His True Colors Chapter 1001-1003


His True Colors Chapter 1001

Ximen Embers was a very paranoid person, to him, there was no point in continuing to live without obtaining the position of clan head, and the messy life of being expelled from the Ximen Clan was by no means acceptable to him.

        At this point, he was almost insane, but the reason why he had formed this kind of personality was also greatly related to Ximen Chang, because from the moment he was born, this was how Ximen Chang had educated him.

        "Don't worry, if you die, the family graveyard will definitely have a place for you, after all, you have the blood of the Ximen family flowing through your body." Ximen Chang said without sympathy.

        At this time, the two had already fought outside the city.

        The thunder roared, and the commotion was not small.

        The eyes of the people inside the city were cast out of the city, and when they found out that the huge noise was actually caused by the two fighting, they all revealed an expression of utter shock.

        They hadn't seen a battle of strong men before, so such a battle was extraordinarily shocking to them, and some good people couldn't help but already prepare to leave the city to watch the excitement.

        Ran Yi's old residence.

        At this time, Ran Yi and Ge Zhonglin were sitting facing each other, they knew that the fight outside the city was definitely related to Han 3000, but inside they were more or less running away from this matter, because once Han 3000 lost, there was no way that Ximen Chang would let the two of them go.

        "Ahem, there's already a fight." Ge Zhonglin said to Ran Yi.

        "I know."

        "Aren't we ...... going out to check it out?" Ge Zhonglin said with a guilty conscience.

        "What if we lose?" Rangyi asked.

        "It's nothing more than a death, what else can we do." Ge Zhonglin said helplessly, in the face of Ximenchang's anger, he and Ran Yi simply couldn't handle it, so there was no need to think of a solution, waiting for death was the most direct and simple way.

        "Do you want to die?" Ran Yi continued to ask.

        "Isn't that nonsense, you're not even dead yet, how could I want to die." Ge Zhonglin sneered at Ran Yi.

        Ran Yi took a deep breath and said, "Life and death have a life, and it's worth it to be able to watch a battle before you die."

        Hearing this, Ge Zhonglin directly stood up and said, "Then what are you waiting for, if you don't go, I'm afraid it's already over."

        At this time, a lot of onlookers had gathered outside the city, and there were constantly people marveling at the encounter between Han Qianli and Zhong Qishan, but most of them were just standing at a distance, not daring to get close for fear of being inflicted.

        "Who is this person, he's so powerful."

        "This young man's face is raw, I didn't expect him to possess such a powerful realm."

        "That man is Zhong Qishan, a guest of the Ximen Family, possessing the strength of the Nine Lantern Realm, I didn't expect that young man to be able to fight with the Nine Lantern Realm."

        "I didn't expect the Imperial Court to have another expert like that."

        While the crowd was exclaiming, Ximen Chang did not look too good.

        In his opinion, it was only right that Zhong Qishan possessed the strength to absolutely crush Han Qianqian, but now, Zhong Qishan didn't seem to have any advantage, which made him feel a little unbelievable inside.

        How could a mere unknown trash have a fight with Zhong Qishan?

        "Grandpa, it seems that you underestimated him." Ximen Embers laughed, and the harder Ximen Chang's face looked, the more [Solitary City Reading www.avracity.com] the smile on his face grew.

        "Hmph, I'm afraid this is just Zhong Qishan testing him, not showing his true strength at all." Ximen Chang said.

        Not long after, Ran Yi and Ge Zhonglin finally felt outside the city as well.

        When they saw the two people who were fighting on top of the mountain not far away, they also revealed a look of horror.

        "Isn't that Zhong Qishan!" Ge Zhonglin said in astonishment, and even rolled his eyes, afraid that he had misread.

        Ran Yi had been entrenched in Feng Mall in recent years, almost without leaving his home, but he had also heard of Zhong Qishan's great name, the strongest expert within the Ximen Family, who possessed the terrifying strength of the Nine Lanterns Realm.

        And yet Han Qianli was able to tangle so much with the Nine Lantern Realm.

        "I didn't expect Ximen Chang to send Zhong Qishan straight away." Ge Zhonglin said with a sigh.

        "Given the current situation, how sure are we of Han Three Thousand's realm guesses?" Ran Yi asked to Ge Zhonglin.

        The two had already discussed this issue, and Ge Zhonglin had been a bit skeptical about it before, but now that he had seen it with his own eyes, it was impossible not to believe it.

        To be able to fight Zhong Qishan without falling behind, this at least showed that Han Qianli had the strength of the Nine Lanterns Realm, and he was so young, the possibility of the Extreme Master Realm was naturally very high.

        Ge Zhonglin took a deep breath and said, "Ran Yi, I didn't think that this old thing of yours was really lucky, but this kind of thing can also be met by you, in the future, if we can really serve him, it's not a dream to fly to the top."

        Flying Yellow Soaring was nothing to Ran Yi, and he never cared about such things, because with his current wealth, he wouldn't be able to spend it all in several lifetimes, so what was the use of having any more money?

        In Ran Yi's heart, there had always been an obsession that he hadn't given up on, and that was to cultivate again, and an expert had once told him that if he wanted his body to return to a state where he could cultivate, only a strong person in the Extreme Master realm would be able to help him do it.

        Such an obsessive dream had always been something unimaginable to Ran Yi, because how could a strong person in the Extreme Master realm take an insect like him seriously?

        So he never dared to have such extravagant hopes.

        But now, he seemed to see hope.

        If Han Qianqian was willing to help him, his body would be able to recover.

        Even though he was old now, it was unlikely that he would be able to make much of a breakthrough even if he could cultivate again, but to Ran Yi, it was a dream.

        Only by completing this dream would he be able to rest in peace after his death.

        "Old Ge, do you think ...... that if I wanted him to help me, he would, would he agree?" Ran Yi stammered, overly excited, causing him to shake slightly.

        "Help you?" Ge Zhonglin looked at Ran Yi in confusion, then he understood what he meant by that and said with a heavy face, "I will beg him, I am willing to pay any price for this, after all, it is because of me that you are unable to cultivate."

        At the thought that he might be able to practice again, Ran Yi's agitated emotions could never be calmed down.

        At this time, Han Qianqian and Zhong Qishan had already fought more and more fiercely, the entire summit of the mountain was almost about to be leveled by the two, the scene was extremely shocking, the rumbling sound never ceased, this battle was destined to become an unforgettable event for countless people in Feng Mall.

        Perhaps when they were old enough, they would talk about it to their grandsons, and no matter how much time passed, this sense of shock would never diminish.

        "Zhong Qishan, what the hell are you doing, why haven't you abolished him yet." Ximen Chang gritted his teeth and said.

His True Colors Chapter 1002

For Ximen Chang, the current situation was unacceptable, even though he knew deep down that he had underestimated Han Qianli, he would never admit it because it meant that Zhong Qishan would most likely lose, and that was definitely an outcome he didn't want to see.

        On the other hand, Ximen Embers' demeanor was becoming more and more relaxed, and he had even seen the position of clan leader beckoning to him.

        "Grandpa, can't you see that it's not that Zhong Qishan doesn't want to, it's that he can't." Ximen Embers said proudly.

        This statement made Ximen Chang gnash his teeth even more, he knew but didn't want to admit it, and by saying it so bluntly, Ximen Embers was undoubtedly dashing the only remaining hope in his heart.

        "One Zhong Qishan isn't enough, my Ximen family has other strong people, I don't believe he's really that powerful." Ximen Chang said.

        Ximen Embers wasn't worried in the slightest, the Ximen family did have other strong men, but even Zhong Qishan couldn't deal with Han Giang, so how could anyone else do it.

        "You'll pay the price for underestimating him." Ximen Embers said in a cold voice.

        "What are you guys still standing around for, hurry up and help!" Ximen Chang said to the others.

        There were twenty-eight guests of the Ximen Clan, with Zhong Qishan leading the way, but the others were not weak, with the latter three realms reaching as many as eight, which was why the Ximen Clan was able to be so rampant, and at this time, Ximen Chang couldn't care less about being laughed at for bullying the few with the many, as long as he could kill Han Qianqian, he was willing to use every means at his disposal.

        "Grandpa, this is a battle between the two of them, how can you let anyone else participate in the battle." Ximen Embers' face changed, although Han Third Thousand was now fighting back and forth with Zhong Qishan, if he joined the others, the battle would likely change in an instant, which was definitely not a good thing for Han Third Thousand.

        Seeing the slightly panicked appearance of Ximen Embers, Ximen Chang laughed and said, "What, are you afraid? Ximen Embers, I'm telling you, it's absolutely impossible to get the position of clan head."

        All the experts of the Ximen Clan poured out their nests!

        When Fei Ling'er, who was watching the battle from afar, saw this scene, instead of showing worry, she was in high spirits.

        "Old dog Ximen is afraid of this, but this is good, it will allow me to see how powerful you really are, with Zhong Qishan's current strength, I don't think he has pushed you beyond your limits yet." Watching the fun was not too much, it was the kind of person Fei Ling'er was talking about, the more chaotic the scene was, the more she liked it.

        "Ximen Chang is really shameless, fighting with more, this is very bad for him."

        "I didn't expect the Ximen family to be so shameless."

        Ran Yi and Ge Zhonglin's originally hopeful faces turned dark for a moment, the Ximen Family's twenty-eight guests were renowned throughout the Imperial Court, and now that twenty-eight guests had poured out of their nests, this was undoubtedly desperate news for Han Qianli.

        "What should we do, can we do something about it?" Ran Yi asked to Ge Zhonglin.

        Ge Zhonglin did want to help Han 3,000, but in this situation, there was no way to help, and with the strength of the few guards around him, he couldn't even be considered cannon fodder, so how could he help?

        "No way, unless a miracle can happen." Ge Zhonglin said with a shake of his head.

        Ran Yi's heart was racing, and the hope that he had so easily seen seemed to be dashed at this moment.

        Suddenly, a figure appeared beside Han Giangli.

        Looking at the posture, it was a woman, with a beautiful figure standing on top of the mountain, like a fairy descending from the earth.

        "Who is this woman?"

        "What happened, how did she appear, did the gods descend?"

        "A battle of experts, what's a woman like her going to mess with."

        While the crowd was discussing, Snapdragon Huang looked around.

        Just a moment ago, Jiang Yingying was still standing next to him, so why did she suddenly appear next to Han Giang?

        "Sensei!" Huang Snap Yong gulped, the shock on his face not concealed in the slightest, and said to himself, "I didn't expect that Senior Aunt would be a strong man!"

        "What are you doing here?" Han Qianlian smiled when he found out that Jiang Ying Ying had appeared beside him and asked.

        "Since the Ximen family doesn't practice morality, I'll naturally have to help you take care of these minor characters." Jiang Yingying said.

        "Hey." Han Qianli suddenly sighed and said, "Looks like we siblings will have to shock the Imperial Court this time."

        "Isn't that good, no one will dare to mess with us from now on." Jiang Yingying cheerfully said.

        With Jiang Ying Ying joining the fray and helping to take a lot of pressure off of Han Qianli, the two of them didn't look too overwhelmed in their fight against the twenty-eight guests of the Ximen Family, and Han Qianli still had the key to victory, so he wasn't worried in the slightest.

        Of course, Han 3000 would never use it unless it was absolutely necessary, or else it would be more than simply shocking the Imperial Court.

        "I didn't expect there to be a surprise." Fei Ling'er, who was far away, no longer looked relaxed, but instead looked somewhat heavy, as she hadn't expected Jiang Ying Ying to be this strong, facing the twenty-eight guests of the Ximen Family, yet she was still able to fight more than ten people alone.

        "Who the hell are you guys?" Fei Ling'er's brow was filled with doubt, with her knowledge of the Imperial Court, these two had almost appeared as a transgression, so she had a hard time understanding how two such strong men could suddenly appear.

        Ximen Chang's mood at this time was as unpleasant as eating shit.

        Twenty-eight guests was his last card, and in his opinion, Han Three Thousand should be defeated very quickly, but he never expected that Han Three Thousand would still have helpers, and this woman was also very strong, and the power of twenty-eight guests couldn't be brought into play.

        If this continued, it was an uncertainty as to who would win and who would lose, this was not the result Ximen Chang wanted to see.

        "Grandpa, what a surprise, I didn't expect him to have helpers, although there's only one, but it seems to be enough for now." Ximen Embers let go of his worries, and a relaxed expression reappeared on his face.

        How could Ximen Chang be in the mood to play tricks with Ximen Embers, his eyes were staring at the battle on top of the mountain, because this meant that he would end up dead today, once the twenty-eight guests lost.

        "Master and aunt are on board, how can I, as an apprentice, watch the show?" At this time, Huang Snapdragon suddenly joined the occupation on a Winged Tiger.

        Although Huang Snapdragon only had the strength of the Five Lantern Realm, the Winged Tiger was a seven-star exotic beast, not enough to face off against the strong ones, but it still had no problem doing some sneak attacks and harassment.

        And it helped Han Qianqian and Jiang Ying Ying relieve the pressure, which allowed the two of them to finish off their opponents faster.

        At the summit of the mountain, there were constantly guests of the Ximen family falling, and Ximen Chang's face became increasingly ugly.

His True Colors Chapter 1003

"Strong, so strong!"

        "Twenty-eight guests of the Ximen Clan are so unbearable, has this person already reached the state of Extreme Mastery!"

        "It's really terrible, look at Ximen Chang's face, he's almost desperate, I guess he never dreamed that twenty-eight guests would fall in this way."

        Voices of exclamation rose everywhere.

        Countless people looked at Han Qianxiang with admiring and burning eyes.

        Even some cultivators outside the city were all shocked at this time.

        Most people here had never seen a real battle in their entire lives, and this time, not only was it an eye-opening experience, but they were also witnessing one of the most spectacular battles within the Imperial Court!

        Even Ran Yi and Ge Zhonglin both couldn't control their excitement.

        "Our guess is correct, it's correct." Ran Yi said excitedly.

        Ge Zhonglin nodded his head like a chicken pecking at rice and said, "After this battle, his reputation will definitely shock the entire imperial court, Ximen Chang has really kicked the can down the road this time, and even if he dies at the hands of Han Giang, the emperor won't be held accountable."

        "Yeah, the strongest is the strongest, how can it be worthwhile for the emperor to hold the Extreme Master accountable when it's just a Ximen Chang?" Ran Yi's hands kept trembling, this scene of the battle was imprinted deep in his mind moment by moment, afraid that he might have missed any images.

        Ximen Chang's expression was becoming more and more desperate at this time, he had never thought that things would progress to this point, and even more so that the proud Twenty-Eight Guest Clan would end up in such a situation.

        Thinking back to the past when Ximen Chang had just established his family's twenty-eight guests, but it had caused countless big families to discuss, I wonder how many people envied him for being able to cage these experts, I wonder how many people visited his door and befriended the Ximen family because of this matter.

        It could be said that the Ximen Family's current status and influence had a very close relationship with Twenty-Eight Guests.

        But now, the twenty-eight guests had fallen one after another, and every person who fell from the top of the mountain represented the Ximen Family's status being diminished by one point, which was like a nightmare for Ximen Chang.

        "Grandpa, it seems like you're surprised, but to me, it's something imagined." Ximen Embers looked as usual, excited inside, trying his best to hide the change in his expression, which was what Ximen Chang had taught him, no matter when or where, he must never let his emotions show on his face, and must never let his opponent perceive what he was thinking inside.

        It could be said that Ximen Embers had done everything that Ximen Chang had asked of him, and these bits and pieces gathered together to form Ximen Embers' desire for the position of clan leader, because from the moment he was born, everything he had done was for the position of clan leader.

        "Ximen Embers, without the twenty-eight guests, do you think that the Ximen Clan would still have such a high position?" Ximen Chang gritted his teeth and said.

        "Of course not, the Ximen family will be in a much higher position under my leadership." Ximen Embers said indifferently.

        The corners of Ximen Chang's mouth rose, cracking a weird curve and said, "With you, the Ximen Family is now at the pinnacle of status, what makes you able to make a big deal out of it."

        "Without a twenty-eight guest, but with an Extreme Master realm powerhouse, is an Extreme Master realm powerhouse still no match for a twenty-eight guest? I'd do anything for him." Ximen Embers said with a smile.

        Simon Chang suddenly covered his chest!

        Simon Ashes wants to be a human slave?

        How can the Ximen family be slaves to someone?

        "Ximen Embers, you're actually going to make the Ximen family slaves for people? Are you crazy?" Simon Chang roared in anger.

        "Crazy?" Ximen Embers looked at Ximen Chang with contempt in his eyes, and after looking him up and down, he said, "Grandpa, if such an opportunity were placed in front of you, how would you choose? Are you going to refuse?"


        Ximen Chang had never thought about this question, as he had never encountered such an opportunity before, and now that he was suddenly asked such a question, he simply didn't know how to answer.

        Seeing that Ximen Chang was silent, Ximen Embers continued, "Don't think about it, I'll tell you the answer, you will agree, and for sure, the Ximen family is scorned by the emperor, only a strong person in the Extreme Master realm can guarantee the Ximen family's position, do you really think that the Ximen family can train an Extreme Master? So what if you have the Sacred Chestnut now, you still aren't sure you can do it."

        "The Hundred Year Imperial Court is nothing more than Fei Ling Sheng."

        These two words caused Ximen Chang to completely despair.

        He used to be very stubborn in his thoughts, but now he seemed very naive.

        Just like what Ximen Embers said, the Hundred Year Imperial Court was only one Fei Lingsheng, how could the Ximen family dare to have such extravagant hopes.

        "I will bury you in the most luxurious way possible, and I hope that you will bless the Ximen Family for generations to come." Ximen Embers said this last sentence and walked towards the foot of the mountain, he wanted to greet Han Qianqiang who had returned victoriously and also show his loyalty at this time.

        Ximen Chang looked defeated, but his blow was more than that.

        At this moment, Ran Yi and Ge Zhonglin both approached him again.

        "Old man Ximen, have you ever thought of such an accident?" Ran Yi asked to Ximenchang.

        Ximen Chang looked at Ran Yi with a torch-like gaze and said, "It's not your turn to taunt me yet."

        "It's not good for a dying man to still have such a temper." Ran Yi said with a smile.

        "Ximen Chang, do you know how many people want your life, for so many years, your arrogance has planted countless seeds of hatred for you, look around you, how many pairs of eyes are staring at you, do you think you still have a chance to leave alive?" Ge Zhonglin ridiculed.

        Without having to look, Ximen Chang could feel many burning eyes staring at him in the dark, and he himself knew enough to know how many enemies he had provoked over the years, and in the past, Ximen Chang had never taken these things to heart, as they were nothing more than trivial matters to him, and those people would never be able to surpass the Ximen family's status, which meant that they would have no hope of revenge in their lifetime.

        But now, the Ximen family's status was weakened due to the fall of their guest, which gave them hope for revenge.

        But Ximen Chang knew that he wouldn't die at the hands of those trash, because Ximen Embers would definitely end his life with his own hands!

        "Do you think that I would give a damn about these losers? Even if I die, I won't die in the hands of these trash." Ximen Chang gritted his teeth and said.

        "It doesn't matter in whose hands you die, the important thing is that you will die today." Ge Zhonglin smiled.

        At this time, on top of the mountain, except for Zhong Qishan, all the guests ended up falling off the cliff, and the war was nearing its end.


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