, it didn't mean that the position of clan leader would necessarily fall on Ximen Embers' head.

        Now that Ximen Chang himself had the opportunity to become an Extreme Master and be able to extend his lifespan, he was certainly more than willing to continue sitting in this position.

        People were all selfish, and with such a great temptation as life expectancy, it was understandable that Ximen Chang would make such a choice.

        "What you don't give, I must fight for, otherwise, what's the point of living, I'm not a puppet that you can manipulate at will." Ximen Embers faintly said.

        "When he dies, I hope you still have the strength to be able to say such things." Ximen Chang said.

        Ximen Embers was very calm on the surface, but waves were already rising inside, he trusted Han Marchant one hundred percent because he had no other choice now that it was over, but trust and worry didn't conflict, he had to worry that Han Marchant wasn't even a match for the Nine Lantern Realm, and if Han Marchant failed, he would fall into the abyss with him.

        "Grandpa, do you really think he'll lose?" Ximen Embers said.

        It was as if Ximen Chang had heard a great joke, and couldn't help but laugh, saying, "Ximen Embers, Ximen Embers, don't you know Zhong Qishan's realm? He's a Nine Lantern realm powerhouse, who can be his opponent unless Fei Lingsheng steps in."

        "He's not only a Nine Lantern Realm powerhouse, but he's also the closest to an Extreme Master." Ximen Embers said with a heavy face.

        "Maybe before we even reach the city, he'll have been crippled, and you, too, will no longer be a member of the Ximen Clan." Ximen Chang said, Ximen Embers' wolf ambition was revealed, so naturally, Ximen Chang would not keep such a person by his side.

        To Ximen Embers, he only cared about the position of clan leader, he didn't care about blood kinship at all, and what about Ximen Chang?

        In Ximen Chang's eyes, only power and status mattered, and Ximen Embers was nothing more than an optional inheritance to him.

        When he became an Extreme Master realm powerhouse, he wouldn't need the Ximen Embers inheritance at all, and he could even use his Return to Old Age ability to cultivate a new next generation.

        "Today next year, if it's not the anniversary of your death, it will be mine." Ximen Embers said with a firm tone, as if he had already made a decision that he wouldn't pity his own life once Han Qianli was defeated.


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