His True Colors Chapter 994-996


His True Colors Chapter 994

"Brother Three Thousand, how could I be with him." Jiang Yingying subconsciously rolled her eyes as she said this.

        Seeing this kind of reaction, Han Qianqian couldn't help but sigh a little for Huang Snapdragon inside, if Jiang Ying Ying had the slightest bit of shyness, maybe Huang Snapdragon had a bit of a chance, a Jiang Ying Ying Ying had half a crush on him, and it wouldn't be such a reaction.

        "Hey, in this world, there's going to be another sad, lovesick guy." Han Giangli said with a sigh.

        Ying Jiang disagreed with this comment, how could someone like Snapdragon Huang be an infatuated man, in her opinion, Snapdragon Huang was no different from those unscrupulous second generations on Earth.

        "Brother Three Thousand, how could a rich man like Snapdragon Huang be infatuated for a woman, you're worrying too much." Jiang Ying Ying said.

        Han Three Thousand looked like he was serious and retorted, "I really have to put in a few good words for Huang Snap Yong on this matter, although he's not much of a success, he's still quite dedicated in this area of love, the fact that you don't realize this now only shows that your knowledge of him is too shallow, you'll understand what kind of person he is in the future."

        In Long Yun City, Huang Snapdragon was hot-faced for many years, liking Yanran Chen and being rejected countless times without giving up, this was already enough to show that this aspect of his egotism was not false, after all, with his status as the son of the city lord, it was not a difficult thing to find a very good girl, and it was also a hard thing for him to be able to stick to this matter of liking Yanran Chen for so many years.

        "Brother Three Thousand, let's not talk about him, will there be any trouble if you kill the Wind Family?" Ying Jiang didn't want to continue discussing Snapdragon Huang and took the initiative to change the subject.

        "The Wind Family won't be too much trouble, but the next Ximen Family will not be simple," Han Giangli said.

        "I'm sure the death of the Wind Family will soon spread, and Ximen Chang will most likely use it as an excuse to raise hell, which will put you in a difficult position." Ying Jiang was worried.

        Han Giang smiled and shook his head, but he wasn't worried about that aspect at all.

        Without anyone seeing it with their own eyes, he would be able to flatly assert that he had nothing to do with it, and so what if the world knew that he had killed the Wind Family, no one would be qualified to convict without the evidence of seeing it with their own eyes.

        Moreover, the emperor's side might still continue to favor him because of this matter, which made Han Qianxiang need not worry even more.

        Taking a step back, even if the emperor no longer helped him, Han Three Thousand Thousand had one last way out of the imperial court.

        "Don't worry, even if Ximen Chang uses this reason to trouble me, it's not a big deal, no one saw it with their own eyes and no one is qualified to convict." Han Giangli said.

        "But ...... those corpses will be seen eventually." Jiang Ying Ying said, puzzled, no one saw him do the killing, but seeing the corpses, doesn't that explain it?

        "You're forgetting that Snapdragon Huang is a seven-star beast handler, just enough to fill a winged tiger, who can see the corpse?" Han Marchant smiled.

        After hearing this explanation, it dawned on Jiang Ying Ying that it was no wonder Han Marchian had asked Huang Snapdragon to dispose of the corpse.

        In a little half a day, the inn finally returned to normal, but those guests who had reoccupied the inn were all stiff-faced.

        The Wind Family had so many people who had disappeared into thin air, and they knew what would happen to them, but they hadn't even seen the corpses, which inevitably made their hearts wince, after all, they lived here, and if this brought unnecessary trouble, their status wouldn't be able to withstand it.

        The same day, many people left the inn one after another, and news about the Feng family disappearing into thin air also gradually spread in Feng Mall.

        Ran Yi's old mansion.

        When Ran Yi learned this news, his face was heavy, he knew that the disappearance of the Wind Family must have been at the hands of Han Qianqian, and through this matter, he even foresaw the foul weather in the future period of Feng Mall.

        "Have you heard, more than ten people from the Feng family have disappeared into thin air in your inn." After Ge Zhonglin learned of this, he hurriedly found Ran Yi.

        "If you know about it, how can I not know about it, but it's best that we don't get too involved in this matter." Ran Yi instructed.

        Naturally, Ge Zhonglin knew that he wasn't qualified to meddle too much, but that didn't mean that he could control his desire to discuss it in private, and said to Ran Yi, "This matter is a handle anyway, will Ximen Chang use this to make things difficult for Han Giang?"

        "Does it still matter if it's tricky or not, Ximen Chang and Han Qianqiang, only one of them can leave Feng Mall alive, who do you think it will be?" Ran Yi said.

        This question was somewhat difficult for Ge Zhonglin, on the one hand, Han 3,000 was not bad, on the other hand, Ximenchang's status, to say that Han 3,000 had the courage to kill Ximenchang was not impossible, but wasn't he afraid of the ripple effect after killing Ximenchang?

        "Han Three Thousand Years, do you really have the guts?" Ge Zhonglin was curious.

        "Before the auction ended, he already came to see me, do you know what the first thing he said?" Ran Yi sold out.

        This aroused Ge Zhonglin's extreme curiosity, and he couldn't wait to say, "You tell me, what did he say."

        "He asked me how much it would affect Ximen Chang if he died," Ran Yi said.

        Ge Zhonglin's face changed, since Han Qianqiang had asked such a question, it meant that he was ready to kill Ximenchang, which surprised him a bit, after all, Ximenchang's status was on display, and daring to kill Ximenchang was not a thought that any ordinary person would have the guts to have.

        "Ximenchang has now obtained the Sacred Chestnut, according to the news my men sent back, after Ximenchang returned to his residence, he hasn't appeared since, it looks like he probably won't be able to close his eyes for the next few days, this should be the calm before the storm in Feng Mall." Ge Zhonglin said.

        "It doesn't matter that there will be a few days of tranquility, this storm will erupt sooner or later, there's just one thing I haven't figured out yet." Ran Yi said with a frown.

        "Don't understand what?" Ge Zhonglin was confused.

        "Would he risk offending the Emperor in order to save us? You know the consequences of killing Simon Chang, but it's hard to predict, what right do we have to deserve him?" Ran Yi said, this question had been lingering in his heart for a long time, and even if he let his mind wander, he couldn't come up with the slightest possibility that there was no connection between him and Han 3,000.

        Even if he and the Ge family worked for Han 3,000 from now on, such a portion was not worth Han 3,000's risk in Ran Yi's opinion.

        Ge Zhonglin took a deep breath and said, "It's indeed a bit strange for you to say that, but the fact that we're not worth it means that there must be another reason behind it."

His True Colors Chapter 995

Ximen Family Residence.

        Ever since Ximen Chang had obtained the Sacred Chestnut, he hadn't shown up in his room, and judging from his appearance, it was very likely that he would take the Sacred Chestnut for himself, which made Ximen Embers very worried.

        Ximen Embers knew very well that although he was the next head of the family cultivated by Ximen Chang, if there was a possibility that Ximen Chang would become a strong person in the Extreme Mastery Realm, then he, the reserve head of the family, would be worthless.

        Breaking through the Extreme Mastery Realm, having the ability to return to old age and having a greatly increased lifespan, Ximenchang would then be able to sit in the position of clan head for a long time.

        Although Ximen Chang had previously told Ximen Embers that the Sacred Chestnut would belong to him, it seemed that this possibility was now minimal.

        There was no way for anyone to resist the temptation of the Sacred Chestnut.

        How could Ximen Chang still hand over the Sacred Chestnut to him when he was facing the Extreme Mastery Realm as well as an increase in lifespan?

        "Help me find a way, I must get the Sacred Chestnut." Ximen Embers said to his heartbeat in his room.

        The heartbeat was very loyal to Ximen Embers, and only he knew how Ximen Embers really treated Ximen Chang, and Ximen Embers would tell him almost all of his secrets, so what he wanted to do, this heartbeat was very clear.

        "Young Master, in my opinion, the old man shouldn't give you the Sacred Chestnut unless he dies." The henchman said.

        Ximen Embers didn't have much of a reaction to the word death, because in his heart he had long wished for Ximen Chang to die, only if Ximen Chang died would he be able to take the position of the Ximen Family patriarch, just how to make Ximen Chang die, this was a very difficult problem to solve.

        "I also know that unless he dies, but how can I make him die, that's the biggest problem," Ximen Embers said.

        The heartthrob thought about it and said, "The old man has been looking for the Holy Chestnut Possessor, if you can find him in advance, there might be a way."

        Ximen Embers shook his head, he had already tried this matter and went to find Ran Yi, but he didn't get any news about the Holy Chestnut Possessor, which meant that this method wouldn't work.

        "What you're saying is nonsense, if the old man can't find it, where am I going to find it." Ximen Embers said with dissatisfaction.

        The henchman looked embarrassed, now he was really not in a good position, almost every path seemed unworkable now, once Ximen Chang swallowed the Sacred Chestnut, there would be no turning back on this matter.

        Time was very important to Ximen Embers, every hour that he dragged on, the chances of him being able to obtain the Sacred Chestnut would be one point less.

        So at this time, Ximen Embers was anxious inside.

        As for Ran Yi's old residence, the two who were in the middle of a heated discussion were suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Huang Snapdragon.

        The two of them were very confused inwardly about the sudden appearance of Huang Snapdragon.

        "My master wants to see Ximen Embers, can you arrange it?" Huang Snap Yong asked Ran Yi.

        Ran Yi nodded without thinking and said, "I'll try my best to find a way and will never disappoint Mr. Han."

        "Do it as soon as you can, my master doesn't have that much time to waste." After saying this, Huang Snapdragon left.

        Ran Yi and Ge Zhonglin looked at each other, Han 3,000 suddenly wanted to see Ximen Embers, in Ran Yi's opinion, this was because he had decided to deal with Ximen Chang.

        "Why does Han Giangli want to see Ximen Embers?" Ge Zhonglin didn't know that Ximen Embers had come to see Ran Yi, so he was confused about Han Three Thousand's request.

        "Ximen Embers came to see me to find out about Han Three Thousand, and he should have come without telling Ximen Chang," Ran Yi said.

        His explanation wasn't straightforward, but how could Ge Zhonglin, an old piece of ginger, not understand it?

        The fact that Ximen Embers had appeared without telling Ximen Chang meant that there must be some problems between the grandfather and grandson.

        "This good show is getting more and more exciting ah, I never thought I would see the Ximen family killing each other." Ge Zhonglin said with a smile.

        Ran Yi shook his head, Ge Zhonglin found it wonderful but he was a little worried, after all, they were involved in this matter anyway, they wouldn't even be able to keep their whole bodies if they were not careful.

        "You're so happy, why don't you go inform Ximen Embers." Ran Yi said.

        Ge Zhonglin was stunned for a moment, then shook his head in a daze and said, "Han Qianli has explained this to you, how can I go, and this is your chance to show off."

        When Ran Yi heard this, his anger was unbearable.

        A chance to perform?

        He didn't want this kind of life-threatening opportunity, and Ge Zhonglin was clearly being sarcastic.

        "I'm going to die, do you think you can run away?" Ran Yi said through gritted teeth.

        "We are now grasshoppers tied to a rope, no one is in a position to see anyone's jokes, and with what we can do, we can only do as we are told." Ge Zhonglin said.

        That was reasonable, there was no other choice but to do what the gods wanted, as the two of them were incapable of having any influence on this matter.

        "Go away and find a way to tell Ximen Embers about this matter, and be careful not to expose yourself." Ran Yi said to his men.

        At this time, Ximen Embers was still agonizing over how to deal with the difficult situation at hand, and his henchmen were also racking their brains to help think of a solution, but unfortunately, the problem they were facing now was not so easy to solve.

        Suddenly, the window was broken by an unknown object.

        Simon embers and the heartbeat instantly stood up vigilantly.

        Looking at the stone on the ground, there seemed to be a note as well, and Simon Embers gave a wink to Heartbeat.

        After Heart Belly walked up and picked it up, making sure that it was unharmed, this was handed over to Ximen Embers.

        After reading the note, Ximen Embers said to the heart belly, "This is a message from Ran Yi, the possessor of the Sacred Chestnut wants to see me."

        After saying this, Ximen Embers couldn't help but frown, he deliberately tried to find out about the Holy Chestnut's possessor, but found nothing, but why would he now take the initiative to send it to me?

        "Could it be a trap, young master?" The heartthrob was skeptical.

        "Trap or not, I'm going to meet one side or the other, and it's up to this turn of events to get us out of this mess we're in," Ximen Embers said.

        On the evening of the second day, ten miles outside of Feng Mall City, a mountain top called Roosterback Mountain.

        When Ximen Embers appeared, he saw a very young backside, which was very different from the image he thought of as the owner of the Sacred Chestnut.

        In Ximen Embers' opinion, the Holy Chestnut possessor should be an old and strong man, which was an established image of a strong man, so the young back was very surprising to Ximen Embers.

        "You are the Holy Chestnut possessor?" Ximen Embers took the initiative to ask.

        Han Giangli turned around and looked at Ximen Embers with a smiling face and said, "Doesn't it look like that?"

        "Sacred Chestnut is such an extraordinary object that should be owned by an expert, and you really don't look like an expert to me." Ximen Embers said indifferently.

His True Colors Chapter 996

This made Han Giangli couldn't help but laugh, walking up to Ximen Embers and saying, "In your opinion, what should an expert be like?"

        "You're not really a Holy Chestnut possessor, are you?" Ximen Embers questioned Han Marchan, in his opinion, Han Marchan was most likely just a tool man, and the real Holy Chestnut possessor didn't want to show his face, that's why he sent Han Marchan.

        This made Ximen Embers very dissatisfied inside, he was a member of the Ximen Family after all, yet the other party had only found a minor character to meet him, wasn't that not taking him seriously?

        "Am I so unlikeable?" Han Giangli smiled even more happily, and he had even seen the contempt in Ximen Embers' eyes.

        "Tell him for me that if he doesn't have the sincerity to meet, then it's fine to not see him." After saying that, Ximen Embers turned around to leave.

        This was the pride of the son of a big family, even though Ximen Embers knew that the predicament he was facing now needed the help of this Holy Chestnut possessor, he was still unwilling to put himself down.

        It was a habit, and he was used to having a high status, so naturally he wouldn't easily compromise with people [www.avracity.com].

        "Kneel." Han Giangli said softly.

        Before Ximen Embers understood what this word meant, he suddenly felt an enormous pressure from above and below, and his legs kneeled on the ground without obeying him, and the jackhammer pressure did not allow him to resist in the slightest.

        At this moment, the heartthrob hiding in the shadows saw the situation and directly broke into the air, wanting Han Qianli to pay the price for his disrespectful act.

        But before he got close enough, Han Qianxiang slapped him through the air, directly knocking him back, the blood spraying in the air like a blooming rose.

        "I wonder what kind of strong man you think you are?"

        Han Giangli's voice came from behind, and Ximen Embers, who had watched his beloved being repulsed, finally realized his mistake.

        Strong people needed time to settle down, so most of the truly strong were old men.

        But this was not to veto the existence of young and strong people.

        The person in front of him was clearly a young and strong person.

        "Are you really the Holy Chestnut possessor?" Ximen Embers didn't dare ask incredulously.

        Han Giangli didn't bother to answer the question, as he had already proven everything with his strength, and asked directly to Ximen Embers, "Do you want Ximen Chang to die?"

        Such disrespectful words, Ximen Embers would only talk about it when discussing it in private with his henchmen, and it was naturally impossible for him to admit it directly when facing an outsider.

        Seeing that Ximen Embers didn't speak, Han Giangli continued, "Now that Ximen Chang has obtained the Sacred Chestnut, will he still give it to you? If Ximen Chang touches the opportunity to break the Extreme Mastery Realm, do you still have a chance to become the patriarch of the Ximen Family?"

        These two questions went straight to the Buddha's heart and asked deep within Ximen Embers, and the answer was very obvious, with Ximen Chang's current state, the chances of giving the Sacred Chestnut to Ximen Embers were very slim.

        "What do you want to obtain?" Simon embers asked.

        "I'm thinking the same thing you're thinking," Han Marchant said.

        "Why?" Ximen Embers was puzzled, among his memories, he had never seen Han Marchant before, which meant that Han Marchant's purpose of killing Ximen Chang seemed a bit strange to him, he couldn't possibly do it for no reason.

        "To avenge someone's death, is that answer satisfactory to you?" Han 3,000 said.

        Avenging someone's death was a credible reason to take revenge, but it wasn't simple to do it.

        "Do you know how many experts Ximen Chang has around him?" Ximen Embers said.

        Han Giangli shook his head, he hadn't gone into this matter and there was no need to understand it.

        "Can you deal with the Nine Lantern Realm?" Ximen Embers said.

        "This isn't something you need to worry about, I just want to know if you have the ability to control the situation of the Ximen family after Ximen Chang's death." Han Giangli asked.

        Ximen Embers nodded his head without hesitation, he had done many years of laying out in order to be able to smoothly take the position of family head, and he had already investigated anyone in the family who had dissenting intentions, he was only waiting for the day he would take the throne to eradicate all of these dissenters and sit at the pinnacle of power in the Ximen Family.

        "You still want to know if I can control the situation and keep you from being affected by it, right?" Ximen Embers said.

        "Although I could wipe out the entire Ximen Clan, I'm not the one who kills people." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        Exterminate all of the families?

        What a big mouth.

        As a member of the Ximen Family, Ximen Embers was naturally unconvinced when he heard this and said, "Even if you have the ability to exterminate your family, how can you resist the Emperor's wrath of vengeance for my Ximen Family?"

        "Will the emperor definitely help the Simon family take revenge?" Han Qianli asked rhetorically.

        "The Ximen family has been friends with the emperor for many years and the imperial court's economy is supported by the Ximen family, so how can an outsider like you understand the importance of the Ximen family to the emperor." Ximen Embers said.

        "Importance? Couldn't the Emperor's ability support a new Ximen family?" Han Giangli smiled and thought highly of himself, this was the usual posture of the sons of large families, but in reality, the Ximen Family was just a tool to the emperor.

        As long as there was the right excuse and reason, all the emperor needed to do to exterminate the Ximen Clan was to say one word.

        Ximen Embers wanted to refute Han Qianqian's words, but he didn't know what to say.

        Indeed, it wasn't difficult for the emperor to support a new Ximen Family, to put it bluntly, the Ximen Family's current position was only the result of the emperor's secret permission, and once the emperor wanted to curb the Ximen Family's development, the Ximen Family could only endure it.

        "As long as I can take the position of clan head, I'll do whatever you want me to do." In the end, Ximen Embers compromised, showing off his tongue was meaningless to him now, and the strength Han Qianli had shown was no longer something he could take lightly.

        "Remember your words, the day you break them will be the day you die." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        Looking at Han Qianli's back as he walked away, Ximen Embers gnashed his teeth, no one had ever dared to threaten him like this since he was a child.

        Thousands of gold pressure disappeared as Han Three Thousand Years walked away, as if relieved, Ximen Embers sat paralyzed on the ground, the taste just now was not pleasant, it was like being crushed under a big mountain.

        With difficulty, he stood up and walked over to his heart's side, Ximen Embers asked, "How is it?"

        The heartbeat was as white as paper, covering his chest and trying to hide his pain, saying, "Can't die yet."

        Ximen Embers was well aware of this heartbeat's strength, and the fact that he was repulsed by a single move before he even got close to him showed that there was a very huge gap in strength between the two of them.

        "Did you hear everything he said just now?" Simon embers asked.

        Heartbeat nodded.

        Ximen Embers took a deep breath and continued, "Does he really have the strength to exterminate the entire Ximen family?"


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