His True Colors Chapter 997-998


His True Colors Chapter 997

Ximen Embers' question made the heartthrob think for a long time, but the answer he gave was still ambiguous.

        "Young Master, just based on what he just showed, I can't feel his true strength, so I don't know if he'll be able to exterminate the Ximen family." The heartthrob said.

        Ximen Embers said with a sigh on his face, "I do hope that he has the strength to do it, because only then will he be able to kill Ximen Chang."

        After saying that, Ximen Embers actually laughed, a laugh that gave Heart Belly a bone-chilling coldness.

        But he had already gotten used to it, and only he knew what kind of person Ximen Embers was.

        In the eyes of Ximen Embers, had berating ever had flesh and blood affection? His eyes would never be set on the position of clan leader, and he was willing to pay any price as long as he could take the position.

        And anyone who tried to stop him on this path would surely become a corpse beneath the feet of Ximen Embers.

        "Young Master, when has such a powerful figure ever appeared within the Imperial Court?" The heartbeat was puzzled, daring to let loose the words to exterminate the Ximen family, this kind of personal strength, the heartbeat couldn't even think of anyone who could do it.

        Of course, the legendary Fei Lingsheng was able to do it, after all, that was an Extreme Master realm powerhouse.

        But he definitely couldn't be Fei Lingsheng, because the world knew that Fei Lingsheng was a woman.

        This was a question that Ximen Embers couldn't figure out just now, but now, he had figured it out, and with a smile, he explained for his heart, "Have you forgotten about that person from Dragon Cloud City?"

        "Dragon Cloud City?" The puzzled expressions of their hearts gradually became more cheerful.

        Although they hadn't met that expert from Long Yun City, his deeds had already been spread within the Imperial Court.

        The imperial court had twice sent people to Long Yun City, one for a disciple and one for a teacher, could someone worthy of such attention from the imperial court be a weakling?

        "If he really is that strong man from the legend, perhaps what he said, and it's not false, the extermination of the Ximen family might just be a wave of the hand." The heartthrob said in a long-winded tone.

        "You're worried?" Ximen Embers asked.

        The heartthrob hesitated for a moment, but finally nodded his head and said, "Young Master, dealing with such a powerful person is a very dangerous thing."

        "As long as I can be allowed to take the patriarch's seat, even if I'm asked to work for him in the future, why not, and the emperor has long since started to defend my Ximen Clan, wouldn't it be even more beautiful to have such an expert as the patron of the Ximen Clan?" Ximen embers laughed and said, how could he not be aware of his heart's concern, but he was a very smooth and intelligent person and quickly converted this concern into peace and stability.

        The Imperial Court and the Ximen Family seemed to have been at peace with each other for many years, but Ximen Chang had once said that if the Ximen Family continued to grow, it wouldn't be long before it would surely become the second White Spirit Family.

        The so-called meritocracy, the Ximen family's position would sooner or later become a threat to the emperor, and at that time, it would be time for the emperor to make a move on the Ximen family.

        This problem had always been Ximen Chang's concern, so this time, he showed an urgent desire for the Sacred Chestnut, because in order to relieve this concern, it would be best if the Ximen Family emerged with an expert who could make the emperor worthy of scruples.

        It was unknown whether Sacred Chestnut could directly allow one to reach the Extreme Mastery realm, but now, Ximen Embers had found another way to solve this trouble.

        The fact that the emperor had sent his men twice was enough to show the importance he attached to the Long Yun City apprentice and disciple duo, pulling them together would be like giving the Ximen Clan a life preserver.

        "Within the Imperial Court, there is only one Extreme Master in Fei Lingsheng, do you guess him, will he be an Extreme Master?" Simon's embers asked to his heart.

        "Very likely." Heartbeat said without hesitation, worthy of the emperor himself sending someone there, and twice, if he wasn't in the state of Extreme Mastery, Heartbeat couldn't figure out why the emperor was doing this.

        "The problem that Ximen Chang has been troubled with for a long time may have to be solved in my hands, does this mean that I am better than Ximen Chang." Ximen Embers laughed proudly.

        The heartthrob bent slightly and said, "Young Master is naturally better than the blue."

        "Good, good, a good phrase, "Green is better than blue."

        Ximen Family Residence.

        This was already the fourth day that Ximen Chang had locked himself in his room.

        During these few days, Ximenchang was almost in a state of not eating or drinking, his eyes were red as he looked at the Sacred Chestnut, the intense desire seemed as if it could not be restrained no matter what.

        It was clear within Ximenchang's heart that with his current age, eating the Sacred Chestnut would not bring out its maximum effectiveness, and it was unknown whether just one Sacred Chestnut could directly make one break the Extreme Mastery, so Ximenchang was hesitating, hesitating whether to swallow the Sacred Chestnut himself.

        On the other hand, he was also controlling, controlling his desire for the Sacred Chestnut.

        Because the Ximen Clan desperately needed a strong man to appear in order to resolve the family's scruples towards the emperor, intellectually, giving the Sacred Chestnut to Ximen Embers was the wisest choice, as Ximen Embers was still young and had more opportunities and better physical qualities.

        However ...... no matter how much Ximen Chang calmed himself down, his desire for the Sacred Chestnut did not diminish in the slightest.

        This was a big gamble after all, if he won, he would gain more life time and also have the ability to possess the ability to return to old age, this temptation could be considered the most in the world, but if he failed, the Holy Chestnut, which was hard to obtain, would not be able to reveal much other than to raise his realm a bit.

        "It's just a pity that this kind of treasured object in the world is rare, but if not, why should I hesitate here." Ximenchang said with a troubled face.

        Sighing, Ximenchang thought of that mysterious Sacred Chestnut Auction this, if he could be found, it would be possible to know where he obtained the Sacred Chestnut from, if he could get some more, Ximenchang's current hesitation would be gone.

        "Ran Yi, Ge Zhonglin, if you two dare to hide anything from me again, then don't blame me for being ruthless." Ximen Chang said full of coldness.

        After collecting the Sacred Chestnut, Ximen Chang finally stepped out of his room.

        He wanted to obtain more Sacred Chestnut to ensure that he could break the Extreme Mastery.

        In Ximen Chang's eyes, the Sacred Chestnut that Han Qianqian had obtained could never have come from the Dark Forest, because the Dark Forest only allowed Extreme Master realm powerhouses to come out alive, and an Extreme Master realm powerhouse's desire for Sacred Chestnut would definitely be far greater than his, so how could it be possible for him to bring it out for auction?

        So there was only one explanation, he had occasionally obtained Sacred Chestnuts outside the Dark Forest and didn't know their value, that's why he auctioned them off.

        Sacred chestnuts outside the Dark Forest also needed to grow, and if there was one, there must be a second one!

His True Colors Chapter 998

With such an obsession, Ximenchang once again came to Ran Yi's old house, and this time Ximenchang's attitude was even stronger, he was no longer willing to continue wasting time, within today, he had to know the news of the Holy Chestnut Auctioneer, otherwise, both Ran Yi and Ge Zhonglin would die.

        Seeing Ximen Chang appear once again, Ran Yi didn't feel surprised because he knew that it would happen sooner or later, but it was only a matter of time.

        "Old Mister Ximen, there is a loss of welcome, and I hope to atone for my sins." Ran Yi said respectfully to Ximen Chang.

        "The gates are open, you can always have someone tip you off, if I don't see the possessor of the Sacred Chestnut today, it will be the death of the two of you." Ximenchang didn't talk nonsense at all, directly stating his attitude.

        After saying that, Ximenchang looked at Ge Zhonglin again and continued, "Since I'm here, I'm not afraid of taking any consequences, so you don't need to say those unnecessary threats, they're useless to me."

        In fact, after seeing Ximenchang, Ge Zhonglin knew that whatever he said today would be useless because his attitude was very firm, so how could a few words scare Ximenchang away?

        Moreover, the Ge family's influence within the imperial court territory was not at all as strong as the Ximen family, and even if he did proceed to destroy the Ge family, the emperor would at most only verbally express a few words of discontent, and even if the emperor would punish the Ximen family, what would be the point?

        The Ge family's entire family was sacked, punishing Ximen Chang would not bring the Ge family back to life.

        "Old man Ximen, to be honest, the owner of the Sacred Chestnut, is looking forward to seeing you, I'll have someone go and inform you." Ran Yi said.

        "Wants to see me?" Simon Chang frowned in puzzlement, somewhat confused about the meaning, after all, his intention was very obvious, if that man was not going to reveal the place where he got the Sacred Chestnut, he would be sending his own life towards him ah.

        "Old man Ximen, I don't know what he intends to do, when he comes, you can ask him yourself." Without waiting for Ximen Chang to ask a question, Ran Yi cut him off from asking a question.

        After a nod from his opponent, his men left the old house.

        After all, Ximen Chang was the head of the family, so he acted very airily and didn't let his men follow Ran Yi's men.

        "Do you know the background of this man?" Ximen Chang asked Ran Yi, as a way to make an understanding in advance.

        "I only know that he came from Long Yun City." Ran Yi said with his head lowered, a faint smile flashing in his eyes.

        Long Yun City!

        Ran Yi knew better than anyone else what had happened in Long Yun City some time ago, the three people from the Imperial Court were likely to die, which caused the emperor to send people to Long Yun City for the second time.

        The world thought that the Emperor had sent people twice because of the importance he attached to that teacher and disciple, but only Ximen Chang knew that this matter was never that simple.

        Of course, the importance was also an aspect, after all, he was indeed powerful, and it was not up to the emperor not to pay attention to him.

        "Why is it preferable to Long Yun City?" A hint of foreboding surfaced in Ximen Chang's heart, but after looking at the Nine Lanterns realm powerhouse beside him, he felt much more at ease.

        Within the imperial court, this man of his had never tasted defeat except for having lost to Fei Lingsheng, and even if this man was truly from Long Yun City, he didn't see it as worthy of scruples.


        When Ran Yi's men appeared, they reported to Han Qianli about Ximen Chang's visit to the old mansion.

        A faint smile appeared on Han Qianqian's face when he heard about it, he was worried about how he would meet up with Ximen Chang, but he didn't expect the old man to take the initiative to come to his door, so this was a very good opportunity for him.

        "This old thing has saved me a lot of trouble though, let's go and meet up for a while." Han Giangli said with a smile.

        At the same time, Ximen Embers also learned about Ximen Chang's visit to Ran Yi's old mansion, and he had a sneaking feeling that this was Han Three Thousand's chance to strike, so he brought his henchmen and headed towards the old mansion.

        "Young Master, I'm afraid it's not right for you to step in on this matter, right?" The heartthrob said to Ximen Embers.

        "If Ximen Chang dies, what's wrong with it, if he doesn't die, there's nothing wrong with me seeing the fun, no need to worry too much about it, and how can I miss such a good show?" Ximen Embers said.

        Inside his heart, he also wanted to go watch the experts fight, this kind of battle was still rare to come across after all, and if he gained insights in the process of watching the battle, it might even have a crucial impact on his breakthrough.

        Since Ximen Embers didn't have any concerns, he naturally didn't need to think too much.

        Old Residence.

        Han Qianli appeared not too long after, and when Ximen Chang saw how young Han Qianli was, he couldn't help but wonder about Han Qianli's identity.

        How could a person worthy of the emperor's attention be so young?

        And who wasn't an aged old man except for those in the Extreme Mastery realm?

        Ximen Chang looked at the Nine Lantern Realm powerhouse beside him to determine Han Three Thousand's realm.

        But the Nine Lanterns realm powerhouse shook his head as he couldn't see through Han Three Thousand, and he couldn't even feel the power fluctuations in Han Three Thousand's body at all.

        In his eyes, Han 3000 was just like an ordinary person.

        "There aren't any power fluctuations." The Nine Lanterns Realm powerhouse said to Ximen Chang.

        Ximen Chang's face instantly revealed a gloomy coldness.

        An ordinary person?

        How could the possessor of the Sacred Chestnut be an ordinary person.

        This person, I'm afraid, is just a puppet.

        "Your master, when will he appear?" Simon Chang asked to Han Marchant.

        "Master?" Han Qianqiang looked surprised, then smiled calmly and said, "I am Han Qianqiang, the person you are looking for is me, how can you say master."

        Ximen Chang laughed disdainfully and said, "How can a weakling like you possess the Sacred Chestnut, I know you are a puppet sent by him, no need to waste time, let him come forward, or else, everyone in this courtyard today is dead."

        The same attitude, Han Qianqian had only felt it on Ximen Embers, these two were worthy of being grandparents, the attitude of looking down on people was almost carved out of the same mold.

        "Whether you believe it or not, the Sacred Chestnut was indeed auctioned off by me, you can ask Ran Yi about that, as for you taking me for a weakling, why not let him test my strength?" Han Giangli said with a smile.

        When he said the word he, Han Three Thousand deliberately took a glance at the Nine Lantern Realm expert beside Ximen Chang.

        From the moment he typed into this courtyard, Han Three Thousand knew that he was the most powerful in this group.

        To be able to see the strength of the Nine Lantern Realm expert so easily was enough to show that Han Three Thousand's strength wasn't simple.

        The Nine Lanterns Realm powerhouse frowned and once again sized up Han Third Thousand.

        Had he lost sight of it?

        But after carefully scrutinizing and feeling a bit, he still didn't notice any power fluctuations within Han Qianli's body.


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